Senator Rand Paul Responds To Senator McCain Saying: “He Works for Vladimir Putin”…

Yesterday, against the backdrop of Senator Rand Paul objecting to a unanimous consent call by Senator McCain, McCain claimed Senator Paul was working for Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Today, Senator Rand Paul responds:


There is a longer history here. Previously Senator McCain called Senator Rand Paul a “Hobbit“, and earlier claimed that anyone who supports Senator Paul is a “whack-o-bird“.

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219 Responses to Senator Rand Paul Responds To Senator McCain Saying: “He Works for Vladimir Putin”…

  1. guitar107 says:

    McLame is a disgrace of a human being. He should have been primaried out many elections ago.

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    • crepelady says:

      As a proud patriot of the Tea Party in AZ, McShame referred to our branch of the TP as a bunch of “Hobbits” when invited to one of our monthly meetings during election time. Usually a panel of hopefuls debate on stage then afterward the audience asks questions. Of course, he did not show up.

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      • Beverly says:

        That’s truer than the old poofter knows: the Hobbits were the ones who carried the One Ring of total power to Mount Doom in the heart of Mordor, and threw it in — setting all of Middle Earth free from the tyranny of Sauron.

        So be a proud Hobbit. Out of the mouth of the old quisling came Truth.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      I’m jumping in here, sorry for the “cuts” but….

      Actually, John McCain was trying to pull a fast one here, and Rand Paul, actually showed a lot of grace for not busting McNasty.

      McCain was attempting, on Wed. afternoon, to pull an “unanimous consent” vote, (meaning no roll call of each Senator) at the end of the business day, when the Senate was getting out of town for a long weekend. Senator Paul objected. Which essentially stopped John McCain at the time. John McCain could have called for a roll call vote, if he was so sure “all” the others would vote for it. But he did not.

      {in my best John McCain voice} “THAT my friends” is just another way we’ve gotten to 20 TRILLION (that they’ll admit to) OVERDRAWN on our bank account.


    • Hanoi Songbird, ISIS Hugging, Hobbit Hater McCain is a traitor to humanity.

      “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” on YouTube….end feudalism in 2017….

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