Illegal Alien Rapes Kansas City Missouri College Student – PC University and Media Hide Crime and Suspect…

There is a very disturbing story out of Missouri where a University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) student was raped in her dorm room by an illegal alien, and later re-victimized by the media and University who are covering up the crime and the suspect’s illegal status.


The 22-year-old suspect, Juan Contreras, is seen on CCTV actually carrying an unconscious female student passed a security desk which is supposed to be staffed 24/7 by the university.   Contreras then raped the student repeatedly in her dorm room all night. The University has provided no explanation as to how a rapist was allowed to simply walk by their security desk.  

Additionally, students on the Kansas City campus were never notified about the rape, and only learned about it through local media reports.  The intent of the non-notification presumably tied to the schools sympathetic ideological outlook toward illegal aliens:

Jack Cashill notes – In November students rallied on the Plaza to protest President Trump’s immigration policies. They then marched down Main Street chanting, “Fu*kDonald Trump,” and “Not my president.” (link)

Obviously the ‘illegal alien rapist on campus warning’ wouldn’t exactly fit with the schools preferred anti-Trumpism.   Ergo, let’s keep it quiet – which actually means the victim should just take one rape for the progressive team, per se.  Ideology is more easily retained amid a false sense of safety, or something.

[…]A spokesperson for UMKC said the people who work at the security desk at the residence halls are trained to contact police any time they see a student who is unable to move about under their own power. An investigation is under way to find out if proper procedures were followed.

Students who live in Johnson Hall said that they found out about the incident from FOX 4 News, not the university.

UMKC Administrators did not send out an alert about the alleged rape at Johnson Hall, saying they only send alerts in there is an “imminent risk to public safety” ..(link)

nothing to see here 

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121 Responses to Illegal Alien Rapes Kansas City Missouri College Student – PC University and Media Hide Crime and Suspect…

  1. Adron Hester says:

    I guess a rapist on campus isn’t like a conservative making a speech is it? The danger of aids, and, assaulted, possible deaths, or more attacks tip the scales if the purpose is illegal, right.
    How does any parent allow their daughters to remain on a campus where nothing happens to illegals no matter the degree of the assaults they committed. PC at its worst!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kaco says:

    Reading the story, it sounds like he had slipped her a mickey in that fruity drink he gave her.


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