UPDATE: French Election – Results and Discussion Thread – Marine Le Pen Wins First Round…

All eyes are on the French Presidential Election (Round #1) being held today.  There are multiple candidates but only the top two go to round #2.  Most predictions have Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron as the top two candidates.

UPDATE: 5:30pm EDT  Surprising most of the liberal punditry, and contradicting most of the earlier exit polls, Marine Le Pen has won the first round over her closest rival Emmanuel Macron (link):

Francios Fillon conceded and endorsed the political establishment favorite Macron.  Melenchon has refused to endorse anyone.  As expected the national runoff will be:

Marine Le Pen -vs- Emmanuel Macron

Similar to Hillary Clinton, Macron will carry the endorsement of the professional political class and all of the left-wing French media.  Similar to Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen will be running as an outsider against the entire political apparatus and the media machine.

(L-R) Francois Fillon, Benoît Hamon, Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Economically all of the French candidates are various degrees socialism.  Fillon is a typical Sarkozy type, Hamon is the French Bernie Sanders, Melenchon is a full communist; the distinctions between them -on an economic scale- are simply lighter or darker shades of socialism.  It is on the social scale of nationalism or globalism the divergences are found.


Marine Le Pen represents nationalistic socialism and carries a platform to close the borders, halt the refugee influx and she supports exiting the EU.  Emmanuel Macron represents the option for globalist socialism: open borders, more refugees, and more EU influence.

French Polls close at 8:00pm (local), 2:00pm ET.  First exit polling will be announced shortly after 2:00pm U.S. Eastern Time.

AP French Live LinkBBC News UpdatesBreitbart Live Blog –  France 24 News

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570 Responses to UPDATE: French Election – Results and Discussion Thread – Marine Le Pen Wins First Round…

  1. Evelyn says:

    I truly hope and pray that Le Pen prevails, and I pray for the people of France, especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ. With that said, we must recognize that there has (for centuries) been a significant fundamental difference between the United States and France. The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics, as enunciated in our founding documents (all men are created equal, and are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights). Our rights, and our system of government (though it may have wandered off the reservation from time to time) flow from our Creator.

    The French revolution, on the other hand, was based on secular humanism/the ascendancy of mankind. There were massive differences between the direction that France took and the direction that the United States took. Unlike France, there was no “reign of terror” as a result of the revolution in the United States. After that, the economic courses of our nations diverged further, with the United States becoming an economic superpower and the chief nation that has spread the Gospel across the world, as the result of having saved the world from fascist domination during World War 2.

    During World War 2, the leader of France during the German occupation was Marechal Philippe Petain, a hero of World War 1, who retained huge public support while collaborating with the Nazis and publicly rounding up Jews for deportation to death camps such as Auschwitz in Poland. In other occupied nations such as the Netherlands, the Nazis had to deploy enforcers to compel compliance with these deportation orders. Only in France was the government able to openly collaborate with their occupiers while retaining considerable public support.

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    • soozword says:

      If France capitulates yet again, the Muslims gain a major nuclear power.

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      • remuda2016 says:

        There may be hope yet…
        Le Pen (48), & Marcon (39)–both Roman Catholic, but with differing ethics.

        The 2007 CIA World Factbook listed the religion of France as Roman Catholic 83–88%, Protestant 2%, Jewish 1%, Muslim 5%–10%, unaffiliated 4%. In 2002 the CIA World Factbook stated that 88–92% of the French population was Catholic. The source of these numbers is unclear.


    • KBR says:

      The most significant difference between the United States and all other nations is that the United States was founded upon Christianity.

      Many make claims that this is not true. The written and indisputable truth is that the United States was founded as a nation on September 3, 1783 when the War with Britain, called “The Revolutionary War,” ended with an official, signed treaty.

      That treaty, signed in Paris and thus called “The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783,” begins with these important words:

      “In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity…”

      (Only Christianity believes in the Holy Trinity.)

      And ends with these words…”in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty three.”

      (Only Christianity ever marked the calendar year “the year of our Lord.”)




  2. remuda2016 says:

    Le Pen…!
    Le Pen…!

    “De Plane”…!
    “De Plane”…!

    “Le Avion…Le Pen…!
    “Cotam Unité”…!


  3. rumpole2 says:

    It seems to me that the French Electoral system is an indictment of “alternative choice” voting.

    People get to vote for preferred choice in first round, but also their “second favorite” candidate in the second round.

    The system is DOOMED.

    They are likely to get what nobody wants! (Yellow)

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    • soozword says:

      Isn’t that like the American system of primaries and the final election? Don’t see much difference.


      • rumpole2 says:

        The alternative choice vote applied to say, republican primaries towards the end, hypothetically may have seen committed voters for Trump, LyinTed, Li’lMarco.. say each gaining 25% of a 1st choice vote,.. but somebody else (eg Kasich) gaining 50%+ as everybody’s “second choice”

        Kasich is the YELLOW of political candidates.😎


        • SteveInCO says:

          Better alternative: Instant runoff voting. Voters rank their candidates in order of preference.

          Everyone’s first choice is tallied. If no one gets a clear majority, the lowest vote getter is dropped. His voters then have their second choice votes added to the other candidates totals.

          If still, no one has a clear majority, drop the person with the lowest vote total again, add their next choice votes to the other candidates.

          Repeat until someone has a majority. Sure, a lot of people will have to settle for their second or third choice, but it will ONLY be those people who supported truly marginal candidates as their first choice. This would end the wasted vote syndrome for voting for third parties. If you like the libertarians (say), you could vote for them as first choice then republican (or democrat) as second choice. Since the libertarians will be eliminated almost immediately, your vote for the major party is the one that will count; your vote for libertarians can’t cause your favorite major party to lose (unless the Ls actually win).

          An even simpler alternative: you’re allowed to vote for as many candidates as you want, presumably you’d only vote for ones you could live with.

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          • soozword says:

            Years ago when I was a member of the liberal League of Women Voters I watched a live demonstration of instant runoff voting. I still really like the concept. You only vote for the ones you can live with, as you say, in the order of personal priority . Then you get a quick answer, no waiting for the final election (after a primary) or second run-off. Seems fast and efficient. It also seems to undermine the power of the two political parties and makes voters look at what all the candidates offer. Maybe that is a naive view of the system based on a superficial knowledge, but I would be willing to learn more about it IF it had any real chance of being implemented for state or federal elections. At the time a few cities were using the system for local elections but I have no idea if it still is in use.


        • remuda2016 says:

          France’s ‘régions’ are sorta like US States, with ‘departments’ as counties. How that plays with diverse urban/rural populations, demographics and off-shore outlands is unknown–like US Hawaii and Alaska. So the spread from region to region may be more homogeneous than the US with its vastness and protectorates. Don’t know if the voting is more or less ‘regionalized’ than the US. But the differences may tell as the voting unfolds in their press as well as ours.


          • SteveInCO says:

            Extremely “sorta like US States”. The regions were reorganized by the French government a few years ago (mostly consolidations); imagine our government ordering North and South Dakota to merge.


      • shallbe4 says:

        Articles I read said that Macron was leading LePen. Now I read that LePen did beat Macron. They are the top two candidates but change is being demanded in France and LePen is the only one listening to the people. This is another Trump election and Marine LePen is God’s candidate. Will they give her a rough time if she gets in.you betcha but LePen is fearless and will be victorious.


        • yy4u says:

          Everything I’ve heard claims Macron edged out LePen and in the general will drub her badly. Like Hillary was drubbing Trump right up to the final tally in the early hours of November 9th? So which is it? Did she edge out Macron? My guess is that the Globalists learned their lesson(s) with Brexit and the American election and they won’t take any chances on defeating LePen. I’m sure the media and other Democrats are kicking themselves because they believed the polls and didn’t raid more graveyards and bring more illegals to the polls than they did. They won’t make that mistake in France. Anyone whose ever said the word “France” will be allowed to vote for Macron.


    • MVW says:

      Voting theory outruns the brains of many voters, even ‘smart’ voters. Many ‘smart’ people have zero common sense.


  4. WeThePeople2016 says:

    How many illegals voted? Just wondering?

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    • SteveInCO says:

      Does France even consider anyone to be illegal?

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      • sunnydaze says:

        They didn’t when I worked there in the 70’s. No papers, no problem.

        Very unusual in my experience of working in foreign countries.

        I joined in on a business with a couple guys from S. America. We re-surfaced wooden floors in churches in Paris. They didn’t have any papers either.

        Got paid a lot of money for every job we did – another sign that it was totally OK. None of this “we’ll hire illegals so we can pay ’em less than legals” BS that our country and another I worked in had (Italy).

        I don’t know if it is still that way.


    • Esperanza says:

      Very few. Getting the rolls is strict. You have to show your papers and be on the list.


      • John R says:

        This is very true! My wife voted. She went with Fillon in the first round, hoping to get him against Le Pen in the second. She has a clear choice in the second round with Le Pen. But with 20% of the French population (note- not voters) working in a government job, there are serious headwinds against her. I do think that many of Fillon’s supporters will vote for Le Pen in the second round and won’t follow his advice.


  5. bluesky says:

    From https://8ch.net/pol/res/9785598.html some advice about helping Le Pen .

    MAKE LE PEN GREAT AGAIN Anonymous 04/23/17 (Sun) 16:19:44 ID: 552913 No.9785681>>9785719 >>9786211


    1) Fillon voters may not follow Fillon’s orders since some of them voted for more security and less taxes, while Macron offers them less security and more taxes. WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS THE CORE OF THEIR PREOCCUPATIONS.

    2) some Melenchon voters don’t want the TAFTA, the CETA, the EU, and the big business to evade taxes. REMEMBER THEM VOTING FOR MACRON MEANS SUPPORTING THIS.


    If he did it, Marine can too. BIG TIME.


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    • Patriot Lady says:

      Excellent, excellent, description– ” not an election,a DEATHMATCH”– and also describes what ours was last November– a ‘deathmatch’ between America’s extinction/Hillary and America’s survival/Trump.


  6. Reality Wins says:

    Could depend on how many French get blown up, run over, knived, and shot by those in the “peaceful religion” between now and May 7th.

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  7. andi lee says:

    A “Must, LISTEN!”

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  8. UKExpat says:

    You can try in vain to predict the same outcome for Le Pen that Trump got in the USA but what you can’t ignore is that France is France and they are virtually ALL SOCIALISTS and have been so for DECADES now the only variation is the deepness of the RED. So much as I personally would lve Le Pen to shove it up ’em the chances of her doing so are less than NONE AT ALL.


    • DebbieUK says:

      I have to agree. I’m still hoping the French have an epiphany moment but they won’t. They seem to enjoy striking and demonstrating a great deal shutting down the government for days and its not a recent thing .We British have been on the receiving end for years.
      I really hope I’m wrong .Their voting system doesn’t help Le Pen or anyone like her.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Still l fighting Napoleon I see and I am sure glad your countrymen felt different about voting for Brexit

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      • DebbieUK says:

        So am I .Macron is anti Brexit and gave an interview where he says he would not agree to UK accessing the single market without free movement.
        That suits me because I’m for a total break with the EU construct not some cobbled together associate membership.
        I really hope Le Pen wins against the odds like Mr Trump but I thought from the start Trump had a good chance of winning. I’m less optimistic with LePen. French politics is different.


  9. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Why is the run-off election in France only 2 weeks after the initial election, while the run-off election in Georgia is 2 months later?


  10. churchmouse says:

    Final results from the first round:

    Macron 23.75%
    LePen 21.53%

    Macron won.


  11. squid2112 says:

    I honestly don’t see what it matters. France is socialist and unsustainable. , France is already dead from Islam, they just don’t quite know it yet. It really matters not, at this point, who is elected their leader. Their future is already set, and it sucks to be them (as with most, if not all, of Europe)


  12. Nigel Farage on FOX news this morning:

    “I watched Macron’s speech plastic night… the man is utterly vacuous! He has no policy to offer and only promises to protect the Status Quo!”

    Ya gotta love Farage…

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  13. squid2112 says:

    I agree. Further, I would like to see Sundance write up an honest and factual article about the state of France, and an assessment of just what difference this election will make. I contend that this election will have absolutely no effect on France’s final destiny. At this point, short of very radical action, for which nobody in France will be willing to do, France is toast. They will become an Islamic State by the year 2020. Very little can stop that at this point. So have all the elections you like, it really isn’t going to matter.


    • yy4u says:

      squid2112 is probably closer to right than to wrong. There are two works of fiction if you haven’t read, you might want. One was “Camp of the Saints” written in 1973 about the difficulty of stopping a “peaceful” but overwhelming invasion (of Indians) but it works even better with Muslims and Indians generally assimilated. The other is “Submission” by Houelebeuque (sp) which was on the cover of Charlie Hebdo the day Muslims shot up the place. It’s pretty much predicts the French election. The moderates, communists and Muslim join together to prevent the “right winger” from winning the election which results in the election of a Muslim who then once elected quickly takes over France for the Muslims. The “hero” (a despicable character) is faced with either converting or losing his job as a professor at a university. The bonus is if he converts he gets two fifteen year old wives. It’s an interesting and thought provoking read.


    • gellieba says:

      The battle has been lost long time ago….
      The Muslims living in France represents +10% of the population with the current birthrate of 4 Muslims for 1 French…
      Yes, “France is toast” !!!!!!


  14. gellieba says:

    100 PC of votes (final):
    Macron = 24.01
    Le Pen = 21.30


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