T-Rex Meets With Russian President Vladimir Putin for Two Hours in Moscow….

We said yesterday that “Putin flinched“. We were wrong, it was much more than a flinch.

Russian President Vladimir Putin relies upon the appearance of strength for his domestic political influence. What most of the media are missing from today’s visit by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was the duration of time Putin met with T-Rex. Russian State TV provides propaganda the same way U.S. MSM gaslight the grubered U.S. audience.

The meeting was, according to all narratives framed, an “unexpected” audience. This narrative would be funny if the issues were not so consequential.

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not hold two hour “unscheduled” or “unexpected” meetings as as function of some diplomatic protocol or gesture of his magnanimity.

Putin fears T-Rex and Trump.


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289 Responses to T-Rex Meets With Russian President Vladimir Putin for Two Hours in Moscow….

  1. EODMAN says:

    This is far from over. I hear Putin told T-Rex if you strike Syria again,”we will take action”. I expect more false flag gas attacks by rebels and their backers to push US to react again. Don’t expect China to help US with NOKO. Appearances are deceiving. Now China goes from adversary to friend just by refusing to buy some coal. Looks tough but Aacarrier “Battle Group” would be a pinprick against NOKO. Need to rebuild military, gun up NATO/Japan/SOKO. Speak softly, strengthen our stick, get our economy moving, these regimes will eventually fall on their own weight.


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