President Trump Considers White House Communication Changes…

Judge Jeanine Pirro has an exclusive interview with President Trump which will air tonight at 9:00pm EDT on Fox.  Judge Pirro previewed a portion of that interview last night and highlights the President considering a change in White House communications:


A solid argument can be made that now is the perfect time to adjust the White House communications strategy. Perhaps you will remember the communications recommendations we shared before the inauguration.

The “Press Pool” writ large, and the MSM outlets who use the press pool antagonists to generate the source material for their chosen narrative, are not going to change.  Period.

The accusatory tone, the condescending questioning and the pretentious passive aggressive approach toward generating their news lede is never going to change.  These are the same corporate media outlets who got it wrong from June 2015 all the way through the November ’16 election and yet never spent a moment in self-reflection.

After 18 months of media detachment from a consuming audience, not a single media outlet reassessed their position or outlooks, or questioned their internal staff makeup. In their ideological world-view it’s President Trump that is inherently wrong to question their assumptions and beliefs.

Corporate U.S. Media are suffering from an institutional Borderline Personality Disorder and they will never change.  Accepting this reality means President Trump needs to deal with them the same way you deal with a person who exhibits Borderline behaviors, and manage them.   Don’t change your activity to suit their demands; put more emphasis on stating what you are doing, and the forbearance is on them to accept, or leave.

Earlier Recommendations:

♦ Keep using twitter and facebook daily, or as deemed necessary to send direct messaging to a news-consuming public. Keep using social media, and/or any alternate platforms to communicate directly with the American People.

♦ Establish a strict dress code for credentialed White House media. No casual days, ever. 100% business professional, 100% of the time. No business casual, ever.  This helps break the relationship dynamic.  No-one benefits from policies structured around having a better relationship; doing so only allows the Borderline Media to dictate their terms for your engagement based on their psychology.  You stop this issue by stopping the relationship dynamic.

♦ Never, under any circumstances, hold an informal press gaggle.

♦ Consider discontinuance of the live-feed broadcast of the Daily White House briefing. Stop allowing a press briefing to be the daily news lede ‘in-and-unto-itself’. Only conduct the WH press briefing when POTUS is actually in the White House.

♦ Set an earlier time for the press briefing – ex. 7:30am daily, for a set amount of time, ex. 1hr. Deliver the day’s bullet-pointed news as it pertains to the White House and current events, answer questions and be done.  Set the standard and deliver.  Provide the media the opportunity to cover or not, but do not change approach to fit their needs.

♦ Draw a distinction between “interviews” and “press conferences”. Pressers should be short question and answer sessions; eliminate long-winded background set-ups for questions in press conferences. Background expository prior to a question is an interview technique during an interview, not a press conference.

♦ Eliminate “exclusive interviews”.  Starve the narcissism of the journalists.  Exclusive interviews are notorious for editing and disinformation. When granting interviews bring in two media entities to conduct an interview; one each from either side of the political continuum, and they can interview together – taking turns on the questions.

♦ Ten hour public work days. 7am to 5pm. Use TWO or THREE continuous, alternating, Press Secretaries, not just one.  Focused intensity and urgency.

♦ Equal opportunity media participation. Seating = first come first seated, general seating, every day. Doors close promptly 6:55am, if late = shut out.

♦ Drop the traveling Presidential press pool completely. Give the press a daily schedule, and then make media use their own resources to cover the events therein as they deem needed including air travel. Equal access without preferential treatment. This also includes foreign travel. The “credentialed press pool” only applies to White House pressers.

♦ When POTUS, V-POTUS, or cabinet officials travel, give first preference to local media, not national. Allow local reporters to ask questions pertaining to their community perspective on the event or engagement.

♦ √Drop the insufferable White House Correspondent’s dinner fiasco. It’s a ridiculous and vulgar display; a bubble event, with no inherent value for the country. It is also a grotesque exhibition of disconnected indulgence. There’s too much work to be done, just go about doing it.

♦ Engage the Borderline media as a communications unit. Deliver the Trump message as a communications unit.  Consider a self-broadcasted roundtable meeting of one or two cabinet heads with communications officials with a rotating group of media invited to attend with questions focused on topic of department. (James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson types) Maybe every other Sunday etc.

♦ Have POTUS give monthly EVENING press conferences; with part of the presser containing an ongoing and established outline to share progress on agenda. Perhaps half for ongoing efforts, half for current events.

♦ Re-establish a media work ethic by setting high standards, high expectations and a zero tolerance for laziness.  Stand away from the media borderline personality through the consistent application of predictable standards. Make the media rise to the level of professionalism required by never letting circumstances dictate your own standards.

♦ Set an example when confronted with rudeness or displays of condescension or ridicule by media.  Don’t engage, just call attention to it.  Make shame a great motivator again.



….Quit acting like it’s not.

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316 Responses to President Trump Considers White House Communication Changes…

  1. vincent cuomo says:

    The heck with the White House Press Corpse; Trump should use twitter and Facebook and once a week deliver a briefing live to the American people on what he and his administration is doing; we do not need the dishonest, evil, lying, wicked and vulgar press telling us what is news and what we should think.


    • decisiontime16 says:

      Only 6 percent of people say they have a great deal of confidence in the press, about the same level of trust Americans have in Congress, according to a new survey.

      “The study mirrors past reports that found the public’s trust in mass media has reached historic lows, according to data gathered by the Media Insight Project, a partnership between The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute. The report found faith in the press was just slightly higher than the 4 percent of people who said they trusted Congress.”

      The whole FAke News phenomenon we are experiencing undermines our whole system of government. Constant deception. Nothing can be trusted.
      Admittedly, propaganda has always gone on but now it is completely out of control. Or perhaps I should say it is under sinister control that is relentlessly attempting to undermine our nation and our very way of life.

      Huffington Post is notorious for being untrustworthy but it is interesting that they published this article.


  2. Simple Jack says:

    All news agencies wishing to be a part of the WH Press Corp should be required to agree to a non-political standard of conduct created as a joint effort between the White House and media accountability groups.

    Among other things, they should keep a modification log for every online article, prominently available within the article itself, that details the when, how, and why of every change made to an article after it was posted, no matter how minor.

    Also, the WH should change the format of the daily briefing: No more shouting, talking over each other. It’s the People’s House, decorum should be respected. Every day as the press arrive, they draw a number out of a hat. Once the briefing has started, numbers are called in a random fashion until the Press Sec. is done for the day. Shout out questions, you’re not invited back.

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  3. Carrie says:

    I love you judge jeannine, but quit interrupting the President and let him finish his sentences!! I had to turn if off after 2 minutes, she was so annoying.

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  4. Jlwary says:

    I hope Sundance does an analysis of Fox News Sunday today. I am feeling pretty infuriated listening to these chumps bashing POTUS. Self-preservation seems to be in overdrive across the board… carl rove was particularly bashing POTUS. I am not sure where I saw it on CTH, but I saw some recent comments about rove.


  5. Dazza says:

    The only purpose for daily briefings is to feed and sustain the huge, corrupt, self-centred Washington politics industry.
    Should go to one briefing per week, with the occasional impromptu briefing for big events or announcements.


  6. Dazza says:

    Even worse are the Fed testimonies to Congress. The Fed should STFU and just let us all know when they have changed rates. All of this guidance and unnecessary and simply gives them undeserved power and influence. And it is so boring.


  7. Lee Snyder says:

    Weekly press meetings are enough. Limit one question per media outlet. No editorializing by the reporter, to the point question. No hypotheticals. No follow-ups from reporters. limit the subject areas. 30 min max time. Instead of a single press sec as the responder, include cabinet members, administrative advisers. Limit foreign press members. Eliminate any priority as to which media gets first question.


  8. blessdog says:


    just curious – why has the WH subject itself to FIVE MONTHS of vicious, daily, deep state thug puppet ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE media attacks, that allowed them to contribute to massive damage to the President, his Admin, his agenda, the American people, the constitution, freedom itself? The president had an opportunity and still does, to control the narrative from the WH absolutely by severely restricting the deep state operative press corp and engaging with MANY alternative media sources – instead he’s allowed them to PUMMEL Spicer etc… everyday, which CLEARLY has empowered them to get to the place we are today. And CLEARLY contributed to weakening the Trump presidency.
    They’ve CHOSEN to give them front row seats and PREFERENTIAL treatment to the VERY WORST…isn’t that like stabbing yourself in the eyes with sharp needles?

    I’d love to have some intelligent feedback/conversation on this, because it makes me speculate unsuccessfully about President Trump’s motives and what the true relationship is between the WH and the media.
    I don’t accept fear or inexperience as an explanation – why not just TAKE CONTROL from day 1?
    Since he’d been calling them out hard for at least 6 months before being inaugurated, Trump had no good reason that i can see to subject himself or his base to this nonsense…
    It’s deeply connected to the obstruction/resistance agenda of the thug puppet MINORITY democrats and unarguably strengthens their power and resolve…
    again, WHY allow this to occur – and it makes ZERO sense to me

    OBVIOUSLY Donald Trump is a brilliantly smart guy



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