President Trump Signs American Law Enforcement Heroes Act of 2017…

Yesterday President Donald Trump signed two new bills into law.  One of the bills is something many people might be familiar with from 2015 and 2016 when it was initially proposed that returning U.S. military veterans should have an elevated opportunity, and prioritization (w/ supportive grants), to work on internal U.S. security, border security and local law enforcement.

S. 419, the “Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2017,” which modifies eligibility requirements for the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) program administered by the Department of Justice; and requires the Department to exercise due diligence, and transparency, to expeditiously adjudicate PSOB claims; and

S. 583, the “American Law Enforcement Heroes Act of 2017,” which authorizes the Department of Justice to award community oriented policing services grants for the purpose of prioritizing the hiring and training of veterans as career law enforcement officers. [White House Link]

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32 Responses to President Trump Signs American Law Enforcement Heroes Act of 2017…

  1. aqua says:

    BAM–the Obama “legacy” is gone, I hope for good. I applaud the President for doing all he can to help support both our veterans and our law enforcement community. The 8 years of the Obama administration were a disgrace, and I hope we never see that happen in our nation again.

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  2. citizen817 says:

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  3. Pam says:

    Yes our president does indeed support our law enforcement and our military. Don’t buy the BS on some of the military websites telling you otherwise.

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  4. Stringy theory says:

    Great news. Thanks vets and thanks President Trump.

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  5. Okay, people. To any of those still sitting on the fence who haven’t made up their minds about our Glorious President, Donald J. Trump, you have to admit….THIS GUY ROCKS! Come on, now! You can admit it.

    Thank you Mr. President for giving such honor to our military service men and women, vets, and law enforcement officers!

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  6. Awesome. I love seeing Pres Trump follow through on his promises. He truly is one of us.

    On another note, I have been emailing Pres Trump via the website to let him know of my support. I think it’s important that we keep him informed of our continuing support for him. On there’s a Get In Touch link on the upper right hand side of the page.

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  7. So what implications would this Heroes Act produce:
    • Require Cities to QUALIFY to receive Federal Funds for Law Enforcement by proving they have been non-discriminatory in hiring a proportionate share of Military Veterans?
    • EARMARK Federal Funds for Law Enforcement to be used ONLY to hire and train Military Veterans?

    What a great way to force Sanctuary Cities and States to “embed” Veteran Patriots into Law Enforcement!

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  8. Maquis says:


    Now, let’s see them pass a law requiring the VA to evaluate a Service Member’s condition, grant him his disability rating, allow for appeals as the first round is always a travesty, THEN the Service Member is discharged from the military and seamlessly brought into a new care environment, and I do mean CARE, that he or she spend not one night on the Street, in the Woods, or in some unpleasant person’s basement.

    Their journey to being made whole, to the degree possible, ought not commence only AFTER the Hero has all but forced the VA to acknowledge his conditions and his needs. It’s a lengthy, long drawn-out process that is an adversarial system, by design, much as our courts function not in a collaborative fashion, but in an adversarial fashion.

    This process cannot happen without a mailing address, a phone number, transportation, often-times legal assistance, and a single semi-functional stable residence where the Veteran can attempt to survive WITHOUT any assistance whatsoever, where he/she can do paperwork and remain in a single region while “processing” goes on.

    That cannot be done from a hammock in the woods, dodging Rangers and keeping ahead of logging operations.

    Our Veterans are given every opportunity to take their own lives before the VA grudgingly relents and begins to render aid. After nearly two years, finally getting a letter advising them of the the VA’s Suicide Hotline. Infuriating. Unjust beyond expression.

    I don’t turn away panhandlers, if security circumstances permit, as I suspect a great number of them would not be on the Street if the VA had done it’s job.

    Anyway, the Military ALWAYS informs the VA of the intention of a departing Military Member to file a claim, and they provide at least a portion of their medical records. They know. Yet any preparation they do is not directed at helping someone, but to oppose that someone, apparently. The VA does not contact them. They have to approach, and battle, Leviathan their own broken selves.

    THESE are the true refugees in America. Receiving less care and attention and support than a Muslim that, even if he loves america (they all say that) he will father by the litter twisted souls locked in a mental emotional spiritual hormone amplified dichotomy, with only one way out, jihad, the way of the Martyr, the only way to overcome the “sins” of being a young human-being in an open truly human society with temptations to be human all about. The only way to avoid a supposed eternal fate so foul that I cannot even write it, least not here.

    Those refugees will create the monsters that will prey upon our children, yet they have a higher status than the Infantryman that gave his legs and half his soul liberating the place they came from, and should return to, that they should never have left.

    He is, by all evidence, and observation, expected to get on with dying, so they can afford to coddle the Poison that is Islam.


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    • Marquis, Comment of the day! Thanks!

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    • I feel shamefully ignorant of the VA Claims Processing TrainWreck.

      If you haven’t done so, please message the President with the shortfalls and recommendations:

      Picking up on your observations, why not propose what seems to me to be the simplest solution, with maximum incentives to get. Claims right and decide them quickly:

      Make VA Claims-Clearing part of Outprocessing, beginning the moment the Service Member is destined for separation. Require the Member to attest whether there is any potential service-connected disability, immediately initiate a Claim for any such disability and provide expert assistance for completing it (just as JAG would provide for legal cases), station VA Claims Processors on every installation with Medical Facilities, and retain the Member on Active Duty until the Claim is decided and adjudicated if necessary.

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      • Maquis says:

        Yes, especially when the Veteran is being Medically Discharged, or, if he is fortunate to have cleared the twenty year retirement hurdle, Medically Retired. In these cases there is no excuse at all for the VA pretending to know nothing about them.

        It gets better, too. If the unanticipated discharge/retirement puts the Veteran in dire financial straits, and he/she has debts, they cannot file bankruptcy. Well, they cannot do so for six months, IN THE SAME STATE! So, say, seeking a safe living situation takes him her from State to State, from one irritated relative here to another way over there, not to mention the streets here and the wildlands there, he she cannot even begin the bankruptcy process until they can prove residency in a single state for a period of six full months.

        This also presumes that the Veteran knows he she will be able to continue residing in the area the BK is initiated, they don’t let you bounce from State to State, nor Region From Region.

        Now, this is a several years new law to prevent bankruptcy-shopping, moving to a State with more favorable BK laws. A reasonable and necessary reform. But it leaves out those that cannot achieve the residency standards. There should be a carve out for Veterans returning from overseas that have not actually resided in the US for many years, and are not at all certain where he she will find safe harbor.

        This situation denies the Veteran the protections of Bankruptcy laws, and he she cannot tell his her creditors when he she will be paying them, nor even that a BK is on the horizon, as the creditor is then incentivized to push hard for their pound of flesh before the Veteran finds safe harbor under BK protections.

        The Veteran could then lose a car they depend upon, and hope to keep through a BK. In such case you don’t want to tell the bank where to send the repo man. So the old, communicate with your creditors thing really doesn’t apply here, unless you’re fortunate in your creditors.

        To go several months, maybe more, unable to pay their creditors, yet frightened to express their intent to go with a BK due to the hazards that creates, leaves a long painful red mark on their credit history that takes a long time to recover from, if ever.

        I’m sure their are other nightmares out there as well, don’t get me started on trying to get Social Security while the VA wheels slowly churn along…

        Yes, I will communicate these things to the new Secretary with a Courtesy Copy to the WH as well. When my circumstances permit.

        You’ve heard of the Wounded Warriors Project? I’m a proponent for a new organization for Veterans in dire straits, even life threatening conditions right here State-side: I call it the Wedded Warriors Project. Saving innocent Veterans from their vicious War-Brides and sending them back to Europe, or Africa, or Asia. And their little monster children too!

        Such are the circumstances that limit my…circumstances. Liberty, security, so much more, are all threatened by mentally ill or simply mendacious women that maintain one single personality-state until they get to the big BX in the Sky then you discover they have many personality-states, and the one you thought you married is now reserved for strangers she wants to fake-out, but not for you anymore.

        BPD. Utter nightmare. Can convince anyone of anything, just use the right personality state, switching at will, and the cops that came because she assaulted her Vet husband? They turn around and verbally assault the Vet because they believed all the lies of the poor helpless “abused” woman they just spoke with. Imagine facing that in Divorce Court.

        Wedded Warrior Project. When I hit the Lottery, I’m gonna try to save a lot of Veterans, and hopefully rid America of nasty, abusive, scoff-law, immigrants entering under false pretenses that have no intention of being genuine Americans.

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    • Linda says:

      Sundance posted a video a couple of days ago of VA Secretary David Shulkin talking about the problems they are working on to improve. That was one of the big issues he cited and mentioned some things they were doing to improve it. So I’m hoping that in a few months we will see a drastic change.

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  9. quintrillion says:

    Hero – Madison Rising (remastered)


  10. golsono says:

    Not sure which thread to post this. All of cth is so relevant, and all realise, It’s for our children’s, children’s, children…etc…etc…HiHo…UpUp…Forward…and beyond…

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  11. TheLastDemocrat says:

    The two parts of government the Communists hate: the Military and Law Enforcement.

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  12. M33 says:

    Love this!

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  13. FL_GUY says:

    I’m glad that President Trump is showing the police that most of us appreciate the hard job that they do.

    Most people only see police writing tickets but in reality, they have to deal with the worst of society every day; they are the buffer between us and the Charles Mansons and Ted Bundys of the world. Because of this, they are a target of evil people. When these D-Rats belittle the police, I see a criminal that hasn’t been caught yet.

    As if dealing with the evil of society isn’t bad enough, Police have to clean up the horrible results of murders, fatal car crashes, gas explosions, natural disasters, etc. How horrible is that? It is a job that has to be done and they do it.

    Many times, they have to risk their lives to save others and they do it. Sometimes, they die in the process.

    So, when I see a police officer, I think of those things, a job that they chose to do, that has to be done but one I myself, could never do. Thus, I appreciate and respect those that have the stomach and the guts to do it.

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  14. KBR says:

    To really get the depth of meaning of this EO, you have to…

    Remember this under Obama:

    THANK YOU OFFICERS! You held firm through the terrible years when you were so dishonored!
    We honor you, though, and the heart of America always did!

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  15. MfM says:

    How many times where any police or Sheriffs at the White House when Obama was president? How many times since Trump has been?

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    • bessie2003 says:

      I think there was that one beer summit between the Police Officer and the college professor. Other than that one time, that’s a really good question MfM!


  16. fleporeblog says:

    That was awesome to watch! Our President feels so good whenever he is able to sign EOs or Bills that directly impact our law enforcement and our active duty military and veterans.

    That was nice of AG Pam Bondi from FL to give the pen that our President gave her to the officer. I hope and pray that the state of FL is able to vote in a replacement Senator for Bill Nelson. Pam and Governor Scott both admire our President and he admires them. Maybe one of them will run in 2018.

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    • Sean Supsky says:

      That Pam lady, she is a really nice, sweet person with a sunny disposition.

      Having met her once upon a time, about 6 years ago, I can say that she is definitely something else.

      Not the snobbish, backbiting, belligerent jerk some folks make her out to be. Rather, normal like you and I, as normal as that can be mind you.

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  17. Mike diamond says:

    Thank you president trump!


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