A Weeks Worth of CNN’s Russian Narrative Destroyed in a Minute…

For an entire week CNN has been running an ongoing story, based on a single source, about President Trump not going to confront Vladimir Putin about interference in the 2016 election. Note the running CNN narrative via the chyrons:

Then this happened…

Any questions?

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346 Responses to A Weeks Worth of CNN’s Russian Narrative Destroyed in a Minute…

  1. Mike diamond says:

    The Russians hacked wolf blitzers lawn mower!

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  2. asawasa says:

    pushed the button too hard?


  3. Realist says:

    Fake News Network CNN is in its death throws it may be long and drawn out or it may happen suddenly the only certain thing is it WILL happen.

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  4. john lorenz says:

    as CNN becomes more and more a liability you have to wonder about AT&T and their share price offering for Time-Warner. Wonder if they can reduce it??

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  5. relictele says:

    CNN on-air staff seem to have perfected the hangdog look as yet another lefty mouthpiece parrots the party line. On that note, why all the split-screen/remote pieces? All these swamp creatures are within a 10-12 block radius in the District of Corruption.

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  6. amr632 says:

    Why is it that these lying sources are not burned as CNN proposed for the wrestling meme creator. Are lying lairs afraid to expose lying sources? And why would that be.
    During my managing days in construction, if someone lied to me, especially on a significant issue, they were gone. Misspeaking or lying by omission was unacceptable, but could be forgiven, once.

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  7. carrierh says:

    Love it when Trump baits them and they take it hook, line and sinker. They can’t get inside his mind so just cast any stupidity they think he might be doing or up to, and each and every time they are WRONG and too ignorant to stop and think they have become completely irrelevant and all on their own!

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    • Doug says:

      It’s so bizarre to me how no one literally no one in the media understand Donald trumps appeal. When they run things like no one outside the US like shin they just don’t get it . I don’t want my president to be liked honestly and if he’s doing his job for “America ” there’s a good chance they won’t like him because well he’s doing a good job for us not them . They are so out of touch and long gone they don’t even realize when they are reinforcing a reason we like him . Truly bizarre

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  8. Patriot1 says:

    It’s been so many years since I watched CNN that I don’t recognize anyone in that picture.


  9. golsono says:

    living in the south of africa, our local ‘international news’ channels only carry fnn narrative.
    this is regarded as ‘reality’ by all but a few questioning souls.

    my gut feeling that ‘all is not what it seems’, + some research, revealed to me, Lo & Behold, approx 18 months ago, cth + sd.
    my world view since then has changed immeasurably.

    at first i was astounded by most of my (usually) intelligent friends + colleagues resistance to an alternative source of world views.
    have been labelled extreme, right wing, ignorant etca.

    some people may be just too proud to admit that they were wrong and have been mislead, others :

    am concluding a global pecking order is in place : 1money2power3greed4dumbthemdown5rinserepeat

    my point : the sw@mp is pervasive and globally entrenched via news, unholywould, f$book etc. it’s the childrens’ childrens’ children we must look to.

    thank you for this site
    Blessings to pdjt & family and all treepers

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  10. Mike diamond says:

    We need bumper stickers
    CNN= Fake News !

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  11. wodiej says:

    Is there a name for the ailment where a person embarrasses themselves repeatedly?


  12. jameswlee2014 says:

    Isn’t there a yearly Wrong award? There should be. The wrongness of this crew (and you know who you are) is historical in their massive wrongtitude. Their consistent wrongosity and spectacular wrongmanship surely must echo down the Hall of Wronging.


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