Chuck Schumer Brings “Muh Russian” Conspiracy Strategy To Gorsuch Nomination Process…

Once political Democrat leadership recognize the only controversy created by their opposition boils down to: the friend of a second-cousin of a third-grade classmate who once lived in the same city as the opposed target hearing rumors of a mattress tag being removed, well, the autonomic trigger becomes: the opposition is Mao reincarnated as the spawn of Hitler…

For today’s example the opposition is Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Apparently Gorsuch has outlasted the insufferable mattress tag gauntlet. Enter Chuck Schumer to strategize the next steps.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, announces today that he cannot support Gorsuch and “urges his colleagues to vote no”; where “urging colleagues” means get in line, or else. Thus setting the stage for a filibuster, well, that would be, if all 48 Democrat Senators follow the compliance demand.

Therein lies the outline of the very tenuous Democrat strategy against Gorsuch: Force Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to use the nuclear option to pass Altar Boy Gorsuch to the Supreme Court with 51 votes instead of 60.

Obviously, if 8 Democrat Senators vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch – Schumer will have been rebuked. Those Democrats will have their offices moved to the never cleaned bathroom stall at the end of the cellar (ie. no-financial DNC support for their reelection bids).

Senator Schumer is not “technically” calling for a filibuster, that would be impolitic, audacious, undiplomatic and transparent to the national electorate. So Senator Schumer instead “urges his colleagues” to vote no. Same/Same.

However, accepting all reasonableness is now cast asunder in favor of political posturing, if his colleagues comply they run the very real risk of seeing nomination #2 (Kennedy’s  replacement), and nomination #3 (Ginsburg’s replacement), also reduced to nothing more than a 51-vote-threshold.

There are many Democrats who understand this risk quite well.

So, what does it all mean?

Quite frankly, this signal from Senator Schumer indicates the forward political strategy of the Democrat party is to transpose the “muh Russian conspiracy narrative” from President Trump onto Judge Neil Gorsuch.

The ‘very fake news’ Russian conspiracy narrative is entirely created to undermine the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. By applying the filibuster plan to Judge Gorsuch the Democrats are signaling the same intention to the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and any decision they make, against the larger progressive ideological societal constructs, therein.

Invoking the filibuster when there is no real reason to invoke the filibuster boils down to Democrats making a political decision to undermine the legitimacy of Gorsuch and the Supreme Court.

This approach establishes the typeset for the DNC donation letters, social justice notifications, and all planned 2018 and 2020 campaign objectives over the next 3+ years.

This approach also confirms the vast Russian conspiracy narrative will be carved on their commandments over the same time period, and will not be dropped in the foreseeable future.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.


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319 Responses to Chuck Schumer Brings “Muh Russian” Conspiracy Strategy To Gorsuch Nomination Process…

  1. Madmax110 says:

    I hope Gorsuch doesn’t go on any trips to the ranch in the future.

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  2. Joe Blow says:

    Live by “teh Russian conspiracy”, die by “teh Russian conspiracy”.

    Do it, Chuckles. Please.

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  3. dalethorn says:

    Chuckie sez that Gorsuch represents the big people over the little people. But one of his cities alone has more population than 39 of our states, and its cost of living is sky high. So exactly who do YOU represent, Chuckie?

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  4. MIKE says:

    What is Chuckies’ play here? Did Justice Kennedy tell him he was going to stay a few more years, like seven? Is Ruth buzzi Ginsberg going to live until 110? Or is his desperation showing?

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  5. Shadrach says:

    Bwah hah hah….now we will get to use the nuclear option for the next replacement, who will maybe be for Scalia. Hahahahah. I know SD predicted this, and I saw the Dems have to fight everything to appease their base, but I didn’t think they’d be this dumb. Guess I was wrong 🙂

    Still not tired of winning!

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  6. Bryan Walk says:

    Please someone​ take Chucky to the wood shed.

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  7. aqua says:

    Is it a coincidence that the Democrat governor of my state stated today that he would not support the Gorsuch nomination? I think not. The prepared talking points for liberals must have started with this one today.

    Will be writing and calling the Governor’s office to voice my disapproval.

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  8. #EuthanizeChuckSchumer, humanely…

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  9. spren says:

    Isn’t it just time for Republicans and McConnell to do the inevitable and get rid of the stupid 60 vote cloture rule, not just for SCOTUS, but for all legislative processes. We only have a limited window to get things done and now is the time to pull the pin. There is no doubt that Democrats will do exactly this if/when they regain control of the Senate. Reid already set the precedent. It is time for brass knuckles and hardball, something the Republicans have been averse to doing. Time for them to man up and fight. Schumer is giving them the justification to go the full measure.

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  10. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Message to Democrats with a head. Bork the saint at 60 votes, and they will get three crusaders in a row at 51 votes. Their screams will delight our victory dances, and their tears will fill our glasses. And we get a supermajority in 2018 as a bonus.

    Go ahead. Make our decade.

    McConnell needs an excuse to go nuclear. Let them give it to him.

    I agree with SD. Schumer is putting all his chips on some kind of nastiness. And when that fails, I hope that Scummer is one of the people who end up biting their Nazi cyanide capsules, rather than submitting to justice.

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    • realcapedcrusader says:

      Schummer is playing right into President Trump’s hands. Thank you Chuck.

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    • yakmaster2 says:

      Yes, go nuclear while you have the chance to stack the Supreme Court, Repubs. This won’t come around again and ONCE IT’S DONE THE NEXT 30 YEARS WILL BE A CHECK ON LIBERAL ACTIVIST JUDGES!! NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT, *so cloture on this matter be damned!* The future direction of our country is more important than whether the Dems get a future majority in the Senate and pass some legislation the Repubs don’t like.

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    • I agree that if Democrats were in this position, they’d go nuclear.
      Why am I not so confident Republicans will actually do this?

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        We will see what happens. Turtlehead needs to be smart here. Gorsuch is a gift to the Dems. If they refuse it, time to start dropping bombs.

        The “borking” of Robert Bork was the most heinous act of malfeasance in SCOTUS approvals in American history. Until now, should the Democrats choose not to approve a man who might actually save a lot of liberal laws from being overturned.

        If they “bork” Gorsuch, I say take off the gloves, and replace with brass knuckles. Give them nothing but conservative crusaders who will make the court a roadblock to progressivism for centuries. Scorched earth. If progressivism is this stupid, kill it. Sadly, I think it is.

        Gorsuch has basically admitted political displeasure at his own rulings, and about half the time. There is simply no better judge than one who is self-aware. His approval should be unanimous.

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        • WSB says:

          Indeed, and I am still smacking over the Clarence Thomas hearings.

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            Yeah, that was nasty. In fact, it was very clear. They were out to DAMAGE Clarence Thomas permanently. He was never the same after that, IMO. And they wanted it that way. They wanted to put him in his place. It was offensive.

            Based on the fact that the Democrats treated Thomas far worse than Bork, with whom they had MORE fundamental disagreement, I cannot disagree with his assessment. It really was a high-tech lynching. And of all things, a lynching by communists. The very people who fought against “social justice hoaxing” (white, sexual) in the Scottsboro case, used social justice hoaxing (black, sexual) against a black who stood in the way of their long-term plans for a SCOTUS takeover.

            Another reason I hope some Democrats throw off Obama and Schumer and approve Gorsuch. We have to get away from partisan divide of the SCOTUS. Obama has filled it with unconscious partisans. Gorsuch is restoration of SCOTUS from that abuse. We don’t want it to be conservative and partisan, any more than left-wing and partisan. Both errors ruin the deliberative effectiveness of the court.

            Gorsuch is the closest thing to a moderate that the Dems are going to get. I keep saying he’s a gift to the Dems. He will uphold conservative positions that are strongly rooted in the Constitution, but he will also protect liberal positions that are on solid ground. I predict much conservative butthurt on cases where Gorsuch stands up for lib law. People will claim blackmail, but not this time. Trump nominated a real judge who already had the guts to stand up to the very guy who nominated him! Good grief – the Dems will NEVER get another Trump nominee like this! LOL! Obama’s stupid is STILL killing these guys.

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            • WSB says:

              I fully agree. On the lynching of Thomas and the gift horse to the Dems. The Dems are so radicalized now, they will never see it.

              Would love to hear Gorsuch at the water cooler with the wise Latina.

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        • outragedyt says:

          He does seem like a fine man.


  11. So our opposition’s big game plan for the foreseeable future is to use a fake news story, based on a fake report, from fake sources, about fake conversations, discussing fake plans to rig a rigged election?

    I think I like our odds! 😉

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Well, this seems a bit better than the Miss Universe Machado has hurt feelings strategy.

      The funny thing is the Progressives / Uniparty get one thing going, and stick with it until it is played out.

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  12. zephyrbreeze says:

    Roger Stone

    BREAKING: David Brock has suffered a major heart attack.

    And B) Tony Podesta and John Podesta took MORE money from Russian Oligarch than did Paul Manafort from SAME Oligarch.

    Queued Up:

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Jump to shortly after 19 minutes to see WHO is pushing for a carbon tax.


      Ridiculous! If those smarties can’t figure out how to make money without a fake economy based on bad science, they don’t deserve a penny!

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  13. John says:

    Trump knows how to break the Dems apart. He we will work with the congressional black caucus who have a different agenda then Schumer et al. They know he is not a racist and if he cleaves them off from the radical left he can get certain things done.

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  14. Emmeran says:

    I for one support Gorsuch in as much as I know about him (I’ve never met the man), I also supported Obama’s nominee who seemed to be a fair minded centrist. That the established party’s have yet again reached new levels of corruption in this process depresses and disappoints me. I wish I could say it surprises me but sadly it doesn’t.

    I’m a stubborn independent having long ago abandoned picking teams when both teams revealed themselves to be the same team. These games hurt the people and only achieve political ends for the puppeteers in the two established parties.

    We need to take back control at the lowest level: in our towns, counties and states. No more should National Interests like ACLU and NRA decide how our towns are run. It’s our place and we get to decide.

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    • Cowwow says:

      Why did you include the NRA?

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    • booger71 says:

      I am pretty sure the NRA has no imput into running any town. The ACLU is a different matter.

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    • Mickey Wasp says:

      Obama’s supreme court pick Merrick Garland, is a protect the ‘deep state’ jurist.

      Garland served as Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick’s “principal deputy” during the TWA 800 investigation, it happened during his watch, and his boss oversaw its unprecedented misdirection. In sum, Gorelick and the Clintons pulled off the most successful cover-up in American peacetime history.

      Garland was deeply involved with another questionable investigation, that of the Oklahoma City bombing. In fact, he supervised the prosecutions of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. What someone needs to ask Garland is what happened to John Doe No. 2. John Doe No. 2 was the most hunted man in the world until, without explanation, he just kind of went away. Perhaps Garland could shed some lights on his whereabouts.

      Garland was also involved with the Olympic Park bombing. Where security guard Richard Jewell was patrolling the grounds of Centennial Park in Atlanta. He spotted a large olive-green military-style backpack under a bench. He immediately shared this info with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
      The pack exploded. Two people died, and more than a hundred were injured. If Jewell had not seen this 40-pound bomb, it might have killed hundreds. Likely fearing an Islamic connection as they did in Oklahoma City, the Clinton people turned on the transparently innocent Mr. Jewell and hounded him all the way to the election that year. Someone should ask Merrick who authorized the hounding.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Garland is stealth gun confiscation, Australia style, and everybody in the gun world knows it.

        Obama NEVER gives up. NEVER.

        Everything else you’re saying totally computes with what Obama was up to on guns. Garland is a judge with hidden agendas. AND – get this – I’ll bet his phone and the phones that give away his “issues” are in the Montgomery data.

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        • Fe says:

          I really should not say this but I am wishing that the Mossad would do us all a big favor if you catch my drift…….☠️

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            After the bust of the Israeli kid doing the hoax calls to the community centers, I’m not sure WHAT is up in Mossad-land. I would have pegged them for instigating the hoax calls to stop Ellison, but they clearly allowed the kid to be found. Maybe his usefulness was over, and he was a risk. Maybe they were completely uninvolved and unaware, although the Mossad being unaware of something is utterly ridiculous, IMO. Or maybe they had nothing to do with it – they just let it happen and dropped the hammer when the hoaxer was done saving the Dems from Islamic control.

            Mossad is inscrutable except for one thing. NEVER AGAIN. And that is one train that I am 100% on board. But how they get there and how I get there have to be way different, because they do operations I don’t even like to contemplate.

            So short answer – I don’t even want to think about those guys and Scummer in the same sentence. Shudders!


        • Cowwow says:

          Absolutely wolf!!!
          Never unAmerican Merrick!

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      • Cowwow says:

        Yep Mickey.


    • deborah foster says:

      Comment deleted by Admin…


    • cdquarles says:

      Sad. If things got tough, I suspect the NRA would come to your aid. The NRA rules no one but their willing members, and they don’t really rule them. The NRA exists to protect one of our God given Rights, which is to help protect ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbors, our States and our Union; by being aware and armed (a bit redundant) by knowing why we have a 2nd amendment and why it gave the general public the right to own military capable weapons, if and when necessary.


  15. Betty says:

    I read, and if it is true it troubles me. that the Supreme Court handed down a decision that over turned one of Judge Gorsech’s rulings. Was that planned? Or was it in the normal course of events? Does the SC have a choice or must they publish within a set amount of time after they make a decision? Or were they just being stinky?

    Some of those SC Justices will have a hard time when Sir Galahad walks into the chamber.


    • Shadrach says:

      One in over 2,000 (Gorsuch said the number, but I forget exactly, except it is bigger than 2000). Compare to the 9th circuit, which has 20% overturned.

      Looking at those numbers to compare, the 9th circuit would have had 400 overturned of 2,000; Gorsuch had just one. Oh, and that “one” is a “maybe one” according to the hearings, so it might be one still in deliberations. I didn’t catch the details from the hearing on the specifics.

      If you were kidding, please forgive me.

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      • WSB says:

        It was a close case. Betty is protesting too much, IMO.


        • Betty says:

          My first reply was to Shadrach, as for you WSB – go jump in a lake.


          • WSB says:

            Better to look at facts rather than devolve to insults, Betty. I was merely pointing out that the accusation was heavier than the situation warrants. The fact is that the Supreme Court overturned a related case that used one decision by The 10th circuit. The opinion was about reimbursement for minimal local public school program requirements. Justice Roberts ruled on a related case, which looked at federal standards.

            From the LA Times:

            “Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) came to Gorsuch’s defense, noting that the 10th Circuit judge’s 2008 ruling itself had not been overturned, though it had played a key role in another case that was the subject of Wednesday’s high court ruling.

            The high court’s ruling Wednesday bolsters the rights of millions of disabled children. Justices ruled for the parents of a Colorado boy with autism who had removed their son from a public school because he was screaming in class, climbing on furniture and making no progress. They enrolled him in a private school that specialized in autism where he flourished.”

            The case was about awarding reimbursement for comparable public school courses.


      • Betty says:

        I have absolutely no reservations about Judge Gorsuch, It feels like false pride to me to even presume to say “I have no reservations” . What I was worried about, and I didn’t make it clear, was the SC’s publishing the results which overturned Judge Gorsuch during his conformation hearing.

        I worried that Judge Gorsuch will face hostile colleges when he takes his seat. I have never hid my feelings that Justice Roberts is compromised, and some of the others too. I believe that the compromised believe the whole world is compromised and probably think they the least compromised and so maintain a sort of righteousness. And I wonder how they will feel when a truly un-compromised person walks into that chamber and they suddenly become aware of their shabby “sort of righteousness”.


    • freddiel says:

      There should be no “possibly” about it. It is high time that these schmucks face the music.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      This tells me that Nunes and Congress are trying to drive the narrative away from Montgomery and more recent Montgomery-type “dubiously legal automatic data collection of American nationals and its associated use and abuse”, and back to normal intelligence on foreigners – stuff that is basically “automatically approved wiretapping of foreign nationals”. This gets the narrative as far away from deep-state’s secret collection of data on ordinary Americans as possible.

      In a way, Trump has made them back up a step in their threats against him. They are now saying “We will admit there was abuse, but not that we have created a system which also spied on you for years, and is exceedingly dangerous in the hands of somebody like Hillary, as demonstrated by so many things that happened to people around you, like Sheriff Joe, during the Obama administration.”

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    • cdquarles says:

      Still, Woodward shows his bias. President Trump did not say he/others/the Tower were wiretapped. He said they were “wiretapped”, which lets regular Americans know is a way they understand, that he was under surveillance. Ordinary Joe Public has little clue to the fact that publicly broadcast information has no inherent ‘right of privay’. Radio broadcasts are not point-to-point communications. They are transmitter to receiver communications and anyone may have, buy, sell or make a receiver. So, if you’re talking on your cellular radiotelephone (cell phone) any one with the appropriate receiver also receives your signals. Spread-spectrum helps some, but encryption is required for privacy (just like the envelope provides some privacy for the letter within it.


  16. There’s no upside to confirming Judge Gorsuch for Democrats. This pretty much tells us Democrats know they’re royally screwed. They know they’re out of power and will be for a long while to come. So why cooperate with us? They’re going to do anything and everything to obstruct us in our dismantling of big government. If we’re smart, we Conservatives will spend this time speaking out and speaking up for President Trump and our ideals. This is going to be a long haul and we have much to do and YUGE role to play, my fellow Treepers.

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  17. wodiej says:

    The Democrats are their own worst enemy. Trump and his administration are way too smart and clever for this bunch. And we have God on our side. Keep praying.

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  18. WVPatriot says:

    I have only seen one response to a question that I asked…appreciated that one. It was a clarification of texting shorthand.

    Question today…in the Roger Stone video shown above, he says that chief economic advisor Cohen is promoting a carbon tax…does anyone have evidence to verify Mr. Stone’s statement?

    A “second” question (lol), are we going to extend our regrets for previous engagements, or will we actually attend the paris global warming accords? Pure FAKE science.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      The only thing I know is rumor – that IVANKA is pushing a carbon tax as well. If Trump did implement a carbon tax, then it would prove the #NeverTrumpers right, and destroy the proclaimed Trump agenda. A carbon tax is folly, and is guaranteed to harm everything Trump is trying to do. It’s a moneymaker for deceivers and grifters, however, because it’s basically monopoly money that starts out with a lie. Never, ever do it. Any arguments that it’s good, are basically a primrose path to Mega-Solyndra.

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  19. Bonitabaycane says:

    IMO any fair minded person sees that Judge Gorsuch is extremely well qualified to be on the SCOTUS. Anyone that observes Senator Schumer can see that he is doing an outstanding job driving the Clown Car, known as the Democrat Party, straight off the cliff. 🙂

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  20. sundance says:

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      THIS. They are saying by going to the wall on Gorsuch, that they will “Bork” anybody. The strategy is clear. They want NO SCOTUS nominees from Trump. Either that, or their plan is to have Turtlehead lower the barrier, and then pull some nastiness to flip power back to Deep State, for Deep State compromised nominations.

      Real problem? Gorsuch is clean. No pedo. No blackmail. No handles.

      Very nasty stuff. It is ultimate obstructionism. The Democrats are treating the Trump presidency like a bump in the road that they can get past. They have no clue that, if they keep pushing this, or try anything out of bounds to end the peaceful rebellion of the American people, they are at an ELE.

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  21. Bonitabaycane says:

    Not only does Judge Gorsuch have an impeccable judicial pedigree, he also comes off as a very decent guy with a great temperament. The Dems by opposing Gorsuch demonstrate that they are unreasonably politically partisan, without any desire for a judge with a great legal mind who is fair and impartial. The Dems want a judge to advance their political agenda, plain and simple.

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  22. Papoose says:

    Here’s Schumer the schmuck giving you a lesson on the 3 Branches of Government. I one minute and 25 seconds, he schools the Republicans. He adds one and deletes one.

    Pop Quiz: What Branch did he delete? Which Branch did he add?

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  23. mike diamond says:

    Chuck the shoemeerr is a moonbat

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  24. abstain says:

    Not that this could be done right now and affect the present situation, but there is a very good article (Jan 2017 Imprimis, Hillsdale College) by Representative Tom McClintock, titled “How and Why the Senate Must Reform the Filibuster”.

    From the Article:
    Historically, a “filibustering senator had to remain for the most part at his desk and on his feet” and “until the filibustered matter was disposed of, the Senate could not move on to other business.”

    “The filibuster is fundamentally different today because of two changes to Senate rules—changes that explain the body’s current inability to act. The first occurred in 1917 in response to a filibuster of something called the Armed Ship Bill. The Senate adopted a cloture rule setting the threshold for ending debate at two-thirds of those present and voting, later changed to three-fifths of the whole Senate. Even then, this change was in keeping with common parliamentary practice. And even after its passage, the filibuster’s physically demanding nature meant that it was seldom employed. There were only 58 filibusters in the next 52 years—barely one per year.
    But beginning in 1970, the number of filibusters exploded by a magnitude of 36-fold. There have been 1,700 in the 46 years since then. Why? Because in 1970, Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield instituted a “two-track” system that allowed the Senate, by unanimous consent or the approval of the minority leader, to bypass a filibustered bill and go on to another. This relieved a filibustering senator of the job of having to talk through the night and it relieved his colleagues of their frustration.
    The filibuster thus entered the couch-potato world of virtual reality, where an actual speech is no longer required to block a vote. Today the mere threat of a filibuster suffices to kill a bill as the Senate shrugs and goes on to other business. The filibuster has been stripped of all the unpleasantness that discouraged its use and encouraged compromise and resolution.”

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  25. unconqueredone says:

    If the Republicans were smart (don’t we wish) they would have killed the filibuster as their very first agenda item making this all irrelevant.

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  26. GaryT ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ🇺🇸 says:

    Did anyone see Gorsuch use our fave Trumpism today?

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  27. notasmidgeon says:

    Why can’t we just use same rules as “Health
    Benefits for Members of Congress and Designated Congressional Staff”? This healthcare must be working for them. Let’s save a lot of BS, time, and money and adopt their plan.

    Page 3 & 4 talks about costs and how their plan is more reasonable than what is offered under ACA. This plan outlines all the benefits…..too numerous to note here. BUT…the plan is right there. REPEAL Obamacare and substitute the plan that is good enough for the Senators, their family members and some of their staff.

    1st time to post a url…if it doesn’t show up as a click on site would someone please report the url? Thanks. PLease read

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  28. notasmidgeon says:

    Forget the typo of report the url please.


  29. cyn3wulf says:

    I will be surprised if the Dems actually follow through with the filibuster. I will not be surprised if Pence is needed for the 60th vote.

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  30. roy1982blog says:

    I mean, good God. I’m a blue collar, always had voted democrat from SE Michigan until Trump entered the scene June 20, 2015. Now I’d call myself an anti-globalist libertarian common sense conservative…. America First ALWAYS.

    Watching this judge speak and answer quest during his hearing, how can one be more intelligent, American, and full of wit? This man should be confirmed 100-0.


  31. bolshevict says:

    Lets see….Schumer, Panetta, Politico, NY Times, Biden….I don’t have enough time this morning…..

    As the House Intel committee gets ready to lay wood to Obama Administration on “wiretapping”, I’m giving some thought to a cross-reference list of media outlets and pols who BOTH:

    1. Accused Trump of Russian coordination in the election
    2. Demanded that Trump apologize for accusing Obama of surveillance

    There’s lots of them. Lots and lots…..Anybody have some contributions to make? I’m making a list…


  32. Mike diamond says:

    If chuck schumer was ever wire tapped most of his calls would be to George Soros!just saying! Just a theory! Chuck never even takes up for the Jews or Israel!


  33. Mike diamond says:

    Chuck schummeeerrrmmmer dude would not fit in very well in Texas,we like our BBQ, hunting fishing,chuck is a kind of boiled egg and split pea soup kind of guy! The dollar store does have a fresh supply of the reading glasses he seems to like! Schummer never got over woodstock! He kinda looks like the stork with those glasses! He would do well in comedy shows with al Frankln,they both should quit their political jobs!


  34. remuda2016 says:

    A bit more of the Gorsuch Gobbledygook of Senators…

    Gorsuch: “Senator, when, or if, any issues ever come to the Supreme Court, the determinations and rulings made will be based on the Constitution and existing law at that time and not the personal beliefs of any judge beforehand.

    It would not serve the best interests of the American people for me to pre-judge here and now any potential issue that may or may not come before the Supreme Court, were I to be privileged to serve thereupon.

    For anyone to ask for me to violate that trust at my confirmation would be ‘STUPID’. (my words)


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