More Evidence Surfaces – NSA Director Mike Rogers Did Not Aid Obama’s Surveillance Scheme…

Every time I see an interview discussing 2016 surveillance of the Trump Campaign and candidate Donald Trump I keep going back to that November 17th, 2016, Trump Tower visit by NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.

No-one in the Obama chain-of-command knew Director Rogers was going to meet with President-Elect Trump; Rogers did it entirely on his own impetus, and James Clapper was furious in the aftermath.

Additionally, Admiral Mike Rogers is still running the NSA. President Trump has made no effort to replace him.

“Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA. He didn’t use the CIA. He didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use Department of Justice. He used GCHQ. What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database. So by simply having two people go to them saying, ‘President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, conversations involving president-elect Trump,’ he’s able to get it, and there’s no American fingerprints on this.”
~ Judge Andrew Napolitano

If what Napolitano’s sources are saying is true, then it’s even more confirmation of our hunch in an earlier timeline.  NSA Director Mike Rogers didn’t want to participate in, or give aid in relationship to, the surveillance scheme.  Consequently, the Obama White House worked around Rogers with another source, British Government Communications Head Quarters (GCHQ), for the same information.

In 2013 Edward Snowden released information the UK GCHQ was being party funded by the U.S. NSA to the tune of over £100 million:

[…]  The funding underlines the closeness of the relationship between GCHQ and its US equivalent, the National Security Agency. But it will raise fears about the hold Washington has over the UK’s biggest and most important intelligence agency, and whether Britain’s dependency on the NSA has become too great. (link)

January 23rd, 2017, three days after President Trump’s inauguration, the head of the U.K. General Communications Head Quarters (GCHQ) unexpectedly resigns:

Robert Hannigan, the director of GCHQ, has resigned from his job as head of one of the three Government intelligence agencies after just two years.

GCHQ would only say that Mr Hannigan had left his post for “personal reasons” and that he was not sacked or subject to disciplinary proceedings.  (link)

[Previously] In hindsight, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers may have notified Team Trump of Obama’s Intelligence Community (James Clapper and John Brennan) involvement or engagement in surveillance activity.

As you look at the dates below, it’s important to note that NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers would be keenly aware of both the June FISA request – Denied, and the October request – Granted.  Pay specific attention to the October request. “October”!.


June 2016: FISA request. The Obama administration files a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers. The request, uncharacteristically, is denied.

October 2016: FISA request. The Obama administration submits a new, narrow request to the FISA court, now focused on a computer server in Trump Tower suspected of links to Russian banks. No evidence is found — but the wiretaps continue, ostensibly for national security reasons.

Andrew McCarthy at National Review later notes. The Obama administration is now monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal intelligence services.

♦ On Tuesday November 8th, 2016 the election was held.  Results announced Wednesday November 9th, 2016.

NSA Director Rogers participates in session at Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington♦ On Thursday November 17th, 2016, NSA Director Mike Rogers traveled to New York and met with President-Elect Donald Trump.

♦ On Friday November 18th The Washington Post reported on a recommendation in “October” that Mike Rogers be removed from his NSA position:

The heads of the Pentagon and the nation’s intelligence community have recommended to President Obama that the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael S. Rogers, be removed.

The recommendation, delivered to the White House last month, was made by Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., according to several U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

[…]  In a move apparently unprecedented for a military officer, Rogers, without notifying superiors, traveled to New York to meet with Trump on Thursday at Trump Tower. That caused consternation at senior levels of the administration, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal personnel matters. (link)

Remember, historically The Washington Post is the preferred outlet for the CIA and Intelligence Community within Deep State to dump their “leaks” and stories.  [The State Department “leaks” to CNN for the same purposes.]

♦ On Saturday November 19th Reuters reported on the WaPo Story and additional pressure by Defense Secretary Ash Carter and DNI James Clapper to fire Mike Rogers.

[…]  The Washington Post reported that a decision by Rogers to travel to New York to meet with Trump on Thursday without notifying superiors caused consternation at senior levels of the administration, but the recommendation to remove him predated his visit.  (link)

If you just look at the timeline of activity a picture emerges:

  1. The Intelligence Community -at the direction of President Obama- made a request to a FISA court for the NSA to spy on Donald Trump in June 2016.  It was denied.
  2. In October the Intelligence Community (NSA) -at the direction of President Obama- made a second request to the FISA court for the NSA to spy on activity around Donald Trump.  It was approved.
  3. At around the same time (October), as the second request, (Def Sec) Ash Carter and (DNI) James Clapper tell President Obama to dump NSA Director Mike Rogers.
  4. A week after the election, Director Mike Rogers makes a trip to Trump Tower without telling his superior, James Clapper….
  5. …Which immediately brings about new calls (November media leaks to WaPo) for President Obama to dump Admiral Mike Rogers.

Occam’s Razor.  NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers didn’t want to participate in the spying scheme (Clapper, Brennan, Etc.), which was the baseline for President Obama’s post presidency efforts to undermine Donald Trump and keep Trump from digging into the Obama labyrinth underlying his remaining loyalists.  After the October spying or surveillance operation went into effect, Rogers unknown loyalty was a risk to the Obama objective.  10 Days after the election Rogers travels to President-Elect Trump without notifying those who were involved in the intel scheme.

Did NSA Director Mike Rogers wait for a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) to be set up in Trump Tower, and then notify the President-elect he was being monitored by a group representing President Obama’s interests?

….Seems likely.

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300 Responses to More Evidence Surfaces – NSA Director Mike Rogers Did Not Aid Obama’s Surveillance Scheme…

  1. pyromancer76 says:

    I received a robo-phone call from former Pres 0 today. Sorry, I’m not a good at intelligence gathering. Heard the voice and hung up. I think they must be desperate.

    Liked by 6 people

    • ladyliberty11 says:

      Me too. Have received several from Ozero and a horrifying call from Hillary screeching like a madwoman (hung up immediately on all of them). Just can’t take it. One from Hillary and zero this week alone.

      Liked by 1 person

    • BebeTarget says:

      Sundance, I have been bothered by this story since I first read it, I have two questions: 1. We all know Obama appoints only like-minded individuals or those he knows will do his bidding. Given that, Rogers must be an Obama guy. Is that why he wan’t fired? Odd that Obama never hesitated before to fire excellent military men who acted on their own or who opposed him. . . . . and the press did conveniently report the request to fire Rogers. 2. Now, an Obama guy is still head of the NSA. Is this what was the original plan all along? To make Trump feel and believe he could trust Rogers? None of the scenario in this article makes sense. Only one does, and it is the simplest one that leaves no questions: Rogers is and always has been working with the Obama people and went to NY on orders. A patriotic Naval officer distressed by what he sees going on WOULD surreptitiously try to make things right, and he would lose his job if discovered. BUT, if the goal was to keep him in that position during the Trump administration, then he would NEVER be fired. We know what Obama did to those who opposed him. Now, with all that is going on, how convenient that the MSM are never mentioning who is running the NSA. Just exactly who is the beneficiary of Rogers running the NSA . . . President Trump, who doesn’t have ‘his’ man at the helm or Obama, who does? With that kind of resume, how can POTUS give him that job?


  2. Niagara Frontier says:

    I have little faith that testimony in front of any congressional committee by any of these parties will yield much of significance. Considering the criminal activity and cover-ups these people have already engaged in, does anyone think a small thing like perjury is beyond them now?

    Liked by 11 people

    • wyntre says:

      Agree. With Benghazzi, Fast and Furious, IRS Investigation, Clinton email scandal, Holder held in contempt of Congress, Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton, all swept under the rug how can anyone have faith in congress?

      Liked by 13 people

      • Mal says:

        Yup, Trey Gowdy and crew are all in on it, no one is ever charged.

        Liked by 14 people

        • TRiUMPh says:

          Ah yes, the cunning Trey Gowdy. There are still people who will say, “Well he tried, didn’t he?” and the answer is always the same NO! He just blew smoke upauass’ for a year or more with that stupid hair do and shitte-eating-grin. Sad.

          Liked by 6 people

          • whoseyore says:

            You can tell he thoroughly enjoys himself up there pounding people, making them squirm. And then……….a big fat “Nothingburger” as Sundance would say.

            Liked by 10 people

            • mopar2016 says:

              Gowdy is entertaining to watch, but that’s about it in my opinion.
              I don’t dislike him, but I still don’t know why he was backing Rubio for president.
              I know that he stated that Rubio is strong on national security, but anyone that remembers the gang of eight amnesty committee would scoff at that claim.


      • WSB says:

        The Commander in Tweet won’t let this slip by.

        Liked by 3 people

      • I learned a lot after reading this article. It sounds to me President O’bama got away so far with another Watergate.

        I still would like to see Hillary Clinton indicted for her private email server activities. Who would ever delete 33,000 emails if they were innocent. In fact, if they were innocent and I were in her shoes, I would have saved the emails to prove my activities to be lawful and respectful for the office she was holding. It looks to me there must have been a gentleman’s agreement to promise not to go after being elected president.

        I saw the movie 13 hours and after viewing it, I had a knot in my stomach to know both Hillary Clinton and President O’bama did not release our fighter jets, who were sitting on the tarmac, to provide air support for our soldiers who were significantly outnumbered. Instead, they sat back and did nothing knowing our soldiers would die. The question is what was behind their actions to withhold support? Instead, we have done nothing to explore this matter further. The American people still want to find out why.

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  3. rf121 says:

    Per this article, 2/17/2017 he still is.

    When searching in google switch it from All to News and that helps bring up more current stuff.

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  4. Rebel Mope says:

    The first FISA request is denied. So the CIA spends the summer ‘pinging’ the Trump Tower computer making it look like the pings are coming from a Russian bank. Then GCHQ is asked for transcripts and the ‘ping’ is taken to the FISA court. From there the whole thing goes off the rails because Trump wins and they need ammunition to prevent his agenda.
    Is that about right?

    Liked by 19 people

    • Cowwow says:

      Makes it sound so simple, doesn’t it? I know ‘vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.’
      It is very difficult not to want it, though.

      Liked by 5 people

    • KBR says:

      Since O as president had access without FISA, IMO the only reason for FISA was for “public consumption” after the fact.

      Useful to destroy Trump-and all hope-if he lost.

      Useful for CYA when he won.

      The FISA requests, then, could have been made months *after* they started “tapping” Trump.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Rebel Mope says:

        If so, then the June request was for public consumption as well. Except it went south on them.

        Liked by 2 people

        • singingsoul says:

          I am also astounded that the investigative committee wants Trump to bring prove not the agencies who do the spying.


        • WSB says:

          If there wass a FISA warrant, the fact that they initially used the name Trump and were denied that warrant says it all.

          Liked by 1 person

          • CJ says:

            As I recall from the articles written on the FISA warrant it never mentions Trump by name. There would be no reason to plainly say what the warrant is for other than national security. Supposedly the second warrant was granted because it narrowed the scope. It was being alleged that a computer / server was connected to a Russian bank and someone was trying to circumvent the trade embargo.

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          • Marti says:

            Why is there never any mention of project Echelon in Menwith Hill, U.K. This was set up a long time ago so the UK and USA could skirt the law and spy for each other. They do this with the 5 eyes (US, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand). This is not a secret. Bamford wrote about it in Puzzle Palace many years ago when I first heard about it. With this tool there would be no need for a “warrant”. Also with the dragnet recording of every body’s calls, emails, etc., again, no need for a warrant, just access those files.. So then BO can technically say, “no, I didn’t order a warrant”.

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            • WSB says:

              Interestingly, I believe the term ‘5 Eyes’ was mentioned yesterday, but because I had the proceedings on in the background while working, I missed much of the detail in what was said.


        • filia.aurea says:

          Not necessarily. FISA has a Court of Appeal, what if they reversed June decision? Perhaps a mid-July warrant was issued, and re-authorized 90 days later, in October. Of course, all this would have been simply to create an air of “legality” after the fact. In reality, spooks snoop on whoever, whenever for whatever reason they please. IC community is out of control.

          Liked by 2 people

          • Marti says:

            “IC community is out of control”
            You got that right ! Many of them have breached their original charter long ago – especially the CIA – who were setup to engage in overseas activity – no domestic. Well anyone with intact brain cells knows that they are involved in robust domestic operations…and probably assassinations. The troublesome aspect of this and clearly happened in BO’s administration was these agencies were used for “managing” political enemies.

            Liked by 1 person

            • filia.aurea says:

              CIA has even infiltrated FBI, with their JTTF division. Additionally, they now have approx.7000 private contractors in tow. Thankful we still have White Hats in both agencies, or we’d be done for.


      • Kintbury says:

        I suspect that Trump has been under surveillance since the birther thing.

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    • whoseyore says:


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    • Britt West says:

      Good analysis.


    • redlegleader68 says:

      Not so sure, Rebel. Do we know FOR SURE that there was a 2d FISA request and subsequent approval? To me this sounds more like an amateur Black Ops run from Zero’s White House / Oval Office (Ben Rhodes??) gone bad. They never dreamed that Trump would win.


    • revbacon says:

      This all sounds about right. What doesn’t sound right is that the Brits were involved. The “Occam’s Razor” timeline above doesn’t require British involvement. Why is that important? Well, the Brits hated BHO as much as the rest of us. There’s tons of evidence of that. So if he did use the Brits (which is possible, I admit), I think it’s almost impossible that someone in the know on that side of the pond won’t spill the beans on this caper. I give it less than 3 months– if we’ve not heard from a BHO-hating MI6 person by then, the Brits’ hands are clean.


  5. Kay Dames says:

    That the UK govt allowed GCHQ to be used in this way is a problem for British voters but our MSM aren’t even mentioning it.

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  6. Liked by 13 people

  7. trapper says:

    Who contacted Robert Hannigan? You know it wasn’t Obama himself. So who? Who had a relationship with him and could be used as a back channel?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Mal says:

    Just want to drop one thing in, the bank of England and the Federal Reserve are the same people. Just think about that for a while and then I’ll tell you that every other central bank in Europe guess what? Same people, practically just one family. Just keep that in mind when you consider the politics of any western country.

    Liked by 6 people

  9. trapper says:

    Forget Trump. Stare at the negative space to see the picture emerge. I posit this:

    Obama used the back channel to get all telephone calls and emails on 18 candidates, not just Trump (17 plus Bernie). They had everything on everyone that was in the race. The FISA warrant wasn’t necessary until it had been narrowed in June to Clinton/Trump, and it was just a cover for what they had been doing for a year.

    Liked by 6 people

  10. StandAndFightSir says:

    Watch for further Wikileaks dumps of CIA docs. Drip, drip, drip…

    Liked by 3 people

  11. lbmomblog says:

    Lots of great info here, a lot of instinctive thoughts, some stuff here is speculation. Speculation is good in this arena, it helps us to sort all the options out, and kind of like a hunting dog scent trail. Hope some of this helps bring us facts. Time will tell, until then, keep thinking and posting. One never knows when they hit the nail on the head until their thumb gets in the way.

    Liked by 3 people

  12. Ziiggii says:

    in semi-related news…

    EXCLUSIVE: FBI’s Own Political Terror Plot; Deputy Director and FBI Brass Secretly Conspired to Wage Coup Against Flynn & Trump

    Mere days before Gen. Michael Flynn was sacked as national security advisor, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe gathered more than a dozen of his top FBI disciples to plot how to ruin Flynn’s aspiring political career and manufacture evidence to derail President Donald Trump, according to FBI sources.

    McCabe, the second highest ranking FBI official, emphatically declared at the invite-only gathering with raised voice: “Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump,” according to direct sources. Many of his top lieutenants applauded and cheered such rhetoric. A scattered few did not.

    This was one of several such meetings held in seclusion among key FBI leaders since Trump was elected president, FBI sources confirm. At the congregation where McCabe went off the political rails and vowed to destroy Flynn and Trump, there were as many as 16 top FBI officials, inside intelligence sources said. No lower-level agents or support personnel were present.

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  13. Dani TX says:

    John McCain…sent one of his assistants to obtain the original prostitute claim and turn it over to the FBI. I think he’s in this up to his eyeballs. He’s the behind the scenes RINO causing many of these problems. He has an annual meeting in Arizona (can’t remember the name) but it’s connected with the McCain foundation and many foreign and domestics are attendees. People who DO NOT like the Trump agenda. He needs to be watched…

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Hmmmm…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mr. Morris says:

      Do you think Jim Comey would be truthful since it appears he and McCabe were knowledgeable about the treasonous spying plot against Presidential Candidate and now President Trump? Also Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John McCain are tighter than ticks and reviewed the Christopher Steele M 16 dossier that McCain fetched and gave to the FBI.
      It is cover your ass time for the boys.


  15. Tparty says:


    Your assumption that Rogers waited for a SCIF in Trump tower sounds right on. Now what would be there response to knowing their cover was blown? Quietly close the investigation and use a ‘paperless’ back channel at GCHQ? ….. the same GCHQ that receives $100 million from the NSA?

    This use of GCHQ to source intelligence proves two things … The NSA controls GCHQ and uses them exclusively (through a MIC ‘subcontractor) when targeting U.S. persons. This blows apart the narrative that the original FISA request was to target a Russian operative or connection ‘incidentley’ connected to candidate Trump.


    Liked by 1 person

    • lbmomblog says:

      so, one thing you pointed out was…money talks, NSA funds GCHQ. What do you sense the outcome/outcomes would be if Pres. Trump held the purse strings to that $$ ? NSA is now funded by? And, how is it that the NSA obtained 100mill to pass on to GCHQ?

      Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)


  16. Realist says:

    Britains GCHQ and the America Secret Services have a long standing symbiotic relationship. At the end of WW2 long before Satellite Communication when communications were getting back to normal ALL transatlantic phone lines ran over underwater cable which TERMINATED at the European end in the UK. An agreement was drawn up that they would be monitored (by automatic key word and phrase initiated monitoring and searches) and that any information so gathered would be shared with the USA. Other countries in the information loop were Australia, Canada and New Zealand . In return for gathering and supplying this information the USA passed Nuclear Technology secrets to the UK, This sharing arrangement STILL exists and has been modified to include modern technology.

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  17. These dates are so interesting! On January 23, Theresa May announced her visit to meet President Trump in Washington. Same date that GCHQ Hannigan quit! I was surprised to see the January 27 visit happen so quickly… but now we know Trump and May certainly had much to discuss!

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  18. jdvalk says:

    Wow, a jurisdiction outside of American laws and control has 24/7 to Uncle Big Bro. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, we keep losing freedoms in the name of “security”, one that apparently is quite ephemeral.


    • Dude says:

      If this can be substantiated it would be a blockbuster. The five eyes have been a mutual back scratching club for a long time. It may have gotten a little reckless with the favors traded back and forth.


  19. Dude says:

    I had forgotten the USA taxpayer has been forced to fund GCHQ. Just like any w.hore they will likely do whatever the payer asks.


  20. Lburg says:

    Judge Napolitano said: “Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA. He didn’t use the CIA. He didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use Department of Justice.”

    Assuming this is true (and I do) does this mean a ‘white hat’ tipped Rogers? If the information came from GCHQ and not a US intelligence source, then it was never meant for Rogers to find out about it, right? And, as KBR pointed out above, the GCHQ connection would render the FISA request just window dressing and a propaganda tool to bring down our President.

    I re-read Sundance’s link to the Andrew McCarthy article so I could maybe figure out the difference between wire tap and FISA requests. In a FISA request, district US Attorneys and FBI crime division agents are cut out of the process and responsibility for getting FISA approval is assumed by Main Justice Department’s National Security Division and FBI National Security Agents.

    Interestingly, Assistant AG John Carlin, who had headed the DOJ National Security Division since 2014, stepped down from his position and was replaced on Oct. 15th by Mary McCord – the same month the FISA request was approved and a month (+/-) before Rogers’ Trump Tower visit.


  21. Mike diamond says:

    Wonder if they have tapes and wire taps on Obama speaking to the Iran dudes and the deals he made with them? Wonder if they have tapes and wire taps on Obama right now?? Now that would be interesting.!!!!


  22. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Typical day at the Obama whitehouse. As paranoid a leader as Josef Stalin.


  23. jeans2nd says:

    This is the server and reason/source for the FISA warrant?
    Evan McMullin was a red herring? Dunno.
    This is worth the read, imo.

    Hillary Clinton supporter pushed Trump-Russia computer narrative investigated by FBI


  24. jeans2nd says:

    Follow-up to previous Circa story.

    Russian bank tells DOJ mysterious Trump computer connections may have been hacker hoax

    “A Russian bank has reported to U.S. authorities that mysterious communications resumed recently between one of its computers and an email server tied to President Trump’s business empire, and it has developed evidence the new activity may be the work of a hacker trying to create a political hoax”

    “The resumption of the computer pings started last month, and Alfa’s cybersecurity experts traced evidence that the activity was actually being spoofed — or hacked –through a third party from a masked computer address inside the United States”

    Adm Rogers must be disgusted by now. Sessions’ DOJ this time, tho.


  25. Pingback: Fox News Pulls Judge Napolitano Off Air Due To Prior Comments on UK Trump Surveillance – IOTW Report

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