Defense Secretary Mattis Discusses Mid-East, Russia and North Korea…

During a flight to Saudi Arabia Defense Secretary James Mattis answered some current events questions about strategic policy objectives:

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20 Responses to Defense Secretary Mattis Discusses Mid-East, Russia and North Korea…

  1. Tonawanda says:

    So far every word out of this administration sounds like what truthful adults would say.

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  2. SharonKinDC says:

    Interestingly, Mattis wants UN to work on a peace negotiation in Yemen. Good. Let’s stay out of that mess.

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  3. Sandra-VA says:

    This is an interesting development:

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  4. MVW says:

    The US and Israel are Saudi Dhimmis. A penny on a dollar buys a lot in the Global swamp. The CIA would sell babies for parts and Brownstone leverage. No morals left in the modern age.

    The CIA has the veneer of serving our country, but after decades of corruption and no morals, how would they know if anything was saved? Having weaponized Mohammed’s Islam and bringing Sharia into our house would we notice if their next act was to torch it?


  5. JBrickley says:

    Either Retired Gen Secretary ‘Maddog’ Mattis has outstanding diplomatic prose and control or he has the reporters wetting themselves so they softball the questions. I am still waiting for him to dress down a moronic reporter but it seems they are too scared to even play games with Mattis.


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