T-Rex Visits South Korea: “”The policy of strategic patience has ended”…

Yesterday Japan, today South Korea, tomorrow China. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived at Osan Air Base in South Korea to begin his day of official discussions and meetings with South Korean leaders, diplomats and policy makers.

The topic of North Korean aggression was the central topic of discussion and T-Rex pulled no diplomatic punches when he stated the U.S. policy of strategic patience with North Korea has come to an end.

That remark stands as a direct announcement of a change in policy position toward North Korea. “Strategic Patience” was the policy of Secretary Clinton and President Obama that yielded no benefit as North Korea continued testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles throughout president Obama’s terms in office.

President Trump and Secretary Tillerson are taking a different path to shut down the hostilities and aggressions of the North Korean regime. We can anticipate Tillerson to forcefully deliver a message of expectation to China tomorrow. Expectation that China will step in and become more forceful in controlling the N. Korean provocations.

The leverage for China to act will be the benefit of economics, and trade. It would not surprise us for T-Rex to tell China that if they do not act they will lost their Most Favored Nation (MFN) trade status with the U.S.

The U.S. Chinese lobby for MFN status is massive and shows how important that status is to their economy.

WASHINGTON DC – […] “We are exploring a new range of diplomatic, security and economic measures,” Tillerson said during the trip, which included a visit to the demilitarized zone and is one leg of a swing from Japan to China. “All options are on the table.”

Those options could include a military attack, but Tillerson said that would only be in response to escalating provocations by North Korea. “If North Korea takes actions that threaten South Korean forces or our own forces, that will be met with an appropriate response,” he said. “If they elevate the threats of their weapons program to the level that we believe requires action, that option is on the table.”

Any new U.S. policy towards North Korea need to be implemented in concert — or at least with an understanding — not just among allies in Japan and South Korea, but in China. That relationship has grown tense, as China is angry that the United States is deploying a missile defense battery to South Korea. Meanwhile, American lawmakers are mulling sanctions designed to punish China for preparing to deploy surface-air missiles to one of the most important shipping lanes in the world, where the Chinese are asserting sovereignty claims.

“While we acknowledge China’s opposition [to the missile defense system], its economic retaliation against South Korea is inappropriate and troubling,” Tillerson said. “We ask China to refrain from such action. Instead, we urge China to address the threat that makes that necessary, that being the escalating threat from North Korea.” (read more)

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72 Responses to T-Rex Visits South Korea: “”The policy of strategic patience has ended”…

  1. georgiafl says:

    Bet that statement gave NK’s glutton with the funny hair cut the squits and sent him running for his bunker.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Yep. I’ll bet he’s been having hissy fits and breaking his toys.

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    • R-C says:

      Not likely. Far more likely result will be even more empty ‘saber rattling’ by the regime. That’s the ONLY trick they know, and it’s worked for them for decades.

      Having served there on the DMZ (and my unit having traded some of our ‘best’ ammunition with the NKPA one night), it’s my view that it’ll likely take a swat or two to truly get their attention. They’re stubborn, and they’re bellicose, and they’re unaccustomed to being dealt with unequivocally.

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  2. Katie says:

    Don’t mess with the Lion and the T-Rex. They’re fiercely protective of Americans! What a refreshing change.

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  3. tampa2 says:

    Lost Patience Policy!

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  4. At last….an administration willing to stand up to the bastards in this world. How absolutely refreshing. I pray we never…and I mean NEVER, return to the way it was.

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  5. jackphatz says:

    Who benefits from North Korea? You have to wonder how many other countries are willing to put an end to NK. I mean, he comes out every few years, wagging his finger, when it wouldn’t take much to blow him off his golden toilet for good. Problem is, who would be responsible creating a solid society out of that country. That’s a lot of starving mouths to feed.

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    • Bone Fish says:

      Remember the globalist endgame is install a Rothschild controlled central bank in downtown Pyongyang. Good stuff if your goal is drive down international cost of child labor a bit more. Otherwise, no need to worried about PRK troops storming city hall in your home town.

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      • MIKE says:

        They have been trying for at least 22 years now, since kim-jong- not ill- now dead. A quick search took me to a year old article in the guardian publication and, sho’ ’nuff, there’s a guy named Nigel Cowie who left HSBC to start a “foreign investment bank” named Daedong credit bank in, wait for it… Pyongyang. Good call. Sorry I’m not good at linking, apologies.

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    • frank field says:

      Who benefits?

      1) S Korea. Our 30,000 troops stationed there spend millions per year there.

      2) China. They watch in wonder as we spend so much human and military capital to protect the region.

      Our allies don’t appreciate us as they should. Big O and the two previous administrations left us and our beloved Trump in a pickle.

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    • Ed O'Brien says:

      Lower down on the anatomy for what phat boy comes out waggin’. But I agree with other commenters that is is highly refreshing that we have an Administration not in the crap taking business.

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    • MVW says:

      NK is one of America’s negotiating boogey men. Keep them around a bit longer. NK also helps China tweak Japan from time to time just for revenge.


    • WSB says:

      This is China’s nightmare.

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  6. Love the lion pic Sundance! Needs to be sent to shorty in North Korea as a visual warning.

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  7. amwick says:

    So, the policy of strategic patience is out, the new “make my day!” policy is in. This could get frightening fast. I trust our President, and his Cabinet, but the fruit loop running the DPRK is a murderer.

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    • StrandedinCA says:

      He only murders people who cannot stand up to him – namely the unfortunate citizens in his own country. He comes out and rattles his toys only when he needs more money. Unfortunately, Clinton & Obama (and Bush to a great extent) fell for his theatrics and gave him economic help and sanction exemptions in return for his tantrums. The adults are now in charge – – temper tantrums will not end well.

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  8. gary says:

    Tick, Tick, Tick! BOOM!
    Didn’t the N.Korea Palace used to be in that location?

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  9. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    ”The policy of strategic patience has ended”…

    Those are kind words to express the former policy was to hope for the best… Dare I say more hope and change malarky that turned into nope and cringe reality.

    The Norks are spoiled bully adolescent children. They only way to deal with “kids” like that is punch them in the mouth then drag their ass to their parents to tell their parents what their young adult kid did in front of the “kid”. Then hold the parents responsible for future actions their kid does.

    I bet a short while after Mr. Tillerson’s visit to China, there will be a visible difference in North Korea’s behavior. Either that, or China themselves becomes more visible controlling their errant ‘kid” so no one else has to…

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    • eweturn8 says:

      China has had Most Favored Nation status for a long time. Only a confident negotiator would put that on the line

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      • Maquis says:

        They didn’t merit it when it was granted.

        Still don’t, especially with a SPECTRE level weaponization of the South China Sea, China’s sea in name only. They have no ties, no genuine legal claims, and are stealing and raping the territories of half a dozen nations. The area is hundreds of miles from China.

        Their claims are illegitimate. Their acts are acts of open warfare againgst every nation in the area and every nation that transits those long established shipping lanes. Essentially the entire World.

        And yes, we do indeed have a confident negotiator.


        • svenwg says:

          Even that biased and useless organisation by the name of the UN, have ruled that the South China Sea is not a Chinese territory. Not that the Chinese politburo cared, so the United States of America has every Right to blow those man made islands out of the water and sink any Chinese warship that tries to prevent that happening.


  10. EWSoCal says:

    Someone just leaked T-Rex’s plans to destroy Kim Jong ILL: we’ll be naming Barack Hussein Obama as ambassador to NoKo and Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, and all of MSNBC as special envoys to promote real communism by way of membership in the Democratic Party. Kiss NoKo goodbye.

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  11. The Boss says:

    THIS is a reset.

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  12. MIKE says:

    I get the distinct feeling China knows full well they are no longer dealing with a mealy-mouthed sissy like francois kerry; I detect elevated levels of respect for the carnivorous T-Rex, just from some of their latest statements and, of course, knowing the new President can pretty much throw their economy into a tailspin with trade policy and sanction. They can’t bluff President Trump and secretary Tillerson, at least not like they could before. Wasn’t TPP the first thing DJT flushed after taking the reins?

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  13. markstoval says:

    The policy of the first “America First” people (the old right) was non-intervention in foreign affairs. The old right would ask why we are meddling in the affairs of a peninsula on the exact other side of the globe from our country. My dad was a medic in the Korean War. He would be 84 if he were still alive. When do we end that war?

    It will be hard to make America great if we continue to spend Trillions of dollars on an empire. It will be hard to avoid some really horrible times if we don’t start bringing some of the troops home. I have had over half of my family overseas in the military at some point in time and I can tell you that being at home in the states would not make the grunts mad.

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    • Helen says:

      Sometimes you have to intervene. China can and should apply pressure on N. Korea and get them to stop making nuclear arms. Our allies, our troops in the area, and our homeland are in danger. The road we have been going down hasn’t worked. Time for a change, hopefully, without war. Here’s an interesting article on how a preemptive strike would go down:



    • WSB says:

      Their missles now can hit us…that is the difference, unfortunately.

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      • Maquis says:

        They have enough conventional missiles trained on Seoul, over a hundred-thousand on my last tour, to destroy Seoul, a city of about Fifteen-Million. Millions of lives would be lost in a matter of minutes.

        There is no offensive to defensive weapon to defeat that force, save one: We target all areas of the North with missles trained on Seoul, underground also, and carpet-bomb it with tactical nukes. Hundreds of them, at a minimum.

        There are rat holes and tunnels everywhere up there, even air-bases built into mountains. We’d need to nuke every single one.

        No boots on ground, except in the South. The North gets sent back to God as a cloud of dust.

        Their entire society is so trained on instilling hatred of the South and the US that Hamas looks like the welcome wagon. Not one American life is worth trying to spare Nork lives.

        Destroy it all. Prepare for full-on guerilla warfare in the South. Spies and agents and commandos are embedded everywhere. When my cousin was on the DMZ over thirty years ago the Norks would tease him, knowing his full mame, and the names and particulars of his entire family back in the States…

        They also happen to have more submarines than any other nation on Earth. Almost all are oriented towards inserting commandos. I say almost, because I suspect their love affair with missiles has translated to a missile submarine force. Much like their constantly moving ICBM trucks in the North.

        They are a NIGHTMARE.

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        • svenwg says:

          Their attempt to launch a missile from a submarine failed miserably and most of the submarines are diesel electric with a maximum load of 12 torpedoes, very similar to the hunter killer submarines of the old Apartheid regime that I unfortunately served on.


  14. WhatDoesThisButtonDo says:

    Did someone say leverage? I would suggest Secretary Tillerson tell Fatty Kim that unless he starts behaving Dennis Rodman won’t be friends with him any more. Rodman endorsed President Trump so he’d likely agree.

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  15. indiana08 says:

    It’s so nice to have an actual Sec. of State who takes his job seriously. Unlike Hillary and Kerry, who used the office for corruption and European vacations.

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  16. R-C says:

    So, the NorKs are now dealing with an unequivocal US administration which is simultaneously working to cut our ‘contributions’ to the UN budget. Without gobs of US cash, the UN will have a massive budget problem. A UN that, sans the fat bank account, will by necessity be weakened when it comes to beating us over the head with our own money, so to speak–cut-throat murderers from little tin-pot nations who sit on the Security Council will no longer in a position to oppose us, and will be less able to hamper us when we go about re-setting ‘relations’ around the world. As T-Rex just re-set our relations with the NorKs.

    And, with President Trump very well known to the Chinese, I believe the Chinese know that it will not be in their best interests to protect the NorKs as strenuously as they have in the past. The paradigm has definitely shifted, and the Chinese are not stupid. NorK ‘adventurism’ will become an impediment to US-Chinese relations; the Chinses know that the US holds the cards, and KJU will be seen as the pesky idiot he truly is.

    NK’s inbred psychotic ‘dear leader’ KJU ought to consider his next moves very carefully, indeed.

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    • WSB says:

      The Chinese will have to do a few economic steps with POTUS if they don’t take out the NK teenager. And saving face is paramount with the Chinese, so they should choose wisely, indeed. In fact, there may be carrots, so we’ll see.

      What a gift to the world if we all could remove one dictator and liberate millions of people.

      I will be praying on that possibility.


      • Maquis says:

        De-fanging the Chinese would be multiples of that, not to dismiss the significance of liberating the South from the terror of a madman with a hair-trigger. I love the Korean people. I wish them free.

        China is playing “Risk” in the seriously misnamed South China Sea, which is not, and never was, a region of their influence or control or economic domain. They need to face risking losing MFN, WTO, IMF, and any trade with the West or any region we are protecting. They need to take their toys and go home.

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      • Maquis says:

        Please forgive my oversight: I will pray with you.

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  17. Nan says:

    The American lion is starting to roar.

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  18. JBrickley says:

    I say, detonate an EMP over Pyongyang but it would only put out their single light bulb at night.

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  19. JBrickley says:

    The people of NK are not the enemy. How the world can allow this to go on, turning a blind eye…

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    • Maquis says:

      You forgot the handkerchief alert.

      Wow. I watched that and then one as she was in school in New York. Amazingly gracious and lovely and brave young woman. I will be following her progress.

      Thanks for sharing that.


  20. JBrickley says:

    I cannot find the independent film makers documentary of a couple of guys who managed to get into NK and were allowed to film. There are many other documentaries but that one was fascinating. They went to a karaoke bar near the China border and had to praise the regime so a NK agent would approach and offer them a travel visa. Then they were taken to a hotel in Pyongyang where they were the only people staying there. The hotel served them a meal and they watched as an entire dinning room was setup and then broken down food and all. It was all just a show. They had to go praise the regime a few times to get access to a film museum where Kim’s exploits were all that was on display. Next they drove on an eight lane highway not seeing a single car to arrive at a rest stop where a woman appeared and served them tea and played billiards for a bit. It was surreal and they were escorted by handlers and whispered in their hotel room because it was likely bugged. They were not allowed to travel outside predefined locations but just off the main streets there was unbelievable poverty on display. The handlers tried very hard to keep them from looking in those directions.

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  21. JBrickley says:

    There is definite concern that the traveling plasticized anatomy show “BODIES… The Exhibition” obtained their unclaimed bodies from China and perhaps North Korea by way of China. Which means it’s quite possible some if not all are political prisoners! The “Body Worlds” exhibition seems to have a much better paper trail but even then it’s sketchy…

    Imagine all those American and other free nation students having gone on this tour of human anatomy only to ultimately realize they were all murdered by Communist death camps. Ugh…


  22. flawesttexas says:

    You end the North Korean nonsense by getting tough on their proxy, Communist China

    China props up NK because they are so afraid of a massive influx of starving NoKos crashing the Chinese border. As large as Communist China is…they really dont have the wealth nor resources to handle millions of refugees

    I would tariff the ChiComs to get them to quash NoKo.

    The reasin I despise Free Trader Globalists is because their failed economics prevent us from dealing with the Kim’s


    • WSB says:

      What is interesting, though, is that this dilemna seems to be right up President Trump’s sleeve. What needs to happen there is a Marshal plan. The Chinese know how to enforse one. Trump knows how to create one.

      Win win. Art of the Deal.

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  23. mw says:

    Sounds like hope and change to me, hahaha! Great time to be alive. We have actual leaders. American leaders.

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  24. JustScott says:

    Dear Wife just showed me a just posted social media video of trains loaded with tanks and military equipment being moved to the NK/China border. No reason to believe or disbelieve. YMMV.


  25. ok4ayl says:

    Its so refreshing to hear T-Rex espouse an America first policy instead of that mealy mouthed ketchup heir…..


  26. Poor people of North Korea. If Trump has a hand in collapsing the regime, and gets a deal with Israel & Palestine it will be most successful foreign policy administration in 100 years.


  27. Laura Wesselmann says:

    I greatly admire T-Rex


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