Pickles and The Vast Russian Planetary Conspiracy Theorem…

It was August 25th 2016, three months before the November election, when candidate Hillary Clinton first accused a massive global network of nationalist-minded planetary frog memes, and alt-right Russian co-conspirators, of conspiring with Vladimir Putin to upend her presidential campaign.

Hillary still had not visited Michigan or Wisconsin, and she took off almost the entire month of August 2016, and she never held a single rally with Tim Kaine (after the nomination) until September, but somehow she gave a public speech claiming that Vladimir Putin was using mind-control to manipulate nationalist inhabitants of planet earth in a grand conspiracy against her campaign.  It was bizarre to say the least.

However, if you think that August speech was bizarre the explanation she gave yesterday, to an actual live audience with a straight face, was somewhere so far past crazy-world the light from where crazy-speak emanates couldn’t catch her for a year.   Watch:

Now she’s blaming the vast planetary Macedonians and the Russians… But wait, it gets worse:

She’s also blaming the DNC.


It’s the DNC, the Macedonians, the Russians, the frog memes, some mysterious group called the alt-right, a guy named Pepe, Breitbart Media, Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer and some British data-mining operation, Cambridge Analytica.


Weaponized cads.

Good Grief.

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479 Responses to Pickles and The Vast Russian Planetary Conspiracy Theorem…

  1. tonyE says:

    You forgot the “Vast Right Conspiracy”, which now must also extend to the “Vast Everybody Conspiracy”!

    It wasn’t her fault! It was everybody else’s fault.

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    • carrie2 says:

      And Hillary was the one with a Russian connection and sold them a percentage of OUR uranium. Get a grip, old hag, you lost because you had nothing to offer but a lot of screeching and denigrating Trump, who is a lot smarter than, and not a criminal nor does he take bribes, drink alcohol, a specialty of yours by the way, may use vulgar words but not the profanity you do. He is respected by his thousands of employees and you have trouble keeping just a few. You are far beyond those 3 days and just a huge stench on the planet!


  2. Raven says:

    How did you get Hillary to put that cat suit on Sundance?


  3. All American Snowflake says:

    The definition for rationalize is “rational lies.” Hillary believes her own lies.

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  4. “Day 219.1, Hillary’s Leakers” by George Webb on YouTube…. RussiaGate collapses

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  5. TwoLaine says:

    The DNC was Dead Broke.


  6. Mike says:

    ^What the heck is wrong with the cat? ^ Anyway

    “and she never held a single rally with Tim Kaine (after the nomination) until September,”

    I guess the optics of the coughing fit rally caused them to try a different strategy



  7. Mike says:

    Just watched the muh Russia vid. Wow. She’s nuts. All she needs is a couple of ball bearings to roll around in her hand.


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  8. Mike diamond says:

    Hillary?? Donna Brazil stole the questions for the presidental debate,for Hillary.Obama said its OK if illegals vote,Debbie waserman Shultz made sure Bernie sanders lost in the primary,Seth rich was killed! Wikie leaks got the dems info maybe from Seth! This stuff is serious! Yet Hillary blames Russia!??its like some armed men did a diamond hiest and they blame it all on the local wino!


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