Sunday Talks: Reince Priebus -vs- Jonathan Snarl

President Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, sat down for an in-studio interview with Jonathan Snarl on ABC’s “This Week.”

Snarl was particularly offended by President Trump talking to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. Reince Priebus pointed out that the Philippines has a critical role in the SE Asian issues surrounding North Korea.

Unfortunately, Priebus did not point out that Duterte is not only president of the Philippines but also current President of the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) alliance.


Jonathan Snarl is one of a key group of eight reporters in DC media who use the exact same strategy of narrative building: Media reports on media reports, of media reports, and the concentric circles of irrelevance expand into the infinite horizon of nothingness…

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81 Responses to Sunday Talks: Reince Priebus -vs- Jonathan Snarl

  1. Fe says:

    Ah Preibus, you dumb dumb, why didn’t you point out the fact that Duterte is the President of the Philippines to ole Snarly face?

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  2. wyntre says:

    Is Acosta ne of the eight?

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  3. ALEX says:

    Yes…It’s so easy to see…Last night the emails went around inside their circles and the democrat mouthpieces like The Hill and all the rest are chiming in with Duterte is the devil and the one story I saw even said the President didn’t even consult the State Department….

    It’s pathetic and all they have…We are seeing the exact same thing with right wing fakebase and the Gorka story to rehash the Bannon vs Kushner fake drama…It’s as if they think we’re stupid….Nope.

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    • A2 says:

      It’s called ‘surround bollocking’. 😀

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    • wyntre says:

      JournoList is alive and well.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Meanwhile, back to russia russia russia. Worry about NK nukes yet…. No talk about Russia and Uranium One 1 month before Pres. Trump took office of the Russian company taking over. But in the MSM russia russia russia and Uranium conversation…..crickets.

      “JSC “U1 Group”, a member of the international mining division of ROSATOM has completed a transaction and now owns 100% of Uranium One Holding N.V., a company incorporated in the Netherlands. This transaction allows for further optimization of the Company’s corporate structure and completing the consolidation of its foreign uranium production assets.”

      Now giving seminars in Paraguay in April 2017…….isn’t that in our hemisphere? Compliments of Obama admin. Anyone care to investigate???? No seriously, investigate!!!!!

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      • You know, this “Muh Russia” meme is giving me the spidey sense that something YUge may be in the works. The left always projects onto the right, that which they are guilty of.

        So if something should happen, they will be the first and loudest to BLAME President Trump. IDK! Donna, your post reminded me of this thought I’d been carrying around for some time now.


        • Donna in Oregon says:

          I know, me too Mz Molly Anna. There is something very wrong going on. I’ve read in some reports that the yellow cake taken from the mine was transported across to Canada without permits in some cases. The Obama EPA was notified of the problems there and did nothing about the problems the US citizens complained about.

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      • WSB says:

        We should seize every last bit.

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        • Donna in Oregon says:

          Actually I think Russia is doing the seize. Westinghouse is in trouble and filing bankruptcy.

          The State Department had obtained a “strategy paper” from Rosatom, the Russian company seeking to purchase Uranium One. The strategy paper alarmed U.S. diplomats because it confirmed fears that Russia was moving to control the long-term supply of nuclear fuel, shut Westinghouse out of the market, and extend Moscow’s influence over Europe.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Alex the truth is that 75% of Americans would actually acknowledge that President Duterte is killing the worse of the worse. We have 52,000+ Americans die to drugs each year. There are many parents that would have wished that every drug dealer be killed for selling their drugs. The man is actually cleaning up an epidemic that will allow the future Phillipinos to live longer and healthier because the drugs are being taken off the street.

      This has nothing to do with human rights. This has to do with their messiah being called THE SON OF A WHORE. How dare this little gnat say that about Barry from Hawaii. Reince could have added the additional piece but nonetheless he told this moron that the threat of nuclear war and the lost of millions of lives due to the 3 previous morons that called themselves president is far more important at this point in time.

      It must be nice to live in a world wear social issues take precedent over human survival. Thank you President Trump for thinking about humanity first and foremost!

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  4. Ono says:

    Snarl (grrr) from ABC (A Bag of Crap)…

    For real???

    Sensationalistic propaganda 101…being offered free to all snowflakes each and every Sunday

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  5. M33 says:

    Speaking of concentric circles…

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  6. wheatietoo says:

    The Dems also like to read those “media reports of media reports” on the floor of the House…and point to them as ‘Fact’…in order to ‘demand’ action on one of their manufactured narratives.

    Like when they declared that we had a “Healthcare Crisis”, for example.

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  7. FLEEVY says:

    Snarlin’ Jon. Nasty guy, sad

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  8. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    sheesh.. I would be incarcerated in restraints if I ever had to face one of these smarmy, mamby pamby wusses… Taxes? Talk about myopic sphincter focused sled dogs (media). Such interest in Mr. Trump’s taxes, and no interest in the uranium deal, Podesta’s deals, the Clinton Globull Initiative, Pay to play, DNC emails, etc… Mr. President, please, please, please, keep knocking the truth out out the media every time you spar with them and instruct your spokespeople to be unapologetic scrappers…

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  9. rashamon says:

    Advice from Kurt Vonnegut on shaping stories:

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  10. Wellllllllllll, looks to me like Spicey, during the WH press briefing, will have to deal with this interview snag,(under the direction of Pres. Trump).
    I betcha he will explain, over and over and over and over and over again that Pres. Duterte of the Philippines is also the President of the Southeast Asian Nations alliance and get this tiny confusion of an international matter straightened out just fine.

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  11. Howie says:

    Snarly is a leathr bar star.

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  12. mikebrezzze says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…


  13. Howie says:

    We just need a new Frank Sinatra.

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  14. Howie says:

    For some reason…The Kasts…And I like em. Just fer fun.

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  15. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I think that Priebus is not as quick on his feet in interviews as some of the others such as Pence, Gorka, McMaster, and KellyAnne Conway. Sometimes, I get the impression that he is bothered by doing the interview. Granted, I can understand that it is annoying to be disrespected with ridiculous questions. However, he needs to take a page from the others, especially Trump, in owning the interview and pushing back against the narrative the left-wing media is trying to establish.

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  16. Philippine President Duterte was also snuggling up to Russia when BHO disses him (darnit I can’t remember what it was about, but I remember it was a big loss for BHO about the same time China dissed BHO and made him exit Air Force One from the back with no red carpet).

    The popular the Philippines is close to 100 million. That’s a big country and a huge trading (oil) partner. I’d say Vladimir Putin must be getting a little upset with how brilliant our new President Trump is.

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  17. Howie says:

    Sunday Night!!1

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  18. fangdog says:

    The present media circles like a huge whirlpool in the middle of a lake. As the giant whirlpool in the lake circles smaller and smaller each day, so does the media become smaller and smaller along with its relevance but a ripple of consequence.

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  19. R-C says:

    Well, I was actually stunned at Rinse Pubis’ rejoinder regarding the nothing-burger ‘Trump Tax Return Issue’.

    Rinse nailed it. “Nobody cares, except you.”

    To which the cipher of an interviewer stammered, “Well, I think you’ll find somebody in Congress might be interested…”

    Rinse drove the stake home: “Like who–Nancy Pelosi? –Schumer?”

    (And I would have added: “The Congress can be as ‘interested’ as they’d like–I don’t see THEM willingly releasing THEIR tax returns…might be something of ‘interest’ in there, I’d imagine…one does wonder how a simple member of Congress becomes a multi-millionaire while earning a very set salary that is known to the public… But being ‘interesting’ is not a compelling argument. Mr. Trump, Citizen of the United States, is ENTITLED to his privacy on this issue–same as YOU and ME. Bring this up again, and you’ll get the same answer next time. And that answer is, NO. Next question–or is that all you have?”)

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  20. Howie says:

    And then. In days of yore. THE GIRLS.

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  21. missmarple2 says:

    The mmedia isn’t interested in foreign policy and national security. They are interested in advancing the “Trump is evil, democrats are good” narrative.

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  22. jackphatz says:

    Ha! So Snarl IS his real name. I actually though you meant to type Snark!


  23. A.D. Everard says:

    That was a brilliant interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Reince pushed back beautifully and had Jonathan constantly rushing on to the next question in order to change the subject. Beautifully handled in my opinion. I especially liked the push-back on fake news: “And still we deal with it every day”. Excellent stuff.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      A.D. I agree with you. Others in previous comments didn’t think he did well. I thought he was excellent. He smacked this moron around on every single topic. I love that he told him at this time social injustices take a back seat to nuclear bomb being used that would kill millions of people. He told him that other than you and some other morons, no one cares about our President’s tax return. He killed his narrative about hedge fund folks celebrating this tax proposal by stating that their bubble will be burst shortly.

      He threw the Muh Russia in their face while stating that to this day there is nothing there. He even said someone in the FBI told him it was BS. He gets an A- (because he should have shared the role President Duterte is playing this year as President of ASEAN).

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Yeah, I thought he did rather well.

      It’s like Reince is starting to grow a pair and have some fun.
      Maybe Pres Trump is rubbing off on him!

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  24. joshua says:

    good god doesn’t anyone get TIRED of all the youtube music video postings on this valuable site? What a total waste of space…and they make NO point at all. Please slow down on this stuff. Most of us want the INFORMATION, not the ENTERTAINMENT.


    • A.D. Everard says:

      Just skip over them.

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      • cozette says:

        I totally disagree. I really look forward to Sundance posting key interviews each week so I don’t have to try to watch all the MSM shows myself. Sundance offers me an invaluable service. If you want to skip an interview it’s easy to do but please don’t lobby to deny the rest of us access to information.


        • A.D. Everard says:

          I never lobbied anybody to deny anyone anything, least of all access to information. My comment was to the one above and my suggestion was for those “irritated” by “entertainment” to skip over them. No one has to watch everything that is put in front of them. Not one music video has ever stopped me from accessing the important information on this site.


  25. SharonKinDC says:

    I thought Reince did well… Kept to the principle issue. Which is NorK ICBM’s. Also, he had Snarl stuttering.

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