Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds ABC Interview: Transparent, Provable Falsehoods…

Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds Makes The Rounds on the Customary New York Media Circuit.

mn lavish abcLavish “Diamond” Reynolds is the woman who live-streamed the aftermath of the Philando Castile shooting in Falcon Heights Minnesota.   Today Reynolds appeared with her lawyer Larry Rogers Jr (from Chicago) on ABC, Good Morning America, and the transparency of falsehood was on full display.

The key point to reference is at 01:40 when George Stephanopolous asks Diamond to describe what took place prior to the video.  Note how her representative immediately jumps in to block her from answering:

Ms. Reynolds claims that Philando Castile never displayed his weapon.  Ms. Reynolds has earlier stated Castile was “reaching for his wallet, which was in his back pocket.

Unfortunately for Ms. Reynolds claim there is a part of her own video where it’s possible to see the gun in the lap of Castile.

mn shooting 19

Earlier today both ABC and The Star Tribune were forced to admit, and confirm our prior outline, that Officer Jeronimo Yanez indeed stopped the vehicle of Philando Castile because Castile matched the description of an armed robbery suspect.

ABC – A suburban St. Paul police officer who killed a black driver pulled the man over in part because he believed he resembled a suspect in a robbery, his attorney said.

[…]  Kelly told The Associated Press on Saturday that Yanez was reacting to the seeing that gun, not Castile’s race, when he drew his own weapon. The attorney did not immediately return messages left early Monday. (link)

mn shooting 21mn shooting 20

STAR TRIBUNE –  Lawyer: Castile pulled over because he matched robbery suspect.  A St. Anthony police officer pulled over Philando Castile because he was driving with a broken tail or brake light and he believed that Castile looked like a suspect from an armed robbery nearby that was reported a few days earlier, the officer’s attorney told the Star Tribune on Sunday.

“All he had to have was reasonable suspicion to pull him over,” attorney Thomas Kelly said of his client, Jeronimo Yanez.  (read more)

Throughout the prior weekend the ideological MSM and even Snopes attempted to refute this fact as we presented it.

For clarity here’s the BOLO (Be On Look Out) recap:

suspect mn 2

[…] Employees described one suspect [USA1] to police as a black man with longer than shoulder-length dreadlocks, who wore blue jeans, a green plaid long-sleeved shirt, dark-color shoes with white highlights, glasses and a baseball cap printed with marijuana leaves, the release says. He may have had a mustache.

The other suspect [USA2] was described as a black man with shoulder-length dreadlocks, who wore tan pants, tan shoes with white soles, a green jacket, a green baseball cap and glasses, the release says. He also had some of his hair pulled into a bun through the strap on the back of his hat and had a small mustache and facial hair on his chin (link)

suspect MN 1

The way we know the reason for Officer Jeronimo Yanez to pull over the vehicle is because of police radio.   The radio transmission was made before two officers Yanez and Kauser walked up to Castile’s vehicle.  The motive for the stop was clearly outlined in the police audio.

“I’m going to stop a car. I’m going to check IDs.  I have reason to pull it over.”

“The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery. The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose.” (link)

mn shooting 14

mn shooting 13

Click Play In Tweet Above to Hear Audio

Now that Ms. Reynolds has “handlers” to assist in distributing a carefully scripted narrative, we evolve into a phase of contrasting the previously provable falsehoods against current changes in position.  The lawyers will try to stop her from further eliminating her own credibility, however it’s simply too late.

In her appearance later on The View Ms. Reynolds again claims the gun was never visible and Castile never took out his wallet:

It’s actually a good thing to see Ms. Reynolds sticking to the most essential and provable falsehood. Eventually, if the financial motives are to remain solvent, the legal team and media consultants will have to admit the gun was present and visible.

mn shooting 19

Together with the Radio Dispatch recording, the police car Dash-Cam Video will clear this event. The media will then drop the entire episode, and, like Dorian Johnson (Hand’s Up Don’t Shoot – Ferguson), the media will not go back to confront Ms. Reynolds, or her lawyers, about the transparent lies being used to construct a false premise.

Ms. Reynolds just can’t keep her story straight.  She previously said Philando Castile was 35-years-old, he wasn’t – he’s 32.  She also said they had a headlight broken.  She’s said they told police about the gun, then in another interview said they told the police nothing. She has evolved from wife, to girlfriend, to fiance’ etc… and now she’s gone rogue with Mamma Natalie Castile not happy about the fundraising etc.

This will pass.

Prior Research On Falcon Heights Shooting – ALL HERE

SIDE NOTE: In The View video Lavish Reynolds provided ABC with a picture of Philando Castile.  Check the “Glasses”:

mn philando castile the view 2

suspect MN 4

mn glassesmn glasses 2

mn glassesmn glasses 2

Is the comparison close enough for a police officer to pull over the driver?

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811 Responses to Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds ABC Interview: Transparent, Provable Falsehoods…

  1. David Riches says:

    For those on this sight that can enlarge and enhance photos. On the photo of the deceased is some type of band on his wrist. Please look at the photo of the robbery suspect’s hand holding the gun. Is that also a band on his wrist? Thanks.


  2. Fingers Magee says:

    Diamond Lavish Reynolds looks all prim and proper when doing her TV interviews, but the real her can be seen in this report >>>>


  3. greg green says:

    CBS Face The Nation last Sunday July 10th reported that Jeronimo Yanez was white, rather than Hispanic, to fit in with the story of white guilty/black innocent dynamic.


  4. Ingrid says:

    Why didn’t Ms. Reynolds disclose that she was pregnant at the time of the shooting? Was she not pregnant and lied when she posted it on her own FB page on June 8, 2016? After stating that she was glad she was having a boy, there are videos of her (taken by her and posted to FB) showing her drinking alcohol directly from a bottle, as well as smoking pot with Castile in the car with her daughter, and again apparently in her bedroom with her daughter. Ms. Reynolds also said that the gun was never visible. That is clearly not the case. Also, on her own video, she says that the police officer who shot Castile was Chinese. Oops. I am also beyond shocked to find that there is a gofundme page set up for her that has raised something close to $67,000 as of Friday. Also, no one but her said that the police stated they pulled her over for a “busted tail-light”. I do not believe that the police need to state that they pulled them over because the driver closely resembles a wanted armed robbery suspect. That would certainly escalate the situation instead of de-escalating it.


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