Philando Castile Shooting – Jurors Deliberating, No Verdict Yet…

Jurors in the case against Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez for the shooting death of Philando Castile began deliberations this afternoon.  No verdict was determined and the jury will continue deliberating tomorrow.  Yanez is charged in Ramsey County with second-degree manslaughter and two counts of reckless discharge of a firearm for shooting Castile in Falcon Heights.

Officer Jeronimo Yanez fatally shot Philando Castile, a 32-year-old cafeteria worker during a traffic stop on July 6, 2016. The shooting drew widespread national attention because Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, livestreamed the aftermath on Facebook.

Minnesota – […] Defense attorney Earl Gray told jurors that the state “failed miserably” in presenting its case. He emphasized the defense’s main contention: that Castile failed to follow orders because he was too stoned from smoking marijuana and grabbed a gun in his right pocket, forcing Yanez to shoot.

“None of this would have happened but for Philando Castile…,” Gray said. “[Yanez] sees the gun and [Castile] doesn’t follow orders. That’s enough to pull your gun out and end the threat. “[Yanez] had to make a split-second judgment.”

The jury heard from more than two dozen witnesses over five days of testimony last week, including an emotional Yanez, who cried on the stand Friday while saying that Castile ignored his orders and grabbed a gun at his right thigh.

Prosecutors argued that Yanez, who is Mexican-American, racially profiled Castile, who is black, when he stopped him on July 6 for a nonworking brake light in order to verify whether he was a suspect in the armed robbery of a nearby convenience store four days earlier.

[…] Several community activists spoke afterward, including Mel Reeves and the Rev. Danny Givens. Reeves said the prosecution presented a strong case regarding a traffic stop that should have never happened.

[…] Said Reeves: “If the verdict comes back guilty, we will celebrate. If not, we will protest.”  (read more)

Hey, at least he didn’t say “let’s burn this bitch down.”


Lavish “Diamond” RenoldsABC Interview (2016) Provable falsehoods.

How a dangerous lie explodes on Social Media.

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83 Responses to Philando Castile Shooting – Jurors Deliberating, No Verdict Yet…

  1. Johnny says:

    We wuz khangs

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  2. Peter G says:

    Grand Jury? We don’t need no stinkin Grand Jury!
    Perhaps the DA could also render a swift verdict, in the interest of Justice.

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  3. Waco Bob says:

    Dindu nutin.

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  4. Sedanka says:

    They can protest all they want, they won’t get back my support or sympathy. This is thuggery, not equality. Obey the law and act like responsible citizens of the United States of America, then these protestors might have my ear again.

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  5. Sloth1963 says:

    ‘Let’s burn this bitch down’ Has been saved for after the verdict comes down. Ya know, Etiquette.

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  6. Daniel says:

    The attorney’s name is Earl Gray? Jean Luc would approve!

    In addition to the clear and effective closing argument, Obama and his justice department no longer exist. The climate has changed… I wonder how successful they’ll be now? Anyone hear much from BLM lately? Any more of these claims in the news? Nope…

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  7. wolfmoon1776 says:

    The soft bigotry of low expectations has said “blacks are gonna be blacks and smoke pot and drive – just let them – don’t expect them to be capable of following rules.” Sorry – this is what results from a second “Africana law”, every bit as bad as Sharia law. DEAD PEOPLE.

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  8. georgiafl says:

    The Obama years are over and done. Not a moment too soon.

    Time for real justice, law and order.

    Time to do what Dr. King dreamed of – not judge a man or woman by the color of their skin, but by their character and deeds.

    Philando didn’t know his drug habit would kill him one day. But it did.

    ILLEGAL Drugs clouded his judgment and made him foolish enough to draw on a cop.

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    • lumoc1 says:

      The Obama years are over but sadly their legacy will take many years before it is done….

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    • john graham says:

      it doesn’t help that their parents don’t teach them to respect authority…had his mother taught him to listen to what the officer tells you…he would still be alive…I live in MN. and conceal carry….there are simple rules to follow

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  9. remuda2016 says:

    The youtube video was shown in reverse. Driver’s side is on the left not right seat of the car. This guy was a danger to all before, during and even perhaps…AFTER…here, if the ‘girlfriend’ is to be believed. Too much for any cop to handle…

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  10. Daniel says:

    You must be new here. We do VERY detailed review of the evidence and often find things the police and others have missed. I invite you to review the Zimmerman case which the CTH blew wide open.

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  11. emet says:

    This was a political prosecution. The Governor and DA thought President Hillary Clinton would throw them a crumb.

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  12. JBrickley says:

    I watched the original FB live video multiple times. It starts right after he was shot and bleeding out next to his girlfriend. Officer Yanez was very upset. He was distraught from what he was forced to do. He was pacing and cursing and asking “why did he go for the gun, why didn’t he listen”, over and over. It is not like the officer wanted to shoot a black man. That was the last thing this officer wanted to do. No one can know what it’s like to charge into danger every day unless they’ve done it. Hindsight is always 20/20. He followed his training, there was a visible gun, the suspects hand was moving to grab the gun. In less than two seconds he had to make a choice and the training dictates that you don’t take the chance. Not if you want to return home from work to your family.

    For the sake of all that is holy, when the police stop you and you are a concealed carry permit holder you must be extremely careful. No sudden movements, keep your hands visible, do not reach for anything. Inform the officer that you have a handgun permit (CCDL) and a firearm in the vehicle and wait for instructions. Tell the officer where the firearm is located, do not reach for it yourself. Wait for instructions. If the officer wishes to handcuff you then you comply and you will be extremely courteous, calm, and compliant with the offers commands. If you’ve observed your local and state laws and done nothing wrong and pose no threat you will very likely have your unloaded firearm returned to you and you’ll be on your merry way. Expect the officer to inspect your firearm, run the serial number, check your permit, maybe even search your vehicle if there is probably cause. You might be handcuffed sitting on the curb but that is for the officers own safety.

    More people have been shot reaching for a gun or rapidly making a movement back into the vehicle to retrieve the gun. Let the officer retrieve the firearm.

    And for Lords sake, don’t drink or get high while carrying a firearm, that is beyond stupid.

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    • maiingankwe says:


      Excellent and commendable advice.

      I’m lucky, I live in a state where we don’t need to have a gun permit of any kind to carry. A great many of us have firearms in our vehicles, and more than a few carry on a regular basis. It’s just is what it is, and we are very thankful for our freedom. We don’t take it lightly.

      One time when I was pulled over (I know, who would ever have thunk me? It wasn’t even my fault, but that’s another story 😁), and I had to tell the officer I had a firearm. His first questions were if it was loaded, type, and location. I handed it to him, he checked it, took out my magazine and set both on the front of my vehicle. I think he asked if I had anymore and then continued completely unfazed. It was like it happened all the time. He had showed no fear or worry whatsoever. It kinda blew me away, his nonchalance. I’m even smiling at the recollection.

      I am ever so lucky I don’t live in a large city or where there is a great deal of crime. I know if I did, the situation above would’ve been totally different. I also know I would’ve followed your advice to the T and along with knowing it ahead of time. It was how I was trained. Not all of us are though, so your words of advice are needed and I hope you continue to do so. You explained it very well and far better than I could.
      Be well and have a fabulous week,

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    • john graham says:

      and have them put the firearm on your seat when they are done….do not grab it for any reason


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      How to handle a LEO encounter while carrying – exactly.

      I got pulled over for a burned-out headlight by LEO. I informed him I was CC, and had my piece in a holster – and asked – “what do you want me to do?”

      He said, “you’ve done it – you let me know. That’s it.” -He proceeded to give me a warning for headlight, and I went on my merry way.


      • JBrickley says:

        The advice is even more prevalent if the officer(s) are aggressive. Meaning they stopped you and consider you dangerous. If they have their weapons drawn then don’t freaking move an inch until told to do so. Both hands on the wheel or roof of the vehicle. Wait for instructions and when given instruction, do only what they say slowly and cautiously.

        Castile was a armed robbery suspect so the officer was rightfully concerned. Not listening to instruction while armed is a threat to the LEO. Don’t be a threat to a LEO!


  13. James F says:

    The treehouse has examined this case very closely.

    Apparently you are not aware of the fact that evidence aginst Ofiicer Yanez is so lacking that his department actually returned him to duty before SJWs interfered.

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  14. MTeresa says:

    Sorry, all seriousness here. In that photo, next to the man with the bow tie………um is that some kind of an optical illusion? I’m old and I guess I’m a little confused as to what that is.

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  15. sassymemphisbelle says:

    Look to the “related” hyperlinks above and after reading all the voluminous research and analysis Sundance provided at the time of the incident you can apologize for your snarky putdown. I followed the evidence Sundane presented and IMO the case was only pursued because of the racially biased justice dept of the past administration.

    Oh, i almost forgot…bless your heart.

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  16. sundance says:

    Use the search function. This case was thoroughly reviewed when it happened.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      More than thoroughly. The sign of a well-researched case here is that we followed every shaky lead to the end, resulting in an excellent composite of the case – the known proven, the known disproven, the unknown, and everything in between. I think the way we found multiple close-but-not-quite leads on the robbery angle – leads that ultimately didn’t pan out – and removed them, leading to the truth of the matter that we are seeing in court, shows how thoroughly we discussed this one, and came to the proper conclusions.

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  17. millwright says:

    CS, Thanks to cases like these, BLM movement, Antifa etc. al. creating an increasingly hostile street environment for police, It behooves everyone – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender – to behave very circumspectly when exercising a privilege license like driving .A very easy internet search will yield dozens of sites advising you how to behave and act during a traffic stop. Many by police traffic patrol officers. IOW don’t take the “attitude” you seem to express here into a traffic stop.

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  18. Admittedly, I haven’t followed this story closely but did I just read that Castile was too stoned to understand the deadly risk of reaching for a gun in the presence of a police officer? Had he been successful, was he also too stoned to turn the gun on the police officer and pull the trigger? I, for one, would have preempted this situation with my handgun post haste. In other words, the police officer made a snap decision that saved his life. Case closed.

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  19. timmihendrix says:

    Anybody wanna bet on whether the robbery of the convenience store was ever solved?

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  20. emet says:

    A couple of points:
    Just because someone has a permit to carry a concealed firearm does not automatically make them a good guy, who would never commit a murder.
    All police are trained in some form of shoot/don’t shoot, judgement pistol shooting, etc. and have been thru scenarios. Unless there is some huge missing piece that has not come to light, then the officer appears to have performed as trained.
    There is a stretch of highway near my home named for a murdered police officer who ordered an active shooter to drop his weapon. He did not.

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    • realcapedcrusader says:

      And this was at a time when police were being harassed, and it seemed like one was being shot, or shot at every week. They were all on edge.


      • G. Combs says:

        The problem is Obummer and the BLM targeted the police causing a rise in tension. This put officers on edge.

        Number Of Police Officers Killed By Firearms Rose In 2016, Study Finds
        “[…]The number of law enforcement officers shot and killed in the line of duty increased sharply in 2016 relative to 2015, according to a preliminary report from The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.
        […] <b.Those shooting deaths included 21 deaths in ambush-style shootings, "the highest total in more than two decades," </b.

        […]Those incidents included five officers killed in ambush attacks in Dallas (TX) and three in Baton Rouge (LA) spanning 10 days in July."
        the rise in shooting fatalities in 2016 — and especially the increase in ambush killings targeting law enforcement officers — has police officers on edge, The Associated Press reports:

        ‘We’ve never seen a year in my memory when we’ve had an increase of this magnitude in officer shooting deaths,'</b. said Craig Floyd, president and chief executive of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. ‘These officers were killed simply because of the uniform they wear and the job they do. This is unacceptable to the humane society that we are.’ …

        “Floyd said the impact of this year has been profound on law enforcement. Agencies are struggling to recruit officers to their ranks and those who continue to serve ‘talk about how their head is now on a swivel.’

        ” ‘They’re always looking over their shoulder, always worrying about the next attack that could come at any time from any direction,’ Floyd said.”


        If you are stopped by a cop put your hands on the steering wheel and don’t move until told to do so. If you do move, move slowly and explain to the cop what you are going to do.

        Playing wiseacre after all the cop killing is asking for trouble.

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  21. wolfmoon1776 says:

    I might as well have sat through the trial. I spent upwards of 100 hours reviewing photos, news reports, testimony, legal opinions, police reports, witness statements, videos, and Sundance’s posts, as well as the comments of every user here on multiple threads. I spent hours discussing the case with LE experts on this site and others, and came to conclusions very similar to the closing statement of the defense.

    The facts of this case are not a surprise, and if the officer is completely exonerated, it will not be a surprise to me. If the officer is convicted, it will be an easy appeal, and it WILL be overturned at some point.

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  22. Mist'ears Mom says:

    How much did the family get in the ghetto lottery? Couple of million from the city to make up for the racist actions of Officer Yanez. So now they are going to riot if the verdict isn’t what they want! Give me a break these people never take responsibility for their actions. Period.
    These race hustlers there to ‘support’ the family are there to rile up the black community, cause chaos and as much division as they can.
    Doesn’t work out as well for them if the officer is charged-if so they will find some reason to riot.
    Watched a show last night where a black man shot a young white 18 yr old in cold blood-claimed it was in self defense even though the evidence did not support this. Doncha know he claimed these high schoolers (3 white boys) where acting like the Klan so he needed to shoot the kid. His family history suffered blah blah blah-he was found guilty sentenced to 5 yrs in jail – then Al not so Sharpton and the rest showed up.
    The guy appealed got the sentence reduced to a yr and spent 2 months in jail. IMO it was clearly a hate crime but …black against white racism doesn’t exist.
    Disgusting double standard. I don’t get it … they act like reverse racism doesn’t exist.
    I hope they find the officer not guilty-he acted per his training.
    The extensive review of this case by Sundance and the treepers that found the gun on Castiles lap/leg and showing in the pictures was incredible. I’m sure it was used in the trial.

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  23. jstanley01 says:

    The charges are ridiculous on their face.


  24. MOA says:

    The full video including the shooting was once available on the net, all that seems to be left is the aftermath video.
    I’m afraid that footage wasn’t good for the policeman, a very excitable individual.
    The dead fellow should have refused to reach for his ID.


    • disgustedwithjulison says:

      Not true MOA. Full video was never available from Diamond. Police had full video from dash cam and it was shown at trial. In fact CTH had the video up literally within a few hours of its posting on Facebook by Diamond. No full video. This jury will most likely hang. Charges don’t fit the situation. Cop followed training. Victim was stoned out of his mind. This deal was tragic….for Castille and for the cop.


  25. maiingankwe says:

    I’d like to give you some friendly advice, which may or may not help you in your future. It depends what you do with it.

    Before you go down the self righteous road and accuse those of us here at CTH to be as batty as the lefties in this country, you just might want to click on the links Sundance provided as well as previous articles that are listed at the end.

    I know I clicked on the links to refresh my memory of this individual and his girlfriend even though I could probably list a number of important points beforehand. I’m sure most of us here could.

    It’s very obvious you were not here during our discussions or had read the articles Sundance had written on this subject. So for you to get on your high horse and accuse us of being batty and as bad as the left is quite unwarranted.

    I know you may not be aware of it, but the people here at CTH take these crimes seriously and do an absolutely amazing job when it comes to researching all angles and probabilities. It’s off the charts. The best example of this is the Zimmerman case, and there are so many other great examples as well if you chose to do your research first.

    I can say one thing, as a member of CTH I would never ever make accusations unless I knew without a doubt I was correct in my assumptions. I hope you decide to do this in your future as well.
    Please do better in the future,

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  26. maiingankwe says:

    “…the prosecution presented a strong case regarding a traffic stop that should have never happened.”

    Seriously? Yanez should never ever pull people over if they have a non-working brake light, especially if the people in the car are of a different race? Huh? In addition, I thought a police officer could pull someone over with probable cause, he didn’t even need a break light that was out. He was perfectly in his rights to have pulled him over, especially when he believed the individual looked like a robber they were looking for.

    The statement above given by the reverend makes absolutely no sense. How are police officers supposed to do their jobs when the public doesn’t think they have a right to pull someone over who may have committed a crime? A bunch of hooey. He’s protecting a criminal in order for them to commit more crimes. Not keep the streets safe by arresting and taking criminals off the streets.

    I’m sorry the guy died, but he died out of stupidity. Taking your gun out and putting it on your lap? Seriously? I would think if you take your gun out you plan on using it. Why else do so? We’ve all heard to never point or take a gun out unless you are willing to use it.

    One of things that bothered me the most though was the couple smoking drugs with a child in the backseat. That one really hit me hard, and if I was a journalist it would have been one of my main questions to the mom, Diamond. I want to hear her excuse for that because there isn’t any excuse. None. If you want to do your drugs make sure your child is nowhere near you until it is out of your system. It’s not fair to the child. If you can’t, give your child up.

    So what if it’s only pot. It still affects the brain. I say the same about alcohol. Don’t get drunk with children around. Put our children first.

    If I can quit drinking when I had my child and never had more than a glass of wine when she wasn’t around, others can do the same. I was simply terrified of something was to happen and I was too drunk to drive my child to the emergency room etc when I returned home and relieved the babysitter.

    I think the most I’ve ever had to drink since my child was born was three drinks and my child was safe in a different state. I really don’t expect anyone to follow what I’ve done, it’s not realistic. However, if one is to drink, I would want them to keep it limited because anything can happen. Anything. And most of us truly love our children, we want them safe. Lastly, please, please never drive drunk or stoned with a child in your vehicle. Ever.
    Thank you for your patience with my self righteous rant.


    • G. Combs says:

      “… pull people over if they have a non-working brake light…”

      Oh good grief. I got pulled over at 3:00 AM for a nonworking back light. Dad got pulled over for not signalling a lane change a 2:00 AM. In both cases there were no other vehicles on the road.

      I have also gotten stopped at the end of our country road for no reason at all because the cops were checking ALL vehicles for drivers licences, registration….

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      • MfM says:

        I was in a car that got pulled over about 10 minutes before curfew for a tail light. The cop gave a warning when he realized I wasn’t some 13 year old out with a 20 year old in the middle of the night. The the driver (my brother) was 17.


  27. deanfitz says:

    I watched the video of the killing on here,What more evidence do we need.Not GUILTY


  28. Callmelennie says:

    Any trial where the jury knows that a verdict of “not guilty” might trigger riots is an unfair trial, hence a violation of the Sixth Amendment. But, of course we all know that the Bill of Rights no longer apply to melanin-deficient defendants.


  29. MfM says:

    They are already planning a demonstration for the night the verdict is announced. Sounds like even the BLM people think the officer is going to be found innocent (which I hope and pray for).


  30. MfM says:

    The jury has asked for and watched the dash-cam video again. At least they are going through the motions.


  31. Could use some support on twitter for #YanezTrial #PhilandoCastile #Justice4Philando – Also the gun is a Diamondback FS which has Glock-style nightsights. If you change the coloring on this pic I think you can see the two nightsights.


  32. john graham says:

    that is why cops need to police their own…there is NOTHING worse then a bad cop…and the good cops protect them….sadly…this is a good cop who got caught up in a political thing


  33. john graham says:

    hahahaha…really?…you must be the only guy out there who hasn’t heard the circumstances behind this sham


  34. zephyrbreeze says:

    Police Officers replace broken air-conditioning unit of 95-year-old black WWII veteran.

    (Think of this video as sorbet – to cleanse the palate.)


  35. TheLastDemocrat says:

    These situations are sad in a major way.
    I have posted this view before: the BLM and the affiliated America-hating Marxists intentionally want to select the lousiest cases to build up as their hills to die on / cause celebre.


    That is one avenue for bringing America down – the eventual rioters – getting wound up now – have been fed propaganda that they don’t need to know the particular facts of this case – all they need to know is this false propaganda that the police are always against Black people.

    If the Marxists only selected the genuinely bad cases of cops shooting a Black man – these cases are out there – it would only reinforce the obvious: each case is independent and needs to be examined on its own merits.

    That is not what the Marxists want. They want to foment division any way they can in the U.S. So, they make it foolish or taboo to consider the facts – by calling any fact-checker “racist.”

    The trial, the court system, the rule of law generally gets identified as stacked against Blacks.

    I think I seriously p!$$ed off my father one day during Trayvon Martin aftermath – some news channel was covering an activist saying how terrible the legal system was. I sarcastically began claiming how terrible it was – all of that “bring any witness you want, have all the time you want, get a jury of your peers, voir dire, habeus corpus…” –I went on an on.

    What court system do these activists want? The truth is: they want the Judeo-Christian capitalistic world to be brought down, and they want Communism. To them the BLM are just a bunch of tools to be used to achieve that end goal.

    So, in the end, we all end up censoring ourselves instead of saying, “he should not have had gun illegally, he should have not been stoned,” etc.<—this is what the Marxists want to be taboo – pointing out the obvious that cuts the legs out from under their attempts to trump up acrimony between groups ofpeople here in the U.S.


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