Mark Steyn Has Excellent Analysis on Trump’s Syria Action…

Political commentator and extraordinarily brilliant satirist Mark Steyn was on Fox and Friends this morning to provide his perspective on President Trump’s decision to take action in Syria.

Steyn brilliantly frames the issues. [Hat Tip Stella]


Additionally, a point that apparently needs to be made. Idiot MSM pundits like Jake Tapper, though it’s not exclusive to Tapper, keep pointing out the 2013 tweet by President Trump warning Obama about action in Syria and framing their narrative about “what changed?” etc.

Just for clarity. Between the 2013 tweet by non candidate Trump and the 2017 action by President Trump, there was a 2014 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) voted and approved by Senate committee  permitting military action in Syria against the backdrop of chemical weapon use and terrorism.

I swear sometimes the MSM are flippin’ idiots, then I remind myself of the David Mamet principle: “In order for left-wing ideologues to keep espousing their cognitively disconnected talking points they need to pretend they don’t know things.

Yes, indeed.  Pretending not to know things is a useful pretense.

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326 Responses to Mark Steyn Has Excellent Analysis on Trump’s Syria Action…

  1. hugofitch1 says:

    Trump lets you know where the red line is after you’ve crossed it.

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    • tinkerthinker2 says:

      If it was a test then you’ve failed. The answer has been there for years so it was an open book quiz and you still fail..


  2. vinchenzer says:

    As long as we do not send in our troops into Syria and do not continue funding terrorist groups as “freedom fighters” against Assad. IMHO this was a false flag. I’m supposed to believe that 2 days earlier after T-Rex mentions that Assad is probably going to stay as leader in Syria that Assad, contrary to reason, gassed his own people? Yea. Sure. The neocons want their ME war and war with Russia and they knew if they showed Prez Trump pictures of dead babies he would act because they know he has a heart unlike Obama/Clinton.

    I believe the Syrians were gassed (that interview of the Syrian man on CNN convinced me that a gas attack occurred), I think the rebels (terrorists) that we are supporting did it. It’s not like they care about human life. That’s proven. You can never tell what’s going in the ME because they all lie and our Intelligence apparatus is poor. Remember this?


    • vinchenzer says:

      All we have is Trump in the government to restore sanity to the Lunacy in DC. Hopefully he sits down with Putin and works this out in Syria without getting involved in another regime-change war. It does not work. It never has. It just escalates into more war and tensions. People despise outside forces intruding into their affairs.

      Nissi’s win in Egypt over the regime-change terrorist-supporting Obama idiots was a huge win against the Globalists. Egypt maintained their sovereignty as a Nation.

      Trump needs to focus on destroying the terrorists like ISIS that are causing all the misery in the ME and around the world. I’m pretty sure the terrorists launched the gas attack and blamed Assad. It makes no sense why Assad would do that but it makes a whole bunch of sense why the terrorists would that are “resisting” Assad. Hopefully Trump doesn’t get caught up in this war-mongering game that DC has been playing ever since GWB in the ME.


  3. David R. Graham says:

    Mark hasn’t thought it through as of this video. He doesn’t know what to do next. It’s simple: call a meeting, with Russia, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, India, Kurds, Alawites, and divvy up Syria among Kurds, Russians, Iraq, Jordan and Alawites. Simple.


  4. Howie says:

    Good Grief. There are 3 possumbilities the way I see it.
    1. False Flag
    2. Collateral damage from regular bombs hit the gas and released
    3. Assad used gas on the people
    Ahhh Dunno which one is true. No matter though. The US attack was a political strike, not a major military attack. Seems like it served the purpose no matter which is real.

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  5. Gmandet17 says:

    Ha, everybody ignores you.


  6. Amen. Let’s get back on track and let the young healthy Syrian men deal with Assad (if they can take a break from harassing Swedish women, that is)


  7. Tadpole says:

    Amazing that Styne believes that Assad is suicidally insane – which he would have to be to have done that strike. Has Styne joined the Neo-Cons?


  8. Mal says:

    Mark Steyn is an Israel first merchant. enough said, he’s a shill for israel, if you want more wars for the tribe then carry on, trump is finished for me, he’s a liar and no different from the rest.


  9. Blumudus says:

    There are many angles to this story. Again: Trump is playing a complex game, on multiple tables.
    But on this subject I think I find my disagreement from the otherwise brilliant Mark Steyn, that I admire: there’s no way the chemical weapons were used by Assad.
    It seems Steyn never acknowledged the possibility.
    Even if you may think this retaliatory attack is good for the strategic situation in the Middle East (I strongly suggest it doesn’t), I understand Trump has other objectives, that have been highlighted by CTH.
    But I think it’s still irresponsible to let the “Assad WMD” lie run wild (and again, kudos to Sundance who didn’t buy it)

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    • racerxx says:

      That is where I am stuck as well. It makes no logical sense for Assad to use gas. My gut reaction to this was another false-flag by “McCain’s Rebels”. That being said I am sure Prez Trump has much better intel than I do, so I have to trust that he did the right thing.
      I also think this is much more strategic than “bombing Syria”. Let’s just hope longer-term we don’t let the Neocons pull us into yet another middle-east war.

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  10. ScoutBird says:

    The left-wing fruitcakes don’t have to pretend they don’t know things. They really don’t know anything outside of their morning fax or email telling them the day’s talking points. Next day, they start over with a fresh batch of nonsense.


    • suzee says:

      I generally like Mark Steyn. But all this sounds like a kiss and a promise. Fox is saying
      Trump is planning further actions in Syria. THAT on TOP of the swamp flooding personnel changes that are going on: McMasters– are you kidding me? He got a tweet
      from Susan Rice when he got the job telling him, “Hope you can get YOUR team in there, and stop Bannon’s Strategic Initiatives.” This looks like Trump is surrounding himself with Deep State Dem stooges: Dina Powell, Gary Cohn, McMasters, possibly
      Kevin Mccarthy, Dave Urban, Berman– these are all Globalist bankers, RINOs, Democrats, lobbyists! HE’S NOT DRAINING THE SWAMP! HE’S FLOODING IT!


  11. Zen Masta says:

    I don’t always trust Dr. Steve Pieczenik but he made a sound argument in my opinion about the strategy of President Trump and the Syrian Strike.


  12. LibertyVibe says:

    In the spirit of seeking understanding, will someone PLEASE help those of us that have a problem with the fact that there was no investigation, the fact that the photos of the gas attacks look very sketchy (and God knows they have lied to us before), why we are all of the sudden expect to just accept the fact the we are now team NEOCON? What happened to “No longer will America be a part of Nation Building”? I get that there are strategic reasons (seen and unseen). I also get the possibility that Trump is a 3D chess player, and he has this under control. I am comfortable with these things. I am not comfortable with accepting the moral justifications being given. There has to be a better way.


  13. suzee says:

    Yes, and how abFlashback: Susan Rice Urged McMaster to Get Rid of Trump Loyalists, National Security Group Led By Bannon

    From Gateway Pundit:

    Attention is turning to National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster as the situation with Syria heats up. McMaster replaced General Flynn as National Security Advisor after he was forced to resign in February.

    President Trump ordered a missile strike on an airbase in Syria reportedly holding chemical weapons and said he is prepared to take further action if necessary in a letter released by the White House yesterday.

    TGP also reported yesterday that McMaster is said to be working behind the scenes with Petraeus to put troops on the ground in Syria, a foreign policy decision many are saying is an about face from President Trump’s previous claims of how he would handle the Syrian conflict.

    This news is on the heels of former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice being the person who unmasked General Flynn which ultimately led to his resignation, ushering in McMaster. Susan Rice wanted General Flynn out.

    After McMaster was brought in to replace Flynn, she took to her Twitter account to congratulate him and said,

    SUSAN RICE’S TWEET OF 2-20-17:
    “Hope you will be able to choose your team, have direct reporting and daily access to POTUS, and can eliminate Strategic Initiatives Group.” ”

    Strategic Initiatives Group was reportedly an internal White House think tank led by Steve Bannon set up to influence President Trump.

    Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council on April 5th.

    Many eyebrows are being raised now as Nationalist advisors are being pushed out or put on the back burner while globalists trickle in.

    Was the ousting of General Flynn planned all along in order to stop Trumps’ ‘America first’ agenda? Seems likely.

    Is the Treehouse covering this?out this: Susan Rice congratulating McMasters two months ago!


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