FBI James Comey and NSA Mike Rogers Testimonials Before Congress – Live Stream…

Ongoing – – FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers appear before the House Committee on Intelligence and answer questions about the Russian involvement in 2016 election cycle. A painfully partisan hearing between Democrats and Republicans trying to gain political position.

Live Stream Link #1Alternate Live Stream #2


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311 Responses to FBI James Comey and NSA Mike Rogers Testimonials Before Congress – Live Stream…

  1. Scarlet says:

    No More Mr Nice Guy, President Trump. Roll some heads!!!! It’s Time!

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  2. Peter says:

    An obvious double standard …goat rodeo.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      It seems the libs are trying to build a case against Gen. Flynn as a way to deflect that fact that as a private citizen, his name was outed and released to the press which is a felony.

      Comey’s odd comment that the Russians ‘hated’ Hillary was completely off point. Is there a Republican in that hearing to hold him to account as to how he knows that and to produce the evidence to support it?

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      • Chewbarkah says:

        Let me guess that no Republicans had the wits to ask Comey exactly WHY the Russians despised Hillary. Was it just cause she’s a woman? Or did it have anything to do with the Arab Spring, the Libya and Syria debacles, creating ISIS, creating front groups to interfere in Russian elections, using the US State Dept to stir up the Ukrainians to oust their pro-Russian but democratically-elected President and government in an attempt to pull Ukraine into the EU/NATO orbit, etc.? There was and is nothing virtuous in what the Russians were up to in their back yard, but anyone with minimal knowledge of Russian and Soviet history, defense concerns, etc., would have expected major push back on what she was pulling.

        The media obediently failed to cover Hillary’s foolish machinations, ignorance, and negligence as Secretary of State, but that left a void where an explanation needed to be. The “Trump-in-bed-with-Russia” narrative was created to fill the vacuum, much as “Dreams of My Father” filled the nullity of real information about Obama.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        farmhand, Judicial Watch is suing.

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      • Agree and several other times during hearing he said I can’t presume to know what they were thinking, paraphrased. BUT he does know what Russia was thinking?


  3. squid2112 says:

    I have been so disgusted by this hearing today. The libturds in this hearing have been using every unsubstantiated claim they can to try to disparage the Trump administration. One of the most pathetic displays of crap I have ever seen on capitol hill. What a disgrace this country has become.

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  4. Mickey Wasp says:

    Re Post …
    Swamp Creatures (UniParty), “Our objectives are met. The Trump campaign and administration collusion and investigation, with and of, Russia is continuous and relevant. And as FBI Director Comey stated – this investigation could take a long time – meaning we can continue with our ‘engineered narrative’ until President Trump is brought to his knees and capitulates or is impeached.” And, as a bonus, “We have eliminated President Trump’s accusation of former President Obama ‘wire tapped’ tweet.”

    Sad thing … 30% of the American public and 98% of the media will believe and run with this ‘engineered narrative’. And the Democrats have given the media a years worth of fodder.

    On another note … President Trump would not say the Trump campaign officials and Trump Towers were under surveillance or ‘wire tapped’ without holding some type of evidence. One of the members pro-offered that next week they were having an open meeting with the CIA on these subjects. Comey and Rogers, both Obama leftovers, are on the spot … The CIA and DNI Directors are President Trump appointee’s, do include AG Sessions … Trump, “Within the next two weeks, I believe there will be things coming out that will prove me right.”

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Well, Micky, you may be correct. If that is the case, I think I’ll up my miles on the treadmill. This is WAR, and we may have to go there. Last time I went to DC, I swore I would not return, unless……..well you know. Start getting in shape people. At least shake the rust out of those joints!

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  5. The Ghost formerly known as Prince says:

    My comment on the NYT breathless headline:

    “I instantly recognized the tone, cadence, and pitch of all these “Russia hacking / Trump-Russia – Trump” talk.

    Here is what it sounded like back in 2009: “Obama born Kenya / no birth certificate / Muslim”.

    If you are buying into this nonsense about Russia and Trump, then you are slightly less discerning than the birther movement of 2009.There was at least reason to suspect Obama but there isn’t any reason to suspect Trump.



  6. WSB says:


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  7. big bad mike says:

    Let’s see what happens tonight in Louisville. Let’s hear the Truth from our President. Let the sunlight in – it’s the best disinfectant.

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  8. recoverydotgod says:

    Love this hearing! No one cares who the Russians thought would win. Everyone cares who the American people wanted to win.

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  9. youme says:

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  10. Risasi says:

    More Fake Americans trying to undermine President Trump’s election win and the will of the people. :yawn:

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  11. fred5678 says:

    Castro TX — Steele dossier pile of crap questions — UNBELIEVABLE!!

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  12. scott says:

    FNC is reporting that Comey stated that Trump’s campaign (remember how everyone stated Donald Trump IS the campaign) has been under investigation since July for Russian ties. Despite this they still are not tying Obama to the investigation. I guess unless someone can find a photo of Obama repelling down Trump Tower on his way to tap the phones the MSM will give him a pass.

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  13. satmfs says:

    Here’s my interpretation of Comey’s testimony:

    We couldn’t find any collusion between Trump and Russia, so lets look for coordination. When we don’t find any coordination, we’ll look for buddying around. When we don’t find any buddying around, we’ll look for winks and nods, which we won’t find. Maybe they’re exchanging smoke signals or carrier pigeons.


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    • Raffaella says:

      Wow. You nailed it.

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    • Coldeadhands says:

      Oh, and FBI and NSA would NEVER do anything illegal! Right Comey? Right Rogers?
      Their lack of interest in plumbing the depths of possible malfeasance in their own organizations is mind numbing. Stonewalling.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      I was just gonna say Smoke signals….. lol What about microwaves secretly communicating from the lunch rooms ??? has anyone checked that ? What about McDonald’s bags from Trumps lunch? Where there any drop off in Russians receptacles with ketchup encrypted communications there ?


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Sounds right.

      When will Comey meet his justice?

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    • aqua says:

      Precisely. And all the while the Dems will ignore Hillary’s blatant connections to Russia, Podesta’s interactions with Russia, the Clinton Foundation ties which must connect in there somewhere.

      Down is up and up is down.

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  14. angryduc says:

    Clinton gets a new Jet and 150m cash from Russia and Trump’s gets nothing. Conclusion: Trump must be collaborating. We are opening an investigation.

    There should be a public guillotining of these LARPers.

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    • yohio says:


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    • satmfs says:

      I’ve been calling for the return of public floggings for a long time.

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    • Neural says:

      Guillotines would suggest law & order, and we’re not allowed to have that.

      There are tens of thousands of laws in our judicial system, and no-one has noticed that they now only apply to American citizens of certain color and financial standing. Everyone else gets a free pass. Most don’t even get arrested, the rest who do get arrested are given next to no jail time.
      Sure, there are “exceptions”, but some of them have to “take one for the team” to keep the distracted masses pacified and believing that “all is well” with America.


    • TPW says:

      The question is…….when are we the people going to get pissed off enough to do something…….what has been revealed over the past 2 years is corruption and incompetence beyond belief….Trump and Team can not overcome this amount of evil or the shear numbers of participants ……..it is going to take an uprising by sane citizens …..at what point does outrage kick in?

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  15. youme says:

    So the FBI has been investigating the Trump/ Russia allegations since July when Trump was not even the nominee.

    I guess the the investigation has not been completed since half of the FBI was assigned to search for Tom Brady’s missing uniform.

    The FBI had prior information on the Boston bombers and the Orlando nightclub shooter. The FBI had an undercover agent present at the Geller draw Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas giving an ISIS recruiter details on the security. This tells me everything I need to know about Comey’s incompetence.

    Good work Comey, you really have your priorities in order.

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  16. FBI Director Comey can confirm there’s an ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether there was any collusion with the Trump campaign, so why isn’t he also investigating collusion with the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton campaign? If there is no inclusion of the Obama Administration and Clinton campaign, then Comey needs to be fired!

    He left his new President hanging in the wind today, knowing full well there were numerous security breaches that divulged confidential communications of President Trump and during the transition with Michael Flynn at Trump Tower! Comey saying he had no evidence to confirm President Trump’s tweets is utter and complete BS! He probably ordered the damn taps on his phones, or the very least knows who did it!

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  17. yohio says:

    What’s to be gained by sham of a hearing & what is Trumps play in keeping Comey unless working with him from beginning to ferret out leaks? Is Rogers really a white hat? Is this scenario of what’s going on with Trump and leakers plausible http://www.thomaswictor.com/leakers-beware/


  18. Raffaella says:

    Why is our President and his DOJ standing by allowing these corrupt idiots smear them? Why aren’t they aggressively investigating all these illegal surveillance, illegal leaks and collusion with the media themselves?

    Jeff Session: do your job. We want an aggressive DOJ, not a push over which sadly you have become.

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    • BoomerCat says:

      Agree 1000%. I am so angry! This should have been shut down two weeks ago. I’m wishing Guiliani would have been AG instead (yeah, yeah, never would have been confirmed, etc..) But Guiliani would have cleaned house by now.

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    • satmfs says:

      Trump should have gotten Rudy Giuliani as AG, even if temporarily. Even Christie or Gowdy would have been better after a firm rap on their heads with the clue stick from Trump about where their loyalties should lie.

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    • Neural says:

      “Why is our President and his DOJ standing by allowing these corrupt idiots smear them?”

      I don’t know, but people reporting on what is going on can only play the “Trump is setting things up” or “Trump is a strategist biding his time” cards so much.

      If Sessions is a preview, you can pretty much guarantee that on November 9th, 2024, we’ll have no wall, no law & order, worse infrastructure, and a new version of Obamacare that will make what we have now seem like paradise.

      Trade deals and jobs don’t mean a damned thing if our elected leaders refuse to grab the establishment by the throat and strangle it into order. In the past 2 months there’s been a lot of noise about trade deals and jobs, and not much else. Anything that is supposedly done about immigration has been blocked and/or shut down by traitors, especially measures meant to keep islamic terrorists out of our country.

      Oh, and don’t get me started on how all the campaign talk about our veterans vanished after Nov. 8th. I haven’t see a word on the VA in a long time. Once again, our vets are getting shafted.


    • Athena the Warrior says:

      How do you know that things aren’t being done in stealth mode? If President Trump had cleaned house early, we wouldn’t be able to expose just how deep and corrupt the IC is which I believe is the President’s long term goal. It’s not simply about him, but for America’s sake.

      We get one chance to expose and clean up.

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        Exactly– why all of this knee jerk on Sessions ? Sheesh !

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      • A.D. Everard says:

        My thoughts exactly. Exposure is important, the people MUST see and understand clearly why an action is taken. Had President Trump “rounded up his enemies” in the first week, he would have seemed the tyrant the Dems, Reps and Uniparty would claim him to be! These hostile forces HAVE to be shown for what they are… And that’s exactly what is happening.


  19. Niagara Frontier says:

    Did I just hear this correctly? Admiral Rogers just testified that he does not know whether or not private citizens are required to notify the government about contact with foreign nationals. That’s almost funny. I don’t think he’s well. Either that or he’s not paying attention to the questions.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      “I don’t know” = “I don’t like this question”.

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      • singingsoul says:

        When my husband worked for a defense Industry and he had top secret clearance we visited Germany. Before we left the country he had a debrief do not know who did it since he never told me much of anything. When he came back from our trip they debriefed him again.
        I think Rogers should know something. Rogers seems scared or under lot of distress. Watch him closely he at times is unsure. Comey is a bad (…)…He has a thick skin and has gotten away with so much he is floating on cloud 9.

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  20. Paco Loco says:

    Make no mistake, this is a full frontal attack on Trumps legitimacy by the Dems/ Uniparty and the IC. They are orchestrating an impeachment to come before the end of the year. Why is Trump pussyfooting around tweeting and having feel good listening sessions when he should be cleaning out the rats like Comey and Rogers with their allegiance to Clinton and Obama.

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  21. Finalage says:

    Gowdy was good

    This unmask name business may have some legs

    Let’s see where this leads but obviously if you get the leaker(s), you get Obama. Trump understands this and everyone on that damn committee understands this.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      Comey is a weasel. Gowdey asks the right questions and shines the light on the felonies committed by the IC and the MSM. The DoJ should be all over this with a special task force.

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    • ediegrey says:

      Gowdy always leaves them off the hook in the end – why be so humble, etc.? Demand Comey find out who leaked. What is so hard about this.

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    • Why is it a hard question “is there an exception for reporters”? They are publishing classified information, I don’t think the 1st amendment covers that. Why are reporters above everyone else? Comey: I don’t know of a reporter who has ever been prosecuted. Oh okay, so that makes it right!?!


  22. Comey: (on reporting on the investigation) So we have to keep it tight with the executive branch.
    Is this not a admission that Obama was updated on the investigation?

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  23. Joe Knuckles says:

    Has anybody asked Comey what crime he is investigating? Can he cite the law that was violated? If not, then all he’s doing is opposition research for the Democrat party.

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  24. fred5678 says:

    Schiff now asking about GOP amendment and weapons in Ukraine!!!! He should be recused after that 2013 fundraiser mentioned in post above!!!!

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  25. fred5678 says:

    Denny Heck (D) now claiming falsely that Russia provided Wikileaks and listing unproven Democrat talking points and all the other false themes — I want to slap him!!

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  26. ALEX says:

    Democrats and media get what they want on the investigation continuing and no wiretap proof was given. The BIG question is who in the Justice department gave the OK for this hearing to happen.

    You have to give the democrat smear machine credit. They have inside knowledge of all this and coordinate with media to keep the narrative going. The fact they have no conscience has been on display since Bork and Judge Thomas…

    I hope the President let’s his surrogates deal with this garbage like Newt said…It’s a big Nothing burger and the truth doesn’t matter to democrats either way…

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    • BoomerCat says:

      Who in the Justice department gave the OK for this hearing, you ask? Umm, they have no one at the top running the place, because Sessions recused himself. What a wimp, in my opinion. He has boxed himself into a corner now and the dems can point to anything he investigates and say it has to do with the campaign. He is in effect powerless. Stupid move. May as well find another AG if anything will ever be done with the DOJ during Trump’s administration.

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    • chicagodeplorable says:

      Comey said Boente approved.


  27. fred5678 says:

    Comey and Rogers did NOT refute false premise of Dem’s concluding question about Russia affecting our election!!!!!! BOTH acted like black hats.

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  28. eric says:

    Mr. Comey…I and millions of my patriotic friends voted for Mr. Trump twice…once during the repub primary and once during the general…not because of russia but because of REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS….60 days in…we’re correct on both counts.
    investigation over.
    now….go back to doing REAL FBI work.

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  29. About time, Hurd asking real questions.


    • And then he blows it accepting the fact a 3rd party did the investigating. how is that acceptable?


      • I agree – I was encouraged when he got into the fact that the FBI relied on a third party private company for their “evidence” of Russian “hacking” but it was a big disappointment when he didn’t push the questioning any further.

        He should have asked ….

        “Is it not true that the DNC denied FBI access to the server”

        “Is it not true that the 3rd party company you relied entirely upon is named “Crowdstrike”

        “Is it not true that the CTO of Crowdstrike is a Mr Dmitri Alperovitch – a person of Ukrainian ethnicity”

        “As the FBI relied on a report from a third party is it not true therefore that the FBI at no time had control over the chain physical evidence?”

        “Is it not true that it is difficult if not impossible to prove a case when law enforcement is not able to prove chain of evidence”?


  30. Indimex says:

    Is it my imagination, or is James Comey morphing into Jake Tapper? Are they related? Identical faux, “baffled,” face.

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  31. Kelly says:

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  32. Niagara Frontier says:

    FBI and Comey are not concerned that they didn’t do their own forensics on the DNC computers and reach their own conclusions, but relied on the DNC-hired contractor to analyze the hacking. That falls under the category of “Good Enough for Government Work” explanations.

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    • In addition, doing an FBI investigation based on a newspaper article with “unnamed sources” as evidence. Gowdy was right, in any trial this would have been laughed out of the courtroom.

      This hearing was held solely for the purpose of hanging a dark cloud over Trump, even though there’s not one shred of evidence.

      This is the Uniparty’s payback for all the trillions they will lose during Trump’s presidency. Their wallets are already feeling a lot lighter.


  33. truthandjustice says:

    All you need to know as to whether Comey is a white or black hat, besides other stuff – hours ago he said something like ” Russians wanted to hurt democracy, hurt Clinton, and help Trump.”
    That statement is a very obvious partisan political statement. Another thing I noted was he said DOJ had authorized him to say they were investigating Russian interference/collusion with any in the Trump campaign and re wiretap, seen no evidence of that claim, including DOJ ???? Sessions is head of that and we know Pres. Trump has given them their evidence the other day. Maybe I heard wrong?
    No surprise this was another orchestrated Kabuki sham, used for more grandstanding and bashing Russia/Trump.

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  34. 3x1 says:

    Meanwhile, in NZ, another US Spy gets trashed, skips town and our fine government protects his immunity from prosecution.


    Intelligence Community is an embarrassment. At some point, one has to ask, “what useful intelligence have they produced in the past 20 years?”

    Enough to offset their cost?


  35. dayallaxeded says:

    Time is nye for PDJT to release the kraken of detailed, objective information to prove the surveillance and the link to the Klintoon Krime Kartel, including <0bummer. I'm sick of the powerful, principled man I voted and campaigned for throwing around loose tweets and what really does amount to BS, without having the ducks in a row to purge and/or prosecute. Twitter is by nature shallow, snap-shot, sophomoric BS. As great as Sundance, Prosobiec, and a very few others are at making really pithy, distilled tweets, nothing done in a tweet is as good or helpful as a blog post or any other form of even slightly more in-depth discussion. And don't get me started on the twitter censorship issues!

    What ever happened to Mr. Trump not telegraphing his strategy? Every tweet, every off-the-cuff comment has become a significant source of distraction and criticism and it needs to stop. PDJT and his cabinet should all do exactly what T-Rex did on the Asia tour–select a point person for dissemination of info, then get out the real info and refuse to be derailed, distracted, or drawn out beyond what is appropriate to disclose publicly.

    Mr. Trump is our POTUS now and work needs to get done, preferably not despite all these idiotic distractions. One of the most important elements of that work is to clear out the traitors and Klintoon Krime Kartel scumbags who make up the "deep state" and "shadow government" etc. That is not going to happen, unless PDJT retains his credibility and avoids schooling the opposition on the issues and evidence he intends to use to put them away. It's all BS until Mr. Sessions gives the press briefing following <0bummer's, Comey's, Brennan's, Crapper's, and whoever else's perp walks. Lord, may it be Your Will!

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  36. truthandjustice says:

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    • truthandjustice says:

      Note the small white printed info in the upper left corner.
      “The firm responsible for auditing the Clinton Foundation in 2015, DLA Piper, has James Comey’s brother Peter as its Senior Director.”
      DLA Piper is Hillary’s 5th highest contributor of all time.
      In lower right —
      “Comey was also on the board of HSBC bank which has had extensive dealings with the Clinton Foundation”
      AHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  37. Dora says:

    What about this evidence? I was all excited when I read this earlier. But there has been no mention of it at the hearing. Just a lot of accusations that have the liberals filled with glee over dreams of impeachment.


    Jerome Corsi put the evidence into POTUS hands last week, and broke the info last night.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Congress does NOT want to touch it. They approved it. This is under FISA, and everybody in Congress has been gaslit that if they “reveal” it, they could be censured, impeached, prosecuted, etc. So the strategy has been to pretend it’s not there, and I have to say, it’s probably the optimal strategy.

      Don’t worry – once it hits Wikileaks, it’s over. They cannot disprove it at that point, for reasons they can’t control. At that point, things get very interesting.

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  38. Five hours of no comment, what a waste of time.

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  39. Niagara Frontier says:

    Hearing is over and now the media spin starts. That’s where the battles will be won and lost.

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    • Summer says:

      Agree. This is a coordinated effort to try the “case” in the court of public opinion and convict the President in the court of public opinion by repeating the fake talking points over bad over while Comey and Rogers keep saying “no comment.”

      Very dangerous and not to be taken lightly.

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    • libertysc2016 says:

      If the media spin determined the outcome, we would have lost a long time ago. They do have a great deal of power but most folks know they are completely corrupt. Our problem is they have plenty of friends in both parties and throughout the government that seem increasingly determined to take POTUS down. They will try to convince us that all is lost and that we should tuck tail and surrender. Keep your head above water. Stay positive. We are many and we will prevail.


  40. WSB says:

    I love the fact that Comey said without any doubt, the only way to order surveillance on anyone is to go through the very thorough FISA process. Then he proceeds to describe Watergate, adding that Nixon illegally wiretapped the offices of the DNC.

    What? Wait…

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  41. Ziiggii says:

    Just ended – essentially nothing was said and no information was uncovered. Basically nothing more than a kabuki theater of both sides of the UniParty coin. I listened to the entire hearing and it was a big nothing burger!

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  42. truthandjustice says:

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  43. yohio says:

    Why do Republicans let this turn into a hearing for the Dems to ask any unsubstantiated claims they can come up with, if other way around none of this would probably be allowed

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  44. truthandjustice says:

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  45. John Doe says:

    How does the FBI go about investigating someone WITHOUT wiretapping and/or surveillance? For 8 months?

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  46. thetrain2016 says:

    What about another possibility? The investigation continuing despite there’s no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, but there’s evidence of conspiracy by Obama, the DOJ, the Hillary campaign and the DNC to forge false evidence against Trump? Did anyone asked a question about that?

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  47. Bull Durham says:

    Anyone here still think the Admiral should be the head of NSA?

    He’s a very unimpressive man. Admiral? He should be on an oar in a rowboat.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Not enough data. There are good reasons for him to appear the way he did, and still be a white hat.

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      • Summer says:

        I will never believe he was anything but a sleaze-bag listening to our conversations and watching your wife changing her tampon. That’s in his job description. This comment is now stored in his database, too.

        There is no such thing as black hat or white hat in the “intelligence community.”


    • After today I doubt that he is one of the white hats that many of us believed. He probably should have been asked to step down – along with Comey – when President Trump was first sworn in. It is very difficult for the President to fire these two snakes now.

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      • Mickey Wasp says:

        One has to remember, the swamp creatures have been at this obfuscation and subterfuge, with their lawyerly semantics, for a long time. Plus they have decade long strategies that incorporate a number of contingencies and know how to move on any given subject or topic quickly, with a focus on the optics.

        That said, the meme of Clapper and Brennan wanting Obama to fire Admiral Rogers and then Rogers surreptitiously going to Trump Tower, after that was reported, could have very well been a subterfuge move to gain the confidence of President Trump. Just as, Comey coming out with the statement of re-opening the ‘investigation’ of Hillary.

        What happened ? President Trump kept them in their posts. Which gave them more time to protect the swamp creatures and build an ‘engineered narrative’ to cause more obfuscation and leave many unanswered questions. And the leaks continued and, while they all exclaim it is a crime … no one is indicted. Sound familiar?


  48. So the Russians hacked and tried to get Trump elected. The reason being, Putin hates Hillary.

    And can someone tell me who the US is not hacking? What country in the world is the US Government not hacking at all?
    What Government hasn’t the US tried to influence an election in? Including propaganda in Russia to turn people agaist him?

    The Crimea was annex during the Obama Admin. The Ukraine was invaded during the Obama Admin. The Syrian Government and country, is now under Russian influence. Again all under the Obama Admin.

    Iranian Government was given so much cash they were able to purchase a billion dollar Missile Defense System from their BFF, the Russians. And who knows what else? Bill Clinton was paid 15 times more money that Flynn was even offered by the Russians. The Foundation was given multiple millions by people and groups friendly with the Russians. And the Russians now own 20% of the US Uranium Supply.

    Today one jerk Dem actually said Flynn should have warned and put the Russian Ambassador in his place over interfering with the election.
    But that same Ambassador was the guest of the Democrats at Trumps first adress to Congress.
    They all have lunches and dinners with the guy and he is on their favorite invite list to party’s and functions.

    So today we watch story after story of connections. Not one based on fact or proof. Just a bunch of made up stories about endless possibilities. An endless stream of questions they knew would not be answered, followed by 15 minutes of unchallenged childish and ignorant comments.

    But who has helped or done more for the Russians than Obama and Hillary? Whos given more money and allowed more power to be gained by the Russians? Who has put the Russians back on the world stage and lifted that country more than the Obama/ Clinton have?

    Oh yea, I keep forgetting. Trump said he liked Putin. Guess it must be Trump?!!?

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  49. andi lee says:

    Well, this hearing, left me with tear-filled, watery eyes, a first for me in all the years of watching hearings. A sad day in our Republic when dryrot has gained a foothole in the branches.

    Mulling the millions of dollars spent today in having this public hearing, and what did I learn? Director Comey is a football fan. Deflated footballs, no doubt.

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