Monday Talks: Kellyanne Conway -vs- Chris Cuomo, “Russia, Russia, Russia”…

Senior counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway talks with CNN’s Chris Cuomo about expanding the Vast Russian Conspiracy.  Russia, Russia, Russia and the Russia investigation. It was a hot mess for 35 minutes.


However, there’s a brilliant 2 minute video that encapsulates the entire 35 minutes. If you are short on time or blood pressure meds you might prefer to watch that one below.


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145 Responses to Monday Talks: Kellyanne Conway -vs- Chris Cuomo, “Russia, Russia, Russia”…

  1. rumpole2 says:

    CNN – Nut Jobs

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  2. Mike diamond says:

    There is still enough dirt on Hillary to last a life time ! Russia this and Russia that is just a liberal cover, look past all the smoke and you will see all of the Hillary crimes !


  3. Rainy says:

    Pathetic Cumcuat……he looked like a nervous wreck. Kellyanne kicked his butt!!! I only wish she had brought up project veritas!!!


  4. MrE says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAND this is why Chris the Pedo Defender is hated by LITERALLY everyone, including his coworkers.

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  5. chichilouise says:

    Cuomo is desperate to make something about this matter. What a petty doofus.


  6. Calbear84 says:

    Skip to 1:33 on the short one…Kellyanne’s face is priceless!


  7. cajost says:

    I don’t know why Kellyanne even subjects herself to these idiots!


  8. Eagle61 says:

    CNN has become the news site that it always wanted to be. It has relegated itself to being the inglorious victim of this Presidency. Their hopes are that president Trump will finally, at last, show his true colors…..whatever those might be. It’s more than embarrassing, it’s disturbing to see them strive so ardently to be seen as “fighting the good fight”.


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