New York Times: President Trump Asked Comey To End Flynn Investigation…

Always remember the basic rule that has been proven accurate 100% of the time:

  • When the CIA wants to leak a damaging story they coordinate with the Washington Post and ABC. (and vice-versa).
  • When the State Dept. or FBI/DOJ wants to leak a damaging story they coordinate with CNN and the New York Times. (and vice-versa)

This consistent pattern has NEVER been broken.

There is also a particular transparency here with regard to media timing and intent.  The Washington Post (yesterday) and New York Times (today) are attempting to frame the anti-Trump narrative right before he goes on his first overseas trip.

Dual benefits for antagonistic media and political opposition:

♦ Trump team is out of country and unable to defend administration on-camera, while frenzy ensues 24/7 in U.S media, and ♦ Trump team becomes relentlessly questioned by traveling press corps abroad on domestic controversy, diminishing Trump international status and pushing the weak/damaged Trump image toward the host nation optic.

It’s how they roll.  Again, check out the timing:

Another explosive media story targeted, yet again, specifically to create controversy and lead the evening news cycle.

As to the substance of the matter – WE PREDICTED EXACTLY THIS SCENARIO – Less than a week ago we outlined the specific strategy being utilized to attack President Trump’s credibility in office.

WASHINGTON — President Trump asked the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, to shut down the federal investigation into Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, in an Oval Office meeting in February, according to a memo Mr. Comey wrote shortly after the meeting.

“I hope you can let this go,” the president told Mr. Comey, according to the memo.

The existence of Mr. Trump’s request is the clearest evidence that the president has tried to directly influence the Justice Department and F.B.I. investigation into links between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia.  (read more)

The New York Times reports this oval office meeting between President Trump and FBI Director James Comey took place on Valentines Day, February 14th, 2017.

[…] The Feb. 14 meeting took place just a day after Mr. Flynn was forced out of his job after it was revealed he had lied to Vice President Mike Pence about the nature of phone conversations he had had with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

As we said last week:  ‘For several months the media have been steadfast in their efforts to turn this into Watergate 2.0.  To achieve that objective the political angle-players and media need only to paint Trump into a corner with a credible accusation of the president interfering with an FBI investigation (Flynn).   Against the timeline above, as played out this week with Sally Yates testimony to congress, they are only a couple more timely misinformation leaks and twisted reports away from making that happen’. (more)


According to the Times report, Comey did nothing at the time (Feb. 14th), or throughout the time between the meeting until he was fired.

[…] After writing up a memo that outlined the meeting, Mr. Comey shared it with senior F.B.I. officials. Mr. Comey and his aides perceived Mr. Trump’s comments as an effort to influence the investigation, but they decided that they would try to keep the conversation secret — even from the F.B.I. agents working on the Russia investigation — so the details of the conversation would not affect the investigation. (link)

Notice how Comey’s aides state they kept the memo secret from FBI agents working on the Russia investigation.  Convenient huh?  This is how the current storytellers get around McCabe’s testimony to congress where he stated the administration had made no efforts to influence the investigation.

Again, to the NYT article:

In testimony to the Senate last week, the acting F.B.I. director, Andrew G. McCabe, said, “There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date.”

Mr. McCabe was referring to the broad investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. The investigation into Mr. Flynn is separate.

The New York Times makes sure they draw that useful notation.

This is all scripted.  All of it.  From timing, to substance, to intent, to vague disingenuous and anonymous “sources”, etc.

This is a scripted and coordinated left-wing media construct.

….Watch the Pile-On

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1,142 Responses to New York Times: President Trump Asked Comey To End Flynn Investigation…

  1. NJ Transplant says:

    I previously erroneously attributed a statement made by Acting Dir. McCabe to Comey. In a WP article from 5 days ago (does not give the actual date, just 5 days ago), McCabe was asked if President Trump has interfered in the Russia investigation. McCabe said that if he did, he (McCabe) would be obligated to notify Congress because they have oversight. McCabe also said that there has been no effort to impede the investigation by the President to date.

    Comey was obligated to notify Congress if such an attempt was made to stop the Flynn investigation according to what McCabe said. If Comey did not report such conduct by the President to Congress, it should prove that the President did no such thing. Comey has a lot to answer for as to why he did not report the interference in a timely manner. It sure looks like the memo was just made up.

    I am sorry for giving Comey credit for something McCabe said.

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  2. dawndoe says:

    FOX News contributors are saying all these scandals will cause republicans to lose seats in 2018 and Dems will gain control. This will allow Dems to be in charge of all investigations. I pray this does not happen.

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    • flyingtigercomics says:

      2018 is a long way away and if I had to bet on Trump or the Podesta-Clinton axis… I’d bet on Trump every time.

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      Are these the same contributors who were do sure Trump “had no path to 270”?

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    • LibertyVibe says:

      I can write anything I want, down in a diary and backdate it too. That doesn’t make it true, or worthy to be considered as evidence. Yet Comey really thinks we are THAT stupid.

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    • Lord Jim says:

      Except the “scandals” are all fake news BS.
      The % of people who trust the MSM is at an all time low (and falling).

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    • ok4ayl says:

      Good thing FAUX News contributors aren’t in fly over country, we still have all of our common sense and see what the heck is going on……

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      Fox news has been taken over by the lefty spawn of Rupert, Lachlan and James Murdoch, and they are currently purging the network of conservatives. O’Reilly wasn’t even that conservative, he’s gone. Ailes was before him. Hannity and Bolling are being set up to fail with the new lineup… blow up their ratings by moving the shows around, then blame and fire them. Our time watching fox has almost ended.

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  3. Nunya Bidness says:

    The Comey memos are his payback for Trump’s remarks about tapes. Comey reveals himself unsuitable for any position of trust.

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  4. vincent cuomo says:

    Really, his aides hid the memo; why would i believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a Clinton-Obama Lackey and that includes the NY Times.

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  5. I’m really hoping Trump has something up his sleeve to prove this “story” and all of its actors are liars.

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  6. Pelicansview says:

    In what can clearly be called a “can you hear me now” election, we historically send a citizen (not a career politician) to the presidency to cleanse the gangrenous rot in our nation’s capital. He is immediately and unceasingly attacked by the imbedded deep state, and may indeed be overthrown by these true enemies of democracy. It is long past time that conservatives find their voices and loudly “reach out” to President Trump’s detractors in Congress. They must be made to understand how close they really are to fulfilling Thomas Jefferson’s dire prophecy regarding the tree of liberty.

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  7. bitterlyclinging says:

    The MSM, actions and behavior worthy of a Pravda and/or Der Sturmer.


  8. dreadnok89 says:

    I dont get it. If he was cleared in january why would he have to ask in February? And how come the mighty fbi doesnt have any proof of wrong doing? Talking to a russian diplomat who is here in the states and thats his job to talk to people lololol?

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  9. Folks the more I am watching these attacks on Trump the more I am thinking a serious civil war is in the making. I don’t think Trump is going to allow the swamp to remove him. The generals Trump has surrounded himself with are very powerful!

    This Republic will survive….

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  10. mimbler says:

    I may have missed it, but I have yet to see Comey claiming the memo story is true, or even that the media asked him to comment on it. Why would you run a story of this magnitude on anonymous sources when comey is not asked for his take on it?

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    • mikgen says:

      Very good question. Undercuts the whole MSM meme. Where is Comey? And if he claims the notes are true how come he did not inform the Congress?

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    • mikgen says:

      Very good question. Undercuts the whole MSM meme. Where is Comey? And if he claims the notes are true how come he did not inform the Congress?

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    • i'm just sayin'.. says:

      the memo existence or not is irrelevant. There is now no shame in saying/reporting anything in order to create confusion, disorder, chaos and mayhem. All efforts to terrorize are being unleashed.
      Steady now! Stand yer ground!

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  11. cheekymeeky says:

    Read the whole thread. No doubt that Clapper is the “close associate.”


  12. shadowcole says:

    We have a leader his name is President Trump. God chose President Trump for this time in history. No man will be able to come against President Trump and win. It is prophecy that there would be a bumpy ride for the first 3-6 months of his term and then it would smooth out. They are throwing everything they have at him and nothing is sticking. Why? Because God!

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  13. crepelady says:

    As an aside: John McCain is the lowest form of humanity. The man is senile to say the least and beside that he is filled with a vicious hate. Look at his eyes…windows of the soul. PLEASE SUPPORT KELLI WARD AS SHE RUNS AGAINST THE FLAKE FROM AZ. McCain and Flake are a very dangerous and not to be trusted duo.

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    • Icestation3 says:

      McCain is a progressive. Best to think of him and others like him as raving leftist Democrats masquerading as Republican conservatives. Then it all makes sense.

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    • Oncefired says:

      Unfortunately McLame is there for another 6 Years! We can hope he keeps going on his foreign trips to hang out with terrorists and will actually be prosecuted for it! He and his Boyfriend Goober have never encountered a War they didn’t want to start!


      • benifranlkin says:

        the only post more nauseating than an Obama post is a Mc Cain post…any post..I personally don’t need to be reminded of how vile he is.

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  14. joninmd22 says:

    Comey may himself be guilty of obstruction.

    If Comey knew of a crime in February he had a duty to report it to the DOJ at the time not hold the information back.

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  15. George Dixon says:

    Means, motive, opportunity:
    The Obama/Hillary has the means, they have access to leaks from highly placed federal employees. The White House leaks simply show that Obama’s 8 years left a lot of people in place who are loyal to an exPresident while they get paid by the current President.

    As to both Flynn and Russia… both Obama and Hillary want him crushed. The former because he is not just angry, he is ‘Legacy Angry’:
    “In Flynn’s speech, Obama has been a “weak and spineless” leader who “coddles” terrorists and has brought mayhem to our streets with his …”

    The latter because if she cannot find a way to blame the Russians, then she and the world will see her last excuse for losing the presidency (a 2nd time) vaporize.

    See a gleefully vindictive and loyal NY Times, WaPo, et al.

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  16. blessdog says:

    When will we embrace the simple truth:
    the alphabet attack dog MSM is not coordinating with the “intelligence” communities, they ARE the intelligence community…
    No matter how you parse it, the fourth estate IS the deep state. PERIOD. end of story.
    And BY FAR, it is the most powerful and dangerous enemy of Freedom, the constitution, the President and the American people…

    I would strongly suggest that this distinction be understood and embraced by those seeking truth with a critical mind – how are jake tapper or jim acosta not CIA operatives? or maggie haberman not an actual agent of the FBI? or 99 percent of those jackal operatives in the WH press briefings? or the rest of the alphabet clowns…

    of course, we will likely NEVER know the dynamic of those relationships, the contracts, the flow of information – but the evidence is CLEAR, and it is vital that we identify it.

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  17. Mary says:

    Republican Amash who is anti Trump talks impeachment and stock market tanks 250pts!
    I’m so sick of Republicans trying to bring my President down. Dims I know always will but republicans? I’m sick of all this crap, our Prez doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment for wanting to help our country.😡😡😡😡


  18. Mike diamond says:

    News flash all Obama ever did was try to smile like George cloony sing like Taylor swift eat ice cream and play golf! And sell the farm to Iran! Yet the news media is worried about president trump! Its insane!

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  19. cajost says:

    You know…all I see and feel from the MSM and the left, including this “Breaking News” story is desperation and panic. They are like a pack of rabid dogs that just keeps getting more rabid the more they try going for the kill and are unsuccessful.

    And let’s face it, we all know Trump has this all figured out – why? Because he has ALWAYS come out of it with not only proving he is right but a 5K ahead of everyone as they look around asking, “What? Where is he now?” And he keeps winning. And we love it!

    Sundance is my hero because somehow you are figuring this out way before anyone else and can now predict not only what will most likely happen but the timing of it.

    In other words, get ready for MSM and the left to have to go to their safe place for a few days and sulk and then regroup for their next failed attempt to destroy Trump.

    …which is never gonna happen. Never.

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  20. Paco Loco says:

    The Trump presidency has been on the defensive even before the inauguration, what with the FBI/FISA dragnet to create the Obama administrations meme that the Russians “stold the election from HIllary”, and the constant leaks by the Deep State IC’s to the press to shape that meme.
    The handling of the made up “Flynn scandal” coming so early in the Trump presidency was very amateurish and the “who done what to whom” aftermath murky at best…it’s never really been explained why Pence was the one who fired Flynn. Why would Flynn lie about his contact with the Russians when it was in his bailiwick to deal with them? Even after all that Flynn was cleared by the FBI of any wrong doing.

    Since “Flynn and the Russians”, It’s been one sensational leak after another and the cumulative effect has been a growing distrust of Trumps abilities to govern. Tweeting his way out of the meme that he is incompetent and now a law breaker, isn’t going to work as the evil Washington Post and the NYT will keep chuming these stories until there is more blood in the water. Perception is nine tenths of the problem!

    Now Trump will be out of the Whitehouse for his first trip abroad to highlight his developing international/foreign affairs stance vis a vis trade and security. The MSM has already written their stories and will spin it as a failure and further whittle away at his presidential leadership and authority. What’s becoming apparent is that the evil Uniparty has their sights set on a Labor Day impeachment and, as the summer unfolds, the Deep State will continue to undermine the confidence in the Presidency and Trumps ability to lead. Indeed this is a soft coup d ‘eta in progress and by the fall, unless Trump drops everything he can on the Deep State and the entrenched bureaucracy that’s undermining him, we will be in for a sickening display of treachery by the RINO’s and the minions of the Uniparty. Make no doubt about it, this is a civil war!


  21. VegasGuy says:

    My gut feeling is that Pres. Trump’s game plan all along was to get Comey out of the position and get the Hillary investigation back into the spotlight. And I believe that his plan was to do it via a “Special Prosecutor”.

    Trump is going to nominate a new FBI Dir, ASAP. and the first act of that individual will be to announce the reopening the Hillary investigation. I’ll bet the farm on that ( a reopening of the Clinton case being announced). That right there is the spearhead of the strategy. Announcing it puts the Dems somewhat in a corner doesn’t it? They get their Special Prosecutor but that person now is working against them rather than for them.

    Technically, a SI can only be appointed to investigate a probable cause or an identified criminal activity. Comey, via his last July presser, laid that ground work out perfectly in identifying the various criminal violations of Hillary & Co. KARMA….

    Getting to this point certainly follows with the reasoning Trump initially gave as to why Comey was fired…His (Comey;s) handling of the Clinton investigation.The Dems know this and are attempting every & any diversion to avoid that from happening.

    When the Dems (along with their RINO cronies), put up delays to a confirmation of a new Director, (and they will), my gut says that their “cry” for an independent investigator will be answered by the DOJ post haste.

    All that is needed is the DOJ to announce that a review of Comey;s handling of the Hillary investigation has completed & that Comey;s evaluation of non intent was incorrect on all levels and that criminal violations were/are present and prosecutable.. Not to mention that Comey overstepped his role as Dir, when he took on the role of AG and announced HIS determination of not prosecuting Hillary. An indictment of Clinton will have a long lasting negative effect on the Dem Party for many years to come…

    And let’s not ignore the developing Rich scenario that is unfolding and will soon evaporate the whole Trump – “Russian” connection being perpetrated.

    All this clamoring for a Special Prosecutor is intensifying because the Dems want (actually need) this to happen BEFORE the Rich incident unfolds far enough to eliminate the Trump/Russia meme, and the DOJ announces a reopening of the Hillary file and actually appoints one that will focus on that. . At that point, the SI will be of little to no use for the Dems.

    We are just a few moves away from Trump putting them in a check mate and they are throwing all their pieces out to attempt to block that move….

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  22. As if Alex Jones needed any help going to Defcon 5. Why must the MSM encourage him? Ten years ago the only place I could read about the Deep State was INFOWARS and far lefty Counterpunch professors. Now the term is used all the time on FOX news. Thank you Mr Trump for at least putting some sunlight on the swamp. John McCann video, didn’t I see him on the David Icke show?


  23. tempo150101 says:

    I dare them to keep this up because they will have the mother of all insurrections on their hands if they do anything to Trump. If they thought the Tea Party 1.0 was scary, they don’t want to see what happens when Tea Party 2.0 marches on Washington. They aren’t going to be nice and polite like the first Tea Party. If you want a preview of what is going to happen, Google “Stickman”.


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  25. sheridan says:

    Democracy is “We the People” NOT we the media. So sick and tired of the media obstructing the People’s mandate so brazenly and arrogantly. Its seems the MSM sole purpose is to obstruct and distract by any means the voters mandate to the President. The President fired Comey. Well Done. Now fire the MSM.


  26. THIS CHAOS IS UNBELIEVABLE! ….in times of greatest troubles….I come here, and feel better as this is the most normal, sane place on the internet….thanks


  27. arkansasmimi says:

    Big Mimi hugs to each of you.


  28. Mike diamond says:

    The real story is Loretta lynch told comey to end Hillary investigation ! About a year ago!


  29. Mike diamond says:

    Comey likes to show boat he loves all the attention ,he thinks of himself as a movie star! The FBI must be tired of this guy! They deserve a better leader!


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