Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds – How A Dangerous Lie Explodes on Social Media…

For those who are following the Minnesota “Falcon Heights” shooting of Philando Castile by Officer Jeronimo Yanez, we are going to provide some rather astonishing information that is completely counter to the MSM narrative advanced by Lavish “aka Diamond” Reynolds.

However, as a warm-up to that exploration, a brief refresher, an analogy, is warranted.

..”They Shot That Boy For No Reason !”

[ In May of 2015 ] the police approached a man on the street in Baltimore suspected of carrying a firearm. Before the police could reach him the man took off running. During the pursuit the suspects handgun either fell, or was dropped, as he fled. The suspects gun went off when it hit the ground. Fortunately no-one was hit by the discharge. The man was tackled by the chasing officers and then, out of an abundance of caution, transported via ambulance.

No police officer fired their weapons. No-one was shot. The only firearm discharge was from the fleeing suspect as his firearm hit the ground.

Now watch this video of how a female “eye-witness”, injected her perception of the event, and quickly reported it to the media and enraged the community. Passionate, angry, tearful and adamant about what she witnessed.

Of course, none of that is true. Nothing she is describing actually took place.  This should be a case study in how unreliable agenda witness statements actually are.

That 2015 example is identical to: Dorian Johnson (Ferguson) “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”, August 2014.  And now to Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds in 2016.  Stay tuned…


Dorian Johnson hands up


mn shooting - diamond reynolds

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214 Responses to Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds – How A Dangerous Lie Explodes on Social Media…

  1. uvaldegirl says:

    Why is Lavish/Diamond wearing an ear piece? Is someone feeding her lines?

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:



    • squid2112 says:

      Yeah, I think that Fiction Writer should have watched this video first.

      Actually, a gun firing when dropped is nothing new and has happened quite often. Glock has purposefully designed special safety mechanisms to help prevent exactly that!

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  3. Clc says: maybe Obama needs to pull this old trick out of the bag again. I jest. this just shows how worthless the media is.


  4. LULU says:

    The green shirt/jacket that Castile is pictured wearing on the front of his mother’s (?) commemorative T-shirt appears to be the same as one the robber (believed to be Castile) was wearing when he held up the convenience store. Documented on the store’s CCTV footage.


  5. freddy says:

    Thinking on a Sunday morn. It may be better to let Hillary assume power as President..I know tomatos are hitting my window right now but really. The country is in such disarray and so deep in debt the next pres is stepping into a cow pie.If it’s Hillary she will do all the wrong things and real insurrection will occur not this little protest crap over fake stories. She could be impeached when the real email stuff comes up to the surface of her cesspool life. In the meantime we punish the GOP and guys like Ryan so severely maybe they fold as an organization. Bam 2 birds with one stone. Trump is in the background waiting to straighten it all up Obama runs to Belize….


    • Jett Black says:

      But how many of us wind up impoverished, in fed gulags, or dead? How long has Venezuela been swirling the bowl and at what human and national cost? No, we need to start and keep fighting to MAGA now, before we hit bottom. The alternative to Mr Trump winning POTUS isn’t plan B–it’s plan Z.

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    • mysticrose80 says:

      No tomato-throwing here……just polite disagreement. The country is already in the deepest abyss possible. You put that evil woman in charge and we are finished, as a country. The American spirit is currently on life support, but there is a glimmer of hope that a Trump presidency can, at least, start the process of a recovery. A Hillary presidency is a death sentence (it really took me a while to understand the severity of a Hillary presidency…..partly because I didn’t think that anyone could outdo Obama in the divisive radical department).

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  6. Panzerakc says:

    “This should be a case study in how unreliable agenda witness statements actually are.”

    Was she an unreliable witness or a lying witness?

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  7. arkansasmimi says:

    Sorry if already posted on this thread:

    Newly released video DESTROYS liberal narrative on Alton Sterling shooting
    Written by Matt Palumbo on July 9, 2016

    By contrast, you can watch the original video here.

    The blog Blue Lives Matter has a fantastic analysis of the new video:

    One of the first items of note in the video is that Alton Sterling’s left hand was clearly restrained and under the control of Officer One. However, Sterling’s right hand is clearly not under control of the officers. In fact, Officer Two’s position would have made it all but impossible for him to effectively control Sterling’s hand. You can see moments where Sterling is moving his elbow, making a pulling motion. Officer Two can be seen fighting Sterling for control of his hand. Then, just before the shots were fired, you can see Officer Two’s hand is empty and clearly not holding Sterling’s hand.
    Officer Two’s hand lost hold of Alton Sterling’s hand moments before shooting

    Officer Two’s hand then follows Sterling’s hand towards his right pocket, and that’s when you hear shots being fired. Later in the video you can see Officer One remove a gun from Sterling’s right pocket. The only logical conclusion is that Sterling was reaching for his gun. If somebody has two police officers pointing guns at them, while telling them not to move after discovering their gun, and the person then reaches towards their gun, then it’s really obvious that they are trying to get to their gun. We have clear evidence here that Sterling was going for a gun at the time he was shot.

    You may have also noticed in this video that the first shots didn’t appear to be fired by Officer One, as many had assumed. You can see Officer One’s pistol when the first shots are heard, and there is no visible muzzle flash. This means that the first shots fired likely came from either Officer Two’s gun, or Sterling’s gun.

    It should also be noted that even if Sterling was unable to retrieve his gun from his pocket, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have fired it. Pockets generally aren’t bulletproof.

    Once again — as we reported regarding the tragic death of Philando Castile, there are always two (if not more) sides to every story.

    Unfortunately too many people – including our president and the mainstream media — are all too eager to jump to conclusions before all the facts are presented. Sadly, as we learned in Dallas, it can be a deadly mistake.

    [Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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  8. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    This BLM and other despicable misleading social media scams needs to be put to bed by the media that supports them. This game is going to blow up on all of us if it can’t be stopped quickly and the only person that can do it is our President and since he is casuing this insanity there is no chance that he will stop it it; so that means that the president of the United States is the direct cause for all the social unrest that we now have.

    Why, well he did say he wanted to fundamentally change the country and is has done a very good job of doing so — the only problem is that the fundamental change was negative not positive.


  9. LULU says:

    Thomas Lifson at American Thinker has done a good piece lauding Sundance and CTH here:


  10. Rifleman III says:

    Why do those women walk like chickens?


  11. Tom says:

    No one apparently educates blacks on proper police etiquette! When waving a fake gun DO NOT ignore police orders to place it on the ground. When stopped and you are carrying a loaded weapon, even with a CCW, inform the officer and follow instructions. Do not move if he tells you to remain still. (One of the first things taught in my CCW class.) If under arrest and armed DO NOT struggle with officers and refuse to “not move” when they tell you not to move!

    Following the above instructions would avoid many police shootings.

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  12. ccz says:

    Now here is some sick IRONY. Breitbarter James O’Keefe has posted a You Tube video that says that Diamond Reynolds is a “Citizen Journalist Hero” for her initial live stream. What is his agenda??


  13. I knew something was not right with her when I first heard her crackhead remarks.What astonished me is the many so called educated people who believe that these 2 reprobates were innocent!


  14. diminutivediva says:

    When I first saw the Facebook live video, the demeanor of Reynolds baffled me. After reading this post and a few others on this site, the pieces have come together. It is crucial that we don’t give into knee-jerk emotional reactions, instead choosing to review all the facts and make an informed decision. The Castile case is not an example of injustice or brutality.

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  15. Daisy says: This video shows who the real Diamond Reynolds is! Just like Trayvon Martin, the lawyers sweep in and clean up her image!

    They used an out-dated picture for Trayvon to make him look angelic. No mention of his thug activities (breaking and entering into homes to steal jewelry); getting suspended from school; fighting on the bus, was ever reported by the mainstream press! President Obama went so far as to say if he had a boy, he would want him to be exactly like Trayvon!

    Hasn’t the press researched Diamond? I only viewed this video once to realize how ghetto she is!!!!! She smokes a blunt and posted it on her snap chat. Nothing wrong with smoking pot while driving and being in the car with a minor child, according to her! Wait until you see where she aims the camera. Good thing she is wearing clothes or else she could sell her vid at the Lion’s Den!

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    • SueQ says:

      Smh. Oh my goodness! Smh again. This vid will be scrubbed soon, I’m sure.


    • diminutivediva says:

      The only individual in this situation I have sympathy for is the child. With an absentee father and a mother of such low quality, she has little chance of reaching adulthood with the qualities needed for success.

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