Budget Communications: OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Takes Point…

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney did an excellent job today pushing back against the UniParty and their slobbering media water-carriers today.

Mulvaney was unexpected by the White House Press Corps who were apoplectic at the conclusion of the briefing:


The media response was priceless:


The reality that sooner or later the Trump administration is going to have to confront the UniParty, and that confrontation is going to mean more briefing events like this, brings up a point that leads to a predictable path.

President Trump is going to have to refine the communications strategy in the next couple of weeks and/or months.

The 2016 election was ‘Trump-against-all-odds’ and against all adversaries.  If President Trump is going to deliver on his policy objectives, and structurally bring the swamp-draining reform that is necessary, he is going to have to change tactics on communications to be more deliberate with very specific and assertive messaging.

Sean Spicer is fairly good, the cabinet has some exceptionally well-skilled leaders in communications within their organizations like: Secretary Rex Tillerson, Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Secretary Wilbur Ross and OMB Director Mick Mulvaney.

However, against the backdrop of confronting republicans in congress the White House policy team is going to have to put forth a more deliberate and smartly confrontational group who are better skilled as Trump policy explainers amid confrontation from inside the ranks of the party.

The current communications team is structurally centered around a precept that collaboration and cohesion is inherent within the republicans in congress.  Unfortunately, while the goal is noble, this is also a false basis; therefore the aligned communications team is entering a phase where they will become even more ineffective because their emphasis will be on the wrong syllable.

Insomuch as it was effective during the campaign to let Trump be Trump, there comes a point where a subset of communications underneath the principle need to reconcile the deliberate intensity of the messenger, now President, with the policy message.

It would not be surprising, and I’d say it is actually necessary, to see the White House begin interviewing people trying to find the right balance of intelligence (think Stephen Miller) with the ability to target a specific audience with a specific message, and explain the position of policy during confrontation.

The changing communication need is simply natural response to the evolution of the confrontational landscape.

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245 Responses to Budget Communications: OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Takes Point…

  1. Risin'Tide says:

    That entire presser is shear entertainment. Asking the same questions over again is both insipid and inane. I see this tack constantly and it’s not informative at all. However, the answers in the face of these questions are highly informative and on task. I hope the keep ratcheting up the message around all these swamp denizens. We bear responsibility to help get the message out to voters so that they understand we cannot keep voting for the same abusers and expecting things to change.


  2. Pam says:

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  3. dobbsfan says:

    Mulvaney was brilliant, no question. He is an expert on the topic of discussion today.

    I have to give Spicer some slack. Spicer goes in every day needing to be the “expert” on all topics of discussion. Everything those MSM idiots throw at him, often multiple times with different verbiage and misdirection. How boorish they can be!

    I wonder if it was President Trump’s directive to have Mulvaney there today. Did I miss that?

    Given that it was his wedding Anniversary and all.

    If so, I think it was a brilliant tactic by Trump to give the MSM efficient amount of time to go spout about how the Dims won in this spending bill……….. only to have Mulvaney go in and gut their “narrative” with the realities of this budget. JMHO

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  4. Pam says:

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  5. khooeh says:

    some notes: After mulvaney video, I am starting to think paul ryan is not that bad. But he is still a RINO.


    • Kaco says:

      I think what you’re feeling is you might wait a while to pounce on Ryan after seeing this. At least that is it for me. Just watch them closely.


  6. Nope2GOPe says:

    That was a butt whooping with no salve being offered by Sean Spicer.
    Love It!

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  7. Micharl says:

    Mick was brilliant and informative.

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  8. Kaco says:

    After being in the pits after reading the no quarter post earlier and what information we had received earlier about the budget, this makes me end my day happy. Before, I was plotting my attack on Congress and the GOP. Now I’ll wait a while for the pounce.

    I remember seeing a Mulvaney video a few months ago when he was picked, about his stance on immigration and chiding his constituents, but I must say he definitely seems to be on the Trump train and doing right by him and by America. I suspect all Republicans were painted into the corner with immigration issues, being forced to be “compassionate conservatives”. Now they know majority Americans aren’t going for it and they will support candidates that are against amnesty, open borders, and the free-for-all. It also made me feel great to see him defend the President and the administration’s outstanding capabilities and call the press out on it. Way to go, Mulvaney!

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    • Lindenlee says:

      Yes, that scolding/lecture that Mullaney gave his audience a while back really put me off, and I was somewhat dismayed when Trump announced his position. But he seems to really relish this role and it suits him. He is quick on his feet, verbally and riposte-wise, and strikes just the right tone between being informational and not tolerating repeated and stupid questions. Perfect for the post!


  9. Disgusted says:

    Can’t imagine anyone representing this administration any more ably or with more energy than Mick! So smart, capable and totally in charge. How does “MIKE/MICK 2024” sound to everyone?


  10. wodiej says:

    I am confused. We have been told that Ryan approved funding in the budget for PP and sanctuary cities and nothing for Trump’s wall.


    • Wink says:

      Simple. You’re not listening to people who have done their homework. CTH does. The rest are just people who peddle rumours, gossip and drama for ratings. My suggestion is to stay here for solid information.

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    • Kaco says:

      Yes, that’s what we all thought, Mulvaney subsequently cleared it up for EVERYONE re: The Wall. Nobody knew this before and we were all trying to figure out how to go after the Uniparty in Congress.

      Apparently,the budget bill had “no bricks and mortar” for the wall. Well, the wall is going to be made of steel.

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      • NJF says:

        As POTUS said yesterday, “they forgot to mention that part.”

        All The Dems have proven is they’re quicker at getting to the microphone.

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  11. Alice Newman says:

    There is funding for border security but none for the wall!!!


  12. nhgardengram says:

    Mulvaney knocked it out of the park. He was ripping mad and not taking anything from the press. I loved the comment to Sean, “Are they always like this?” A good laugh. What a team President Trump has in his cabinet.

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  13. SharkFL says:

    Hilarious sound from the cock holster media. Since my name is Shawn too im going to use that media whining as my ringtone or a wake alarm. Seeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn cmon Sean.

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  14. triper57 says:

    What happened last October , just before the election? The same crap that just happened last week. The Uniparty supported the Dems agenda and funded all the Big Government policies of the establishment Republicans and the Communist Democrats. If elections have consequences this one in November appears to have no consequences.

    Read or see the Rush Limbaugh conversation with Pence. Pence voiced the administrations objectives in detail. He articulated the agenda that if you are going to grow the Defense budget you need to grow the government.


  15. Truthfilter says:

    I really really like Mick Mulvaney. Wow–and the explanation about how the defunding of PP would be addressed in the healthcare legislation is very satisfying. He’s exactly right–this is how to govern! Lastly, I love how they still managed to get a lot of funding for the border by dropping the language that specified “a wall”–and yet we still getting a wall!!! They pulled one over on the Democrats!!

    Welcome to Trump’s America. Get on board or get out of the damned way!

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  16. 6x47 says:

    The narrative “Trump the phony liar flip flops yet again, screwing over his base” notwithstanding, it is abundantly clear that this Continuing Resolution, disappointing though it be, is President Trump picking his battles.

    I think it would be a different story were Healthcare not still an open matter.


  17. LibertyVibe says:

    I thought Mulvaney did an excellent job. I get a sense out there (by their comments and the commentators), that most Trump voters (not speaking of Treepers) want instant gratification and they do not want to take the time to seek out true news (like press conferences on YouTube, that MSM refuses to show). Why are they so quick to throw POTUS under the bus? Why, when they know what is at stake? Perhaps they do not know what is at stake? They seem to not realize that this is a very temporary budget. They talk as if “This is it. This is what we are stuck with for 8 years. Trump has betrayed us.” WTF?


  18. Mitchell Fuller says:

    For the legislation agenda of this administration time to bring in Newt Gingrich to ride herd on bills in Congress.

    He’s the most successful Repub legislator of the modern era and knows a thing or two about getting bills passed in to law.


  19. nhgardengram says:

    Sundance, I sincerely hope, and think it is probably true, that the President is reading and absorbing your logic. President Trump has the intellect to digest all aspects of a problem, and then make his decision for a strategy to solve that problem. You must be a major factor in saving him time from having to sift through so much muck and mire. Thank you for your hard work; and hopefully, we Treepers can follow and contribute our own help as we are capable.

    We DO know that God is playing a part in all this. I’m thankful for that as well.


  20. BT in SC says:

    Thank you, God, for giving us Sundance and CTH! A site where we can actually come and get the truth, when all around us we are fed just bits and pieces and constant untruths. A place, here, where sanity can be kept in check, where we don’t have to question our own “sound” frame of mind. A place, here, where division is not encouraged, and where, for the most part, even disagreements can be done respectfully. Yes. Thank you, God, for another beautiful day, for the many gifts you bestow upon us, for President Donald J. Trump, and for this – The Conservative Treehouse and its proprietor, Sundance.

    With the total meltdown going on at other sites, on how President Trump isn’t keeping any of his promises to us, how the wall isn’t being funded, etc., so nice to be able to know differently and know the truth!!


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