President Trump Announces Dr. Gorsuch as Supreme Court Nominee – And Why Senator Chuck Schumer Will Not Filibuster….

President Donald Trump has announced Dr. Neil Gorsuch as nominee for the Supreme Court.  Here is the video of the announcement and Judge Gorsuch acceptance remarks.


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will not filibuster the nomination.

Relax, it’s 100%.  100%. Done.

Judge Gorsuch will take the bench with the customary vocal goofball moonbattery of the far-left, perhaps with some Trump Derangement Syndrome sprinkled on top, but he will take the bench.

Senator Schumer’s only play is to delay the confirmation process because he doesn’t want Gorsuch on this year’s SCOTUS rulings, which by itself is doubtful if McConnell finds his balls, but Schumer will NOT block the overall nomination. Here’s why.


Not taking anything away from Dr. Gorsuch because his credentials are impeccable and he’s already sailed through confirmation previously. However there are other factors.

CONTEXT – First, four justices on SCOTUS have already openly expressed their frustration with a broken legislative branch of government.  In the past two years almost every case in front of the Supreme Count has traveled there as an outcome of congressional inability to construct clarity bi-partisan legislation.

President Obama and Harry Reid created the lack of bipartisanship in legislation. Only the Obama appointees and Ginsburg have bitten their proverbial lip on the issue.  Everyone knows this simple truism.

The court is currently 4-4 with one missing.

Justice Kennedy is 80 years old and has openly stated he wants to retire.  Kennedy views Gorsuch, his former clerk and protege’ as his replacement. Justice Kennedy sees Judge Gorsuch through a mirrored perspective.

With Gorsuch ideologically filling his legacy gap, it is reasonable to see Kennedy stepping down after the SCOTUS season this year.  Most likely using the period of July/August 2017 recess for the term of replacement.

Justice Kennedy’s exit then provides President Trump with nominee #2.

Senator Schumer is not stupid.  He knows this.

SCHUMER’S CARDS – If Schumer filibusters Judge Gorsuch now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will, most likely, use the nuclear option and point to Senator Schumer as the reason therein.  That means Gorsuch on the bench having needed only 51 votes.

McConnell points to Schumers intransigence and also points to the former confirmation of Gorsuch, against the backdrop of the Judges impeccable character and credentials etc.

Deployment of the nuclear option means, more consequentially, when Justice Kennedy announces his retirement, ANY replacement – including a much, much more conservative replacement like Pryor – is a guaranteed seat only needing 51 votes.

Think about it.  The court would then lean even further to the right, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 2017, (now 84-years-old), clinging to a respirator in year one of President Trump’s tenure.

SEAT #3 – Can Ginsburg make it to 2020?  Doubtful.  To 2024? Almost impossible.

Senator Schumer’s best play is to push the envelope, but allow appointee #1 (Gorsuch) to gain his seat through the traditional Senate confirmation processes.  This means Schumer still has the ability to influence seat #2 toward moderation, and politically doesn’t have to worry about a 51 vote confirmation threshold in the fall for #2.

Chuck Schumer keeps his powder dry, and ability to influence, for nominee #2.  Mitch McConnell, having used and upheld the customs, tradition and legacy of the Senate in appointee #1 – would not be able to use the nuclear option on #2.

  • If Schumer pushes too far now, the 51 vote threshold applies to Gorsuch and any #2 nominee.
  • If Schumer allows confirmation of Gorsuch, both #1 and #2 (any any additional nominees) to go through the 60 vote need.

That’s why Schumer will not filibuster Gorsuch.

Everything from now until Judge Gorsuch confirmation is just political optics, narrative selling, fake-protestations and smoke and mirrors.   The actual confirmation itself is a guarantee.




…“and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO, we will win, and we will keep on winning”…

~ Donald Trump


…”Sorry to keep you waiting. Complicated business folks, complicated business”…

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581 Responses to President Trump Announces Dr. Gorsuch as Supreme Court Nominee – And Why Senator Chuck Schumer Will Not Filibuster….

  1. Maquis says:

    Nuke ’em.

    I don’t want to write my Washington State Senator Shrews every week, completely in vain, because they are evil morons.

    Destroy The Evil Clown Posse. I am already sick to death of these Soros puppets, of Schumer’s scheming and frankly evil face, listening to his lies that you and I see through, but we know how many many millions of fools will lick it up.

    McConnell will never find his balls. But we need to kick them up into his mouth, tnen he’d know. The fact is, we should already have gone Nuclear over Attorney General to-be Sessions. Then we’d be armed to get our Cabinet tbrough, our Courts properly staffed, with not too much fear of McConnell doddering his evil Never-Trump way through foot-dragging and good old Senate “Comity”.

    Why? Why do we suck it up, even knowing that that evil sob Reid got away with murder using the nuclear option, but we are too “gentlemanly” for that? Like h3ll! We are saving our Country from over a hundred years of Federal over-reach and a barely concealed Communist insurgency.

    Commies ntent on delivering every American resource, territory, economy, wealth, seas, lakes, rivers, rivulets, and troublesome puddles that serve to deny you use of your own property, and, above all, deliver every American, man, woman and child, to the Globalists. To the wicked schemers who want to humble the West via a massive injection of poison pills, completely un-assimulatable cultures, especially Islam, that corrodes and destroys all it touches.

    Why? Why do we merit this? Why do we allow our next generation or all subsequent generations, to live in an unfree Hellhole because we weren’t willing to fight? It is insane and immoral for the Congress to not be striving to accomplish President Trump’s agenda and goals.

    We are in an amazing position. We lack only cloture in the Senate. McConnell didn’t lift his turtle head over his predecessor’s nuclear ways, why can’t he do it in service of freedom, when we have our chance? We have no Attorney General. Acting is just that, acting. This is a vital national security position that should have been passed the same day that General Mattis was.

    It is a crime what the Left is doing. We can’t take their fatuous pontificating over nothing, straining at gnats and so forth, it’s maddening, and immoral and destructive. They need to be nuked, and nuked hard.

    If McConnell’a failure to nuke now means he can’t go there the rest of this Presidency? Then that’s all the more reason to go nuclear NOW!


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    • wasntme says:

      I’m with you. McConnell hasn’t seen his balls in so long he wouldn’t recognize them if he did have them. I’m tired of republicans “playing nice”. Thats just a reason to do nothing. You know if the tables were turned the dems would not hesitate to do whatever they needed to get their way. They set precedence, we should use it to our advantage. Then change it back.

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    • Yesterday, Senator Murray’s DC office telephone had a busy signal. A busy signal, in the 21st century. That means no voicemail and not even the pretense of listening to constituents.

      My is that our state government is so far left that the general conservative principle of returning power to the states may be our undoing. Or, put another way, when a swamp is drained, its inhabitants flee elsewhere…


  2. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Neil Gorsuch Was Unanimously Confirmed By Senate In 2006 With Support Of Biden, Clinton, Schumer & Obama

    Democrats Confirmed Judge Gorsuch By Voice Vote In 2006

    Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by the senate in 2006 by the following Democrats:

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  3. Tonawanda says:

    The NY Times (sorry) confirms the strategic significance per Sundance of the Gorsuch nomination:

    In short, the motivation (at least in part) has to do with the personal concerns of Anthony Kennedy.

    The Times also says Gorsuch would be MORE “conservative” than Scalia but less so than Thomas, although how anyone can possibly make that type of evaluation is hard to understand.


    • Papa says:

      I haven’t posted in awhile but as an attorney and one who did more than one paper on Thomas while in law school, he IS more conservative. Much of that is in that he gives not two cents for precedent and has openly said stare decisis is not a good enough reason to decide a case in a particular away. He is PURE originalist, first principles. Scalia was now quite so pure. He ruled the way we conservatives would want, but the justifications would not always be the most originalist reasoning. The times when Thomas broke with Scalia, it was to right a more conservative, more originalist opinion.

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      • Tonawanda says:

        Having read a number of decisions by Thomas, IMO he was by far the most brilliant jurist, including Scalia. The writing “style” of Thomas was to work and work on a sentence, a paragraph, a decision, until it was the most logical, most accurate, and most informative it could be.

        The Thomas decisions I read were strictly based on objective reality, and their power and poetry – – to me — came from an explication of the undeniable, non-ideological truth.

        I have wondered from time to time if Thomas feels anything from the fact that he is one of the best SC justices ever, a true historical figure, who gets close to zero credit.

        And I always answer myself — nah, essential to his genius (like Reagan and Trump) is the understanding and belief that it is about something higher.


  4. Rob says:

    “Mitch McConnell, having used and upheld the customs, tradition and legacy of the Senate in appointee #1 – would not be able to use the nuclear option on #2.”

    This is the part I don’t get – putting aside the fact that McConnell is a spineless, traitorous back-stabbing no-good bum. Why couldn’t he use it on #2 even if he didn’t use it on #1? — assuming he would use it at all.


    • ectrimm says:

      I think to some extent it depends on who the #2 is and the political environment/makeup of Congress at the time of the nomination. I do generally agree with SD that round one goes to Trump.


  5. Rob says:

    “This means Schumer still has the ability to influence seat #2 toward moderation”

    This is another part I don’t get. Aren’t President Trump’s choices going to be made from “The List”?

    Is it conceivable that Schumer would find ANY of those judges acceptable? If so – did Schumer convey his views to President Trump this time? Why didn’t he make his views public, as is his wont in every other matter?

    I don’t see why President Trump would allow Schumer to have ANY influence in who he nominates to the Supreme Court – especially given that it’s pretty clear that Schumer had none for this pick.


    • ectrimm says:

      This is not about honorable things such as truth and honesty, especially on the part of Democrats. This is more about, for them at least, how do I get my way? How do I move their agenda forward, even for just a few yards; to them it is still first-down-and-ten. “Love of country” or “what is best for the country” are just cliches, relative terms that have no real meaning.


    • rsanchez1990 says:

      His first choice was definitely going to be from The List. Unless he said otherwise, though, I’m going to assume he won’t restrict himself to The List for subsequent nominations to the Supreme Court.


  6. W Barna says:

    It’s nuke time in DC…….the sooner the better, and easier! After all, is there anyone who believes the democrats won’t use it if they ever get back in control?

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  7. Karl Ushanka says:

    It was nice to see a nomination without Biden feeling up the nominee’s wife. MAGA

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  8. BMG says:

    The nuclear option (NO) is to be used if/when necessary. Hoist the Dem snakes by their own petard.

    Holding it in abeyance for Gorsuch in order to protect confirmation of the 2nd SCOTUS nominee is wishful thinking as Dem snakes will take full advantage. Use it as often as necessary. Against Dem snakes we get one clear chance to defeat them and preserve USA. Second chance/attempt results in death. Cf: Reagan vs Tip O’neill.

    Trump holds the cards, use ’em.


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  9. EbonyRapror says:

    I don’t agree with Sundance’s logic that should the nuclear option not be needed for Gorsuch it could not be used in a second confirmation process. The only reason to use the nuclear option is when the opposition party is obstructing for political reasons and while that assessment is subjective it is the prerogative of the majority party to make that assessment and act on it. I fail to see how that changes for any subsequent confirmation processes.

    I understand McConnell would prefer to pull his head back into his shell rather than be confrontational but no one should for one minute assume the Dems wouldn’t exercise the nuclear option if the roles were reversed. The only reason Reid left SCOTUS confirmation off the nuclear option was because he didn’t need it for Obama’s SCOTUS picks and he was smart enough to not overextend rule modifications where he didn;t need to – precisely for the reason we have today. For the GOP to allow the Dems to dictate terms is the same ole same ole we have come to expect from our weak kneed leadership.


  10. rsanchez1990 says:

    “if McConnell finds his balls”

    Sounds like Mitchie could use some extra strength Growacet™. LOL

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  11. Bonitabaycane says:

    Fantastic, classy, move to have Mrs. Scalia present last night on a number of levels. It demonstrated the heart of our fearless lion, President Trump. It also underscored his commitment to the judicial philosophy embraced by Scalia of judicial restraint. It also put the public and Judge Gorsuch on notice of the significance of this particular seat and what is expected of the nominee to fill it. The continued brilliance of our President!


  12. Charles says:

    From USA Today:
    “…. Democrats in the chamber have the votes to hold up exactly one major appointment from President Trump without any Republican help. And they should fight Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court with every vote they’ve got — even if it means ending the ability to filibuster any high court nominations in the future….”

    “…. Taking the high road, expecting that the flames shooting off Republicans’ burning bridges would finally catch up with them, is how we ended up in this mess that cost America its best hope of a progressive Supreme Court in more than 40 years. Face it: all forms of the filibuster are dead as soon as either party needs them to be…..”

    Yes, it’s juts opinion, and not Schumer’s opinion. But it is precisely the mindset of the left.

    They will fight for what they believe in, just as much (maybe even morseo?) than do we. We have barely salvaged what’s left of our country. We won’t get a second chance. The Democrats, leftsist, Soros, et. al. are entirely content turning what’s left of our democratic republic into tyranny of muslim/fascist extremists.

    If we find ourselves in a fair fight with the enemy, it’s because we planned poorly. Save the republic first, restore “fair play” with the “loyal opposition” when and only when it proves itself to be “loyal”.

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  13. Patriot1783 says:

    No question regarding Hollywood lack of sanity, 2017 movie ticket sales and award shows viewing numbers will reflect they are no longer in the basement but will be in the crawl cellar.


  14. The Party of Hell No! says:

    Go Mitch! Go Mitch! Go Nuclear now! 1,2,3,4 what do we want? We want the Supreme Court! This is historical! 3 nominees, all at 50 years of age, on the supreme court for 30 years. The use of the nuclear option and lose of the the filibuster is of little importance because the next Supreme Court justice will not be retiring until ahhh sometime in 2047? The left would be locked out for 30 years, or more! The Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein and Leahy will all be dead and gone! What a way to destroy these has-been baby boomers legacy. Of course it requires Trump win re-election and the stupid party to hang on to the majority in the senate. So how dumb, blind, ignorant and stumbling around feebleminded do Mitch and the boys have to be to miss this moment? It is anyone’s guess.


  15. citizen817 says:

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  16. lbmomblog says:

    so, explain the nuclear option.
    can Repubs use it at any time? and then it opens the door for rest of year? 4 years? forever?
    Not sure how that Nuclear option works,
    didn’t Dem’s use it on us? so what is holding us back from using it any time we want?
    I don’t understand that piece of this. when it can be used, and why it can’t be used at times.

    Yes I read the prompt…
    schumer allow appointee #1 through traditional Senate confirmation processes
    Schumer retains some ability to influence seat #2 and politically doesn’t have to worry about a 51 vote confirmation threshold in the fall for #2.
    Mitch McConnell, having used and upheld the customs, tradition and legacy of the Senate in appointee #1 – would not be able to use the nuclear option on #2.
    still don’t understand…why…why if we don’t use it for #1, it can’t be used for #2


  17. lingane says:

    OMG, how complicated is your system. I had hardly understood than Gorsuch will pass, but not at all how the successor of Kennedy will win above the 60 seats majority law.


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