President Trump Announces Plan To Visit Poland…

Oh, hellz to the yeah.  This is going to be BIGLY bilateral winning on historically epic proportions.

Poland is one of the few NATO members who actually meet their funding obligations.  Poland is a proud and strong Christian nation filled with nationalists and patriots.  And President Trump is rightly affording Poland global recognition for being on the leading edge of the right side of history !

What’s not to love about this decision?


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337 Responses to President Trump Announces Plan To Visit Poland…

  1. hillbilly4 says:

    Historical-fact: 9/11/1683 The Polish King, Jan Sobieski brings his cavalry, the Winged Hussars to the aid of Vienna, and helped defeat 300,000 Muslims bent on conquering Europe. The movie ‘The Day of the Siege’ in on Netflix – well worth the time spent watching it.


  2. Jenny R. says:

    Clever move by our President…Poland is a lynchpin country; loosen up the ties that bind east or south, it will not matter much which of those two directions is chosen.


  3. wondering999 says:

    I hope that there will be time to honor the composer and pianist Frederic Chopin along the way with some tribute! 🙂


    • Lack is not all says:

      As a side note: His tomb in Pierre Lachaize is one of the most visited, full of people and flowers (red and white roses and carnations). To me is one of the most moving places in Paris . The Chopin piano competion is one of the most prestigious piano competitions in the world. Chopin was a fantastic musician and a great patriot.

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  4. American Made Man says:

    God bless the people of Poland! Keep strong brothers and sisters


  5. tonyE says:

    Going to Poland before going to Germany.

    I love it. I’m not tired of winning.

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    • Jennie says:



    • Lack is not all says:

      He, as a candidate, was the only one I know of , who give a speech at the Polish Kotzchiusko Society in Chicago. It was very moving. I heard it on you tube. I detected then a great love for Poland. I never could understand why till now. Everything P. Trump does has a meaning, sometimes we dont see it immediately.

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      • wondering999 says:

        Polish fighter in the Revolutionary War (also a builder of walls, a musician and anti-slavery activist)
        Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko
        “At some point in 1777, Kościuszko composed a polonaise and scored it for the harpsichord. Named for him, and with lyrics by Rajnold Suchodolski, it later became popular with Polish patriots during the November 1830 Uprising. Around that time, Kościuszko was assigned a black orderly, Agrippa Hull, whom he would treat as an equal and a friend.

        “In March 1778 Kościuszko arrived at West Point, New York, and spent more than two years strengthening the fortifications and improving the stronghold’s defenses. …Kościuszko’s West Point fortifications would be widely praised as innovative for the time….

        “Kościuszko left his American estate to be sold to buy the freedom of black slaves, including Jefferson’s own, and to educate them for independent life and work….None of the money that Kościuszko had earmarked for the manumission and education of African Americans in the United States was ever used for that purpose. Though the American will was never carried out, its legacy went to found an educational institute for African Americans in the United States—at Newark, New Jersey, in 1826, bearing Kościuszko’s name”


      • GuyWithNoName67 says:

        I wonder if there was meaning to his speech on Greece’s Independence Day, since they’re another nation that fulfills their NATO dues.


  6. golsono says:

    Polish clothes may be soiled, but their hands are clean, After many a hard day’s night. Geographically positioned to be the ‘tip of the spear’…Onward Soldiers, Treepers, Believers…

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  7. Maquis says:

    Goosebumps!! I loved that video! I love Poland!

    President Trump is such a Warrior for Righteousness!

    This is indeed the Spirit that we must ourselves make manifest, especially to tbe Muslim hordes and “refugees” *cough*invaders*cough* and to all the World.

    Poland was as instrumental in undoing the Soviet Monster as was the US. They lent us a Great Pope, John Paul II, a fearless leader who taught his people to not fear, who inspired courage in the hearts of the faithful despite their Socialist Captivity. The last Great Pope. Even as a non-Catholic, I hope to see him be recognized as the Saint he is.

    Reagan, Thatcher, and John Paull II, the lions of the past, have a worthy successor in President Donald John Trump.

    May we and Poland together again inspire fearlessness and reject the tyranny of false gods. May we end those that seek to impose the subjugation of dhimmitude upon us.

    May we cease the foolishness of Multi-Culuralism, a tool of the Socialists, Globalists and Islamists, and put down forever the lie that all cultures are equally valid and able to co-exist in the same lands, cities and neigborhoods. Some cultures are not worthy of a place at the table amongst Civilized Nations. We destroyed the evils of Nazism, the Soviet abomination, and the Emperor-God delusion of Imperial Japan.

    Many demented cultures have been erased through time. Islam is not a Civilization, but a desert tribal culture that only thrives by cannibalizing Civilized Cultures that have riches due to their freedom and industriousness. They delude themselves in thinking they will have peace when they have conquered all. They would then prey on each other, as they always have. They must be forced to reform their ways, or to perish in a total quarantine.

    God Bless Poland! May their faith be unwavering and preserved for their posterity for all time. I am so proud of our President for the courage he has to stand with the Righteous and strengthen their cause.

    God Bless PDJT!

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  8. CharterOakie says:

    Wow, what an event that was! Great video!

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  9. ricky says:

    Trump’s wife is Catholic, this will be great since Poland is almost all Catholic.


  10. President Trump will be received with the highest honors.


  11. Sorry for mistakes ort, etc. English is not my native language, once again, please excuse me.

    From what I have translated itself I see with many Americans like the instance of former priest Jack. M (the former because the Church was against his patriotism)

    Hot yours with Polish fighting all the citizens of the US who know what is the love for the motherland

    Z tego co sobie przetłumaczyłem widzę ze wielu amerykanom podoba wystąpienie byłego księdza Jacka. M (byłego bo kościół był przeciwko jego patriotyzmu)

    Gorąco pozdrawiam z Polski walczącej wszystkich obywateli US którzy wiedza co to miłość do ojczyzny

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    • Konrad P. says:

      “From what I understood, I can see that many Americans like the speeches of the former priest, Jacek Międlar (former because the church was against his patriotism).

      To all of the Americans who know what love towards your own fatherland is, I send my heartfelt greetings from fighting Poland”

      Poprawiłem Ci 🙂

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  12. CiscoKid says:

    President Trump, TCB!
    My Polish friends aren’t happy, glad or filled with glee about Trumps visit to Poland.
    They are esatic. The beers were flowing tonight.


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