Follow Up: Senator Ted Cruz Admits “Inadvertent Fraud” From Goldman Sachs Campaign “Loans”…

Those who followed the 2016 presidential campaign might remember when Senator Ted Cruz was discovered to have hidden $1.3 million in campaign “loans” from Goldman Sachs and Citibank during his 2012 campaign for the senate.

At the heart of the issue was a failure of Ted and Heidi Cruz to list Wall Street “loans” on the required Federal Election Commission financial reports.

Beyond the financing was the most likely reality that Goldman Sachs insiders were actually financing Senator Cruz and using “loans” as a tool to skirt campaign finance laws.

During the heat of the 2016 primary campaign the Cruz Team, and the legions of supporters therein, vociferously defended the revelations and stated there was no issue with their campaign filings.

In response to the issue the Ted Cruz campaign said they’ll go through the enforcement mechanism of the FEC instead of the compliance division for resolution.

By going through the “enforcement division” (took over a year) they would delay any damaging information from discovery until after the 2016 Presidential Election.

Well, the enforcement division of the FEC finally made a decision as to the entire construct of the dubious campaign financing:

WASHINGTON – The Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Thursday said that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) improperly accounted for Goldman Sachs loans he received during his 2012 Senate campaign.

The FEC’s finding, which was posted on its website, marked a rare moment of agreement between the agency’s five commissioners.

The commissioners voted unanimously that $1.1 million in loans to Cruz’s 2012 Senate bid from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. should have been disclosed to voters. The loans first came to light during Cruz’s GOP primary bid in last year’s presidential campaign.

The FEC did not specify whether Cruz would face a penalty, but auditors found that he made five loans to his campaign during 2011 and 2012 totaling $1.4 million.

Auditors said that $800,000 of that total came from Goldman Sachs and $264,000 came from Citigroup, with the rest coming from Cruz’s personal funds.  (more)

For those of you who understood the heart of the issue and the larger point about how it was additional evidence that Ted Cruz was not an “outsider” but rather an agent of the global financial system, a creature of the swamp hiding under the mask of deception, you can consider yourselves vindicated.

For those readers who are still coming to terms with “Battered Conservative Syndrome” and cannot yet believe Senator Ted Cruz would openly lie, ingratiate himself, and manipulate the electorate into believing something less snake-like, well… perhaps they will begin to allow themselves to remove the rose colored glasses.

Senator Ted Cruz is part of the “controlled opposition” team.  He is a member of the same GOPe professional political class as Senator Mitch McConnell.   His run for election in 2016 was for the same purposes as all other GOPe members.  If not for Donald Trump, you’d have been looking at a Jeb -vs- Hillary general election, and a Hillary Presidency.

If your eyes are now wide open to the construct of the “controlled opposition” and the “uniparty” in Washington DC…. I would strongly suggest you review the addendum to this revelation with new eyes and look back again on the construct of the Wall Street Super-PAC financing scheme.

Against the backdrop of this demonstrably proven admission by Senator Ted Cruz…


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253 Responses to Follow Up: Senator Ted Cruz Admits “Inadvertent Fraud” From Goldman Sachs Campaign “Loans”…

  1. Rickster says:

    I can’t post pictures for some reason, could someone please please please post a cryin Glenn Beck. That would make my day. Thanks!!!!

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  2. ALEX says:

    Cruz and Rubio both bothered me running at their age after Obama. They really had no major accomplishments like Obama and hadn’t even had the life experience of raising their children to adulthood….

    Things like a pesky inadvertent fraud or Rubio having a driveway paid for by Florida GOP credit card pop up…They need to slow down and grow up. This is not a game. Raise your kids and get back to us when you can lay your bills kids. The French President is scary kid like…

    My point being President Trump probably learned many lessons from age forty seven(Cruz,Rubio) to seventy….I’m tired of these know names…

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    • mireilleg says:

      They both fooled the voters to get to the senate on tea party creds.

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    • Henry says:

      I lost you at “major accomplishments like Obama.”

      Were you talking about the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama was awarded about 17 minutes after his inauguration? Or his masterful demolition of what remained of the American health care system by destroying everyone’s existing coverage, making anything that ailed you a “pre-existing condition” to any future insurer (that is, if there still were any insurers where you lived)?

      Or is this about improving his personal-best golf scores (which I admit I have not been tracking)?

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      • geri670 says:

        WTH is that about?? Ohole’s accomplishments?? I’m hoping that was an “inadvertent” typo!


      • Mike says:

        I was a Cruz supporter until TPA, his “explanation” blew me away. After the GS/Citi loan scandal last summer and his other antics, I think he should be removed, jailed or forbidden to run for any federal office again.

        His native born position is still sticking in my craw, too.

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        I think Alex meant to say that neither of them had any personal accomplishments, just as Obama had none. He just didn’t phrase it very well……

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      • elleb77 says:

        I think the meaning was “like Obama, Cruz and Rubio had no experience”

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      • redtreesquirrel says:

        ALEX stated, “They really had no major accomplishments like Obama and hadn’t even had the life experience of raising their children to adulthood….”

        Henry, you forgot to read the word “no” as in “no major accomplishments”. Or perhaps the statement needed a comma to make it clearer, as in…”They really had no major accomplishments, like Obama…”

        Either way, I don’t see ALEX crediting Obama with having accomplishments.

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      • chichilouise says:

        He meant that these young ones had no accomplishmnets anymore than Obama did.


      • GW says:

        You’re not very bright.

        They had no major accomplishment like Obama – meaning he also had no accomplishments.

        If it had read UNLIKE Obama – then that would have implied Obama had accomplished something.

        Please return to grade school so you can post in an educated manner in the future.

        Oh, and I did not author the original post – I’m just commenting regarding what is blatantly obvious to an educated person


        • geri670 says:

          BS! That statement is a double edged sword! The meaning can be taken EITHER WAY. I, for one, took it the same way Red Squirrel did. And you, GW, are as rude as the day as the day is long. I suggest you pick up a book by Emily Post on MANNERS and read it. Your holier than thou attitude really sucks. Must really suck to be you! You sound like one miserable person. Ugh!


          • GW says:

            Regardless of your opinion of me, it is simply incorrect to interpret it as you and Henry did.

            And as far as rude goes, it wasvery rude to attack the author of the original post even if he was implying Obama had accomplishments. But to attack him (or her) because YOU could not even correctly interpret the meaning of the statement.

            It may suck to be me – but it’s even worse for rude people who also aren’t intelligent.



            • geri670 says:

              Lighten up, old man. Take your bitter attitude somewhere else. I have better things to do than argue semantics about a ridiculous post from how many days ago???


              • GW says:

                Over the years I have seen many attacks on people, including myself, because the attacker has
                1. Either failed to read the post, or
                2. has failed to correctly understand it.
                So I call it out when I see it; people need to be more thoughtful regarding what they are reading. Especially if they intend to reply.



    • annilinn says:

      Alex, maybe it’s my age. But I had many of the same thoughts as you.


  3. Sean Supsky says:

    The Spirit within spoke and said not to trust the cruz, so naturally I did not.

    My one and only choice for President has and always was President Trump, I had no second.

    If anyone else had been elected, I would have supported them. Not because I liked them, rather because God controls the seats of power. They would not be where they are without His will.

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  4. Donna in Oregon says:

    You know Ted Cruz is really bad when John Boehner (who just fell off a bar stool) says Cruz is Lucifer in the flesh…. Pot/kettle, but the Swamp creatures have their own code, just like felons in prison have theirs.

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  5. Joe Blow says:

    Spent months trying to hammer this home to certain people last year. Feels good to be vindicated.

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  7. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    I was basically undecided until a week or 2 after Trump went down the escalator, then I was all for Trump. Cruz wasn’t even my second or third choice. Problem with Cruz is that he had no scruples. Trump may have called Cruz a lair, like he called all politicians lairs, but Cruz did nothing to prove he wasn’t. Trump may have called his opponents bad names, but everyone of his opponents had the ability to prove Trump wrong, and some of them did, Carson for example. Trump didn’t take out Carson, it was Cruz.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Tyler McKinley says:

      I knew Trump was going to win when my 71 year old father in law – an eastern KY democrat – 30 year union member Ford Motor Company – told me he was voting for Trump. My opinion never wavered. Nov 8, 2016 was a glorious night. Stayed up well past 3am.

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    • Rusty says:

      Ummm yea trump did take out Carson…..distorting the truth is not good coming from either side of the debate.
      This line of attack on Cruz is just as dubious as the Russian attack on trump


  8. AJ says:

    Who could ever consider a lawyer to be on the outside? By definition, a lawyer is part of the establishment!

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  9. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    I am looking forward to a good tell all book on the 2016 election. The Stone book told me nothing I didn’t already know. and it wasn’t very good at that. We had the advantage of following the election here at the CTH.


    • geri670 says:

      Do you wonder about Roger Stone or that goofy Mike Cernovich? I sure do. They claim toe these high level Trump insiders, I don’t care for them. Sundance has more brainpower than all of them.

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  10. jupitercomm says:

    But the sickos who ran his campaign got their money & get to keep it, including the one who had this brilliant stalling idea. I just can’t imagine Cruz knew this would happen. “Do this… your problem will go away for a year.” – “What about after that?” – “Relax guy! You worry too much, big guy” – I’d ask what plan B is


    • olderwiser21 says:

      I hope Texans don’t re-elect him if he runs for the Senate again. He is the same as all the rest of the swamp rats back there and they need to wise up about that. The dirty tricks he played on Carson were enough to turn me off completely.

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      • greenmakescents says:

        Unfortunately they will. As I’ve been told it doesn’t matter as long as there is an “R” behind his name, to prevent Texas from turning blue.


  11. jmclever says:

    Maybe soon indicTED?

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  12. Jfhdsiu says:

    Teddy, Teddy, Teddy. Your faux pas adds to the aura of dishonesty that you started displaying when your bid for the presidency started exposing your true nature. Resign or join the Democrat faction of theDemoRepublicratcan party. We just don’t trust you now…. Your greed for power ruined you politically…………

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  13. FLEEVY says:

    Ted Cruz is a rat. We really dodged a bullet there

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  14. Frank says:

    I never liked that weasel. During the 2016 primaries, he switched the cadence of his speech to sound like an evangelist, which I thought was outrageously insulting and condescending to Christian voters. But it fooled quite a few rubes out there anyway, and he even managed to win Iowa. He lied about Ben Carson’s status in the race at one point, said all kinds of crummy things about The Donald, and basically just made me want to slug him every time I saw his squinchy-eyed weaselly face. It’s good to see that his BS from last year is still catching up with him. “Ooo-oo that smell! Don’tcha smell that smell?” lol

    Liked by 6 people

    • olderwiser21 says:

      Ditto, Frank…..


    • Bill Wright says:

      Geez…tough crowd.

      Our tent includes John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and you guys are complaining about Ted Cruz. Now that’s a tough crowd.

      We have much bigger fish to fry.

      We are in a Civil War. Ted Cruz is on our side. Aim your fire at our enemy.

      We have to stay united to win this.


      • Deb says:

        Cruz is a snake who must now support PDJT or face certain electoral doom. The voters in TX weren’t happy with his convention shenanigans. PDJT knows exactly who and what Ted is.

        If he is publically supporting PDJT, that is useful. But let’s not pretend he is anything other than a liar and a tool.

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      • geri670 says:

        Teddyboy is only on our side because he was FORCED to be on our side to save what was left of his career. He’s a phony. GEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ…….

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      • lfhbrave says:

        He could have been on PTrump’s side when it counted most, that would have also greatly benefited him politically. But he didn’t. That was the time I realized he was completely controlled to the point he would not dare to do anything that was politically good for him so long as it would also benefit PTrump in the primaries. The only goal of his handler was to destroy PTrump in the primaries. He followed his handler’s direction/order all the way to the end.

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        • geri670 says:

          I don’t know whom I loathe more than Cruz and his buttbuddy Beck. I can never forget, nor forgive, how they double teamed PDJT right up to the end! I was beyond furious. I literally hated them both. I could feel it all the way into my DNA. I’ll never forget it. Maybe someday I’ll forgive.

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  15. azgulch says:

    He is fund raising in Arizona. Unfortunately I contributed to him, twice, and I am inbedded into his contribute e-mail account forever.


  16. WeThePeople2016 says:

    He will be lucky if he can hold his Senate seat in 2018.


  17. psadie says:

    The bottom line is that NOTHING will happen to Teddy Boy maybe he will get a hand slap…and the beat goes on and again crimes are committed but ignored!


  18. I knew at the start of the 2016 Primaries that Cruz’s story was a lie.

    1) No way did Cruz or his wife borrow against Goldman stock.
    I have a close relative who works as a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.
    She has worked there many years, and was there when the stock market crashed in 2008 -2009.
    She told me back then that she knew others who had used their GS insider stock (144 stock) as collateral for vacation homes. The high price on GS stock in 2007 was $222. The low price in 2008 was $42. That massive collapse caused the mortgage loans to default. The GS stock is extremely volatile (high “beta”), not suitable for mortgage collateral. In 2016 there is no way that a commercial bank would accept this as collateral for a political campaign.

    2) Aside from the GS 144 stock, Goldman officers are barred from owning any other stocks, except for diversified mutual funds. This is common in brokerage houses.By definition, mutual funds can’t be hypothecated, i.e. they can’t be borrowed against.

    There were no such loans by Cruz or his wife against investments. Goldman and Citi were investing cash in the Cruz campaign in the hopes that he would win, then have control of him.

    Cruz is a liar, and not a very good one.

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  19. geri670 says:

    Huh? Then what exactly is the “inadvertent fraud” business about? Doesn’t quite sound like it’s “all in the past”. Just cause they “spoke to it”…?

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  20. Marc says:

    Strong delusion at work. Cruz said last year nothing wrong was done but now the FEC has proven the loans were improper.

    The next shoe to drop is that $500K Ted’s PAC gave to Fiorina’s PAC. Cruz is going down.

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  21. John says:

    Remember the DNC wanted one of the “extreme” candidates to win so the would lose to Hillary. Straight from the DNC or Podesta emails if I recall correctly.


  22. Frank_O'Pinion says:

    If each person running for government election was limited to a maximum of one dollar from any citizen or corporation, this kind of B.S. would be reduced. Add to that, a term limit of ONE for any level of office in the federal government, bar-none.

    Why should someone give you money when you are seeking a job? The essence of giving money to a person to run for a public office implies that you are buying that vote. i.e., “the best candidate that money can buy”.

    Additionally, there is no proof that Tec Cruz is even a U.S. citizen, let-alone, a natural born U.S. Citizen.

    Rafael E. Cruz: “Your papers are NOT in order!!!!!”

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    • TwoLaine says:

      There is no evidence because he’s not a U.S. Citizen. He’s a Cubanadian. His parents weren’t even married, unless polygamy was legal.

      This is what I want in the Laws and Rules regarding Election Integrity. We should NEVER, EVER be allowing people to run, and collect $$$ to run, who are not constitutionally eligible to run. That should be BAR ONE, and NON-NEGOTIABLE!

      1.) MUST prove Legal & Constitutional eligibility.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. julegatej says:

    Thankfully the Still Report early in the Primary process had a video concerning Ted Cruz and the level of deception. There is one characteristic of Ted Cruz that I am reminded every time he speaks…Deception. Add the Bush family and it is alarm bells!

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  24. frank field says:

    Cruz is liar. Cruz is a deceiver. Cruz is a Canadian. Cruz is a globalist. Cruz is a Chamber of Commerce sellout. Cruz is an open borders, perverted theology swine. He never has been and never will be qualified for America’s presidency.

    God please keep our lion safe and sound in judgement.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So right you are. But this story will never see the light of day in the media. I live in Texas and have so many friends who, I believe, were absolutely brainwashed by Cruz. Most were very religious and just bitter when he did not get the nomination. For me—he was a duplicitous snake. He just was a weasel. I could write so much but what is the point. I just wish this would get broad play so his devotees would perhaps realize he does not walk on water.


  25. TwoLaine says:

    Inadvertent, as in, “I inadvertently hid this fraud until you found it and called me on it”?

    FYI, for your next spelling bee.

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  26. rsanchez1990 says:

    Are there really people left who still don’t believe Ted Cruz lies? How many times does The Donald have to call him Lyin Ted before they believe it?

    Liked by 1 person

  27. LARS says:

    Cruz is a mentally unstable con man, with shady heritage.


  28. RuckusTom says:

    Soccer balls and teddy bears. That was the stake through the heart (although I never was a Cruz supporter).


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