Video Inside Little Rock Arkansas “Power Ultra Lounge” Nightclub During Shooting…

National media are stuck between a rock and a PC hard place again, because the 25 people shot at the Little Rock Power Ultra Lounge nightclub do not fit their approved PERT chart for broadcasting victim coverage.

Unfortunately, all the usual thug-life suspects were part of the participating mayhem. To understand how challenging it is for the media, we must understand the actual reality of the situation represents every cultural affirmation the PC narrative control authority constantly try to obfuscate.

Video of black people, shooting black people, in a nightclub filled with black people shouting vulgarities and racist slogans, while singing muthafu**in’ f-bomb rap songs about “ni**ers” and “cracka ho’s, and F-Trump expletives is, well, a little hard to spin into the preferred innocent victim narrative….

Watch: The shooting begins at 04:18 of the video:

Twenty-five people were shot inside the nightclub early Saturday morning. More nightclub guests were reportedly injured while trying to escape and getting trampled.

Little Rock police began receiving calls about a shooting around 2:30 a.m. at a venue named Power Ultra Lounge. Motive for the shooting is still unclear at this time, but Steven McClanahan, Lieutenant of the Little Rock Police Department, told media police believe it “stemmed from a dispute”.  Thanks, Captain Obvious.

“Dispute at a concert”, how disingenuous and innocuous?  Nothing to see here, just a “dispute” at a “concert”.  One slight PC grade more elevated than the traditional media description of a drive-by: an “incident” at a “gathering”.

“We’re still trying to determine why the shooting took place,” McClanahan said. McClanahan said this was not “a terrorism incident.”

Well, that would depend on how one would define “domestic terrorism” amid a neighborhood that is no longer safe unless you follow the safari rules resulting in the military approach to community policing where the internal residents are viewed as insurgents who may turn violent at any moment.

Safari Park Rules:  •Stay inside any building.  •Do not stand at/near windows or doors for extended periods of time.  •Never get out of your vehicle when driving through the safari park.  •Avoid contact with anything you do not normally see when living outside the safari park.  •Failure to obey these rules and your resulting status is your fault.

[…] Police said there was a dispute during a concert at the nightclub, and an exchange of gunfire occurred. Chief Buckner confirmed Saturday afternoon that multiple individuals fired shots. Buckner estimates that between 20 and 40 shots were fired, based on video evidence, and said that no arrests related to the incident have been made so far. (link)

The gunfire just “occurred“, spontaneously, like, all by itself. Swear. Gee Wally, it was the darnedest thing ever, dontcha know.  Coded messaging always needed when spokespeople called “information officers”  have to discuss activity of dindunuffins.

Move along. Move along.  Just obey the Safari Park rules, and do not ever question why they are needed.  Just keep moving along.

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  1. Stephen says:

    I’ve had negro fatigue for years, and it’s not getting any better.


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