Fake News of The Day – “Handshake” Outrage…

If the media is wondering why they have lost credibility with the larger U.S. electorate they only need to look at the fake news outrage du jour surrounding President Trump and a visit from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Take a look at this tweet from the Saint Louis Dispatch surrounding an article pushing a story that President Trump refused to shake the hand of Chancellor Merkel:

Literally seconds before that image was captured the following picture was taken:

Why do you suppose the Saint Louis Post Dispatch would choose to ignore the handshake photograph that took place merely seconds before the image they posted in their tweet about President Trump refusing a handshake?

The entire narrative about handshakes is 100% Fake News, it’s just silly.

Sooner or later this constant media absurdity is going to have to end end, or the entire media apparatus is going to end up collapsing unto itself inside a concentrically shrinking circle of irrelevance.

Abject stupidity, that’s what this is.



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170 Responses to Fake News of The Day – “Handshake” Outrage…

  1. MIKE says:

    I hope the president destroys the “fake handshake” news with tweets. As for Merkel, at least her stupidity has given Americans a horrific glimpse into a future of liberal backed globalism. Too bad only conservative people are able to uncover their eyes long enough to see what will happen to OUR country. Sad.

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  2. gary lacey says:

    She will go down in history as the woman who destroyed Germany. Its been said that the entire European continent is at risk over her boondoggle, sad.


  3. avannr says:

    It did look like he refused. It plays out ackward. I am waiting to , hopefully, find out there was a miscommunication. Haven’t seen it yet.

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      So, you are not going to believe your lying eyes? Did you just land on middle of this page and skipped the photos above? Trump is a true gentleman and treated Chancellor Merkel with respect. That doesn’t mean he has to commit national suicide like Merkel did.

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    • Les says:

      Who shakes hands while sitting down? That’s the part I find completely nuts. To me it looks like he didn’t hear her OR he is letting the screaming press (you have to have sound with it to get this point) that he isn’t a performing poodle. I ignore libs too, so I can’t blame him.

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    • babethebeagle says:

      No it didn’t. He had already shook hands with her as she stepped from her vehicle. Did you want him to hold her hand constantly so you could accuse him of groping? Good grief! I’ve seen at least 4 different photos of them shaking hands posted on twitter. This was a deliberate media lie.


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