Former AG Loretta Lynch Asks Activists to March, Lay Blood on The Streets and, if needed, Kill People…

For an administration that would parse every word and phrase used by their political opposition to infer a narrative of violence, the alarming message within this call to action released today, by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, is quite stunning.


For those who would defend this I would simply suggest to reverse the agent of delivery. Keep the words exactly the same but transpose current Attorney General Jeff Sessions as the messenger; and now what do you think the media would claim was the intent of the message?

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408 Responses to Former AG Loretta Lynch Asks Activists to March, Lay Blood on The Streets and, if needed, Kill People…

  1. dalethorn says:

    What’s amusing about Lynch’s little speech is, black liberals and radicals (not a lot of difference) are usually dissing the Founding Fathers as promoters of slavery and sundry other sins, while Ms. Lynch speaks of the Founders’ wonderful ideals. So, while literally true (the ideals), she is still speaking out of both sides of her mouth, because her platform in no way represents the ideals of the republic as it was established (a republic, not a democracy). I’m not trying to second-guess what she’s saying, because I know she’s lying.

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  2. Ace says:

    This is like when Hitler was bunkered in Berlin and had little boys fighting for him. Hopefully the left wing extremists will eventually draw the same conclusion he did, and act accordingly


  3. Ace says:

    Whenever you folks get taken in by the Wizard of Oz media, review Mrs. Lynch’s words to remember the leftists have had their *expletive deleted* cut off by Trump.

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  4. The Red Pill says:

    Lynch should be arrested for these remarks alone! Inciting violence, sedition and treason come to mind.

    Terrifyingly that she headed the department of Justice…

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  5. CalA says:

    Who was Loretta REALLY sending this urgent message to that came right out of left field?

    Perhaps the true audience for her post was her former boss and his team. She could hardly call a meeting of all involved yet needed to get out an urgent message to everyone to remain loyal to the cause (or else?), to remember their ideals, and to remember that they have been in legally dicey situations before and prevailed.

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  6. annied9393 says:

    she is an officer of the court how can this be allowed without stripping her of her credentials and arresting her?

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  7. Watcher says:

    The Lynch call to arms video signals that zero is in charge of the dems.
    The Clintons are gone unless we need them for something.

    Keep a eye out for holder, jeh, rev al, blm( or whatever they call themselves now), la raza, mb, all the regulars. And possibly a few new ones.

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  8. UKExpat says:

    DemoncRATS are in total MELT DOWN its hilarious,Lynch it seems is just as STUPID as Waters.


  9. aguila2011 says:

    Lowretta … better run to your safe space because you just called down the dogs of war on your sorry ass! Racist, anti-American Barry whoring biotch.


  10. First, there is not a single “right” of the founding fathers that has been or will be taken away. So to begin with, the whole maudlin whinefest is propaganda.

    Second, the only other things that could ostensibly, if you’re an idiot, think are rights taken away are the rights to “have the government pay for your abortion,” the rights to “have the government welcome and fund illegal aliens out of your paycheck, and retain and protect criminals from deportation,” and perhaps a whole list of questionable ‘suggested policy guidelines’ not limited to mandating people be allowed in any restroom. Much of what DJT’s admin has done so far are merely enforcing EXISTING laws, and all the things being set up to make that most possible.

    These are what she wants people to bleed and die for? Really?

    I take it that will be mostly young people bleeding and dying — not her.

    I lost my screenshot of whatever male congressman talked about taking it to the streets about 1 or 2 days before a violent right on the west coast (would appreciate the meme or name so I can find it). But a case could be made for the comments of so many leftist politicians basically being inciting, especially in group.

    I am pretty sure Lynch is the single most corrupt Attorney General our country has ever had. I think she should be prosecuted for half a dozen different things, to include her LACK of investigation or prosecution of lots of stuff that was overtly illegal and corrupt. But this styling herself as some kind of inspirational street-leader is new.

    And just as bad as the rest of it unfortunately.


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