Vice-President Mike Pence in Seoul South Korea…

Representing U.S. Asian interests overall, and specifically the White House expressions of stability toward a region during a time of tenuous action by North Korea, Vice-President Mike Pence arrived in South Korea during Easter Sunday.

Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence placed a wreath at the National Cemetery in South Korea’s capital, shortly after arriving at the start of a 10-day trip to Asia.


Following the wreath ceremony and accompanying S-Korean services, Mr. and Mrs. Pence deliver remarks to thank US troops at a fellowship meal to celebrate Easter Sunday. Stay with it, the last half of this speech is personal, moving and effective. Believe me.

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44 Responses to Vice-President Mike Pence in Seoul South Korea…

  1. 4bleu says:

    Very nice. Deep appreciations to Vice President Pence and Mrs. Pence for reaffirming the connection between Americans at home and Americans abroad so well. Many thanks to SD as always to give us a chance to share in this event so far from our shores, and to be encouraged in seeing again the warm graciousness and heart that Americans were once known for is still with us.

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  2. Jeffrey Leyerle says:

    Chock back the tears. Is it just me, or are we in love with our new leadership?

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  3. FreedomFtr says:

    Having served in Korea in 1970 at the base of Pork Chop Hill, I broke out in tears listening to our VPOTUS give one of the most honoring speeches as to why we serve overseas. God Bless our loyal troops especially the ones overseas separated from their loved ones on this Holly of Holly days Easter Sunday. May God guide us, our President, and all mankind to find a way to seek peace throughout so our precious soldiers may some day come home to America. Amen.

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  4. duchess01 says:

    President Trump has chosen a Vice-President who can represent our country anywhere in the world with grace and dignity – his calm demeanor and Christian faith are a testament to his service to God and Country – I know some of us had our doubts politically when he was chosen – however, he handles himself well and rarely misses an opportunity to give credit to our men/women in the Armed Forces – both active and inactive – he also spoke warmly of his father who served in the Army –

    Vice-President Pence and 2nd Lady Karen Pence honor America wherever they go – Thank God!

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    I am at a point where I no longer have a doubt about our VP. This man believes in our President and knows that he takes his role as Commander and Chief above all other duties as President. Mike Pence is a good man and a religious man. There is no question that it is real and not an act. If anything, his faith may regrettably stop him from being our 46th President. He will not put it aside to advance his career. There are not many people that would put God above their personal advancement in this day and age. Please consider the last five minutes of this video when you question our VP.

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    • duchess01 says:

      Oh, my – YES! Agree wholeheartedly, flep! A well-phrased and articulated post dedicated to Vice- President Pence and his family!

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    • M. Mueller says:

      flep, I’ve had grave misgivings about VP Pence, especially since General Flynn was removed. Lately, however, I’ve been rethinking my feelings. I just cannot reconcile his obviously true religious beliefs with someone who would back-stab our President that he is working for. Maybe it really was a battered conservative thing, but I am done being suspicious of the man.

      Happy Easter everyone. It almost blew up at our house over politics and the Serbian bombing, but we all survived.

      While I am posting, Georgiafl posted this on the open thread a few days ago. The House of Loreto, Italy, was always said to be flown there by angels, but now they think it was put on a boat to save it from destruction from the invading Muslims. Over the years experts have deduced that it is a first century house from the area of Nazareth, even to the pollen ingrained in the wood. This is a premonition of the Hermit of Loreto in the 1980’s about Donald J. Trump. Awesome. 8 min.

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  6. Thanks for sharing Sundance. That was powerful and timely on Easter Sunday. I feel in good hands with Trump and Pence at the helm.

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  7. KBR says:

    Vice President Pence gave a very moving and personal talk and testimony for the troops. Every family member having military personnel in service are grateful for a man who is also a service family member: it is an understanding not easily come by for those who have not experienced it.

    Happy Easter to all Treepers and all Troops.

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  8. andyocoregon says:

    It’s scary to think how close Seoul is to North Korea. It’s only 30 miles to the border.

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    • Maquis says:

      It is indeed frightening. NK has been estimated to have 100,000 conventional missiles trained on Seoul, a city in the range of Fifteen-Million souls. Millions of lives could be lost in the opening minutes of a war, or simply in response to any action that sets off Mad Kim. These are my first thoughts, and fears, when talk of confrontation on the Peninsula heats up. Seoul is being held hostage, yet the World is unaware, or, I pray not, unconcerned.

      I have three Cities represented on my phone screen time and weather widget; my home here in Washington; Salon de Provence in France; and Seoul, South Korea. These are two of the places most dear to me as a result of my days in Service. Koreans are good people, with a culture that is often given short shrift. Were I in health, and not dependant on the VA and my military benefits, I would happily live in either of these places I treasure.

      South Korea has an amazingly strong Christian community. My first year-long tour there in the mid-nineties there were at least 700 distinct Christian Sects represented and practiced in South Korea. That is amazing to me. VP Pence did good there today, very well done.

      The Innocent citizens of North Korea, those not becoming fat whilst millions starve, are good people too. I not long ago commented that NK was not worth risking the loss of a single American Serviceman, that it could only be razed in order to eliminate it’s multitudinous threats remaining even during pacification operations.

      Then a gentleman posted a link, I am not sure if it was meant for me at all, but God did mean it for me. I am ashamed of my once callous disregard for a people who, though taught from birth to hate Americans, whose mortal salvation a great many would reject in order to act on that hate despite the futility of it, are in large measure good people born into a bad fate. North Koreans are victims of the Kims’ regime. There are many voices that we don’t hear, or listen for, those of NK’s victims are the least of all, it seems.

      Please watch this video of Yeonmi Park risking her young life by leaving the protection of South Korea, to which she had eventually “defected”, exposing herself to NK assassin’s, in order to bravely participate in a conference on freedom in Dublin, to tell the World of the horrors of NK and the suffering of it’s people. This is a major handkerchief video, grab one or two before you watch:

      There are many other videos which illustrate her increasing activism, striving to raise awareness of the human crisis that NK regime belligerence overshadows. She has come far, it is a joy to see.

      She has recently written a book, “In Order to Survive” by Yeonmi Park, of course. I will read it today, I’ve read the first two pages and realized that I cannot read it piecemeal, it will be read all in this day. Others have made similar remarks about the inability to put it down. I can already recommend it, her story, and so many others, needs to be heard, and she is a brave, precious soul.

      Yeonmi is amazing, possessing a resilience few could manage, with a compelling voice. I sent three messages to the White House last night, and suspect that this story would be a timely, and well met, piece of the picture our President needs to act appropriately and justly in regards to North Korea, so I will ensure this gets there as well.


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      • Maquis says:

        Oh, I had promised to find a way to communicate with Marine Le Pen, but her campaign website offers no means of contact. I hope to find another way, but I wanted to report my lack of success…a promise merits a status report even if it says FAIL in neon lights!

        C’est ma vie!

        There is, however, some decent swag available there. Anyone interested in very well done blue rose jewelery in ceramic should check it out.

        Gotta show our support even if it’s for the following election, though I pray for her success right now. She is the key to breaking the Schengen Scheme and restoring Borders and Sovereignty for France, creating the tools that other EU captives can use to escape and begin deIslamification. Read her platform, if you get a chance, it is remarkable; solid, well crafted and viable. It almost reads like a Trump Rally!



      • CharterOakie says:

        Wow. What a story!


      • SpanglishKC says:

        “In Order To Live”


    • auntiefran413 says:

      My “baby boy” (retired LtC) lives in Seoul. Believe me…I know scary!

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  9. dekester says:

    In hindsight it is apparent ( to me at least.) that the MSM and talking heads totally missed the selection of VP Pence as they were pushing for their own pick. As always PDJT is ahead of pack of hyenas.

    The pick of VP Pence may have been PDJTs finest pre election decisions.

    Thank you all, and happy Easter.

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    • ronheinzkaboot says:

      I agree. I was won over by his RNC speech–and I was a democrat.
      I listened to it 4 times.
      After that speech, it was like a veil was lifted from my eyes. I realized what the standard should be. I knew I would vote for Trump because that was the greatest pick. And you know he had many to choose from. (not that I would ever vote for Hillary but one of my choices was not to vote).
      He is well spoken, true grit, loyal, humble yet proud. He has more government. And his faith is a shining light.
      His family is sterling.
      Another incredible speech by Pence

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  10. Curry Worsham says:

    Wow. That was moving. I immediately sent that to my 87-year-old Korean War Veteran father-in-law. (Army Intelligence.) I know he will deeply appreciate it. Bravo, Mike Pence!

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  11. ZurichMike says:

    In the last half of VP Pence’s speech, the general looked like he was choking back tears — he looked very moved by Pence’s words.

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  12. missmarple2 says:

    For those who are not Catholic, I would like to say that the words of the soldier are incorporated in the Catholic Mass:

    “Lord, I am not worthy that You should come under my roof. Speak but the word and my soul shall be healed.”

    Glad I watched this speech. Mike Pence was my governor, and I was stunned when he was selected as VP. Here in Indiana he wasn’t out and about that much. President Trump did, indeed see capabilities in him that perhaps he didn’t know himself. I am very proud of him.

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    • Well said missmarple! Never seen a VO given this much power to show their courage and speak of their faith! Excellent speech!

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    • That is a powerful statement by Jesus…faith…in the unseen is truly a healing force. Great and moving talk by VP Pence.

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    • Maquis says:

      Thank you for sharing that, Miss Marple.

      I am shamefully ignorant of the Universal Church’s rituals, despite my great respect for the Catholic Church. You have whetted my appetite to further investigate this vital aspect of our heritage as peoples blessed to be part of Western Civilization.



  13. Fe says:

    Sundance, I watched. His entire speech is wonderful. The last few 2-3 minutes were indeed personal and moving. I had small seeds of doubts previously about Pence’s loyalty to Trump and to us, the forgotten men and women. But a light bulb went off in my head at the genius of our President for selecting Mike Pence as his VP running mate. God is weaving a beautiful tapestry of our country as it is being restored each step between our two lions, President DJT and VP Mike Pence.

    All of us need to be patient. It takes time to restore things back to its original state. It took many years for our country to be shoved to the edge of the point of no return. It will happen, trust in God to lead our President and Vice President every step of the way back to restoration. 😀🙏🏻

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    • Sharon says:

      “It took many years for our country to be shoved to the edge of the point of no return.”


      Either a hundred – or fifty – depending on preference for context.

      obama had neither the skills nor the personal management skills to do the damage he did and those who see him as exclusively responsible probably also think that this will be an easy turnaround.

      The garbage and tolerance and nonsense that was already in place made it easy for him. On the campaign trail during the summer of 2008, he announced what he intended to do with the opportunity. Too few understood and believed he meant. So he did it.

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      • Maquis says:

        Obama also had, and, apparently, still has, an Iranian Dominatrix Handler who he served well.

        To whom does she report? Who is at the top of Obama’s chain of control? Who is their next puppet?

        Furious Americans want to know.

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  14. Sharon says:

    So nice that we now have leaders who pay attention. Mrs. Pence is wearing white gloves and jacket at the wreath, the proper color to express mourning and grief in Korea.

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  15. maiingankwe says:

    Amazing, amazed this is what I will always remember this speech for. I wouldn’t be surprised if the one thing the Soldiers there walked away with was the story shared by our VP Pence was that Jesus was Amazed and it’s the only time it is known in the Bible Jesus was amazed in the presence of a Soldier. Sorry, but I just really liked that part and had never knew that before. It’s something I wish I knew earlier so I could’ve shared it with my Dad. He too was in North Korea for more than two years. He was a gunner on the B-29’s. I believe that was the plane, I will look it back up and make sure of it.

    The part that choaked me up the most and forever will was his Father’s statement that the heroes never made it home. I had to take a few quiet moments to think about that part. It’s true. They gave the greatest sacrifice of all. Wise words of our VP’s Dad. Wise words.

    The fine gentlemen standing next to our Second Lady, Karen Pence got it, he understood exactly what had been said. I watched where he had to swallow what may have been his tears. The kind of swallow where one is trying to hold something big back.

    I know if I was a journalist I would’ve bee-lined for this gentleman to hear his words and thoughts about what our VP had to say. I know he was moved, and finally we have an administration who stands with all of our troops. It is no longer just words. We will go much further than that. I am so proud of our President and Vice President and all who work and stand with them. Yes, that includes all of you who stand with them.

    Well, back to the kitchen for me.

    God Bless and Happy Easter,

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  16. You are right! It was a moving speech in memory of his father! Very deep spiritual speech! Oh how much Have we missed this in the last 8 yrs!

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  17. greenvalleygal says:

    Jesus spoke to the soldier saying He was amazed. Luke chose the Greek word thaumazo (thou-mad’-zo, also in Matthew 8:10), which we translate “marveled” or “amazed,” to describe Jesus’s response to the centurion’s faith. The only other time this word is used to describe Jesus’s response to someone else’s faith is in Mark 6:6, when he marvels at the lack of faith in the people of Nazareth, those who knew him best.

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  18. ALEX says:

    Brilliant. Vice President Pence has mentioned Reagan made him a republican and for those of us who remember Ronald Reagan and his speeches, that was the type of heartfelt weaving of religion and politics that I miss…Just the right touch…

    Its not in your face, but uses words that have stood the test and they can have meaning to anyone…Just superb.


    • Maquis says:

      I could listen to Reagan speeches all day long. I’d need a hanky, but my heart would be swollen and I’d swear I grew an inch or more. What a marvelous human being.

      Did you know he saved 77 individuals as a lifeguard when young? That amazes me. He may never have served in tbe trenches, he was in communications and PR iirc in the War, but the Will to Protect, to Bless, was strong in him all his life.

      He was my favorite Commander in Chief in all of my time in Service. I cried for a week when he passed, even though he had lost so much before that and was rightfully mourned while still living.

      I so hope Nancy’s story is completely true, of him recognizing her before he passed, looking into her eyes, as if he had been granted one last chance to express his love for his wonderful, most faithful and devoted Beloved. Dang, where’s my hanky? 😭

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  19. Words escape me, thank you VP Pence and all our troops. God Speed.


  20. Kelly says:

    My already high opinion of Pence just rose more. Wow.


  21. deh3k says:

    Vice President Pence hit it out of the park. President Trump truly selects the right people for a task. So Inspirational. This is Pence shining.


  22. SpanglishKC says:

    Outstanding speech!!! I am glad I tooks SD’s advice and listened to the whole thing.

    BONUS: Karen Pence doesn’t have to say anything…yet you can tell from her eyes and facial expressions how supportive, loving and proud she is of her spouse and his words on this moving occassion.

    First class couple. First class people.



  23. Lucille says:

    Loretta Young….


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