Dutch Elections – Open Discussion Thread…

Not sure when the results will be announced, but here’s a general discussion thread for the election in Holland today:

In the last 72 hours the extreme Dutch liberal parties have been conducting an all out multi-platform social media campaign against Geert Wilders.

Their basic theme is to stop the dominoes of nationalism.  The participating globalist snowflakes all look and write like the crowd who was assembled at the Javitz center on the night HRC was crushed.  See #DutchElection  It seems heavily organized and scripted.

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382 Responses to Dutch Elections – Open Discussion Thread…

  1. Looking at all the Leftist parties in the Netherlands, it really does look like a “splitter strategy”. They’re all the same communist ice cream, just differrent toppings. After the election they just band together and rule the place while the captive media and education establishments cuck the populace. They are so screwed.

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    • asawasa says:

      that is what i heard one dutch guy say along with the reason Wilders didn’t do better was he didn’t campaign hard enough or he took a break because of security threats and there haven’t been any terrorist attacks.

      well despite the fact the result being lower than expected, Wilders party did pick up seats and will finish with 20+, up from 15 from last time around. what they have to do is constantly be a thorn in the other parties sides by claiming the moral high ground and point out every failing policy that results from whatever coalition that ends up ruling. use Trump’s tactics to brand them losers, corrupt, puppets of EU, or anything that can get people angry about and then next time around, make sure to remind everyone of all the things that happened to keep them pissed off and basically force them to vote for PVV as a vote of self preservation or whichever other party as a vote of suicide.

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  2. wtd says:

    Geert Wilders tweets “We were the 3rd largest party of the Netherlands. Now we are the 2nd largest party.”


  3. Kaco says:

    I read on Reddit a post from this thread from a Dutch person who says we shouldn’t fret about Wilders not winning because his party gained seats in parliament.

    “You Americans reason from an American perspective. You’re used to the president having a lot of power. The Dutch prime minister, on the other hand, is more of a representative role, as the Netherlands does not have a presidential system. The Dutch prime minister’s unique powers are negligible. He is literally just the just the most prominent of all Dutch government ministers; that’s what meant by the whole prime minister title. His job is to represent the Netherlands and keep the other ministers in check. The non-importance of being the prime minister is why many Dutch prime ministers, if they feel they’ve made a misstep or lost the support of the parliament, have voluntarily resigned in the past; almost always despite there being no scandal or other integrity issue.
    Meanwhile, the Dutch parliament is the one with the real power. The prime minister and government’s job is literally just to carry out the decisions of the Dutch parliament, with minimal input from the prime minister and government. Since the government coalition in the Dutch parliament pretty much always has a majority, its interests aligns with those of the government itself.
    In short this means that the important thing in Dutch elections are the distribution of seats. The fact that Wilders’ party has gained seats, and became the 2nd biggest out of the 13 parties with seats in the Dutch parliament, is a big fucking deal.
    This election was never about who got to be prime minister. It was about the distribution of seats. Y’all Americans are not realizing this, and that’s why you think Wilders “lost”. It’s frustrating to read.”

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      Thanks for this perspective! So should we take away from this that Wilders or Rutte or whomever is the sort of leading, prime minister candidate, doesn’t really have political “coattails” to carry lots of parliament reps with him? Does this mean it would be more advantageous for the awesome ‘pedes of the net to find and target the reps for support/opposition?

      In many ways, that suggests a great strategy for the USA for the next 8 years, as well–target McCain, Ryan, Graham, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, etc.–elevate local consciousness and involvement. Electing this POTUS has been an awesome event for the USA as a constitutional republic, but had we been on the ball and active at more local levels for the last 50-60 years, it would not have been such an incredibly high-stakes, make it or break it event. Pretty sure that’s exactly what Ben Franklin was talking about when he told the woman after the Constitutional Convention that our government was/is “A republic, if you can keep it!”


  4. Archenlander says:

    Jesse Klaver, leader of the Dutch Groen Links (Green Left) party, just appeared on CNN and is treated as if he just defeated Wilders. In fact, Wilders’ PVV gained seats, rose to the position of the 2nd largest party, and is significantly larger than Klaver’s GL (20 to 14 projected seats). Only the establishment party VVD scored higher than Wilders, and they in fact lost seats. No single party is big enough to dominate, with the largest party only commanding 20% of the seats. Yet all the parties, including ones that did significantly worse than Wilders, claim to have saved “stopped populism and Islamophobia”. Note that it is very likely that the VVD Prime Minister uncharacteristic decision to stand firm against meddling by Turkish Islamist government has likely played out very favourably for his party’s electoral success. The row with Turkey serves as yet another example demonstrating why Islam”phobia” isn’t a thing. Whether it’s Islamic extremists, Muslim “youths” or the Islamist government of the home country of millions of Muslims in our country with dual citizenship, but loyalty only to the Islamic home country, it spells nothing with trouble. A “phobia” is an irrational fear .There is nothing irrational about opposing Muslims destroying our country from the inside (and on our dime).


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