ObamaCare Repeal Vote Tomorrow – Contact Your Representative in Congress…

The House of Representatives has scheduled the repeal of ObamaCare vote tomorrow.  Approximately 220 Republicans in congress people support the Trump, Pence, Price and Ryan repeal and replacement bill.  Approximately 30 Republicans in congress do not support the repeal bill and have vowed to keep ObamaCare in place by voting “NO”.

Have you given your opinion to your representative?  Find your representatives’ phone number, voice mailbox, or email address through this link:


Whether you support the 30 R.A.T’s, or whether you support President Donald Trump, it is important to have your voice heard.

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194 Responses to ObamaCare Repeal Vote Tomorrow – Contact Your Representative in Congress…

  1. Ursula says:

    I called my rep Tom Marino of Pa yesterday and will call agin today, maybe the assistant will be able to tell me today how Rep Marino plans to vote since he was uninformed yesterday.


  2. I would contact my representative, but I live in Delaware..and I live in dem country..Would they vote for anything put forth that would do away with Ocare.. I think not..but maybe I will call anyway..what the heck..


  3. bonniebfl says:

    My Rep, Dennis Ross (FL) seems to be on board. Left him my 1st ever politician email, and now my 1st ever comment here. I trust Sundance and Trump (been observing both about six months now – and am so much better for it). End of story. – except that I found CTH thru American Thinker. Cheers!


  4. yy4u says:

    Tin foil hat or not, I have to wonder whether Paul Ryan committed sepuku in order to destroy President Trump’s agenda.


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