ObamaCare and The GOP: Two R.A.T Groups Fighting for Control – Both Filled With False Information and Many Lying…

It’s obvious the financial interests are pouring in money to the R.A.T groups right now in the fight over ObamaCare Repeal and/or Replace.   Boy howdy are they all fibbing as they fling their poo at each other.  Forget the Democrats in this discussion.  For the sake of this analysis we only look at the right side of the UniParty; the Republican side.

There are two financial special interest groups within the Republican fight on ObamaCare. Two groups within the BIG CLUB.  Essentially, two swamp R.A.T factions:

♣ CLAN RYAN – The GOPe faction of the BIG CLUB represented by the salesmanship of Paul Ryan.  This faction is funded by Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  This faction wants ObamaCare and actively campaigned for removal of healthcare from private sector in 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Republicans who want ObamaCare of some form.  Media types like Hugh Hewitt.   Unfortunately, they have the strongest hand because ObamaCare exists.

♠ CLAN CRUZ – The NeverTrump faction represented by the salesmanship of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee etc.   This faction is funded by anti-ObamaCare groups and billionaires like Cary Katz who own the Conservative Review (Mark Levin) etc. This group never wanted any part of ObamaCare and actively campaigned to stop ObamaCare in 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Media types like Mark Levin and all the other #NeverTrumpers are in this group.  Unfortunately, they have the weakest hand because ObamaCare exists.

Both Clans hate Trump because both clans are part of the UniParty within the swamp, and Trump ain’t allowed in the BIG CLUB.  The bastard won the damn election despite their unified efforts.  Ratts!  Or R.A.T.S.


♦ Clan Ryan doesn’t want to repeal ObamaCare because they fundamentally align with most of it and it keeps healthcare costs away from Wall Street business interests.  They’d rather tweek it to ensure its ongoing viability.

♦ Clan Cruz want ObamaCare destroyed in a thermonuclear cloud regardless of consequence, collateral damage and the accompanying nuclear winter.  Muh Constitution.. However, they really hate it because the billionaire BIG CLUB financiers who are paying for their sales pitch benefit from it’s removal.

Both R.A.T clans are well financed by the underwriters as they head out into battle. The optics, and narratives are spun for we the sheeple.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are sitting in the bleachers watching both factions play multi-person tennis with a timed-to-detonate election grenade as President Trump sits in the umpires chair.

Eyes left – thwack.  Eyes right – thwack. Heads left – thwack. Heads right – thwack. Oooo…. Aaaah… Hot dogs, get your hot dogs here.  THWACK wow… TWACK back ohhh… Left, thwack – Right, thwack… the game continues.

♠ THWACK – We did it before.  We repealed Obamacare in 2015 and Obama vetoed.  Why not do it again?

♣ THWACK – No, stop fibbing.  That was a defunding bill (using reconciliation), not a repeal bill.  A repeal bill takes 60 votes in the Senate.


♠ THWACK – We can repeal ObamaCare with 51 votes in the Senate.

♣ THWACK – No, a “repeal” is new legislation, that takes 60 votes in the Senate.


♠ THWACK – You’re not a conservative.

♣ THWACK – Oh yeah, well you’re a racist.


♠ THWACK – Am Not.

♣ THWACK – Are too.


♠ THWACK – Well, f**k you. Just change the damned rules and make all legislation only 51 votes.

♣ THWACK – OK then.  Who are the 51 Senators who are willing to change the rules?  We have Clan Ryan members in the Senate dummy.


♠ THWACK – Who Cares?  Screw you.  Just change the damned rules and worry later about what might happen if Democrats win back the Senate.

♣ THWACK – OK then.  First, who are the 51 Senators who are willing to repeal ObamaCare outright?   Again, remember, we have Clan Ryan team members in the Senate.


♠ THWACK – Dunno.  But we’ll find them… Well, hopefully.

♣ THWACK – OK then. Second, are you ready for Democrats to add four additional Supreme Court justices taking the total to 13 because you just gave them the power to do it with 51 votes in 2020?


♠ THWACK – Pfftt. Rules.  C’mon. Is that all you got. Eff’ you and those damn rules.  That’s, like way over there.

♣ THWACK – OK then.  But shouldn’t we ask the umpire, because the collateral damage could really mean we lose in 2018.  And if we lose power most of us are still here.  But it’s Democrats in charge of the Committees and they will begin advancing impeachment proceedings against the Umpire for his last two years in that seat.  Ultimately, It’s his ass kicked out.


♠ THWACK – Who cares, we hate him.  Muh constitution.

♣ THWACK – Well we hate him too, but the Tax reform?  The tax cuts and the budget rely on reforming ObamaCare STAT.


♣/♠ Oh… hey wait.  He was gonna screw us both with that budget thing… So, that’s not such a bad ide… ((((shhhh)))))

{Heads turn… hot dog muchin’ pauses.  The crowd pays extra attention.}




…. and so it goes.  Back to: Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

Next up, singles Boys“!

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446 Responses to ObamaCare and The GOP: Two R.A.T Groups Fighting for Control – Both Filled With False Information and Many Lying…

  1. Charles says:

    President Trump has used the launch, and decline, of the American Health Care Act to highlight the downside — and take some wind out of the sails of the politicians and policy wonks who convinced themselves they had all the answers. As the bill falters, the next, inevitable step will be for nervous Republican leaders to ask Trump to offer a new plan.

    And that plan will be more of a classic Trump bargain — one that does what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama refused to do: namely, bring all of the stakeholders together, including doctors and patients, to hash out something everyone can accept. [snip]….

    Yes. That sounds more like the Trump I voted for. One who will change the conditions of the “Kobayashi Maru” no-win scenario that clan Ryan and clan Cruz are presently bickering over.

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  2. Jan says:

    This roll-out should never have happened this way. No matter what Ryan says about the process the last year, you get everyone together and discuss the different aspects of how to do it and what to do. Then if someone “runs to a microphone”, you call them out for it.
    This has divided the party and it has divided those who voted for Trump.
    Some here say you can’t get 51 senators to get rid of the Byrd rule. You can’t get 51 senators to vote for repeal. You can’t get 51 senators to change the senate rules.
    What makes you think you can get 51 senators to vote for this reconciliation bill then?
    Some here say nothing can get done because of the 60 vote rule yet at the same time tell us phase 3 will magically happen even though those things will be subject to the 60 vote rule.
    The voters voted for the Repubs to stop Obama. They voted for Trump to fix things. They don’t want to hear about rules when they gave 1 party the power to change rules. The Byrd rule is just that. A rule from a dead guy who never did anything for this country.
    The voters changed the house, the senate, and rejected the puppet dem hillary to give these people the power to fix the mess. They have done little and are taking most of April off to go home and “listen to the people”. The people are saying stay there and get off your collective butts and do what you promised. While they talk about senate rules and process with no balls to change it, the people continue to suffer. Those without insurance, those paying 1/5 to 1/4th of their monthly pay, don’t care about powerpoint presentations, dead kkk members, or processes.

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  3. shadowcole says:

    I think it’s time for a gofundme acct set up to fund the Trump train lobbying group. Maybe if we raise enough money we could actually pay Ryan to do his job. Of course this is sarcasm but isn’t it sad that we have no power in Congress, they do whatever they want and not what the American people want.


  4. Mickey Wasp says:

    Everything is kabuki theater politics on the career political establishment on both sides.
    Examples – democrats push through Obamacare at night on Christmas Eve and continue the false info of how many Americans it has helped. Then the republicans have numerous votes to ‘defund’ and/or defeat Obamacare for re-election talking points.

    President Trump is playing the political establishment against each other, knowing who is up for re-election in the Senate in 2018 and the House members that are not in safe districts or had real threats in the primaries, see Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady. The citizen-statesman businessman side of PDJT knows that the voting public is fully engaged, as does the congress-critters. Thus, Ryan and Brady attempting to implement their “Better Way” plan with laces of PDJT’s campaign promises. Mr. Trump has his man, Sec of HHS Tom Price in place for the 2nd stage and holds PDJT’s objective of keeping Medicare in place. We pay for Medicare through payroll deductions, as with Social Security.

    IMO – PDJT and his Team are going to let the political establishment “Thwack” each other to the point of not being able to get anything done and then use this to “Thwack” them back with incompetency, ‘do nothing’ and ‘all talk no action’, after he has made his public plea of getting the Obamacare fiasco fixed and when it implodes – he points directly at the establishment R and D’s and not negotiating a deal for the betterment of American citizens. The 3rd stage is the crucial stage for the career politicians and they will argue and obfuscate, until time runs out. During this time PDJT will be able to shine the light on the democ[RAT’s].

    Watch the R Senator’s up for re-election in 2018 in states that could have primary contenders, Cruz (TX), Flake (AZ), Wicker (MS), Fisher (NE), Heller (NV), Corker (TN), Hatch (UT) and Barrasso (WY). The ones that will wrap themselves in Constitutional ‘principles’ … And the D’s up for re-election in states that President Trump won, that will dink around and use the Schumer ‘talking points’ to lay the upcoming ACA ‘death spiral’ on the R’s for arguing and causing the delay and allowing Obamacare to implode and harm American’s.

    It’s a win-win-win for Team Trump – either the R and D’s get on board – or risk the blowback of American voters – for not getting anything done on a timely basis. If the career political class keep up the arguing and delay tactics – it’s lights out for them. Because, HHS Sec Price, will move quickly through stage 2. The last “Thwack” they will hear is the pulling of the lever at the ballot box for their opponent. The 3rd stage is key … let them all drown in their own ‘swamp muck’ …

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  5. Mac says:

    What is going on here? Why are people attempting to make a case for a terrible piece of legislation which does not change the ACA in any meaningful way?

    I have already dealt with how this bill does not eliminate government subsidies. The only two positive things that it does is to eliminate the employer mandate and the tax on investment income for those making over $250,000 a year. The personal mandate is simply shifted to the insurance companies to collect, when a person without insurance coverage for 60 days, signs up.

    The phase 2 actions rely upon powers which the Secretary of HHS already possesses under the ACA. And phase 3, which is also tied to tax reform, is scheduled for four years from now.

    The HUUUUGE problem with the AHCA is that it actually increases federal participation in the healthcare industry. If passed these changes will remain for years. And if the second, and especially the third phases of this “plan” fail to materialize, we gain nothing and actually lose ground.

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  6. CountryMouse says:

    God forbid we could simply have an honest free market in health care, just like we do in computers, cell phones, pickup trucks, blue jeans, etc. You know, where people shop to get the best deal, where everybody’s prices are advertised up front, where quality reviews are easy to find. In short, the most efficient way to provide better goods and services for lower cost than any other.

    If we did this, health care costs would drop by 50% in the next 24 months. And they’d continue to settle from there. Insurance costs would drop like a rock.

    Suppose 40 million people still simply can’t afford health insurance? at 2.5 people per household, that’s about 16 million insurance policies we’d have to fund. OK, say 20 million. At $5K each, that’s a 100 billion dollars worth of vouchers a year – a FRACTION of what these idiots are blowing as they try to make all our choices for us. And the 90% of the people in the county who can afford their own would get more and better care for far less. And the shrinking government would stay out of our business. What’s not to like?


  7. spaulj67 says:

    I think we should just let it collapse and let the free market pick up the pieces. All Trump needs to do is lower costs significantly by enforcing the Sherman and Clayton acts. This is the only industry that is allowed to not publish prices in advance and can charge different customers significantly different prices for the same thing. The medical cartel is (bleeping) us and growing number of us are figuring this out. If Trump is truly a man of the people he would threaten to do all the above. If on the other hand it just gets tweaked in whatever scammed up phased approach you like, he’ll then own the collapse.


  8. TPW says:

    To address a few of your comments……..Insurance is going to have to drop in price significantly for it to be affordable for the bottom 50%. Right now a silver policy for 2 from BCBS runs $1850 per month with $10000 family deductible. Even at $925 a month who can afford it?….Pricing is what needs to be tackled from the get go. Ryan is appeasing the Insurance companies plain and simple. sorry to the free market freaks but that principle has not worked in decades……Are Apple products cheap because they are made in China NO…….FDA restrictions, Drug, Doctor, Hospital pricing are all going to have to be restricted one way or the other. In my 59 years on this earth I have not see


    • CountryMouse says:

      We haven’t HAD a free market in decades …. A real honest free market IS what lowers prices. That’s not freaky, that is ECONOMICS 101.

      Just look at the history of Lasik surgery, a relatively unregulated procedure. Costs have dropped steadily and the quality has increased the same way – and now it’s a bargain, and it’s not hard to choose a really good doctor. There’s nothing magic about other medical services. We are being robbed blind, and the government is causing it to happen.


    • Mac says:

      As noted we haven’t had a truly free healthcare market in the last 50 years, since Medicare came into existence. Whenever a guaranteed, third party payer system exists, then costs go up. Medical costs have been rising at anywhere from 3-5 times the rate of inflation for all of that time. It has gotten so bad, that virtually everyone HAS to have insurance to afford even basic medical care. As medical costs continue to rise, so do insurance premiums. And, as long as the medical industry can rely upon guaranteed payment, even partial payment, those costs will continue to rise.

      There are two ways to reduce medical costs. The first is to allow the care to price itself out of the market. When this point is reached, the costs will come down to a point where the consumer can afford them and demand will pick up. The other solution is to impose artificial price controls. In order to make that effective, the government must also control the payment for such services. In other words, a single, third party payer system, controlled by the government, is necessary.

      You can see where this is going, can’t you? Medicare for all. Run very much like the VA. For a glimpse of that future simply look at Canada or the UK.


  9. navysquid says:

    I think people need to rely on Pres Trump and that he knows what he is doing and has OUR best interests in mind.

    I believe if we removed Ryan as the spokesperson from the AHCA and the R’s rolled out Tom Price to explain it we wold be more comfortable with this Act. I believe the roadblock with us is Paul Ryan as we do not trust him.

    Sundance has done a fantastic job in explaining the issue. I think what we all need to come to grips with is this: The Democrats screwed us with Obamacare bill intertwining us with so much regulation and fees that is why this is so difficult to undo everything.

    I say we trust Pres Trump and let’s go through these Phases. We do not need to be having these internal fights.


  10. spaulj67 says:

    It doesn’t matter how we slice and dice or phase this or that, cost ‘must’ come down period. Anything else is just the old scam with a new label. Please watch this video link before you comment on what should or should not be done.

    Surgery Center of Oklahoma – ReasonTv

    Imagine all healthcare providers nationwide doing the same thing. Easy, Just enforce the Sherman and Clayton acts. Health savings accounts in combination with making catastrophic group polices legal again. The new healthcare law could fit on an index card.


  11. osage44 says:

    this is a semi-coherent article.


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