“Stronger Together”? Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Didn’t See Each Other Entire Month of August…

Apparently candidate Hillary Clinton is going to start campaigning for the presidency.   She begins today in Ohio, and that brings up an odd little factoid….

Today is the first time Hillary Clinton has seen her running mate Tim Kaine since July….

clinton kaine OH

The post bus tour noted was the one in Pennsylvania and Ohio immediately following the Democrat Convention.  The bus tour was July 29th, 30th and finished on July 31st at a Cleveland Ohio AME church event..

If today, September 5th, is the first time since July 31st that Hillary Clinton has met up with Tim Kaine, that means Clinton/Kaine went the entire month of August without seeing each other.

clinton kaine OH 2

Why doesn’t the media ask the obvious questions.  I mean, that’s just a little odd…  never mind, rhetorical.

It does make the catch phrase “stronger together” seem a little prone to ridicule though.

clinton kaine 3

“Promises to answer questions”.  Yeah, sure. She promised to visit the flood victims in Louisiana also.  Just sayin’…


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113 Responses to “Stronger Together”? Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Didn’t See Each Other Entire Month of August…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. Sentient says:

    There is something seriously wrong with that woman – and I mean aside from be an antichrist.

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  3. Is it me or does she have that confused look on her face again in the picture above?

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  4. Terz says:

    The old white cishetero male had no time to visit her in the hospital, but at least he had time for the children.


  5. Artist says:

    ha ha it’s a 14 yr old leased plane…. hardly Trump Force One!

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  6. ms MS says:

    Wonder if Kaine has gotten the picture yet? He’s been erased already.


  7. joshua says:

    Franklyn , I see nothing strange about not wanting to be anywhere NEAR Hillary for any reason at all or for any period of time…..The thought that the American voters, however, could EVER consider this dunce as a candidate to become POTUS if Hillary kicks off while in office merely shows the inherent stupidity of Democrat voters and the greedy narcissism of elitist globalist money grubbing liberals. Wall Street bankers can all go to Hell.

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  8. clash108 says:

    Stronger together? I guess the month apart didn’t affect her 200 person fan base.

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  9. ZZZ says:

    “Promises to answer questions” –> after she determines the asking price per question.

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  10. daveinsocal says:

    Stronger together? Reminds me that she is infirm and needs help – like a crutch, or intra cochlear thinking device. The two of them together only serve to make the ass whole.

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  11. I’m sensing some crash dieting, pills, laxative abuse, liposuction? The possibilities are endless. Regardless, there seems little doubt she’s being held together with pins, needles and maybe some heavy duty duct tape.

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  12. Hillary really gets grilled by press. Surprised at how easily she handled the grilling. Trump is really in trouble and better bring his A game to the debates. If Hillary can handle this grilling with ease, she can handle Trump with YUGE ease!!!! s/



  13. LANE says:

    Folks Hilliary Clinton gets away with all her crimes because she can. The upcoming debates are very important. We still have the Clinton Whacko’s out there that think she is a saint, the MSM that is her PR crew, and the Republicans that are also indebted to her like Paul Ryan, Flake and the rest of the never trumpers. We need to make the playing field for Mister Trump even. We need to bring down Matt Lauer. We need to hit CNN, NBC, and the rest of the traitors in this country down. The media is our enemey along with Hollywood aristocrats. The first debate or whatever you want to call it ( Liberal Circus ) which makes me sick to think that a career criminal gets previliage moderators that are donors for her fondation and BFF’s. I am just hoping this week that we see ADs not attaching Hilliary but attacking MATT LAUER. His views on gun control, open borders, his affilation with the Clinton Foundation, hates the word Illigal, on and on. Far left progressive worth 48 million. Hangs out in the Hamptons. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO .. Trump will kick his ass but we should not allow for him to even be involved in these debates. What is wrong HERE ? We need to put all the dirt we can out there about these moderators that we can. Go onto Bribart, call into all the grassroots stations and the MSM. This is a total disgrace and it’s disgusting. I am surprised that they didn’t make Glen Beck a moderator. I am not afraid of Matt but why should we let them make money to trash our country and kiss Hilliary’s Clinton’s Criminal lying communist ass during the debate. He should not be allowed any air time. I want to see ads exposing all of them Martha, Anderson Crap Cooper, and CHRIS TRAITOR WALLACE.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Imagine if Trump had not won. The Republican candidate (Cruz or Jeb or Marco) would be done and the election a formality. There would be complete capitulation by Ryan and McConnell and the UniParty would have sealed it up over drinks and a lobster dinner.

      The rub for them all is Trump is going to win and the People are going to wait outside the AG office with rope to hang a few thousand of these globalists and warmongers as soon as Christie finishes prosecuting them.

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  14. mikebrezzze says:

    Kaine probably hates her as much as Bill does

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  15. Daniel says:

    Probably because this ultra-paranoid woman cannot trust anyone. Kaine was selected so she could win Virginia.

    My money is on Wikileaks wearing the Clinton campaign down. Trump might win on enthusiasm alone, but we know what we’re up against. The weaponized media needs to be convinced to stand down. The central banks need to understand that in order to preserve their existence, they will have to let go of Wall Street.

    Up next is Frexit and with it, another nation breaking away from the Euro. The big central banks will lose what they have if they keep this up. They have already lost a lot. This “all or nothing” thing they are doing will not end well for them.

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    • Coldeadhands says:

      Good points, Daniel. You bet we’re looking forward to Asange’s October surprise.
      The globalists won’t begin to relent until they have the Trump White House to deal with. Even now, the Japanese are trying to leverage the Brits to grant some of the Euro elements that Brexit abolishes, if they want favorable consideration. We will likely see a flurry of arm twisting leading up to the election.


  16. OneVoice says:

    Every time I see her logo all I see is the plane going into the World Trade Towers. She should be called on this. It is very insensitive. They call out Trump on a 6 point star, but nothing on this.

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  17. This looks like a standard United Airlines commuter plane. Noting special about it except the paint job on the outside.


  18. LANE says:

    Theme song for Hill and Timmy. To all you patriots ( great Americans ) Trump 2016 and have a great Labor Day.


  19. Duhders says:

    Anyone notice how much they are playing with psychology by painting the plane in a very similar scheme as AF1? I’m very surprised they showed the interior as it reminded me of the Potemkin Village visual. Taking a clearly commercial aircraft and repainting it without changing the interior makes for a very strange visual dichotomy…but the MSM observers will never see the inside I’m sure.

    @Lane (two posts above): It is interesting your comment about the Clinton fans as I’m a member of a BMW forum where they are going full tilt with straight out absolute lies, obfuscation and conspiracy theories. Just 2-3 weeks ago they had a foot in reality and were extremely vocal, but the pro-Hillary posters on this other forum have just gone moon bat crazy talking about Melania Trump being an escort as an illegal immigrant, attacking anyone who says anything interpreted as pro-Trump, claiming rallies are no indicator of popularity, Trump has dementia, etc. There is no attempt of a basis in reality, when they do decide to comment (the frequency of which is lessening the last week or so). It is actually quite enjoyable as they ‘splodey head because with every post you can see more people becoming more vocal about being pro-Trump. In the last week it has become much easier to smile around town knowing how desperate they are becoming to find something to cast their hook all the while knowing the truth has nothing to fear.

    Now if only we had been able to thwart the GOP in the primaries as well…I foresee the Trump train making its next stop in the next two years as it shows how deviously the GOPe has been playing the actual conservative party members for fools.

    Trump! Trump! Trump!

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  20. ALEX says:

    Look at the hillaryclinton.con on the front of plane. The yc combo hurts my eyes and blurs it.

    Real bad optics including the tail section. This group is not good at this stuff.


    • Catluver says:

      LOL thanks for pointing that out Alex! I barely bother to look at anything Hillary since I’m so busy rolling my eyes and scrolling past. What crazy optics right after a HUGE email scandal to paint the plane with hillaryclinton.com LMAO! Now THAT’S gutsy and a slap in the face to all those knowing full well she should be in prison right now for it.


  21. Badjack says:

    She obviously got sick of Kreepy Kaine, mauling her on stage and running his shifty eyes all over her


  22. Marygrace Powers says:

    Obviously the Clinton/Kaine “honeymoon” is over.

    Trump saw the writing on the wall back in July/
    called Kaine “a weird little dude.” Ha!

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  23. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Stronger together? Like stronger BO?


  24. joshua says:

    When does she go to Louisiana like she promised them she would after the flooding????


  25. She just had a coughing fit for the ages, couldn’t last more than 10 seconds into her speech. Should be big news lateer today on some of the blogs


    • AndrewJackson says:

      Just watched it on YouTube. Literally couldnt stop laughing. The msm can’t keep hiding her health whennit is literally manifestong on live tv. The old hag comes out of a month long nap and can barely get through a short stump speech without choking on her lies.

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  26. JohnPaulJohnes says:

    We all need to set up a Gofundme page for Hillary’s health.


  27. TheseTruths says:

    In the pic on the plane Hillary is wearing a tighter-fitting jacket that is not long like a tent. This outfit is too tight to be covering devices underneath. So either she is not wearing medical devices under her clothing, or she wears them at some times and not others, or she needs to fire her designer(s).

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  28. Sandra-VA says:

    I was watching OANN a short while ago and they switched to her at podium… COUGHING! She couldn’t recover for a full minute or more… this is the only video I have seen from it. This is after she “recovered”:

    Also, it seems Tim Kaine is carrying lozenges in his pocket for her…

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  29. LANE says:

    I wonder if the coughing fit was brought up over mentioning Michael Hasting ?


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  30. Paul Killinger says:

    Yes, promises to answer questions later… Possibly as soon as Nov 9th.


    • catluver99 says:

      That top pic of Hillary, she’s doing that googly eye thing again. What is wrong with her left eye?


      • waltherppk says:

        bzzzzt…..bzzzzt…..bzzzzt …..wiring problems


      • waltherppk says:

        Look at the eye misalignment in the middle picture …wiring problems…brain damage from a stroke following a head injury which is bad enough, but is NOT the only problem because there are memory and cognitive issues and personality issues / paranoia too.
        Given the history there, she would NOT pass a fitness review for a DOT commercial certificate of any type and probably wouldn’t even pass muster for an ordinary drivers permit due to neurological problems affecting both vision and judgment.

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      • waltherppk says:

        It wouldn’t be any real surprise if it turns out the doctors put a plate in her head


    • waltherppk says:

      What you are looking at there is somebody years after being “put out to pasture” and trying now to be a “comeback kid”. And while tenacity is fine, redefining reality about the limitations and pretending everything is “just fine” is a ridiculous kind of DENIAL about
      the reality of an impairment that is OBVIOUS in more than a couple of ways. She is not the “same person 100%” as before the head injury and stroke but is permanently “damaged goods”. That is simply REALITY. People who don’t “get it” either aren’t looking, don’t care, or are lying or all of the above.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Missed her window.
        Obama closed it by taking the nomination in 2008.


        • waltherppk says:

          Trying to put a happy face on a serious health impairment and diminished capacity is not a sale that is working and really is not a sale or “hustle” that can even be made except to deceive a gullible audience of willfully ignorant brainwashed sycophant morons. Hillary is “over the hill” TOO FAR GONE and is not mentally or physically fit anymore for the office she is seeking, her record of performance and twisted ideology notwithstanding. So it sort of becomes beside the point what are the sick woman’s politics if she is a mental and physical wreck unfit for the rigors of a demanding office that has national security concerns and responsibilities she is not fit to perform. No “doctor’s note” is going to smooth this over or fix this. Hillary is done. As the old cliche goes, that turkey is done, stick a fork in it.


  31. LM says:

    The cover up of Hillary that concerns me is her ties to Islam, and what she will do to our freedoms when in office.

    No one in the MSM, other than Mr. Trump, Julian Assange, and the few honest media and political allies of Donald Trump, has called her to account for creating Isis.


    No one, other than those mentioned above, is calling her to account for selling influence, outing intelligence agents (through her selfish and illegal handling of classified emails and state secrets), and continually lying to the American people.

    She has never been publically (to my knowledge) called to account for the murder and death of so many innocents that have occured bcause of her political and self serving decisions. (Here, I am referring to the death of so many Christians, Egyptians, Iraquis, Libyans (including those in Benghazi), as well as outed intelligence agents)

    (As an aside, wfter reading Arkanside, I tried to think of the number of aquaintances of mine who have died misteriously. Answer: none.)

    This, along with the lies and false posturing of the neverTrumpers which the left is using to legitimize Hillary, is a terrible representation of the state of our country and of the globe,

    And, the silence of the Church over the hlocaust that is going on in places like Pakistan and Iraq is crushing. Whatever the reason for it, I feel that the root of it also feeds the false religiosity of the neverTrumers who are in fact helping Hillary.

    If, God forbid, she achieves the power she craves I believe Sharia will be the result. Huma and Hillary’s donors will see to it, and as Obama has said….we will (truly) no longer be a Christian country, but one of the largest and most significant Moslem states.

    Hello completely open borders. The world wide caliphate will be well on its way.

    Those of us who want to preserve the goodness and true sanctuary of the West must come together and can only vote one way:

    Trump/Pence. 2016

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  32. JohnPaulJohnes says:

    Is her health problems fake to be used for persuasion?

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  33. JohnPaulJohnes says:

    I assume if Hillary drops out, Tim Kaine will immediately take her place, followed by a DNC vote for Biden.

    Would Trump be able to beat Biden now with time left? Funny that in May Trump mentioned she would be replaced by Biden.

    Hillary’s coughing is going viral not just by pundits anymore.


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  35. Binkser1 says:

    I have to say I can’t blame either one of them. Think about it: would you actually want to spend time with Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine?

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  36. Martin says:



  37. Kaine has been hitting the shows for Hillary. Rubio was right about one thing Hillary’s biggest super-pac is the MSM. No way any other candidate would be in The Donald’s position right now.

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  38. thetrain2016 says:

    By the way. The graphic design of this plane is horrible. Who ever did it deserves a good beating with a rubber hose…


  39. Joseph says:

    She is decomposing right in front of our eyes. Absolutely beautiful to watch, I gotta say.


  40. dreadnok89 says:

    I see trump and pence together all the time. I didn’t like pence at first but I must say he’s pretty damn good pick. I watched him defend trump and his demeanor is top notch. Kaine is just a tard.


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