ObamaCare Repeal – President Trump Meets With House Whip – Paul Ryan Holds Press Conference…

Two important videos containing two important aspects to advancing legislation.  In the first video President Trump is meeting with Republican House “whip team”.  The role of the House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, is to get the various republicans factions to unite in support of a singular legislative goal.  Unite the clans.

President Trump is not meeting with the House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, because Trump views McCarthy as a weasel (don’t ask – just watch).  President Trump gives remarks to the media during the White House meeting:


The second meeting is Speaker Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Greg Walden. Ryan, McCarthy and Walden outline the three-step legislative process that a full and replace bill needs.

Walden outlines the House Energy and Commerce Committee beginning the mark-ups on the bill which starts tomorrow.


Look, I do not trust McCarthy and/or Ryan; I also believe President Trump does not trust them either. However, on this specific legislative vehicle Greg Walden and HHS Secretary Tom Price are working together. Therefore to the extent McCarthy and Ryan are under pressure from President Trump, the three-step construct gains trustworthiness.

Now, comes the politics of persuasion.  Sell… Sell…. Sell…

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361 Responses to ObamaCare Repeal – President Trump Meets With House Whip – Paul Ryan Holds Press Conference…

  1. Benson II says:

    I like how Ryan explained how some things could not be put into a reconciliation bill but needed to be done separately because they needed 60 votes. This explained a lot to me about why some things we wanted couldn’t be included. That along with CTH’s information on how things are done in the Senate and House and how the separate powers need to be preserved helped me understand what’s happening and why Trump is supporting this. This is going to be a helluva brouhaha for many days to come so I’m glad I understand it more clearly thanks to CTH and the information I’ve seen here.


  2. Health Savings Accounts are great, BUT the bureaucrats messed up the law when it became applied to Senior Citizens. In the booklet describing the HSA plan for Seniors, there was a clear statement of Intent of the (Republican) Congress to allow us to have an account “at the financial institution of our choosing.”

    Oh, goody! I immediately called my credit union, whose personnel all professed total ignorance of such a plan. Eventually, after hours on the phone, I learned there was ONE BANK, in Massachusetts, I think, and ONE BANK only, where I could have an HSA account.

    Okay, I gave up and opened an account there. First thing that happened, a fee or charge of some kind. Long story short, the balance was doomed to decline, whether I took money out of it or not, b/c fees were higher than the interest accruing on the account. I got scared and wrote a check for the balance listed on the account. When the check cleared (in my credit union, hahahaha), I wrote and officially closed the account. I believe the bank stopped “supporting” that program a month or two later!

    Perhaps I was not alone? We Seniors are pretty smart when we are clearly being attacked!


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