Healthcare Vote? – Remember, It Wasn’t Republicans That Elected President Trump…

Intransigent crony-CONstitutional CONservatives, ie “Freedom Caucus” UniParty members, would do well to remember it wasn’t just Republicans who voted to put President Trump into office, it was also Democrats and Independents.

Those Trump voters who put President Trump into office can just as easily wipe out the crony-CONstitutional CONservatives who previously hid behind their #NeverTrump-ism.

Any vote against the ObamaCare repeal and replacement road map put forth by President Trump, Vice-President Pence, HHS Secretary Tom Price and Speaker Paul Ryan, is a direct vote against the policy agenda of President Donald Trump and his supporters.

We voted for Donald Trump because he wasn’t a political ideologue.  You had the chance to run your political ideologue, Ted Cruz, as a candidate.  You did, and he lost.

Now President Trump, Vice-President Pence, HHS Secretary Tom Price, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have constructed a bill.  Everyone has been allowed at the table, everyone’s input has been considered.   Talk is done.  Support this bill, or you are voting AGAINST President Trump. PERIOD.

No other approach to repealing ObamaCare is possible.  It’s not ideological, it is simply reality.  The back-story on our prior explanations are HERE and expanded HERE.

Most of you already know this outline because you’ve understood the bigger picture.  Hopefully this message will reach the 99% who don’t understand that “reconciliation” doesn’t allow for substantive structural add-ons to ObamaCare, until step #3.  Again, HERE and HERE.

FACT: ObamaCare was passed, using the original legislative vehicle, at 1:38am on 12/24/09 with 60 votes in the Senate (see below). The House then approved that Senate Bill without changes; and in February 2010 created a secondary bill which created the opportunity for the Senate to modify ObamaCare using “reconciliation” for a lower vote threshold of 51 votes.

Literally under the cloak of darkness Democrats rammed their holy grail of a socialist construct down the throat of every American. We no longer needed to imagine having usurping representation that did not represent the will of the people – we saw it.

[Understand the full construct by reading HERE] If you do not understand how legislation is created; if you do not understand the difference between the Senate and House; if you do not understand the way ObamaCare was created, you really need to read this first.

A clean repeal bill, meaning a law to repeal the entire ObamaCare construct only, would, if following the original construct, require another 60 vote hurdle in the Senate.

Republicans, while in the majority, only control 52 seats. Without 8 Democrats voting to approve a “repeal bill”, any House (Or Senate) bill that repeals ObamaCare cannot pass the Senate.

Secondly, not all Republicans support “repeal only”.

This is why Mark Levin is a con-man; selling snake oil as outrage to keep a listening audience angry, yet clueless and hopeless. That’s what I don’t like.

A complete repeal of ObamaCare is currently impossible. The House Freedom Caucus can push all the repeal bills they want, but they cannot get a clean repeal bill through the House let alone the Senate.  They cannot get the votes needed. Period.

Additionally, despite claims to the contrary, the GOP has never passed an Obamacare “repeal bill”. Ever.

What the House did previously pass was a “defund bill” using the lower vote reconciliation process. President Obama vetoed it. A defunding bill was possible because of the financial pathway which falls under reconciliation rules. The current Ryan bill is almost identical to the 2016 defunding bill everyone is mistakenly calling a prior “repeal bill”.

A complete independent repeal bill of ObamaCare is currently impossible.

The only bill that can pass the Senate is a bill that can utilize the process of reconciliation, which has a vote threshold of 51 votes. A reconciliation bill is a budgetary bill designed around the financial drivers of ObamaCare. This is what HHS Secretary Tom Price, Speaker Ryan and President Trump are attempting to do.

A reconciliation bill cannot add substantively to the existing law. It can only modify the financial structures and retain the same 10-year budgetary impact. If you want substantive adds or removals of the law, beyond the financial structure, it is no longer a reconciliation bill.

If it is no longer a reconciliation bill, it requires 60 votes. 52 Republicans + 8 democrats. Democrats have already stated they will not support any substantive changes that undermine the key ObamaCare provisions.

Accepting the Democrats will not vote to repeal their signature law… The only way to fully repeal ObamaCare as an independent bill, and overcome the 60 vote threshold, would be to eliminate the filibuster rule (3/5ths vote threshold or 60 votes) in the Senate and drop the vote threshold to 51 votes, a simple majority, for all legislation.

Without the filibuster rule, and with the Senate having only a simple majority rule for passage, there would no longer exist an internal legislative check for any minority party to protect themselves from the laws created by a greater mob.

The ruling party would be in power as if they held a Senate super majority at all times. As a consequence, with minority protection eliminated, legislation is then ruled by the legislative federal dictates from those representing the Majority only.  There is no legislative pressure to listen, build consensus or consider the position of the minority party.

You would think that constitutional conservatives would be necessarily predisposed against the dropping of a constitutional republic in favor of a pure democracy (mob rule).

However, within this current argument over the Price/Ryan approach to replacing ObamaCare you find exactly that. Emotional conservatives, and crony-constitutional conservatives like Mark Levin, arguing against the current House bill leaving only the option to drop the Senate filibuster on legislation and pass laws with a simple majority.

So you tell me, is this really a constitutional-conservative approach?

Really and honestly?

Two more points on this issue:

Point One  –  OK, lets say your Senator would agree to change the Senate Rules and eliminate the filibuster, allowing legislation to pass with 51 votes (there are about 28 +/- of them who would).   To change the rules you need a majority of Senators to agree to do it.  THERE ARE NOT 51 Senators willing to change the Senate rules to pass legislation.

Point Two – There are not even 51 Senators who would agree to repeal ObamaCare.   Forget the 60 vote threshold, for a moment.  Even if you didn’t have the filibuster rule, there are not currently 51 Republican Senators willing to repeal ObamaCare without an existing replacement available.

Of course there are problems with the current Ryan bill. It can only approach ObamaCare from the reconciliation aspect. It cannot go into the substantive changes, adds or modifications because that would require the 60 vote Senate. Again, See Here.

Additionally, despite claims to the contrary, the GOP has never passed an Obamacare “repeal bill”. Ever. What they did previously pass was a “defund bill” using the lower vote reconciliation process. President Obama vetoed it. A defunding bill was possible because of the financial pathway which falls under reconciliation rules.

Yes, the GOP could defund it 100% again, but then what?… It still exists as a program, and Trump would have to fund the existing (non repealed law) from somewhere. So you’re back to the 60 votes for a replacement again or eliminate the filibuster and go with the 51-vote threshold for all future legislation.

Back to current ObamaCare’s replacement – there are three options if we are going to retain a constitutional republic, and pass laws with the 60 vote senate filibuster threshold:

Option #1 – We can do nothing – Vote NO and allow ObamaCare to collapse on it’s own. In the interim many Americans will be negatively impacted and the more vulnerable and needy will be worst hurt. Premiums and co-pays continue to skyrocket while the insurance system tries to preserve itself.

Option #2 – Vote NO and attempt futile structural repeal bills in the House; and if passed, watch them pile up in the Senate without the ability to pass and earn 60 votes or even 51 votes. Shout and holler some more, gnash some teeth, and wait for 2018 when Republicans will attempt to win the other 8 seats needed. Again, even less of a guarantee on the outcome.

Option #3 – We can Repeal and Replace using the three-phase approach being proposed by Tom Price, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump:

  • 1. Pass reconciliation legislation targeting the financial mechanisms.
  • 2. HHS rewrites rules.
  • 3. New laws are proposed by a full congress to adjust ObamaCare and add to it, and laws debated/passed.

Yes, this too has it’s risks. No guarantee you’ll get the cookie you want in phase three because any structural amendment, any add-on, will take consensus building to gather the votes to pass the specific points.

Those are the options.

Choose/Vote wisely.

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579 Responses to Healthcare Vote? – Remember, It Wasn’t Republicans That Elected President Trump…

  1. Kay says:

    Replacing ObamaCare with RyanCare is not what we were promised.
    Phase one is RyanCare
    Phase two and three will never happen.

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    • JT says:

      Phase 2 is happening right now, and they are currently writing the laws for phase 3. Perfect is enemy of the good.

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    • A.J. Travis says:

      “Replacing ObamaCare with RyanCare is not what we were promised.”

      “Phase one is RyanCare”

      “Phase two and three will never happen.”
      Phase 2 will definitely happen, as Trump does not need congress for that.

      Phase 3 is a long shot, and if we could get that passed, then why not just pass a total repeal.

      But that is in the future. What we have today is I either encourage my rep. to vote the way my President has asked me to…
      Or they join with this crew:

      If Nancy Pelosi is against it, how can I not be for it?

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    • Well, at least have of your statement: “Phase two and three will never happen” only requires HHS Tom Price, i.e., zero legislative measures — so that part is clearly false.

      Now, will Phase Three happen? All I can say is:
      Every. Single. Person. Who, Made. Predictions. That. Trump. Would. Fail….

      I, for one, wouldn’t bet against him. Smart money’s on Trump.

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      • “half” not “have”


      • PatriotKate says:

        It appears there is disagreement on how Phase II can happen without getting rid of the underlying legislation. Congressman Gohmert said it best. He said that, all of the regulations in the original ObamaCare will still be there and, while some latitude can be used on the part of Secretary Price, the minute he removes some regulations in the original law that the Democrats will sue on the basis that the change in regulations violates the law. He pointed out that Judges are arbiters of the law and that even the most conservative judges would have no choice but to side with the Democrats if they challenge a change in regulations that have not been dispensed with by new legislation. Would be tied up in courts for years.


    • singingsoul says:

      Key obviously you are smarter than POTUS and know a way to get 60 votes to do something different. I guess its people like you in the senate who are happier with Obama care.
      I trust POTUS and if he supports this that shows that this is the best they are able to do after Obama gutted the healthcare system.
      I wish people would have bitched this much and voted Obama out the second time around.

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    • andymilken says:

      Do you know that you don’t have to check the box if you have insurance coverage or not on your tax return for 2016? Don’t know about you but that appears to imply that you would not be penalized if you don’t have any insurance. So it seems part 2 is already in effect.

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    • kallibella says:

      This legislation has to be passed by maneuvering through the rules and in both houses of Congress.

      I don’t understand why people won’t trust President Trump. When he kept saying over and over again during the campaign that O’care would be repealed and replaced, he meant it and he means it. If the bill has to clear hurdles of this kind or that kind, then that is the system through which the bill will pass: that is according to the rules and working the rules in an advantageous manner and by sequencing the bill so that the pieces are more manageable to pass.

      I don’t think many people realize the enormous damage O’care has inflicted in the management of health care, specifically in health insurance. It has been the law for 7 years and its awful roots have taken sufficient hold such that when uprooting it, the process is more arduous and more strategic.

      Trust the President to know what he is doing!!!

      Plus the ones pooh poohing the whole thing are those so-called “freedom” caucus guys who can’t see past their noses for fear of reprisal. They offer no good way to successfully maneuver the bill through. They know this is not the law in itself, but rather the vehicle onto which to craft the death of O’care legislatively. They know that, yet they show how anti Trump they are. Unreasonable. And the People be damned….

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    • Mickey Wasp says:

      Actually, stage 2 and 3 are guaranteed to pass after stage 1 passes.

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  2. spaulj67 says:

    Sorry, nobody is perfect, you are wrong and so is Trump, but he is learning quickly about trusting Rinos and those that pull their strings in the healthcare cartel to do anything constructive. Long story short you can’t beat the Rinos by join them. My prediction is that most people will pay the Obama care tax and then go out and get real medical care from the free market. That my friend is an actual ‘Conservative’ solution to this whole mess. Just let it collapse, free people as always have a better solutions.

    Hannity has had a number of other private free market solutions as well. You can’t solve a problem caused by the cartel that runs Washington with a bill written by the same. And wouldn’t you know it, just like last time, we need to pass it to find what’s in it. Seriously, this the plan you are pushing?


    • A.J. Travis says:

      I am not pushing any plan. I said in the beginning I hate this plan. It is obamacare lite.
      I completely agree, it is not conservative, or libertarian, or constitutional, which is what I am.
      But just as I doubt that phase 3 will ever happen, I doubt that a full repeal bill will make it to President Trump’s desk. EVER.
      Nobody’s voting on a free market plan. If they were, I would support it. COMPLETELY.
      The fact is we have two bad choices:
      Support the rinos or support the democrats.
      I will not support the democrats on anything.
      The democrat party is PURE EVIL. They support infanticide, sexualizing children, marxism and islamic terrorists.
      And rinos are weak losers.
      If I have to choose between those 2, and I do this time, then it’s the rinos.
      I am choosing to see the bigger picture, and that picture is democrats opposing President Trump.
      Trump blew this big time, it is his first big error, but he is asking us to back him, and trust him. And the democrats ARE ALL VOTING AGAINST THIS BILL.

      This vote is not about fixing healthcare, it is about winning elections in 2018 and 2020. Fixing healthcare can’t be done until 2018 at least, and ONLY if we get rid of dozens of rinos and democrats from congress.

      The democrats are playing it that way. They want the healthcare system to fail. Then they can blame Trump.
      obamacare will crash the healthcare system in 1-2 years. Ryancare will delay the failure for a few years, and as a bonus it defunds planned parenthood.

      I can’t be on the democrats side. THEY are evil.


      • spaulj67 says:

        Clean repeal from the house and then pin the collapse of Obama care on the Senators that block, next election cycle. You don’t know, enough could chicken out an pass it. HHS might also be slow roll the regs as well, or heck not enforce them, just like Obama did. Frankly if their isn’t a ‘certified’ Obama care insurance provider in your area how can you hold anybody in breach of the law?

        As far as this 60 vote threshold. We are getting zero of Trump’s agenda through if we hold ourselves to that. Look what is happening to our Supreme court nominee? No its all or nothing at this point. If we don’t get most of what Trump ‘as’ promised, which Ryancare does not BTW, in place in the next 2-4 years their won’t be a country to save.


    • dalethorn says:

      Obamacare is destroying actual valuable medical facilities, and chasing good people away from Medicine. The number of people who will be able to get good care will continue to diminish, rapidly even, which can create an uprising when facilities and doctors aren’t available. If the insurance co’s and the greedy politicians are blocking the competition we need in Medicine, then they are the enemy and must be defeated, by all reasonable means (or as reasonable as necessary).


      • cdquarles says:

        One effect of No-care is that, functionally, there isn’t a private medical insurance market any more. No-care effective nationalized them. Insurance companies are, functionally, government agents. Greedy Politicians, yep, that’s the people doing this. “Insurance companies”, Medicare and Medicaid are, today, walking dead.

        This bill is far better than what we would have otherwise gotten, I believe; and that’s partly why President Trump did what he did. Some times half a sausage is better than none.


  3. John Tate says:

    This bill is plainly a betrayal of the american people-really. All we want is a full repeal,no excuses. The government has NO place in healthcare and a crony socialist plan after seven years of excuses will not cut it


    • dustahl says:

      agree but it is what the majority of people want, something “free”


    • JT says:

      That’s not what Trump ran on.


    • spaulj67 says:

      The swamp doesn’t want that because then the fraud of over charging those with insurance in order to pay for those the ‘government’ claims its paying for will be exposed for the lie that it is. Hence why its the only industry not required to post prices. That is the reason why those with private ‘insurance’ are charged a significantly higher price than those with government ‘insurance’. Look nobody said draining the swamp would be easy.

      Take the blue pill, Sundance.
      “I didn’t say it would be easy. Only, that it would be the truth.”

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    • dalethorn says:

      The replacement is competition – real competition. Find out who is blocking the competition and you will see who’s behind the curtain.

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  4. Truthfilter says:

    Clever clever clever to attach/include the defunding of Planned Parenthood in this bill. I would support the bill without it, based on Sundance’s clear explanation of Congressional rules and the situation at hand. However, I have long feared the wrath of God because our tax dollars support abortion. I believe wholeheartedly that the Almighty will smile upon phases 2 and 3 if we simply stop supporting abortion. “Children are the Kingdom of God.”
    “For if you do this for the least of these, you do it also for Me.”

    (Sorry I can only quote the verses, not the book or chapter. You can thank my Cherokee grandmother for that. She practically raised us and spoke to us often in scriptures.)

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  5. dalethorn says:

    Costs (i.e. money) are at the core of everything, and while this issue is 14 percent of the economy now, you can bet it will be 25 percent in 20 years – probably less time than that. Everyone who’s not covered goes to emergency. The insurance companies are at the top of the money pyramid, and have been since the Fed was created in 1913. So, assuming (as I do) that we won’t get a “good” deal, or even an affordable deal, I have to ask who is standing in the way of making this system competitive, to minimize costs and maximize opportunities for the people? The bottom line is money here, and we *must* have competition, including for drug prices.


  6. the bill has been pulled, CNN says at Trumps request. Speaker ryan conf at 4pm ET


  7. entagor says:

    so the four DEM talking points from the article
    1 Ryancare eliminates the extra payroll tax installed by Obamacare to pay for Medicare

    Article fails to mention that Obamacare transferred $600 million out of the Medicare trust fund for Obamacare which might be the reason for the added payroll tax in Obamacare

    2 Tax credits are leveled across income brackets

    Ryancare reduces the huge credits for lower incomes. In Ryancare if the person earning $20,000 a year could chip in 10 bucks a week, they have about $400/month to spend on healthcare. I can find catastrophic coverage for 250/month but it looks like Ryancare only allows catastrophic coverage for Medicaid and Exchange customers Ryancare is supposed to lower premiums but Ryancare does not repeal the mandated medical coverage like dental, eyglasses, sex change etc so I don’t see how premiums can drop

    3. Defund Planned Parenthood

    4. Phase out Medicaid Expansion

    Ryancare phases out the extra money the feds are giving to states to expand their Medicaid rolls after 2020. I think Obamacare was going to do this anyway.


  8. zaq123 says:

    At the end of the day, no matter what you think, no matter who you support, no matter which way you lean politically….think of this..

    For 8 long, long, long, long, years, the Republicans in the US Congress told us to be patient. They told us that there’s nothing they can do because of the President. They told us there’s nothing they can do because they didn’t control the House or the Senate or the White House. They told us that they had plans in place to REPEAL AND REPLACE the Affordable Care Act, on day one. They told us that they were going to get the government out of health care and let the people decide.

    Well, they lied. They lied to all of us for 8 years. They never had a plan. They never thought they’d need a plan. They thought they were all going to continue living as members of the ‘protected class’ while all of us lived off the scraps they threw us. They lied. And, the best that they could do, was getting Paul Ryan, the lying rat bast*rd that he is, to come up with a disaster. Is/Was it better than obamacare? Who knows. But, when you have a representative from NY, who states that once it’s passed, they’ll be able to explain it better, we all have reason to worry. I think we all heard something like that before about another piece of legislation. And that legislation is a disaster. Some on here, say..Trust Trump. Actually, I’ll trust Bannon on this one. I won’t trust anything that has Paul Ryan’s finger prints on it. It still boggles my mind that people that Ryan, a career politician and staffer, is drafting a bill, attempting to solve a problem he knows nothing about. Ryan is a dirtbag, from the word, GO. He’s in the pocket of the Chamber of Commerce and any big business donor, so he’ll do their bidding. The only thing we should be demanding from Pres Trump, Ryan and the government is, to get your filthy fingers out of our business. Deport all the illegals. Build the darn wall. Implement some legitimate tax and regulatory reform. And then let the economy take care of itself.

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