Lyin’ Ted Cruz Campaign Refuses To Give FEC Details of Campaign Loans From Goldman Sachs…

cruz goldman sachsInteresting development.

It appears the Cruz Campaign is planning to slow walk the information on the 2011/2012 campaign loans:

(Yahoo News) Ted Cruz has rebuffed a request by the Federal Election Commission to disclose more information about some $1 million in loans he received from two major Wall Street banks during his 2012 Senate campaign.

In a letter to the FEC this week, the treasurer of Cruz’s 2012 campaign turned down a request by agency auditors to reveal in writing “the complete terms” of two personal loans Cruz received from Goldman Sachs and Citibank — the proceeds of which, he has since acknowledged, he used to finance his upstart race for the Senate. (more)

In essence the Ted Cruz campaign is saying they’ll go through the enforcement mechanism of the FEC instead of the compliance division.  By going through the “enforcement division” (takes over a year) they can delay any damaging information from discovery until after the 2016 Presidential Election.

cruz and heidiMost people are aware of the controversy surrounding Candidate Ted Cruz and his failure to reveal $1.3 million in campaign “loans” from Goldman Sachs and Citibank during his 2012 campaign for the senate. At the heart of the issue is a failure of Ted and Heidi Cruz to list Wall Street “loans” on the required Federal Election Commission financial reports.

Together with the campaign officials the Cruz’s say the non-reporting was an accidental oversight. However, a watch dog group has now filed a complaint with the FEC which is step one to beginning an FEC investigation.

The FEC requested information from the Cruz campaign, with a response due by March 8th, obviously the Cruz Camp does not want to disclose the information:

The full complaint (pdf) is outlined below. However, the larger question behind the complaint would be the motive for Ted and Heidi Cruz to hide the source of their campaign funds. The activity the complainant is presenting to have the FEC investigate, if proven accurate, is factually illegal.

The “accidental omission” is not necessarily the problem. The irreconcilable consequences from an accurate filing are the larger issue.

They can correct the missing information and file amended reports. However, if the Cruz campaign corrects the record based on the explanations to the media, the amended reports will reflect their violations of federal campaign finance laws.

A candidate CANNOT take out an unsecured signature loan for their campaign. Also, while the legalese can quickly get a person into the weeds, essentially a candidate’s spouse is similarly limited in contribution amount to the same principles as an unrelated campaign donor.

cruz and heidiIf a candidate could take out an unsecured signature loan, it opens the door wide open to corrupt exploitation by external influence.

The candidate with $500k in assets, or a Manchurian candidate with zero in assets, could be given a $2 million loan – which the loan originator would not expect to get back.

In this example, third parties, who are part of the influence equation, could pay back the loan on the candidate’s behalf, avoid FEC/public scrutiny and hold influence over what the elected political official does in office.

That’s the BIGGER question in this example.

• Was this second scenario a method for Wall Street, via Goldman Sachs, to put the well-educated husband of one of their “employees” into office, simply to insure that as a U.S. Senator he was friendly to their interests?

• Would Wall Street industrial bankers, who finance global corporations, be able to insure this type of candidate would, as an example, advocate for something like Trans-Pacific Trade?

• Would Wall Street institutional bankers, who benefit from low interest loans via U.S. Treasury, be able to influence such a candidate to avoid auditing the federal reserve?

• Would Wall Street institutional banking agents who benefit from low interest federal borrowing, and higher interest investment loaning, be able to influence policy regarding North American economic development?

• Would, as an example, a billionaire hedge-fund manager (Robert Mercer), who is in a legal fight with the IRS to the tune of $10 BILLION taxes owed, be willing to invest several million, perhaps tens of millions, into a presidential campaign in an effort to win the White House and influence a U.S. Tax Policy that would tilt the IRS scales in his favor – and consequently save him billions?

Those become the bigger questions to consider when asking yourself why would such a brilliant legal expert, a very smart lawyer like Ted Cruz, just inadvertently omit such a filing to the FEC.

Wouldn’t an equally sharp spouse like Heidi S. Cruz, who was -according to Ted- a key decision maker in the loans, and who is also an energy investment banker with Goldman Sachs, also identify the concern?

cruz donors 2

We’ve begun taking a much more skeptical look at Senator Ted Cruz’s financial intents and the people who hold influence upon him….

The Robert Mercer angle alone is showing some VERY ALARMING “probabilities”.

….The fact that Mercer owes the IRS between $6 and $10 billion, and is in a legal dispute over payment,… in connection with Mercer setting up the Keep the Promise (KtP) Super-PAC before turning it over to David Barton (Glenn Beck affiliate),…. and then Mercer giving Carly Fiorina the start up money from KtP to begin Carly for America,… and then Mercer purchasing the Data Analytics for Ted Cruz,….. and then Mercer buying influential interest in the Breitbart website to the benefit of Cruz….. All gives the brutally obvious motive of a quid-pro-quo.

Robert Mercer spends $100 million to get Ted Cruz the White House; Ted Cruz then turns around and leverages a better IRS result for Robert Mercer.

One of Cruz’s primary campaign points is the elimination of the IRS and the imposition of a flat tax. If successful, that would save Mercer $6 to $10 billion.

That’s BILLION, with a “B”.

In addition the Cruz campaign head Rick Tyler made some very bold-faced misrepresentations earlier tonight about K-Street Lobbyists and Donors not having influence over Ted Cruz’s legislative record.

The truth begs to differ significantly (as noted above).

There are three KtP Super-Pacs and they are all spending significant amounts of money. See HERE and See HERE and See HERE [Notice the Cambridge Analytica is Robert Mercer.]

Something very sketchy is going on…

ted and heidi kiss

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208 Responses to Lyin’ Ted Cruz Campaign Refuses To Give FEC Details of Campaign Loans From Goldman Sachs…

  1. big bad mike says:

    Follow the money. Mercer is in bed with Hillary. She will instruct the IRS to settle for pennies on the dollar. Cruz is only viable to TRY to prevent 1237. OOPS! Bernie might throw a wrench into their plans. Did anybody think that Consuckative Talk Radio may be all in for Hillary? If Bernie makes it – the RNC will freak and deny Trump the nom – thinking noanybody they look pick – Romney,Bush Rubio can easily win in November. Wrong! Bernie becomes the next POTUS – if they dump the Trump.


    • Martin says:

      Of course talk radio is for Hillary. They “need” to bicker about someone like Hillary to keep their ratings up. Problem for them this time is they have no credibility.

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      That’s what I think, too. What kind of junior senator behaves so arrogantly in terms of lies and flaunting FEC regulations? Plus the media coverage…


  2. PATrumpsupporter says:

    Once you’ve been “Sundanced”, hard not to follow this to its logical conclusion. Anyone like Rush, or McConnell, etc, MUST know what we just learned, they MUST know it would destroy Cruz in the general, therefore they KNOW he will either be forced out or lose in a landslide. Their support is disingenuous to say the least. They are for Hillary.

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  3. American Patriot says:

    Trump is sure laying low with the media…..letting Cruz stories soak in. Very smart because he is such a media magnet.

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  4. rinokiller says:

    Frooze is DONE!

    He just needs to drop out to save face

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    • Martin says:

      This or he will end up like Rubio.

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      • parteagirl says:

        Rubio took his best feature, his “clean cut” image, and destroyed it by telling dirty jokes about Donald Trump.

        Cruz has built his campaign on his image as a Bible-believing family man. The allegations alone throw cold water all over this image.

        When the actions of a candidate are completely opposite from the way they present themselves, the trust in that person evaporates.

        I don’t see how Cruz recovers from this, no matter how the story plays out. His support was “soft” to begin with.

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        • dekare says:

          Good point….the one thing Rubio and Cruz had going for them was their clean cut look and their appearance of honesty. But with Cruz, he has lost his integrity by attacking and mudslinging and lying. That nonsense with lying about Carson having dropped out and stealing his votes. That instance where Cruz let his people attack voters by shaming them and telling their neighbors about how horrible voters they are and promising to keep checking in on them and continue the shaming and using personal information against them. Then he sealed his records just like obama did. Cruz is looking more and more like what we are trying to get rid of. He is not the honest, fair dealing, good guy we thought he was.

          Good point.

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          • So much seemed to go wrong with the Cruz campaign when he let the “professionals” start running things in a big way.

            Trump was brilliant to let his campaign look “homemade business professional outsider” – which is exactly what it was – during that initial period of hardcore follower accumulation. He has alsovery smartly avoided some of the direct mail mistakes that Cruz made.

            Now – just one question, which comes from my gut hunch that Liz Mair torpedoed Walker.

            Amanda Carpenter: Uniparty torpedo, Cruz’s mistake, or both?

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        • Even if the whole thing is just minimal badness, it makes the entire presentation of the Cruz marriage look like all marketing and no honesty. Kinda like the Obama childhood. And saying people are wary now is an understatement.

          I feel sorry for the Cruz’s faltering marriage, but there are fixes for that. None of them involve a job in the White House.

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  5. they call me sweetheart says:

    sundance, while I’ve never addressed you directly in-thread: “Most people are aware of the controversy surrounding Candidate Ted Cruz …”

    While “most people who read/disseminate, etc. your findings” may be aware, most voting Americans are still too influenced by the MSM they know zilch. So, let’s get real. Please, folks, we need to get back to basics and get Mr. Trump elected. No ifs (is this ‘story’ gonna have legs?) ands (maybe if the msm picks it up) or buts (they’ll tilt it to destroy Trump.)


    I logged back on tonight to see if there was any news. I’m thankful we’ve had a relatively peaceful Easter eve.

    G’night, everyone. I wish each of you a Blessed Easter and a happy week into April.


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    • Gospel Moody says:

      I agree. An awful lot of people only see the ads on TV, and all the bad press. Who cares about substantive good press? They don’t see Trump rallies or Sunday morning type talk shows. They don’t watch Hannity, Lou Dobbs or Judge Jeanine. The negative ads and bad press are all that affects them. Unless something spectacular occurs. I’m just waiting for THE MAN to do it.

      I’m a septuagenarian and I’m having the scariest and most exhilarating political season I could ever possibly imagine. Everything is at stake.

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      • parteagirl says:

        You left out social media. Cruz has been trending on twitter for days, and not in a good way. Also remember, there has been almost $70 million spent in negative ads against Donald Trump. What good has it done?

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        • Gospel Moody says:

          I probably sounded a little more negative than I feel. Trump is my therapist helping me to overcome my worrywart-itis. He’s doing a great job so far. I just haven’t learned yet to express my optimistic side as well as I could. How about:

          I agree to a degree. Though a lot of people see only the negative ads and bad press, it looks like a good bit of some media, both MSM and social media, is at least helping Trump to get where he is. I’m sure THE MAN has it covered so there’s no question he’ll be the GOP nominee. I’m hoping for something spectacular to clinch it and send him soaring over 1237. I’m kinda like that.

          I’m a septuagenarian and I’m having the scariest and most exhilarating political season I could ever possibly imagine. Everything is at stake.

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          • parteagirl says:

            I keep going back to the delegate number Trump threw out at the Post Office speech last week. He said 1450. I don’t think he’d say that at a press conference if he didn’t think it was more than possible, it’s probable. Rest well, and Happy Easter!

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  6. Millwright says:

    As the current primary campaign unfolds I’m increasingly aware its more akin to a mud-wrestling contest held in a factory farm manure lagoon than an exercise in freedom. For me it is coming down to who reeks less. And it appears Mr. Cruz just dove deep into the bottom sludge to conceal his “power-broker” taint !

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  7. Backspin says:

    In the Land of the Bought and Paid For ………… The Self Funding Man Is KING !
    Big Mo -Jo !

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  8. Remember this: Ted Cruz speculates of possible mafia ties in Donald Trump’s tax returns.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      AND Teddy must be an ILLEGAL is why his records are sealed………..
      AND Teddy must have something ILLEGAL going on is why he won’t release his campaign records to IRS………

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  10. p'odwats says:

    Just judging this from a political standpoint Cruz is failing his “Cuban Mistress Crisis” big time. It’s not even a full fledged story yet and he’s coming apart. The Democrats would a thousand times worse to him on this issue. Thank God this man will not be our nominee. He’s not even getting hit hard by the MSM over this and he’s melting down. It looks like another candidate who can’t handle a “3 AM” crisis. How could he? He’d still be out trolling for women at that hour.

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    • 2x4x8 says:

      Bill Clinton had more affairs than Cruz, yet got 2 terms. Republicans care about law and order, so it will go bad for Ted.


  11. politijim says:

    Thanks a lot Sundance. i was trying to enjoy my holiday and then you post this. It dawned on me why it is so important to vet Heidi now as all the “patriot moms” are circling her to protect her. so I had to write this –

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  12. beaupre03 says:

    Holy crap I didn’t know that about Mercer.


  13. lurkline says:

    I wrote a story about this in my Letter to Mark Levin…. Cruz is really really really bad. Levin is a smart guy. There is no way he can’t know this stuff.

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    • singtune says:

      Sorry~! Mark Levin IS a big Supporter of a “Constitutional Convention” take would in fact Destroy our Constitution and PUSH the”NAU” North American Union”~~ that Cruz & his Wife support. * Heidi Worked on the “NAU” Project for the CFR~~! Mark Levin is also a Globalist~!

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  14. Hillbilly4 says:

    I believe Sundance is the new, better, ‘Voice’. El Rushbo is fading into irrelevance, Breitbart seems to have stepped back. Sundance and Drudge are the pulse of Common-sense Conservatives. It looks like everyone is out having a tea-sipper brunch whilst Sundance does the real work.
    GREAT job Sundance. Happy Easter you and all your family. And ‘Thank you’ to you and your staff for all your hard work.

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  15. JeremyR says:

    At this point it almost looks like the cheaTED scandal was played to cover for this greater problem. The cheating is being manipulated to blame Trump even though it is clear that it came from the Rubish camp. The thing is, the disclosure came late enough that it is not even a blip on the week end radar for most people.
    So, Trump is seen at the closing curtain for most folks as to blame for the mistrusTED meme, and it taints him as much as it taints Rafael. Even if this critter grows legs, after having “Worthless Willie in the Oral Office” and the mutterings about Barry being on the down low with Reggie Love, coupled with the many revelations about past Presidents like FDR and JFK having affairs, cheating, it will remain at the tabloid level. I don’t see it knocking him out. All it does is provide cover for this fraud.
    People today are so caught up in faux reality that they mostly catch only a few sound bites. If people were paying attention, Rafael would have washed out in Iowa over questions about his NBC status alone. Throw in his fake image, an outsider who is bought and paid for and hitched to a Bank bunny, and if people cared, he’d be on an inner tube in the Caribbean using a towel for a sail to get safely back to Havana.
    My two cents. Want change?


    • Martin says:

      Not me. This scandal alone whether true or not, will finish Cruz. He’s losing support anyways.

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    • Not True #CruzSexScandal broke 2 days ago on Twitter , now it’s nearing 1 Million tweets! #Cruz and #CruzCrew trends down

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    • Carolina Kat says:

      The difference with this story is that it isn’t over. There is another shoe waiting to drop. IMHO that’s the reason for the Trump silence. When your enemy is destroying himself, you get out of his way. I think DRUDGE is in on this strategy. Let them go all in thinking that this is all there is, and then after the denials, drop the other shoe. Is it a video? Is it a person or persons who confirm the affairs? Is it a hotel registration form? There is a trail and no doubt someone has been following it. The specificity on it is really amazing. Tuesdays and Thursdays?

      And it is important to remember that the foundation of Cruz’s spiel is his character- his Christian character. Trump has never pretended to be a saint like Cruz has. His appeal is to competence, business savvy, frugality, and patriotism. The equivalent burn down for Trump would be to discover that he doesn’t own anything and is bankrupt. Stew on that for a moment and then you get the depth to which Cruz has fallen.

      The only ones left of the Cruz deadender campaign are those whose TDS blind them to all else.

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      • singtune says:

        Well stated “Carolina Kat”~!


      • bob68 says:

        The Drudge report has been strangely silent on political news for the last couple of days. Nothing political but a little boring Bernie/Hillary stuff. I do hope Drudge is preparing something big.

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      • JeremyR says:

        To me, the FEC probe is the bigger issue. It shows once and for all that Cruz is owned, bought paid for and titled to the big Banks. Yes, people are talking about the chearing, but if he comes clean, too many people will say all is forgiven by convention time.
        A second possibility is that this is engineered to get him out of the campaign and usher in a brokered convention.
        I put nothing past the GOPe. they are evil and devious. If they think for a minute they can twist this to bring Jeb back in to play, they will. Nothing is too low for the Washington crowd.

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    • National Enquirer. Anything else you need to know?
      You DO know about grocery shopping? That everyone does it? That the headline is easy to read? That it is high interest? Twitter trending was the first shot. Bloggers are the second. Grocery shoppers … Is TV even needed here? Talk radio? I doubt it.
      And don’t forget the massive Trump rallies. You can bet the attendees haven’t forgotten.

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  16. Big nick says:

    MolesTED is a total as I say not as I play. isin’t it the way of Washington these days.the hole system is about to come crashing down around makes one totally ill.yet it is business as usual in Washington.D.C one can only hope that the American people can see through the bullshit. They are trying to burn Donald trump at the stake.too rough around the edges, not presidential enough. Who is?? We are fighting for our lives as a nation.yet our so called media is asleep behind the wheel .it is criminal indeed.the only one in the political spectrum that has an eye on the ball is Donald trump, a complete novice in the political arena is our only hope.scary but true,that is why it is so lmportant to rally around this candidate.time is running out for our country.the in-fighting has to stop.we will not get another chance like this any time doesn’t matter if you are damacrat or republican.the time to act is now.look around if you dont like what you see or hear, do your homework, open your eyes and ears, and vote for the real choice Donald j Trump. Our country needs all the help it can get, and soon!!!


  17. rsanchez1990 says:

    He’s married to Wall Street, there will always be questions about who is pulling the strings with Cruz, same with Clinton. Trump is the only one who can convincingly say he is immune to Wall Street influence. Trump doesn’t have Super PACs doing dirty attacks and tricks on his behalf. Trump is for real, Cruz is bought and paid for.

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  18. kinthenorthwest says:

    Yes America We Want Our Country Back NOW!!

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  19. Fourth of Juluau says:

    Interesting if true. I said when this first broke, Easter Sunday would be the best possible day to deliver the smoking gun.

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  20. Fourth of Juluau says:

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  21. kinthenorthwest says:

    Donal is prepared
    Wonder if America is prepared.

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  22. yakmaster2 says:

    Cruz’s only two self-selling points are that (A) he’s the true conservative because he fought against “the establishment” on principle
    and (B) “fighting” the establishment makes him an outsider.

    Since (A) is NOT true (because his only “fights” have been nothing more than lip service), it then follows that (B) can not be true either.
    This is simple logic. The msm has not challenged Cruz’s shtick. They’ve let him sell his brand as if it’s self-evident.

    The dissolution of his facade of fearless, independent, warrior for the people is THE THING that will end his candidacy. But, I believe the dismantling of that facade (with the facts) will have to come from the Trump campaign since none, not one!! of the other candidates challenged him on it before dropping out of the race.

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  23. telerider says:

    Maybe the other canidates had their own problems that they would rather not have revealed…

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