History Repeating – Ahead of French Election Facebook Blocks 30,000 Accounts…

A report surfaces today that Facebook has shut down 30,000 user accounts from France. The French election is in 10 days and given the nature of Facebook’s political activity in shaping national elections many are seeing a connection.

[…] In a blog post, Facebook said it was acting against 30,000 fake accounts in France. It said its priority was to remove suspect accounts with high volumes of posting activity and the biggest audiences. –link

Facebook was first used as a political tool during the Egyptian uprising in 2010. It was the introduction and coordinated use of social media which led to the ouster of Hosni Mubarak and the installation of Mohammed Morsi. Additionally, WikiLeaks earlier released evidence showing the CIA was previously used in the 2012 French election to shape the outcome.

A week before the WikiLeaks release highlighting the CIA’s prior involvement, CNN was pushing a narrative that the Russians were attempting to interfere in the psychology of the French election. The WikiLeaks release in combination with the CNN story showed two interested entities fighting for influence. The U.S. State Dept. through CNN and Russia through WikiLeaks – Outlined Here

Why would they do this? Well, those of you who have followed the historic research on the State Department might well remember the “Rivkin Project“. The globalist agents, multinational interests, are simply not willing to concede another loss in their decades long approach toward eliminating nationalist sentiment.


The U.K. Brexit outcome and the success of President Donald Trump are two losses for the globalist sycophants; a loss in France would be the proverbial dam break.

Does all of this seem too conspiratorial to fathom on an international level? If so, perhaps understanding the 2010 Rivkin project would provide context for the scope of these globalist interests.

The Rivkin Project: Globalism Using Multiculturalism to Subvert Sovereign Nations.

During Secretary Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State an event took place that garnered little media attention. It was October 19-22, 2010, as the Obama administration’s “Arab Spring” was rising amid the headlines, when Charles Rivkin, US Ambassador to France, invited a 29-member delegation from the Pacific Council on International Policy (PCIP) to a conference in France, the stated purpose of which was to discuss Arab and Islamic relations in the country.

The meeting was part of a far-reaching subversive agenda to transform that entire character of France and in particular the consciousness of French youth, which includes the use of France’s Muslim youth in a typically manipulative globalist strategy behind the usual façade of “human rights” and “equality.”

Globalist Delegation at US Embassy – The PCIP report states of the conference:

…The delegation further focused on three key themes. First, the group examined Franco-Muslim issues in France through exchanges with Dr. Bassma Kodmani, Director of the Arab Reform Institute, and Ms. Rachida Dati, the first female French cabinet member of North African origin and current Mayor of the 7th Arrondissement in Paris.

A trip to the Grand Mosque of Paris and a meeting with the Director of Theology and the Rector there provided additional insight. Second, meetings with Mr. Jean-Noel Poirier, the Vice President of External Affairs at AREVA (a highly innovative French energy company), and with Mr. Brice Lalonde, climate negotiator and former Minister of the Environment, highlighted energy and nuclear policy issues and the differences between U.S. and French policies in these arenas.

And finally, the delegation explored the connections between media and culture in California (Hollywood) and France in meetings at the Louvre, the Musee D’Orsay, and at FRANCE 24 – the Paris-based international news and current affairs channel.

sarkozy-clintonThe over-riding concern focused on on matters of a multicultural dimension, including not only Arab and Islamic relations in France, but perhaps more importantly in the long term, a discussion on the impact of Hollywood “culture” on the French.

The USA has long played a duplicitous game of “fighting terrorism” of an “Islamic” nature as one of the primary elements of its post-Cold War stratagem of manufactured permanent crises, while using “radical Islam” for it own purposes, the well-known examples being:

  • (1) supporting Bin Laden in the war against Russia in Afghanistan;
  • (2) backing Saddam Hussein in the war against Iran;
  • (3) supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army in ousting the Serbs from mineral-rich Kosovo, the KLA having been miraculously transformed from being listed by the US State Department as a “terrorist organization,” to becoming “freedom fighters.”

When US globalists pose as friends of Muslims, the latter should sup with the Great Shaitan with an exceedingly long spoon.

What is the Pacific Council on International Policy? The PCIP, of which Rivkin is a member, was founded in 1995 as a regional appendage of the omnipresent globalist think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), It is headquartered in Los Angeles, but “with members and activities throughout the West Coast of the United States and internationally.” Corporate funding comes from, among others:

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Chicago Council on Foreign Relations
  • City National Bank
  • The Ford Foundation
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • United States Institute of Peace

The PCIP is therefore yet another big player in the globalist network comprising hundreds of interconnected organizations, lobbies, “civil society” groups, NGOs, and think tanks, associated the US Government, and with banks and other corporations. As usual, there is a conspicuous presence by Rockefeller interests, and the interesting character, Nicky Rockefeller, is a member, despite the insistence of some “skeptics” that he doesn’t actually exist.

Why France? France has long been a thorn in the side of US globalism because of its stubborn adherence to French interests around the world, rather than those of the manufactured “world community.” Despite Sarkozy, France is one of the few states left in Western Europe with the remnant of a national consciousness.

The best way of destroying any such sentiment is to weaken the concepts of nationhood and nationality by means of promoting “multiculturalism.”

Was it only a coincidence that the 1968 student revolt, sparked by the most puerile of reasons, occurred at a time both when the CIA was very active in funding student groups around the world, and when President De Gaulle was giving the USA a lot of trouble? De Gaulle did little to play along with American’s post-war plans. He withdrew France from NATO military command.

Even during World War II as leader of the Free French, he was distrusted by the USA. Of particular concern would have been De Gaulle’s advocacy of a united Europe to counteract US hegemony. In 1959 he stated at Strasbourg: “Yes, it is Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, it is the whole of Europe, that will decide the destiny of the world.” The expression implied détente between a future neutralist Europe and the USSR. In 1967 he declared an arms embargo on Israel and cultivated the Arab world.

This is the type of statesmanship that globalists fear. With the buffoonery of Sarkozy, and mounting tension with disaffected Muslim youth, a backlash could see an intransigently anti-globalist, “xenophobic” regime come to power.

In today’s context, what better way now to subvert French nationalism and head-off any potential to revive as an anti-globalist force, than to use France’s large, unassimilated Islamic component, just as the Bolshevik revolution was undertaken to a significant extent by the disaffected minorities of the Russian Empire?

Of interest also is the interest of the PCIP delegation in the influence of Hollywood on French culture. This might seem at first glance to be an odd concern. However Hollywood, as the symbol of international cultural excrescence, is an important factor in globalization, in what amounts to a world culture-war.

Ultimately the goal of globalism is not to promote the survival of ethnic cultures and identities, but rather to submerge them into one big melting pot of global consumerism, to uproot every individual from an identity and heritage and replace that with the global shopping mall, and the “global village.” Therefore multiculturalism should be viewed as the antithesis of what it is understood as being.

So far from the global corporates wanting to promote so-called multiculturalism in terms of assuring the existence of a multiplicity of cultures, as the term implies; it is to the contrary part of a dialectical process whereby under the facade of humane ideals, peoples of vastly different heritage are moved across the world like pawns on a chess board. It is an example of Orwellian “doublethink.” It is notable that the instigators of the “velvet revolutions” now sweeping North Africa and reaching into Iran are largely “secularized” youths without strong traditional roots.

Similarly, the best way to solve France’s ethnic conflicts and to assure that France does not re-emerge again to confront US/globalist interests, is to dialectically create a new cultural synthesis where there is neither a French culture nor an Islamic culture, but under the banner of “human rights” and “equality,” a globalist youth-based culture nurtured by Hollywood, MTV, cyberspace, MacDonald’s and Pepsi.

That this is more than hypothesis is indicated in the manner by which the secular youth revolts now taking place in North Africa have been spawned by an alliance of corporate interests, sponsored by the US State Department and sundry NGOs such as Freedom House. The North African “revolutionaries” are just the type of “Muslim” that the globalists prefer; spawned and nurtured with the cyber-consumer mentality.

So what are Rivkin and the US State Department up to in France, that they should be so interested in the place of Hollywood and of Muslims in the country?


The Rivkin Project for Subverting French Youth – That year (2010), when Rivkin had invited a delegation of fellow PCIP members to France, he had outlined a program for the Americanization of France that primarily involved the use of the Muslim minorities and the indoctrination of French youth with corporate globalist ideals.

The slogan invoked was the common commitment France and America historically had to “equality.” Wikileaks released the “confidential” Rivkin program. It is entitled “Minority Engagement Strategy.”

Here, Rivkin outlines a program that is a far-reaching interference in the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation and, more profoundly, seeks to change the attitudes of generations of Muslim and French youth so that they might be merged into a new globalist synthesis; or what might be called a new humanity: Homo economicus, or what the financial analyst G Pascal Zachary calls “The Global Me,” to achieve what Rivkin describes as USA’s “national interests.”

Rivkin begins by stating that his Embassy has created a “Minority Engagement Strategy,” that is directed at Muslims in France. Rivikin states as part of the program: “…We will also integrate the efforts of various Embassy sections, target influential leaders among our primary audiences, and evaluate both tangible and intangible indicators of the success of our strategy.”

Rivkin is confident that France’s history of ideological liberalism “will serve us well as we implement the strategy outlined here… in which we press France….” Note the phrase: “press France”. America’s global agenda is linked by Rivkin to his blueprint for transferring France into “a thriving, inclusive French polity [that] will help advance our interests in expanding democracy and increasing stability worldwide.” The program will focus on the “elites” of the French and the Muslim communities, but will also involve a massive propaganda campaign directed at the “general population,” with a focus on the young.

The program also includes redefining French history in the school curricula to give attention to the role of non-French minorities in French history. It means that the Pepsi/MTV generation of Americans and their mentors in academe will be formulating new definitions of French culture and writing new pages of French history to accord with globalist agendas. Towards this end: “…we will continue and intensify our work with French museums and educators to reform the history curriculum taught in French schools.

“Tactic Number Three” is entitled: “Launch Aggressive Youth Outreach.” As in other states targeted by the US State Department and their allies at the Soros network, Freedom House, Movement.org, National Endowment for Democracy, Solidarity Center, and so forth; disaffected youth are the focus for change.

Leading the charge on this effort, the Ambassador’s inter-agency Youth Outreach Initiative aims to “engender a positive dynamic among French youth that leads to greater support for U.S. objectives and values.” Can the intentions be stated any plainer? It is Americanization culturally and politically.

It is here that we can most easily get past the cant and see what is behind the strategy: to form a generation “that leads to greater support for U.S. objectives and values”.

These “U.S. objectives and values” will be sold to the French as “French values” on the basis of the bourgeoisie ideals of 1789 which continue to encumber French ideology on both Left and Right.

The young French will be taught to think that they are upholding French traditions, rather than acting as the useful idiots of Americanization, and concomitant banality of the global shopping mall. A far-reaching program incorporating a variety of indoctrination methods is outlined:

To achieve these aims, we will build on the expansive Public Diplomacy programs already in place at post, and develop creative, additional means to influence the youth of France, employing new media, corporate partnerships, nationwide competitions, targeted outreach events, especially invited U.S. guests.

The program directed at youth in France is similar to that directed at the youth that formed the vanguard of the “velvet revolutions” from Eastern Europe to North Africa. Potential leaders are going to be taken up by the US State Department in France and cultivated to play a part in the future France of American design:

We will also develop new tools to identify, learn from, and influence future French leaders.

As we expand training and exchange opportunities for the youth of France, we will continue to make absolutely certain that the exchanges we support are inclusive.

We will build on existing youth networks in France, and create new ones in cyberspace, connecting France’s future leaders to each other in a forum whose values we help to shape — values of inclusion, mutual respect, and open dialogue.

Here Rivkin is advocating something beyond influencing Muslims in France. He is stating that a significant part of the program will be directed towards cultivating French youth, the potential leaders, in “American” ideals, under the façade of French ideals.

CENA DE ESTADO EN HONOR DE FRANCOIS HOLLANDEThe US State Department and their corporate allies and allied NGOs intend to “shape their values.” The globalist program for France is stated clearly enough to be the re-education of French youth. One would think that this is the most important role of the French Government, the Catholic Church and the family; the latter two in particular.

As in the states that are chosen for “velvet revolutions” part of the strategy includes demarcating acceptable political boundaries. As Hillary Clinton recently stated in regard to the type of state the US Establishment expects to emerge after Qaddafi, the new Libya should be an “inclusive democracy,” open to all opinions, as long as those opinions include a commitment to “equality” and “democracy;” in other words, there must be a new dispensation of freedom in Libya, so long as that freedom does not extend beyond America’s definition of it.

And if someone oversteps the lines of acceptable democracy, there are American bombs on the standby. In the context of France, however, it is clear that the demarcation of French politics according to globalist dictates cannot include any elements of so-called “xenophobia,” which in today’s context would include a return to the grand politics of the De Gaulle era. Hence, “Tactic 5″ states:

Fifth, we will continue our project of sharing best practices with young leaders in all fields, including young political leaders of all moderate parties so that they have the toolkits and mentoring to move ahead. We will create or support training and exchange programs that teach the enduring value of broad inclusion to schools, civil society groups, bloggers, political advisors, and local politicians.

Rivkin is outlining a program to train France’s future political and civic leaders. While the programs of US Government-backed NGOs such as the National Endowment for Democracy are designed to develop entire programs and strategies for political parties in “emerging democracies”, this can be rationalized by stating that there is a lack of experience in liberal-democratic party politics in certain states. The same can hardly be used to justify America’s interference in France’s party politics.

Towards this end Rivkin states that the 1000 American English language teachers employed at French schools will be provided with the propaganda materials necessary to inculcate the desired ideals into their French pupils: “We will also provide tools for teaching tolerance to the network of over 1,000 American university students who teach English in French schools every year.”

The wide-ranging program will be coordinated by the “Minority Working Group” in “tandem” with the “Youth Outreach Initiative.” One of the issues monitored by the Group will be the “decrease in popular support for xenophobic political parties and platforms.” This is to ensure that the program is working as it should, to block the success of any “extreme” or “xenophobic” party that might challenge globalization.

Rivkin clarifies the subversive nature of the program when stating: “While we could never claim credit for these positive developments, we will focus our efforts in carrying out activities, described above, that prod, urge and stimulate movement in the right direction.”

What would the reaction be if the French Government through its Embassy in Washington undertook a program to radically change the USA in accordance with “French national interests,” inculcating through an “aggressive outreach program” focusing on youth, “French ideals” under the guise of “American ideals on human rights?”

What would be the response of the US Administration if it was found that the French Government was trying to influence the attitudes of Afro-Americans, American-Indians, and Latinos?

What if French officials were ordered to take every opportunity to “press” US officials to ask why there are not more American Indians in Government positions?

What would be the official US reaction if it were found that French language educators in American schools and colleges were trying to inculcate American pupils with ideas in the service of French interests, and to reshape attitudes towards in a pro-French direction in foreign policy?

The hypothetical reaction can be deduced from the US response to the “Soviet conspiracy” when Senate and Congressional committees were set up to investigate anyone even vaguely associated with or accused of being aligned to the USSR. So what’s different?

The USA perpetrates a subversive strategy in the interests of it globalist cooperate elite, instead of in the interests of the USSR or communism. It is not as though the USA has had much of a cultural heritage that it can present itself to any European nation, let alone France, as the paragon of good taste and artistic refinement upon which a national identity can be reconstructed in a dialectical process that requires cultural deconstruction.

renzi-hollande-cameron-obamaThe Role of Multiculturalism in the Globalist Agenda – Many nefarious aims have been imposed under the banners of multiculturalism and associated slogans such as “equality” and “human rights.” Like the word “democracy,” used to justify the bombing of sundry states in recent history, these slogans often serve as rhetoric to beguile the well-intentioned while hiding the aims of those motivated by little if anything other than power and greed.

One might think of the manner by which the issue of the Uitlanders was agitated to justify the Anglo-Boer wars for the purpose of procuring the mineral wealth of South Africa for the benefit of Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Beit, et al.

A similar issue was revived in our own time, under the name of “fighting apartheid,” and while the world was jubilant at the assumption to power of the ANC, the reality has been that while the Africans have not benefited materially an iota, the parastatals or state owned enterprises are being privatized so that they can be sold off to global capitalism.

When the patriarch of South African capitalism, Harry Oppenheimer, whose family was a traditional foe of the Afrikaners, died in 2000 Nelson Mandela eulogized him thus: “His contribution to building partnership between big business and the new democratic government in that first period of democratic rule can never be appreciated too much.”

The “democracy” Oppenheimer and other plutocrats in tandem with the ANC, had delivered to South Africa is the freedom for global capital to exploit the country. Mandela stated the result of this “long march to freedom” in 1996: “Privatization is the fundamental policy of the ANC and will remain so.”

It is the same outcome for South Africa that was achieved by the “liberation” of Kosovan minerals in the name of “democracy” and in the name of the rights of Muslims under Serb rule, while other Muslims under their own rule are bombed into submission by the USA and its allies.

In commenting on the privatization of the Johannesburg municipal water, which is now under the French corporation Suez Lyonnaise Eaux, the ANC issued a statements declaring that: “Eskom is one of a host of government owned ‘parastatals’ created during the apartheid era which the democratically elected government has set out to privatize in a bid to raise money.”

The future of parastatals is more relevant to understating what happened in South Africa than the overthrow of apartheid; and provides a case study in the operations of globalism.

The Character of Global Capitalism – The nature of the globalist dialectic has been explained particularly cogently by Noam Chomsky:

See, capitalism is not fundamentally racist – it can exploit racism for its purposes, but racism isn’t built into it. Capitalism basically wants people to be interchangeable cogs, and differences among them, such as on the basis of race, usually are not functional. I mean, they may be functional for a period, like if you want a super exploited workforce or something, but those situations are kind of anomalous.

Over the long term, you can expect capitalism to be anti-racist — just because it’s anti-human. And race is in fact a human characteristic — there’s no reason why it should be a negative characteristic, but it is a human characteristic. So therefore identifications based on race interfere with the basic ideal that people should be available just as consumers and producers, interchangeable cogs who will purchase all the junk that’s produced — that’s their ultimate function, and any other properties they might have are kind of irrelevant, and usually a nuisance.

kerry and hollande

France as a Social Laboratory for Globalization: Paris as a “Global City” – The Rivkin offensive is the latest in a long-time program of undermining French identity. France is a dichotomy of cosmopolitanism as the result of its bourgeoisie revolution of 1789, while nonetheless maintaining a stubborn traditionalism and nationalism, which the globalists term “xenophobia.”

It is manifested in even small ways such as the legal obligation of French public servants and politicians to only speak to foreign media in French, regardless of their knowledge of any other language; or the widespread resistance in France to McDonald’s.

France, like much of the rest of the world, is however fighting a losing battle against globalization. Jeff Steiner’s column “Americans in France,” refers to the manner by which the French at one time resisted the opening of the American fast food franchise as “part of an American cultural invasion.” Steiner writes:

…That seems to be past as McDonalds has so become a part of French culture that it’s not seen as an American import any longer, but wholly French. In short, McDonalds has grown on the French just like in so many other countries.

I’ve been to a few McDonalds in France and, except for one in Strasbourg that looks from the outside to be built in the traditional Alsacien style, all McDonalds in France that I have seen look no different than their American counterparts.

Yes, there are those that still curse McDo (They are now a very small group and mostly ignored.) as the symbol of the Americanization of France and who also see it as France losing its uniqueness in terms of cuisine. The menu in a French McDonalds is almost an exact copy of what you would find in any McDonalds in the United States. It struck me as a bit odd that I could order as I would in the United States, that is in English, with the odd French preposition thrown in.

If truth were told, the French who eat at McDonalds are just as much at home there as any American could be.

This seemingly minor example is actually of much importance in showing just how a culture as strong as that of, until recently, an immensely proud nation, can succumb, especially under the impress of marketing towards youngsters. It is a case study par excellence of the standardization that American corporate culture entails. It is what the globalist elite desire on a world scale, right down to what one eats.

It is notable that the vanguard of the initial resistance to the opening of McDonald’s came from farmers, a traditionalist segment of Europe’s population that are becoming increasingly anomalous, and will under the globalist regime become an extinct species in the process of agricultural corporatization.

Nonetheless, given France’s historical role of maintaining sovereignty in the face of US interests, even in the current time with its opposition to the war against Iraq, France remains one of the few potentially annoying states in Europe.

An added concern is that the French, despite their acceptance of McDonald’s, and their liking for American trash TV, will translate the remnants of their “xenophobia” into the election to Office of a stridently anti-globalist party, as reflected in the electoral ups and downs of the Front National, whose policy would not be in accord with either US foreign policy, or with privatization and cultural Americanization.

Hence the Front National [Marine Le Pen], like other anti-globalist parties, can be attacked by red-herring slogans about “racism” and “hate” to deflect from the real concern which is anti-globalization.

terrorist paris 1This is a major reason for Rivkin’s far-reaching subversive and interventionist program to assimilate Muslims into French society, which in so doing would also have the result of fundamentally transforming French consciousness into a more thoroughly cosmopolitan mold.

The intention is clear enough in the Rivkin Embassy documents where it is stated that the Embassy will monitor the effects of the paris bombing 4“outreach” program on the “decrease in popular support for xenophobic political parties and platforms.”

R J Barnet and R E Müller in their study of the global corporation, Global Reach, which was based on interviews with corporate executives, showed that the French business elite have long been seeking to undermine the foundations of French tradition. Jacques Maisonrouge, president of the IBM World Trade Corporation “likes to point out that; ‘Down with borders’, a revolutionary student slogan of the 1968 Paris university uprising – in which some of his children were involved – is also a welcome slogan at IBM.” Maisonrouge stated that the “World Managers” (as Barnett and Muller call the corporate executives) believe they are making the world “smaller and more homogeneous.” Maisonrouge approvingly described the global corporate executive as “the detribalized, international career men.” It is this “detribalization” that is the basis of a world consumer culture required to more efficiently create a world economy.

In the 1970s Howard Perlmutter and Hasan Ozekhan of the Wharton School of Finance Worldwide Institutions Programme prepared a plan for a “global city.” Paris was chosen for the purpose. Prof. Perlmutter was a consultant to global corporations.

His plan was commissioned by the French Government planning agency on how best to make Paris a “global city.” Perlmutter predicted that cities would become “global cities” during the 1980s. For Paris this required “becoming less French” and undergoing “denationalization.” This, he said, requires a “psycho-cultural change of image with respect to the traditional impression of ‘xenophobia’ that the French seem to exclude.”

The parallels with the current Rivkin program are apparent. Perlmutter suggested that the best way of ridding France of its nationalism was to introduce multiculturalism. He advocated “the globalization of cultural events” such as international rock festivals, as an antidote to “overly national and sometimes nationalistic culture.”

Is this aim of undermining France’s “overly national and sometimes nationalistic culture” the purpose of Rivkin’s interest in associations between Hollywood and French culture, as reported by the PCIP itself in regard to the delegation that met in France in 2010, when, “the delegation explored the connections between media and culture in California (Hollywood) and France.”

Rivkin knows the value of entertainment in transforming attitudes, especially among the young. After working as a corporate finance analyst at Salomon Brothers, Rivkin joined The Jim Henson Company in 1988 as director of strategic planning. Two years later, he was made vice president of the company. The Jim Henson Company, while producing the endearing characters of “Sesame Street,” had a social agenda directed at toddlers.

The social engineering purpose becomes evident when one recalls that the production was funded by the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, and the US Office of Education. Lawrence Balter, professor of applied psychology at New York University, wrote of the production that it, “…introduced children to a broad range of ideas, information, and experiences about diverse topics such as death, cultural pride, race relations, people with disabilities, marriage, pregnancy, and even space exploration.”

The series was the first to employ educational researchers, with the formation of a Research Department. Of passing interest is that the Carnegie Corporation and the Ford Foundation are also patrons of the Pacific Council on International Policy. Whether one thinks that such methods aimed at pre-schoolers are laudable depends on one’s perspective, just as one might agree with the Rivkin program of inculcating French youth with globalist ideals in the service of “American interests.”

Francois Hollande - President ObamaCreating the World Consumer: Homo Economicus: “The Global Me” – As Chomsky has pointed out, global capitalism sees humanity in terms interchangeable cogs in the production and consumption cycle.

The summit of corporate human evolution is transformation into “detribalized, international career men” described enthusiastically by G Pascal Zachary, financial journalist, as being an “informal global aristocracy”, recruited over the world by the corporations, depending totally on their companies and “little upon the larger public,” a new class unhindered by national, cultural or ethnic bonds.

Barnett and Müller quoted Pfizer’s John J Powers as stating that global corporations are “agents for change, socially, economically and culturally.” They stated that global executives see “irrational nationalism” as inhibiting “the free flow of finance capital, technology and goods on a global scale.”

A crucial aspect of nationalism is that “differences in psychological and cultural attitudes, that complicate the task of homogenizing the earth into an integrated unit…. Cultural nationalism is also a serious problem because it threatens the concept of the Global Shopping Center.”

It is this “cultural nationalism” which is described by Rivkin, and all other partisans of globalism, as “xenophobia,” unless that “xenophobia” can be marshaled in the service of a military adventure when bribes, embargoes and threats don’t bring a reticent state into line, as in the cases of Serbia, Iraq, and perhaps soon, Libya. Then the American globalist elite and their allies become “patriots,” but still don’t seem to do much combat.

Barnet and Müller cite A W Clausen when he headed the Bank of America, as stating that national, cultural and racial differences create “marketing problems”, lamenting that there is “no such thing as a uniform, global market.” Harry Heltzer, Chief Executive Officer of 3M stated that global corporations are a “powerful voice for world peace because their allegiance is not to any nation, tongue, race or creed but to one of the finer aspirations of mankind, that the people of the world may be united in common economic purpose.”

These “finer aspirations of mankind,” known in other quarters as greed, avarice, Mammon-worship… have despoiled the earth, caused economic imbalance, and operate on usury that was in better times regarded as sin. These “finer aspirations,” by corporate reckoning, have caused more wars than any “xenophobic” dictator, usually in the name of “world peace,” and “democracy.”

The Rivkin doctrine for France — which must be carried out in a subtle manner — is a far-reaching subversive program to transform especially the young into global clones devoid of cultural identity, while proceeding, in the manner of Orwellian “doublethink” in the name of “multiculturalism.” In 2017 Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen represents an existential threat to that objective.


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    • mikeyboo says:

      Don’t forget Gates, Buffet Carlos Slim and others who may be less well known but have the same goals.

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  6. aredtailblog says:

    If anyone can reach out to some French, encourage them to stay steadfast in the resistance against globalism.

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    • BebeTarget says:

      Just sent this to an American living in Paris. (she’s one of us!) . . lost 2 friends at Bataclan and is living a very careful life in Paris with her children. I know she will share this extraordinary piece of writing.

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    • Maquis says:

      Très longtemps que j’ai participé sur leurs blogs, mais, ce soir, je vais recommencer. Prier pour nous tous!

      Very long time since I’ve participated on their blogs, but this evening, I will begin again. Pray for us all!


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  7. Serpentor says:

    Will the French impeach their newly elected because of American collusion in the form of Zuckerberg?

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  8. WSB says:

    Thank you for re-posting this frightening but spectacular research, along with this newest revelation.

    So, in a nutshell…Animal House? A few who want to control the world and every peon in it.

    I always thought the Bond movies were fiction.

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    • duchess01 says:

      Isn’t it interesting how the ‘globalists’ always advertise what they are going to do before they do it – think tanks – movies – media – university initiatives – Facebook censorship – Google control – YouTube deletions – whatever one hopes to accomplish – they do the opposite – nationalism threatens their global empire – how many narcissistic leaders have wanted to rule the world – it is all about control – no, WSB – not fiction at all – * Sigh *

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  9. FLEEVY says:

    How can we get this translated into French by May 7?

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    • piper567 says:

      Can one of you who is savvy in these matters forward this to LePen’s campaign?
      she has English and French twitters, but I don’t know website.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Maquis says:


        Bonne Chance!

        I just subscribed, will attempt to pass this on if I am able this evening. Don’t let that slow anybody down! The more the merrier!


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        • Maquis says:

          WooHoo! When you go to Marine Le Pen’s site, and wish to see it in English, click the globe in the upper RIGHT corner, and it will flip to English. It was translated by volunteers, so their English might be as poor as my French, but it actually looks pretty well done.

          Encore: http://www.marine2017.fr

          Hmmm, I wonder which media outfits lean Right over there? Heck, even Charlie Hebdo could make a lot of hay out of this!

          Must get pizza and soda, gonna be working tonight!

          I really wish I had a Le Pen or Front Nationale pin I could wear on my hat. I bought one on ebay.fr , and I love it!

          Can’t wear it though, it has above the usual Tricolor Flame of FN, Montjoie Saint Denis, which has been a French battle cry, a form of which goes back to Charlemagne. Too cool to risk losing, especially as Montjoie, Anglicized to Mountjoy, is one of my family names. So, awesome find, not to be worn on a hat! Wish I had gotten more earlier, now. Dork.


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  10. jupitercomm says:

    The side of my family that settled, founded, & held wealth & power in parts of this country – before Reconstruction ofc…I never saw a dime, no one did – were French. It’s the only European nation I spontaneously feel anything deep for besides my Central & Eastern ppo

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  11. rsanchez1990 says:

    “It said its priority was to remove suspect accounts with high volumes of posting activity and the biggest audiences.”

    Such a bold attempt at stifling the nationalist movement in France. Does anyone really believe it’s about fake news?

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    • WSB says:

      I would love to see a Presidential Tweet about it…

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Sooo…. what makes these (apparently popular) accounts suspect? Can someone who understands these things please explain?

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      • rsanchez1990 says:

        Your guess is as good as anyone’s. People have been sounding the alarm on this ever since Facebook announced they would crack down on “fake news”. Now it seems that fake news is anything the establishment doesn’t like, and we can’t know for sure because Facebook has rebuffed calls for transparency into the process.

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      • ALEX says:

        To the best of my knowledge they are using the words activity and popular cleverly . They have already accused Russia of the same ” interference” or attempted as ours(which was actually the left media, not Russia) in Germany and France etc

        Basically saying sites are using bots or such to drive a narrative Yhey conclude is Fake and it’s always the narrative against candidates of the right or nation- state like Trump,Farage, Le Penn etc

        It’s a form of censorship like youtube,Facebook,Google using leftwing “Truth” sites (politifact) to classify conservative views Fake News…It’s in your face and as Sundance points out they have a plan for where they are taking this…

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    • dalethorn says:

      Now why would a greedy scum like Zuckerberg want to remove the *most* popular pages? Only ONE possible explanation – payoff. Guys like him live and die on their share values.

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  12. pochas94 says:

    I’m not sure what this article is trying to teach us. That France should not have big box stores that sell the things people want? That France should not have McDonalds restaurants? The world is cursed by despots that will do whatever it takes to retain political power. Currently they are all building nuclear bombs. Free nation-states should make them their first priority. We can deal with McDonalds later (or not).

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    • WSB says:

      Globalists relieving France of its sovereignty and culture.

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    • Read it again, and if necessary, once again after a couple days have passed.

      For me, the Rivkin Project article was one of the most crucial pieces I have read here. It was as important as the Benghazi Brief, in terms of dot connecting and providing elevated POV analysis on a critical subject.

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    • MIKE says:

      Globalist mission creep. Using facebook censoring and hollywood culture as tools. Indoctrination, like we have been subject to here, stateside. One big happy family. All thinking alike, specifically what they dictate, to advance their power and ergo riches.
      Marine Le Pen threatens this plan, because she thinks France should be France, and damn proud of it. If you have children in a US public school, they would most likely be able recite the 5 pillars of islam, but probably think Lexington and Concorde is a jelly manufacturer. Yeah, it’s like that. and it has been going on for decades.

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    • pochas94 says:

      I recently had occasion to visit a local university located adjacent to an American Indian reservation, and, behold, the gym had been given over to the Indians. Their drumming and chanting echoed through the halls. Their kids were well-behaved, mostly. The American Indians are still here, doing their thing, two hundred odd years after this nation was founded. They are a part of our culture, even though they now can shop at WalMart. I am sure the French will be doing their thing hundreds of years into the future, speaking their language, without carrying nationalism to inappropriate extremes, and without being terrified by McDonalds.

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    • Maquis says:

      Reading comprehension issues?

      There, is, and has been, a deliberate subversive effort to destroy the cultural identity of the French, of us all, by vicious, insanely greedy corporate raiders on a Global scale.

      This is achieved in many ways, as extremely well explained in this seminal work, not just an article.

      Following previous destructive assaults on French Culture and Society; The Rivkin Project is a subversive, frankly inhuman, program, run in large measure by our own State Department, monitored by our embassies there, with the intention of erasing all human differences and customs and cultures.

      How to destroy a culture? How about importing millions of rapid breeding adherents of an ideology so incompatible, untameable, violent, and corrosive that it immediately begins to force the “host” society to adapt to their ways, or perish. Throat by troat, truck by truck, massacre by massacre.

      At the same time corrupting the host country’s education programs and twisting the most malleable and immature yet arrogant and forceful members of a society, it’s youth. In these cases, teaching them that Islam is a religion of peace, no different from themselves, we are all the same, yada yada yada.

      Erasing their sense of history and identity, destroying a people by twisting reality; encouraging them to swallow the poison pill of Multi-Culturalism, and to embrace their enemies and assault their Fathers and their Faiths.

      All this in order to create homogeneous humans, that don’t want big box stores full of stuff they don’t want, until they do, as their proud culture is subsumed by Crass Capitalism. (Never thought I’d see myself using that phrase in an affirmative way.)

      They are to be cogs in the machine, drones, useless eaters and buyers; except of value to those that supply that food and those goods. Corruption of living History and Variety, by a relatively small group of Corporatists bent on owning the world; one dead Culture at a time.

      Once the Left would go nuts hearing of such a scheme. Now they are the schemers. Mostly. The Uniparty writ large, Globalists all, approve of these tactics. If TV doesn’t corrupt them as desired, then overwhelm them with unassimulateable peoples, knowing much bloodshed shall ensue, but worth it to those believing themselves insulated from the dangers and horrors they create, by virtue of their wealth.

      This is inhuman, unjust, cruel, a Crime that History, shall she endure, will see as destructive and malevolent as any war ever visited upon Mankind. This is akin to ISIS razing temples that have stood for millennia, yet worse, for the proud French shall raise no more Arc de Triumphs; as their culture crushing invaders plot endlessly to erase those monuments that remain.

      This is the erasing of a people, with the approval, connivence, and full participation of our State Department. Which Department surely had these intentions fully in mind when they toppled the Gates of Tripoli.

      I write this not for the individual that prompted this response, this is for honest people that might not have well digested the enormity of this Crime in progress. To add some of my own supporting views. My very small contribution to the great work of Sundance.

      There are many here being deliberately obtuse, claiming not to understand, dismissing it as irrelevant, as unworthy of concern because, because, there’s some nutjob with a nuke! We call these “concern trolls,” pretending to be part of the community while diminishing it, distracting the vital conversations meant to take place here, and confusing new visitors, to put them off before they’ve learned that:

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      • mikeyboo says:

        I think the heart of your post explains the danger of globalism even better than the CTH editorial that occasioned it.

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      • ALEX says:


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      • yucki says:



      • 4bleu says:

        The Left American assault on the French education system is real. The meddling creeps are trying hard to make the US IBS International Baccalaureate add-on to the high school diploma to be the world standard, even though it’s extra money and complete crap – the US two-year junior-senior grades for ‘smart’ students and 150 hours of extra work IBS (note the BS part of it) is no higher academic achievement than the French public high school grade 10 – ie sophomore level. That means pretty much everyone in the world has far better normal – not advanced – standards than the US IBS (note that BS again).

        Everyone was shocked to hear that the French education system last year announced the end of the Brevet exam. It is required of all 9th graders (3eme) and is administered world-wide in June. It is similar to the SAT in that it tests the two pillars of education: mathematics and rhetoric. Unlike the SAT however, it is 100% hand-written. In cursive and all maths calculations must be shown – no multiple choice.

        A student passing the Brevet has proven he or she is ready to begin pre-calculus maths and has proved an ability to write concise and informed essays on literature and history. Have not yet seen any US 9th grader accomplish this – public-private or charter school, yet it is the norm for 9th graders in Europe.

        The last class to take the Brevet was in 2016. This was not discussed with the French people. It is causing a lot of confusion with the French teachers (who are real teachers unlike the US ignorant educators) and French parents.
        This very enlightening and infuriating explanation of the Rivkin manipulations exposes the manipulations behind these strange and highly counter-productive changes in French education that are ruining an outstanding education system.

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        • Maquis says:

          Oh, I pray this is reversed. For all I care, and because I do care, let the French know of the depraved actions of the US to destroy their culture in the name of Disneyland and McDonalds and Best Buy.

          Let the French wake up to the understanding that the Evils living and crapping and killing in their streets was and is a part of an American conspiracy to destroy the French People, to reduce them to, well, something far less than Frenchmen, to, Americans, perhaps? To no more than cultural and economic mongerels, at best.

          I do not hate my country, but upon discovering these Civilizational Crimes I am deeply ashamed, and furious at the perpetrators. I would gladly see animosity between our Peoples if it means the Full Awakening of the French to their precarious plight and arousing them to resolute action!

          Vivre la Peuple!
          Vivre la Liberté!
          Vivre la France!


    • dalethorn says:

      When big box stores occur through *fair* trade and competition, yes. But we’ve been saddled with very unfair trade and lack of competition for so long that we’ve accepted things that shouldn’t be, under a fair system. I went into a home supply place recently where all of the goods and tools were cheap Chinese stuff. It was sickening. I’m all for bargains, but not bargains that rob us of our future while handing us inferior goods.

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  13. tampa2 says:

    Kinda ‘splains James Taylor singing “You’ve gotta Friend” after the Hedbo attack?

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  14. peace says:

    Zuckerberg is guilty of interfering in the electoral process. He should be charged with a crime.

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  15. Summer says:

    In 10 days we will learn how many French citizens want to live under sharia law.

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  16. jwingermany says:

    Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux discuss YUUGE youth support for Le Pen at 39% in the age group 18-24 years old…nearly double her opponent.

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    • jwingermany says:

      Perhaps the Rivkin Project is not having the desired globalist results…hence, the Facebook crackdown.

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      • mikeyboo says:

        It may actually be having the exact opposite of the intended effect. And the Zuckerberg move may well backfire of the globalists by angering the nationalists. Wouldn’t that be grand!

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    • indiana08 says:

      I believe it was PJW who mentioned in one of his videos that because the establishment is now liberal that kids today see conservatism and populism as being rebellious. He and many of the kids on the_donald subreddit have said that Generation Z will be the most conservative generation since WW2. I hope they’re all right.

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    • 4bleu says:

      In the video, Paul Watson mentions that most jobs available to young French adults are short term, without the perks and benefits of full-time positions. Stefan touched on it.

      This is correct, but non-French may not fully understand just how bad this is. Companies can’t afford the full-time salaries and expense of benefits so they hire most people on 8 month contract. If the employee works even one day more than 8 months exactly, the law considers that full-time, so the companies only hire 8 months.

      The socialists made sure that companies cannot hire that person on any subsequent 8 month contract. No matter if it’s completely different position, the law considers them full-time and require all the expensive benefits. The employee must leave and search for work elsewhere.

      So the result is a significant % of the French working population is looking for work every 8 months. No stability, no way to build a career. We’ve known French – honest, skilled, the best of a country – in their mid-thirties explaining their despair – just devastated – sick of over a decade of 8 months contracts and no hope of getting steady employment, and who can start-up a business when they can’t save money for capital, all the regulations? Terrible. It’s one thing to read the numbers; it;s another to speak with people and discover how it has destroyed their hopes and dreams.

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  17. jwingermany says:

    The Great Meme war of 2016 has moved to France!

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  18. lfhbrave says:

    It is frightening to realize this global capitalism is practiced by a bunch of operatives of new “communism” who now conveniently call themselves top corporate executives and foreign affair experts. Just like the old communists it seems they will not refrain from using any means necessary to achieve this global capitalism, including using the U.S. military. That explains the global effort (obviously in IC) employed to defeat Candidate and President Trump as they can’t afford to lose the most powerful stick. By now they already have near 30-year head start. Stopping them will not be easy.

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  19. In AZ says:

    What I notice every time Facebook, or whom ever, makes a statement about “fake news”, cracking down on “problems” and “hate speech” etc…….it is worded exactly like what a Communist dictator or Communist government would say…….because Facebook, Google, Twitter are run by Communist Globalists.

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  20. TexasDude says:

    In choosing Islam, they chose the form of their destructor.

    Islam, specifically, Islamism, seeks its own goals and gains with no relation to government, but to have all governments under it’s banner.

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    • TexasDude says:

      What’s even worse is that this is not Americanization in any meaningful way.

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      • yucki says:

        The Muslim Brotherhood has its own odious plan for us: to sabotage our “miserable house” with “our own hands”. Its “Project” seems to be advancing, as you can see in an excerpt from “The Muslim Brotherhood Project”:

        • Infiltrating and taking over existing Muslim organizations to realign them towards the
        Muslim Brotherhood’s collective goals;
        • Using deception to mask the intended goals of Islamist actions, as long as it doesn’t
        conflict with shari’a law;
        • Avoiding social conflicts with Westerners locally, nationally or globally, that might
        damage the long-term ability to expand the Islamist powerbase in the West or provoke a
        lash back against Muslims;
        • Establishing financial networks to fund the work of conversion of the West, including the
        support of full-time administrators and workers;
        • Conducting surveillance, obtaining data, and establishing collection and data storage
        • Putting into place a watchdog system for monitoring Western media to warn Muslims of
        “international plots fomented against them”;
        • Cultivating an Islamist intellectual community, including the establishment of think-tanks
        and advocacy groups, and publishing “academic” studies, to legitimize Islamist positions
        and to chronicle the history of Islamist movements;
        • Involving ideologically committed Muslims in democratically-elected institutions on all levels in the West, including government, NGOs, private organizations and labor unions;
        Instrumentally using existing Western institutions until they can be converted and put into service of Islam;
        • Instituting alliances with Western “progressive” organizations that share similar goals;
        • Inflaming violence and keeping Muslims living in the West “in a jihad frame of mind…

        Patrick Poole, “The Muslim Brotherhood Project,” 2006.


  21. average Joe says:

    The education brainwashing,reminds me of what the Nuns taught us in school , in the 60s about Soviet brainwashing.

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  22. maggiemoowho says:

    Reading about the Rivkin project , something caught my attention. The PCIP(Pacific Council of International Policy) is appendage of the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR). Carter Page was the recipient of a fellowship with the CFR and then continued to work with them and has wrote articles for some Globalist Policy Journal. Most of the so called Russian connections can be linked back to Bush/Obama.
    🔻James Baker and Henry Kissinger are the ones who brought Sergey Kislyak to Trumps foreign
    policy speech.

    🔻President Trump didn’t know Rex Tillerson before he picked him to be SOS. Rex Tillerson
    supported Jeb Bush.

    🔻Betsy Devos was a Kasich donor and supporter but also supported Rubio and Bush.

    🔻The Heritage Foundation and Obama’s State Dept. invited Kislyak to the RNC where he met Sessions, Page and others. Why was Carter Page invited to that reception/talk and who invited him? I didn’t think he was with the Trump Campaign at that time.

    IMO, Globalist Republicans working with Globalist Obama (Kissinger did work with Obama) inserted Russia into Trumps campaign everywhere they could.

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Sorry, I left a sentence out in that first paragraph. Didn’t mean to jump right to the Russian connections being linked to Bush. Doesn’t read right, I know.😊sorry.

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    • rashamon says:

      Look up Rockefeller. Then look up Rothschild. Or vice versa. Then follow the money. S.C.A.R.Y. More scary: it’s been in place in the U.S. since late 1800s and no one has done a whit about it.

      Blow up the monopolies? They come back more complex, but still monopolies. Blow up the Big Banks? They come back bigger with more money under control. We are back to monarchies and oligarchies running the world over peons who, if in any sensitive position, are paid sufficiently to shut their mouths or be terminated.

      DJT scares the daylights out of those who have ruled the world at their whim. Now is our chance to test those who have misused and abused The Constitution only to benefit themselves. How well will we uncover their heresies and confront their lies?

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      • Maquis says:

        I had thought about that earlier today, “why haven’t I looked into those folks?” I always hear BILDERBURGER, and these particular names, and then tune out. That clearly was a foolish approach…

        So much research to do, so much work we have to do….

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      That is a great catch! I stopped looking up CFR affiliations, so I didn’t know about Page. CFR is PDJT’s mortal enemy. Just watch Morning Schmoe. It is the CFR media outlet and practically everyone is a member – Including Air Head herself,

      Richard Haas, CFR president is a regular. Right now, they are stroking PDJT, to “guide” him to the correct decision. I call it the “Art of the Stroke”. When they don’t like what he is doing, they say, “bad dog!” They underestimate PDJT. He will never fall for it.

      From what you discovered, the Page business sounds like a setup. I was already thinking that because he seems to make himself look suspicious on purpose.

      “Most of the so called Russian connections can be linked back to Bush/Obama.”
      That is as damning as the “wiretapping” – further exposure of an attempt to undermine the incoming president. It’s sedition!

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    • Maquis says:

      Very astute observations.

      Very consequential events.

      We need to dig out these IC traitors or we are in for a lot of grief. Comey should have been fired on day one. PDJT could have simply cited Comey’s near eviseration of Hillary in the run-up to the election. Not as having failed to prosecute her, rather as having crippled her electorially.

      PDJT could also have simply said that these behaviors and actions have shaken his trust in the FBI head, playing prosecutor, Judge, and jury, crucifying her with genuine proof of crimes, yet as jury pulling an OJ and sending her on her way.

      Very unprofessional, unconstitutional, inappropriate, even the favorite of Snowflakes everywhere, UNFAIR!

      Who would’ve blamed him? Hillary?

      We gotta get the Deep State before it gets our President.

      Sessions needs to cut him loose, or lock him up. Somehow. Oh, damn! Sessions recused himself, having been seen speaking with? The Left’s favorite “helpful boogeyman” Kislyak. Maggie has already figured out who set that up.

      The Heritage Foundation? WTF? I am going to ask them about this. I thought they were good guys.
      We’re gonna need a bigger chart! Serious, I’d so like to know who is who’s puppet, and of course, the puppeteers.

      As Maggie has worked to identify some interesting dots, we need to find more, and connect them. I don’t know that anyone has looked at it from this angle.



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    • dalethorn says:

      That’s a lot to worry about, but – given a choice between having total outsiders with no connections and no influence in national affairs, Trump chose some people who have influence, who were willing to bend to his will, and risk their reputations in the process. So I say hmmmm – let’s keep an eye on this and see how it goes.

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  23. decisiontime16 says:

    Remembering not so long ago when employees were referred to as “personnel” (persons) …then it changed.
    With globalism, now they called – “human resources”.

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  24. BebeTarget says:

    SD, what an extraordinary piece of writing. What is happening in France has already been done in America. In the late 80s or 90s there was an article revealing what had been decided at the latest Bilderberg conclave. Since they believed the American students had been dumbed-down enough, they decided to go forward and implement their full agenda. They would dictate what would be in America’s curricula. Those foundations you mentioned were their partners. The mission was : to get rid of patriotism, Christianity, indoctrinate children into Progressive thinking, loosen the bonds between parents and their children, destroy the innate modesty of children, revise American history, falsely build self-esteem, negatively effect childrens’ reading and mathematical capabilities (whole language, new math) and bringing in Islamic studies under the banner of multiculturalism, to name just a few. Enjoyed the Sesame Street reference. Agree.
    We were lucky because America still has a strong, Christian foundation and that, along with concerned parents whose children managed to thrive, saved America.
    France and Europe has generally become Atheistic ( I believe LePen is an Atheist, but she DOES want to save France and is able to recognize the problem). Add that to Europe succumbing to multiculturalism and I see no way out.
    Nationalism is what will save any country. Maybe God will remove the scales form their eyes in time. . . . .

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      “The mission was…”
      Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. And Check.
      End result: Snowflakes.
      Thank goodness, most of us still know how to use snow shovels!

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  25. CO Gal. says:

    Something strange happening on Facebook. After reading this post I decided to monitor PTrump and to be fair Hillary and Obama page as well. Checked every few hours. Obama lost around 33,000 likes today. Hillary has lost 17,000 since this morning. PTrump gained 5000 but then lost about 25,000 likes. I just found that all to be bizarre.


  26. jparz says:

    So WE are the enemy.
    We must never let our guard down again. Turns out the elites and the establishment are bigger pinko’s than the original pinko’s! Talk about drinking the Kool aid. They must never get a foothold on leadership ever again.
    PTrump was chosen by God and us for this time. I tell myself that when I begin to question Trump’s statements. The media sure like pointing out his “reversals”.
    I was restless yesterday, and with a heavy heart, prayed for guidance, wisdom and discernment to reconcile what I read, see and hear with the big picture. I came across this video. It has the retired firefighter who prophesied in 2011 that Trump would be 45th President. This is new video and updates, if you will, the original prophecy. So much great stuff in his commentary about Trump and God’s plan to use him. Talks about the judicial reckoning ahead, the battle to restore America, and God’s objectives. Just riveting. Bottom line, I just need to remember to trust God. He does not make mistakes.

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  27. Blade says:

    Despite the many frog jokes we make about surrender and manhood and other things, one thing I always admired was France’s seeming determination to keep its culture intact, at least until the last decade or so. For example, when the Internet was getting popular and WWW pages started taking off, I clearly remember them having some internal laws about all webpages in France being in French language. Don’t know when that changed ( probably some EU decree ).

    So I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they might have some internal laws about external tampering into their elections unless they outsourced it to the EUrocrats. This would be the most productive path to taking down Zuckerberg and his FakeBook monstrosity which is clearly a thinly disguised USA private-public entity for espionage. French persons need to scan through their laws, NOW and get busy.

    As for here in the USA, searching for possible violations of US Code by Zuckerberg and FakeBook interfering in France’s election is proving difficult so far. It could be that there is regulation in agencies, maybe FTC. I was going to look at DoS, but well, I’m not convinced they have been returned to serving our interests yet. It can’t hurt to wing it here and just contact the Justice Department and ask AG Sessions outright to “Prosecute Jeff Zuckerberg and Facebook for tampering with France’s election. As a USA based company they are embarrassing us and damaging our reputation. We demand they be broken up and Zuckerberg removed and penalized.” Aim high, cause a fuss, learn from our enemy’s tactics when the DoJ was enemy territory under Holder. I say we try our luck …

    Web Contact Form: https://www.justice.gov/doj/webform/your-message-department-justice

    Department Comment Line: (202) 353-1555

    Snail Mail:
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

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    • dalethorn says:

      Here’s what I sent them:
      “Please investigate the U.S. Facebook proposals to manipulate or remove large numbers of Facebook accounts in France just ahead of the French national election. There is a serious threat of election tampering by Facebook, even though there may be no legal precedent to prevent it. It is one thing for the New York Times and other media to post editorials advocating one party over another, but quite another for Facebook to remove accounts or otherwise tamper with the information in those accounts immediately before an election.”

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    • Blade says:

      arrrrghhh typo …. Mark Zuckerberg!

      Jeff Zucker is the boss at #VeryFakeNews


    • deanbrh says:

      Blade, thanks for the link. It was VERY easy and quick to lodge a protest against Mark Zuckerberg, which i did. Peter Thiel is another of the owners of Facebook, much to my surprise, and I’d been wanting him for Governor of California. He’s a Republican, but being an associate of Zuckerberg might mean he’s marginal relief, if any, from the catastrophe that is California politics.

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      • Maquis says:

        He supported Trump. Came out of the closet during the Convention!

        The question is how much operational control does he have? Is he involved in Zuckerbug’s societal subversion activities? That would be concerning, I hope it’s not so.

        Liked by 2 people

  28. ALEX says:

    What separates this it seems from many similiar events throughout history is not only the lack of war that usually brought these changes, but we are able to see it in real time….

    I may be a bit naive on this, because I’m sure the Greeks and Romans had many people who watched their cultures dissolve long before the Fall and America was the story in many ways of people escaping these changes detailed bySundance..

    The election of President Trump has ramped up the censorship like no other time…What’s being lost in the Fake Trump/Russia collusion is THE COLLUSION of all parts of media and money against us during campaign …We will see, but at the very least we will fight for our identity…

    Liked by 5 people

  29. Random Comment says:

    Love your work, Sundance. This is an excellent contribution to thought leadership.

    I wonder if there are any currently active research projects in university economics, sociology or history departments working on this very topic? If there are I guess they’d have to be on the quiet, or perhaps in Russian or Chinese institutions where challenging the globalist agenda should be supported.

    I hope many old-school lefties get the chance to read this piece as I expect it may prompt them to contest the political pathways their younger colleagues are travelling.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dalethorn says:

      Your comment gave me a random thought (heh) – like what would it be like to be inside Bernie’s head right now? Not pretty, I’ll bet.


    • Maquis says:

      I agree about Russia.

      Globalism can rightfully be seen as a great threat to the Motherland, and, from their perspective, to the World at large.

      Perhaps PDJT can gain Putin’s trust by demonstrating his understanding of Globalism, and his intentions to combat it.

      From this perspective, Putin could understandably view himself as saving much more than Russia, perhaps Humanity itself. Christianity too.

      Globalism does not speak well of the nature of the West. Very sad.


      Liked by 2 people

  30. Maquis says:

    I responded to a comment far upthread, and I shan’t repeat my response, but one piece of information that I would like all Treepers to see, is how to find & follow Marine Le Pen’s website, and perhaps send her this post, as well as your own wisdom.

    The Post about our interference in French elections, especially in 2012, surely would be helpful too, seeing as how the Muh Russian line is being used on her now.

    http://www.marine2017.fr For English, click the globe in the upper right corner. Translations done by volunteers, errors should therefore be forgiven and not attributed to Marine’s competency, of course.

    Goodness, how much we can share with her, courtesy of this Work by Sundance. It is clear that Sec State Clinton and Obama pushed to murder Ghadaffi and topple the Gates of Tripoli in order to overwhelm Europe, and especially, perhaps, France, with endless waves of Faux Refugees.

    The streets of Paris are not safe, they are filled with piles of feces and garbage and mattresses and Africans fighting and accosting Western women, getting angry when the women fight off attempts to remove their clothing!!

    Oriana Fallaci, the great writer, wrote of this behavior in Italy, a decade and more ago, of the Muslim men trying to remove clothing and continually harrassing women, insulting and threatening them. She spoke of them living on the streets, urinating on the foundations of great Cathedrals, splattering feces high upon it’s walls.

    (Now you know why Muslims consider being touched by another’s left hand such a terrible offense. Oh, and why Allah has two Right hands, not a Left, as the Left hand is, clearly, inferior.)

    Fallaci is so worth reading. A virtual Citizen of the US, with a flat in NY. She remarked how every time she presented her passport when returning here she was invariably greeted with a sincere and cheerful “Welcome home!” She loved the USA, and her native Italy; she all but mourned the slow death of her homeland. She was a famous Athiest, yet defended Christianity and had profound, near prophetic things to say about Islam.

    Back to the streets of Paris… The City removes all the filth and mattresses, sporadically, and the following day it’s just as filthy with a new crop of mattresses. Parisiens cannot be so foolish as to choose a weak Commie over a wise Patriot like Marine! Listen to her, she can rightfully be likened to PDJT. They surely need our prayers. Marine has been in mine ever since my Brexit hopes were realized.

    http://www.marine2017.fr. Click the globe for English.


    Liked by 3 people

    • ALEX says:



    • yucki says:

      If you’re not familiar with Gates of Vienna (proudly on the CTH blogroll!), you might enjoy the articles and essays in translation from all over Europe. Here’s a recent piece:

      The subtitles at GoV are done by the team at Vlad Tepes. Videos and articles pour in every day, translated rapidly by devoted volunteers. This material is largely unavailable or ignored – even criminalized as “hate speech” – throughout Europe today.

      Here’s a new clip: French prison riot Muslim inmates, boiling point


      • Maquis says:

        Thank you. It’s been so long since I’ve had a PC, all my dozens of icon links are gone and I peck on my phone, or my tablet if I have it. I am working on setting up a system that will allow my brain to function (literally. It’s boiling in toxins now) and I will hopefully be back in the thick of things.

        Yes, Gates of Vienna is wonderful. I had some French blogs too… I’ll get up to speed soon! I hope. Thanks for the links. Marine is wise, and good. I pray she will succeed. She could well be the salvation of Europe itself, by saving France and demonstrating how de-Islamification can, and must, be done. In that, even Britian needs lessons.

        How does a people, living in the midst of History itself, monuments to saviors of the nation, shrines to heros that thwarted huge Muslim Armies intent on destroying all of Christendom, huge graveyards as testament to the horrors man visits upon man, how do they not have a handle on who to fear?

        They see Terror in their own streets and Churches and Synagogues and work-places and night-clubs and homes, right NOW, and all they can do is declare their solidarity with the dead? Do they not wish to postpone their own deaths?

        France even crows about bring the only European country with a replacement birth-rate, just above the replace rate, and neglects the significance that nearly half of those births are due to only 10% of the population. That being the part of the population that is bent on breeding France out of existence, and that’s not taking the killing into account.

        Which killing escalates beyond the proportion of their numbers. There are stages in the Hiraj (spelling, someone, some help here, please?)

        Anyway, there’s Jihad. Good clean honest straight forward raping and murdering and endless innovation of atrocities faster than African American parents can make up whacked out Anti-Christian names for their kids. All out in the open. Good old sweeping out of Arabia armies of conquest and unimaginable evil that you see coming. Flags and all. War is upon you.

        Unless it’s terrorism, of course, then it’s just cowards, yet, even then, is not war declared? Does not the murder of your children by people screaming their “god’s” name equate to a declaration of war? Doesn’t matter if you accept it or not; War is upon you.

        Then there’s the infiltration and invasion of “infidel’s” lands, slowly, quickly if they are fools enough to allow it. Then all the while they breed themselves an army. Thats called something like Hiraj, I know the spelling is way off, but there is a word for this practice, which is a deliberate and subversive form of warfare, therefore; War is upon you.

        You can’t win with Muslims. You import them and they say “I love America!” Even if that is true, it doesn’t matter, for they are breeding. They will proudly teach their children of their heritage and raise them in the “ways of Allah.”

        Yet those children live in a land completely antithetical to those teachings. They DO take forbidden friends from among the “infidels.” They do participate in and enjoy activities proscribed by their ideology. They do ALL of them therefore have profound internal conflict. They consider themselves damned by their deeds and desires.

        They blame the society that has tempted them so, and can only see one way out, for “Allah” makes no provision for confession nor repentance nor forgiveness. The ONLY sure way to salvation is to die as a martyr in the cause of Allah, which is killing innocent people, of course. Which is also an effective and entertaining way to escape the misery their parents ensured they would live with.

        So every Muslim happy to live in the land of freedom will create his own monsters, even if he chooses otherwise. So if your land permits the immigration or infiltratoon of Muslims; War is upon you.

        It is upon us all.


        Liked by 1 person

    • Blade says:

      Perhaps once-great France will soon dust off an ironic and appropriate solution to dealing with savage throat-slitting invaders …

      Liked by 2 people

    • free2313 says:

      Perhaps you can also forward to her, this youtube of body language of Marine Le Pen and being called the Modern Day Joan of Arc… FREXIT !!!


  31. Maquis says:

    If we can bust up Ma Bell over Anti-Trust accusations, we can surely demand a limit on the power of one pimple-faced geek that thinks God handed him the Kjeys to the entire World and all His Children to boot.

    These actions alone are enough for me to root for his failure in all things

    Even though I’d be quite happy for Sub-Saharan Africa to have inexpensive Internet access…for it to come at the hands of a demented child that wants their access devices to be first and foremost focused on Facebook, as if it’s an operating system, the doorway to all knowledge? No. I’d rather they gain that access another way, even if it’s far away from now.


    Liked by 1 person

  32. Sunshine says:

    THERE IS MORE. Look at this, and it was INTENTIONAL Anything to keep Marine from winning.
    Just horrible.

    ”Half a million people received duplicate polling cards in the post, which would allow them to cast two votes at the first round of the election, held on April 23.

    French authorities confirmed they would not be investigating the potential electoral fraud until AFTER the election, when retrospective prosecution may take place.

    This could crush Ms Le Pen’s dreams of surging to power, as most French nationals living outside of their country are not right wing – demonstrated by the fact many feel they depend on the European Union (EU) to guarantee their stay in foreign countries.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Maquis says:

      Yeah, they are going to investigate 500,000 people after the election. Right.

      If they were on guard to record each name and should it be found twice, then they are placed on the naughty list, maybe. But they won’t prosecute hundreds or even only tens of thousands of ex-patriots. Too much work. We ARE talking about the French here…

      They should declare their intent to prosecute double votes, in abstensia, invalidating their current voting effort, and banning them from voting for life. That could solve this. But Hollande and his ilk are not going to do that. Sadly.

      As for this being a computer “blunder,” I suspect foul play myself. They know tbey have half a million expats, and they print out a full million ballots? That doesn’t register on the awareness meter? They didn’t notice?

      And don’t they have time to send a strongly worded letter to all 500,000? Nope. Gonna sit on our hands, sre what happens. Throw an election, perhaps, but that’s not our job, so, too bad, so sad, adieu France.

      Liked by 1 person

  33. golsono says:

    Have been here ~CTH ~18 months. Knew from first read this was for me ~ I follow global ‘news’ ~ Sky.Ap.Rueters.Etc. sundance just explained my own country to me! ~from a south african treeper ~ dob ’57 ~ God Bless you all ~ and a blessEd Easter


  34. golsono says:

    ps ~ bless pdjt&family ~ only hope for western civilization ~ backing band ~ geerdt,marie…and a cast soon to be revealed…


    • Maquis says:

      May God Bless you and yours as well, golsono. We pray for South Africa too, the “cleansing” in progress on the farms is a great worry for us all. Stay safe. Happy Blessed Easter.

      Liked by 1 person

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