UPDATE: Special Election: GA-06 Karen Handel -VS- Jon Ossoff – *Results Karen Handel WINS !!

All eyes are upon Georgia’s 6th congressional district tonight for the special election to fill the empty house seat formerly occupied by HHS Secretary Tom Price.

Republican Karen Handel is facing off against Democrat Jon Ossoff.   National media and the national democrat party are ‘all-in’ to support Ossoff and have spent over $30 million in their effort to secure a victory.   Polls close at 7:00pm EDT

UPDATE:  Republican Karen Handel Wins

If Jon Ossoff is victorious the pre-staged Democrat MSM narrative is that all republicans are completely annihilated from any further political power; the oceans will begin to recede, free college tuition begins immediately tomorrow morning, the planet will heal itself, money starts growing on trees and Hollywood is once again all that really matters in the life of the correctly-minded and finally victorious moonbats.  However, if Jon Ossoff loses, it means nothing.

According to local district 06 media Ms. Handel began the day doing the one thing her challenger Jon Ossoff was incapable of doing, she voted.

Mr. Ossoff does not live in the district therefore he is unable to vote.  Instead Ossoff joined a buffet breakfast with Hollywood celebrities and the DCCC special interest group: Womb Empowered Socialists United in Congressional Knowledge, aka “WE-SUCK.”



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1,942 Responses to UPDATE: Special Election: GA-06 Karen Handel -VS- Jon Ossoff – *Results Karen Handel WINS !!

  1. History Teaches says:

    The Dems have been beaten into a bloody pulp every opportunity at the ballot boxes since the November election. Despite unlimited money, a monolithic lying media and the cheerleaders of the entertainment world. Hilarious that the buildup is always going to be about a symbolic rejection of the President but the results are always an endorsement. And just as suddenly the entire story is erased the next day as if it were written with invisible ink

    This newest surge of momentum needs to be translated into legislative activity. The President isn’t losing popularity and will be sitting confidently in the Oval Office regardless of the distractions thrown out by the obstructionists and resistors. If these Republican want to grab a hold of his coat tails and assure re- election they better become proactive, get away from the pull of uniparty gravity and show their allegiance proudly.

    Health care is imminent. Now get to work and drive the agenda forward. The reality check was cashed again tonight.

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    • Stringy theory says:

      Well said!!!

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      • shallbe4 says:

        5 special elections and 5 loses for the Dems. Do you think they will ever realize we are so turned of by the daily attacks against our President that we will never vote for any of them in 2018.

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        • georgiafl says:


          Democrat terror-Alinsky tactics are a big turn off and don’t win friends and influence people.

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        • Bob Thoms says:

          Lets hope they continue to stay stuck in stupid.

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        • Bugsdaddy says:

          We need to flood the do-nothing Congress with phone calls and letters telling them that this is proof we demand action NOW! If they don’t get to work on the Presidents agenda, the vote can just as easily go against the so-called R’s. Tell them we are tired of the games. That we see through their BS.
          GET TO WORK NOW, and MAGA

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        • Georgia Girl says:

          On the local (Atlanta) news this morning they were speculating that Ossoff looked good as a possible Democrat Georgia governor’s race candidate in 2018. Doubling down seems more likely than realistic examination. Just saying

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    • dbobway says:

      Very well stated HT.
      I fear our voting in the people we need, is not over.
      2018 is just as important as 2016.
      But we have to give the voters some meat.
      Meat would be DIRECT effects on individual voters.
      That lousy replace legislation Ryan introduced at the beginning?
      Would have affected every private sector employee and employer immediately.
      In a positive way. One would have more money on their check with better coverage,
      And their boss would start saving on Health insurance payments, offer different plans, and quit cutting back hours on their employees with no mandates..
      That sounds lousy doesn’t it?
      If we have repeal and replace Obamacare and tax cuts by Christmas,
      We just might get our country back.
      With that, 2018 would be a historical bludgeoning of the Communist insurrection.

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    • dpeeze says:

      Treehouse commentators are tremendous talents. History Teaches, your observations and suggestions I think are known within the president’s office and Trump will prevail.

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  2. ReloaderBLK says:

    Awww, the Trump Slayer lost. Too bad. … twerp isn’t even a kitten slayer.

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  3. Sayit2016 says:

    guys….you have to see the comments on CNN live feed LOL way way too funny…

    “Nearly a year after all intel agencies declared Russian interference, and Trump has no opinion on all that? He’s lower than imbecilic. There are second grade kids who know more about what’s going on inside the beltway, than Trump.” ~~~~ Ken Albertsen

    Thanks for playing Ken !

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  4. BlueDevil says:

    The Dimocrats couldn’t HANDEL it!

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  5. another one added to the list

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  6. Bakokitty says:

    50 million spent on your campaign
    Darkness has crept over the planet
    But best the thrilled look on the press faces…..priceless

    And Mastercard isn’t used for that !


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  7. Not that one more GOP in Congress matters or Handel is all that great, but given all the money and energy they put into the race this is a massive defeat for the Dems and associated players. Now that it’s clear that pouring money into and hyping a special election isn’t going to swing the momentum in their direction, what are they going to do? More hysteria and very possibly more unrest and violence as Resist! becomes more desperate.

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  8. Mike says:

    Sound advice:


    “Ricky Vaughn · @Ricky_Vaughn99
    28 minutes
    Guys, don’t listen to blackpillers saying “hurr durr Tom Price won this seat by 20 points.”
    Trump only won this district by 5,000 votes, and Dems made this a referendum on Trump. Handel won by more than 10,000 votes. This election is a major win for Trump.”

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  9. Sayit2016 says:

    Sissy Matthrews on CNN has been reduced to talking about Trumps birthers time frame LOL and playing clips of President Trump saying a year ago “There are investigators there and they tell me they can not believe what they are finding in Hawaii”.. trying to paint Trump as ‘INSANE” and that he “Makes no sense”…..delish !

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  10. sg says:

    Such a wonderful victory . heard someone on FOX saying this is great news for the Dems., because it shows the Repubs. will now have to spend “tens of millions ” to defend a safe seat. not quite. she spent about (i heard) 5 million and given vote last month with so many R candidates, and also she got off to a slow start –and was up against such a well funded opponent ..and won decisively –don’t think that narrative will work.
    but then what else would they say after such a humiliating loss. and such a great victory for the Pres.

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  11. jogreggre says:

    Georgia 6th went 52.5% Handel, 47.5% Ossoff, i.e. Handel won by 2.5% more than President Trump won the District in November. Sooooo, according to msm logic, voters like Mr. Trump MORE today than they did in November….The msm will find a way to spin this election to lessen their pain, but what we now know, is with all their 24/7 bashing of President Trump, We the People are having none of it.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      This increase in percentage of her win in a Special Election vs Trump’s performance in the District in November is actually more significant than folks may realize. Special election turnouts are often well below the General Election numbers; it’s obvious the GOP (Establishment AND Trump supporters) turned out for this election. This bodes well for 2018 and 2020. We aren’t going anywhere, and Donald Trump is gaining.

      One caveat to this: if Handel, who did the right thing, thanking President Trump, (his family lent their names too on Twitter several times in recent days) helps get his agenda going, she’ll get reelected in 2018. if she goes to DC and doesn’t “help” they will primary her in this heavily Republican District. I say this because it’s clear the people are not apathetic or passive about these elections (which typically is the case) but that they’re paying close attention.

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    • Coast says:

      The sad news is that 47.5% are idiots.

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  12. The Demon Slick says:

    Fake polls, fake narrative, destroyed by reality.

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  13. Sayit2016 says:

    CNN is reporting that Dems needs ( 26 seats- I believe) ) to win the house so they can ” subpoena”…. President Tr ump

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    • Fe says:

      That’ll be a comment they made that won’t age wekk

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      • Fe says:

        *well…..stupid word press

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        That is all these people think about day-in-day-out how to impeach President Trump They have been beating this drum for 150 days…..

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        • shallbe4 says:

          Better for them to figure out how to win their own elections rather than trashing our honestly elected President.

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          • Sayit2016 says:

            You are so right about that…. But liberals never learn.

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          • ladypenquin says:

            The media and elitist Left hate Trump because he interfered with their final plans for take over of the country, they can’t see that President Trump’s desire to aid America trumps all else in the daily lives of Americans. They also can’t see that while they disdain to associate with the Common Folk, we see him, despite his monetary worth, as one of us. He doesn’t BEHAVE like an elitist snob, and elitists are people who never see their own bigotries.

            Their hatred blinds them, but we’re not as dumb and blind as they think we are; it’s also why we’re winning and they’re not. What the media & elitist snobs are selling is rotten fruit, and President Trump has helped us rediscover we can have fresh fruit, not the bottom of the barrel leftovers.

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            • seabrznsun says:

              Lady, I totally agree. The MSM news sites have lost. The people are waking up from their slumber of letting the idiot box telling them what to think.
              What ever will they do having begun to realize they have lost their relevancy? Maybe we’ll now begin to see some really descent entertainment on our televisions again instead of propaganda!

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            • scrapiron says:

              Agree. Everyone should read Dinish D’Sousa book Stealing America….a real eye opener.
              President Trump destroyed their plans by winning.

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            • dpeeze says:

              The warmth inherent in Donald Trump distinguishes him from all current political figures. Saw a Trump interview on Late Night with David Letterman from 1986 and he was so charming but serious as well. Trump’s personality is​ a winning component of anything he does.

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          • ladypenquin says:

            I’m perfectly content for them to keep on being the ignorant jerks they are. In the meantime, they’re missing quite a few serious accomplishments by President Trump.

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    • boogywstew says:

      If they “subpoena” President Trump why do I believe that the President would either make believers or fools out of the RINOs and Democrats? It would become 2017’s, “Mr.Trump Goes to Washington” ! Donald Trump is the honest good natured underdog who wins and Americans love through and through.

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      • ladypenquin says:

        For eight years I felt like the country needed a George Washington. I was neutral about him, but had absolutely no antipathy in the primary. Then began to sit up and take notice.

        I believe we got our “George Washington” and he, indeed, has gone to Washington. These are the moments to savor. Even in anxious moments – prompted by the malignant media – President Trump is getting things done and beating them. The people won’t stand for the nonsense anymore.

        Remember, even Mr. Smith had discouragement in DC, and then the hometown folks came through for him. He wouldn’t have succeeded without their support.

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  14. DebbieUK says:

    Ha Ha the BBC appears to be in a state of panic and blaming last weeks shooting of Republicans on the outcome .Anything rather than admit Trump is popular.
    I watched Handel being interviewed on Fox and I thought this lady would win .Her positives shone through,she lives locally and the people know her.,
    Ossoff reminds me of Trudeau and Macron in appearance.

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  15. Jimmy Jack says:

    Kellyanne and DJTjr’s tweets are hilarious tonight, especially Kellyanne’s. SPICY

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  16. James F says:

    Still not tired of winning.

    That is about the only thing Trump was wrong about.

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  17. Summer says:

    After wasting millions of dollars, the loser can finally turn his undivided attention back to his girlfriend’s academic pursuits.

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  18. Frank says:

    Wow, look at all those comments! Sorry you have to work so hard, mods. But what a great way to end my night. Another stone cold slap across the socialist party’s lips! MAGA

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  19. Ned says:

    I suppose this is the year of the effeminate PJ boy – Macron the French boy toy, Ms. Trudy in Canada and not loser toss off Ossoff. They do have THAT look. Glad Karen won.

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    • Guyver1 says:

      It is a trend that started with Obama, the ultimate effeminate metrosexual.
      The target is single young women with no children (having children has a tendency to make people get out of La La Land and face reality).
      It worked twice for the leftists here, so now they have adopted that model planet wide.
      It has worked for a while (to the detriment of the entire planet), but he place where the strategy was born and tested, the U.S. , had to endure the eight horrible years of the Oblahblah administration as a result.
      That woke up a lot of people to the fact that it is stupid to vote for someone because of their looks, gender, race, etc. , the whole identity politics thing.
      What a person carries inside their head is more important than physical looks. That is the lesson learned.
      That is what the Dims, to their horror, found out yesterday- that in the U.S. , the age of the metrosexual pajama boy is over.
      The Canadians and the French will eventually wake up too, but IMHO, it will be too late, their countries are too far gone, (especially France).
      When they collapse, let them deal with the consequences of their stupid. Not one penny, not one drop of American blood to save them from their stupid.
      Let them deal with the consequences of their own actions. Let them bleed as a consequence of their own actions. Otherwise, they will never learn.


  20. Beverly says:

    Guess what? after scooping in MILLIONS of dollars for the MOST expensive congressional race ever, Tossoff had a CASH BAR at his Defeat Headquarters. What a tightwad!

    This is a link to a hilarious screen shot of the CNN anchors with the sourest, most deflated expressions you’ve ever seen, and the victory margin on the bottom of the screen. Laugh-out-loud funny: http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=370318

    [A couple of Treepers recommended this thread to the Ace of Spades’ “Morons,” as they dub themselves.]

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    • MfM says:

      Politics is a cash business, ads don’t run unless they are paid for. The USPS doesn’t mail on credit and print shops don’t release jobs without payment unless they have enough knowledge of the person ordering it to know they will get paid.

      The location of the party likely gave prices to the candidate and the cash bar was because the bar didn’t want to be stiffed if he lost.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Right you are, MfM. Even in sunny Omaha, the excellent little business newspaper for which I sold advertising for a number of years would take NO political advertising not paid for upfront.

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  21. James F says:

    Genuine grass roots beat out millions of dollars worth of astroturf every time.

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  22. mantaplagi says:

    Congratulations to all you Trumpsters.

    Keep on winning in America and you will change the whole world.

    MEGA. Make Everywhere Great Again!

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  23. botvinnik says:

    CNN reports that Jon Osshat has announced he is joining The Clot’s “Feel My Butthurt Tour.”


  24. Nunya Bidness says:

    The silver lining is that Ossoff (Russian?) is now free to run for President in 2020. Talk about the new JFK, he’s a profile in courage! Grrrr!

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  25. MOA says:

    To adult American males, Ossoff is obviously a great help to his mother around the house.


  26. Atticus says:

    Note to the reluctant Republicans.
    Get on the stick and start passing the President’s legislation.

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  27. jeans2nd says:

    Congrats to Karen Handel and her team, who are NOT members of Womb Empowered Socialists United in Congressional Killing, aka “WE-SUCK.” Well done. A Yuge Thank You to Our POTUS and his team, who made this all possible.

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  28. georgiafl says:

    President Trump has broken through the PC wall, politics as usual, big donors running amok and proved for once and for all that PRINCIPLE AND POLICY TRUMP POLITICS!!!

    PRINCIPLE – Truth, Mercy, Fear of God, Faithfulness, Common Sense
    POLICY – America First, Security, Economy, Peace through Strength

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  29. GHOSTRIDER says:

    One might think that the progressives and communists would take a lesson and learn from their own liberal songwriters’ lyrics:

    “I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend
    If it makes you feel all right
    I’ll get you anything my friend
    If it makes you feel all right
    Cause I don’t care too much for money”

    “For money can’t buy me love
    I’ll give you all I’ve got to give
    If you say you love me too
    I may not have a lot to give
    But what I’ve got I’ll give to you
    I don’t care too much for money
    For money can’t buy me love”

    © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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  30. napoleon32 says:

    Cross post with the daily thread:

    Something to remember, special elections are weird and will often produce outlier results. The greater national attention on a single House race will create an entirely unique political climate. The fact that the Dems tried a big money approach in Georgia along with a stealth approach in SC and failed both times is damning.

    Georgia-6 was supposed to be the big blow. This was THE swing district according to the media jokers, a longtime conservative district leery of the President (never mind that it is in no way the same district it was when Newt held it). Well then, I guess swing voters are pretty happy since they sent the Dems packing.

    Don’t read too much into the narrow SC margin, either. Only 86k votes were cast in the special election. Mulvaney won 161k votes by himself in the 2016 general election, the Democrat won 101k. People got lulled to sleep/distracted by the Georgia circus and forgot all about it, while the Democrat Parnell actually ran a pretty good campaign as well. This was a lousy night for Democrats, and those who are honest with themselves will know it.

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  31. TheLastDemocrat says:

    I am on the Dem email list –
    ( I keep signing their “petitions” with fake names)

    I believe for EITHER party, these elections are great money-making opportunities – Nancy Pelosi HERSELF sent me a request for money mid-day yesterday – How is $20 I give at 1pm on election day going to translate into an improved campaign when the polls close at 7pm?

    I have done plenty of election day GOTV. I know it can work. But not fund-raising.

    If you have not figured out your campaign strategy by 1pm election day, you may not be on the winning side.

    This is all about raising money – they could probably care less that Assoft lost…

    “Deadline Alert (via PelosiforCongress.org)”

    “TODAY is Election Day in Georgia’s sixth congressional district. Voting will be over in 6 hours.

    It’s now or never. Contribute to take Jon Ossoff across the finish line and hand Donald Trump and Paul Ryan a huge loss >>

    President Trump knows that the stakes are high and that the race is tied — that’s why he spent his early morning firing off tweets targeting Jon Ossoff.

    Trump is doing everything he can to help his candidate win in Georgia. Are we?

    Voter turnout is high and Team Ossoff is rushing to get every single supporter to the polls before they close tonight. This will come down to the wire – and in an election this close, just a handful of votes could decide it all. Please chip in whatever you can afford before it’s too late >>”


    • MfM says:

      So Pelosi herself was calling this a referendum on Trump yesterday. Yet today and going forward will not acknowledge that.

      Funny how everyone on the left wants Trump to stop Tweeting. I’ve got news for you Tweeting is FREE! There is a reason that the Democrats had to spend $$$$$ !


  32. joshua says:

    maybe abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, msnbc, washington post, new york times and george soros and obama endorsements are the very thing that are defeating the democrats!! they don’t understand the
    public Great Awakening that is happening….and they are like the Pope and the Monarchs….on the wrong side of history….and every thing they do to promote the LOST CAUSES are going down in flames when the PEOPLE vote and stand up to their rhetoric and lies.


    • joshua says:

      THIS IS A MOVEMENT……..MAGA is Not a slogan…it is a committment and we are going to take back our country,.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      in this line was the recent “purity test” – to be a dem candidate, you must be pro-abortion.

      this is a group of central planners with ulterior motives. they cannot disown that.


  33. Rick says:

    Amazing how fast CNN changed their narrative to “Meaningless election”


  34. Kaco says:

    I’m just glad all the special elections are over and I thank the Lord that we won them. I hope this signals that the GOP better get on board the Trump Train. Ronna McDaniel was on Fox, stating the GOP to support Pres. Trump’s agenda so hope Congress got the message. Karen Handel said on her website that she supports a southern border wall so we will see if she follows through on that support.


  35. StormyeyesC says:


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  36. Bendix says:

    I just heard the happy news a short time ago.
    The result in Georgia, plus the information I linked to yesterday about the Luntz focus group (how we Trump supporters aren’t buying what the MSM is selling, and what’s more, they KNOW it), tells me that without a doubt, Hillary had the presidential election rigged, or thought she had.
    I don’t believe that she had as many votes as claimed.
    When she comes out with that, “I did get three million more votes”, I think that was the amount they rigged it by.
    Thank God for the electoral college.
    God bless the good people of Georgia.


    • Kaco says:

      I looked for that video. I didn’t see the whole thing but this.

      Ugh, that Frank Luntz is a piece of work. Says Pres Trump pushed around the European leaders when that wasn’t true. And they call him a Republican.

      And the comments on this video is awful. I sure hope that is ShareBlue/Correct the Record.


  37. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    How Republicans view their 5-0 victories:
    Donald J. Trump‏ Verified account
    Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O! All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0

    How Democrats view their 5-0 victories:
    Alexandria shooting: GOP’s Steve Scalise among 5 wounded

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  38. tsmifjones says:

    Looks like the investigations are starting to swing our way…Now their running hiding things and blocking testimony….it’s not going to work!


  39. BigMamaTEA says:

    This Georgia election got all of the attention…….but the R’s also won last night in S.C.

    “Republican Ralph Norman held off Democrat Archie Parnell in a closer-than-expected race Tuesday to fill the House seat vacated by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.”



  40. Andrew Arrowood says:

    The Ossoff went down to Georgia

    Ossoff went down to Georgia
    He was lookin for votes to steal
    They was in a bind, the Liberals cryin
    ‘Cause they got Trumped in the Art of the Deal

    They came upon a district
    Having an election for a vacant seat
    Ossoff jumped up on a Hickory stump
    And said “I’m backed by the liberal elite!”

    “Yeah, I got millions of dollars
    From the California rich
    And I came down here, to fool you queers
    And all you redneck hicks”

    But what they failed to figure
    Or take into account
    Was the Sons and Daughters of proud Georgia
    Can’t be bought, for any amount

    So when came that there election day
    The Devil he was beat
    And sent a cryin and sniveling back
    To his Washington elite

    So come on back down here, Ossoff
    Iffen you ever wanna try to win
    I done told you once, you son of a Pelosi

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  41. boogywstew says:

    Jon Ossoff should be Jack Ossoff with the last name pronounced us-off … for future reference.


  42. Dennis Leonard says:

    Perhaps this should have been brought out,double victory,

    Handel’s revenge on Planned Parenthood
    Republican Karen Handel not only became the first woman to win a congressional seat in Georgia last night, but she exacted revenge on Planned Parenthood — which had relentlessly worked to get Handel fired five years ago.

    In 2012, Handel worked for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation as vice president of public policy.

    While Komen raised money in the name of fighting breast cancer, the foundation gave $700,000 a year to Planned Parenthood.

    Handel stopped that.

    Planned Parenthood stopped her. In February 2012, she resigned amid a liberal backlash.

    And guess who ran the ad’s for the liberals,

    “John HoltonJune 21, 2017 at 5:46 PM

    Alfred E. Ossoff was running the Planned Parenthood “how dare she!” commercials for them. They all had his name on them. Had PP run the commercials themselves, Representative Handel (it feels so good to say that) would have beaten him like a rented mule. ”

    “Tired MomJune 21, 2017 at 8:34 PM

    How well I remember all the hoopla when Komen tried to pull support from Planned Parenthood. I did not know, however, that Karen Handel was the brave soul behind that move. I applauded Komen at the time the organization announced it would no longer give money to PP, and I was sickened when Komen reversed course. I committed back then never to give another cent to Komen, and I haven’t. I quit running the annual Komen race, and I’ve honked off a friend or two by refusing to sponsor them when they ran. Thank you, Karen Handel, for your courage and I’m so happy you won!”


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