Russian Ambassador Kislyak Attended Trump Congressional Speech Tuesday – Sat With Democrats…

With all the fake news uproar over Attorney General Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador, perhaps this photograph provides some ‘nothingburger’ perspective:


Just last Tuesday night Ambassador Kislyak attended President Trump’s speech to a Joint Session of congress.  The Russian ambassador was noted in numerous conversations with Senate Democrats and was seated on the Democrat side of the venue.

Apparently, Kislyak is a regular visitor to the Capitol as noted in this tweet reply from Brit Hume:



Worth noting that Senator Dianne Feinstein is the ranking member of the Senate  Intelligence Committee and one of the key CIA and intelligence community oversight members on the exclusive Gang of Eight:


Intelligence Oversight Gang of Eight

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467 Responses to Russian Ambassador Kislyak Attended Trump Congressional Speech Tuesday – Sat With Democrats…

  1. Venus says:

    Gowdy, after speaking with Comey today, can’t disclose what was said but warns that anyone getting their information from NYT or WaPo “better be careful”

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    • jupitercomm says:

      That’s encouraging. I’ve always liked Gowdy, even when he disappointed in the past. The person he reminds me of most is Stone Cold Steve Austin, the ‘Rattlesnake.’ Maybe it’s just the accent

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  2. jupitercomm says:

    Someone else made my point above but it bears reiterating. AG Sessions recused himself for reasons that don’t make immediate sense to the general public b/c it’s a question of an ethical code followed by men of his profession. Codes like this are freely adopted by those who enter into certain professions, the rules are often implicit & the penalty for ignoring them steep.


  3. Joan says:

    Well, President Trump had a really outstanding speech to Congress on Tuesday. This is only Thursday but all anyone can talk about is AG Sessions and how he should resign. The Dems can’t accept that they lost and Trump won and they can’t accept he gave a really super great speech so they are going Alinsky against him – and so many people are falling into the trap. Sad.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      This whole thing is turning around beautifully. Hillary thought she could do a preemptive strike on Sessions, and it’s blowing back not only in her face, but other Dems, too.

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      • NB says:

        I guarantee there are others that got kickbacks, including the Magnificent Obama.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I’m sure OB-wan-Kenyobi made out like a bandit!!! Love to know how the money was routed – THAT would be classic financial LE if they ever figure it out. Top shelf money laundering.


          • WSB says:

            Saw this from a friend. “Heard on the radio that Obama met with the Russian Ambassador 20 times in the last few months of his presidency. All this Russian stuff is a planned set up????”

            Is it possible that Obama could really be indicted for treason if he did collude with Russia to overthrow the US government?

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            • wolfmoon1776 says:

              At this point, the whole thing is labyrinthine. However, I think the following, looking at the big picture.

              Russia needed the best possible outcome, whoever won. THAT is tricky. I personally think that Russia tried to play a bit friendly yet distant with both sides as the election drew near, so that they could have a salvageable situation, no matter who won.

              On the right, that involved not trolling against the left too obviously, not being obvious in their favor toward the Trump agenda, and not engaging in more military stuff than necessary to keep Assad afloat and Ukraine from crushing its Russian Eastern areas. The Russians needed to stand up to Obama moves without actually firing shots at US forces.

              On the left, they showed the same restraint they’ve always showed, AND – very important – continued to NOT DIVULGE who they were working with when they were the Soviet Union. That’s important. They continue to have the confidence of people like Hillary, Obama, and all the people who we KNOW are commies with Soviet influence, but who are not actually busted.

              Thus, the Russians were surely, in private, being nice to everybody.

              However, I suspect that the Democrats and the Obama wing of the CIA, for some reason, feel betrayed. There may be some reason for that – I don’t know what it is. I think that the DNC and the CIA feel betrayed for different reasons.

              The whole thing is a mess. All I know is that I back the Trump agenda, meaning no communism here, America First, and the recognition that Russia has an equal right to pursue a non-globalist, Russia-first agenda. Beyond that, I think it’s important not to get caught in any of the Alinsky “freezes” and “you can’t say that” moments that the evil left is always trying to foist on us. Get to the truth, tell the truth, and follow the dictates of common sense.

              Doing that, I think things can be sorted out, and the proper people removed from power and/or put in jail. I don’t believe in putting anybody in jail for “political crimes”, “war crimes”, “hate crimes”, or any other expanded definitions of crimes. Just end the wars, seek justice, and remove the liars (communists and Islamists by definition) from power. If people have committed real crimes by our own laws, then they need to pay the price.

              After it’s over, we have things to do – other things needed to shore up the Constitution, to prevent these kind of liberticidal people from sneaking into power ever again.


      • P ursang says:

        I bet the pallet of untraceable cash and gold went to the mullah’s accounts in Switzerland.

        After that, who knows where the payoffs went.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Speaking of Alinsky, always keep an eye on Twitter Alinsky (Neera Tanden). Best strategic steer anybody ever gave me. Here, you see somebody copying her on something. You can FEEL the worry that the narrative is failing.

      Supposedly, you can see Dem narratives days in advance by watching what she tweets or retweets.

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    • REVEALER says:

      Why wasn’t the known Russian Spy arrested when he was entering the US for 8 years during Obama years? Only now he is conveniently called a spy by the Democrats ? hahahaha

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  4. Raffaella says:

    DEVASTATING PROOF OF MEDIA BIAS: New York Times Airbrushes Away Democrat’s Embarrassing False Claim Without A Trace

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Caught with their hands in the cookie jar! Can’t have it both ways, snakes. The Internet never forgets.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      This is a great article. The point they make bears repeating. They caught McCaskill in a nasty version of her ongoing lie – very newsworthy – and rather than take the big story, which was sitting right there, or even just do an update, they covered for her, and the edits are all documented. The paper had the lie, and they hid it.

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  5. Elmo Saunders says:

    Pres Obama said there was NO Russian roll in USA elections, why is Schumer calling Pres Obama a liar?

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  6. kinthenorthwest says:

    Interesting Celebration.

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  7. rsanchez1990 says:

    Haha Brit Hume, in other words, “so a foreign dignitary talks to members of Congress, no big deal.”

    That’s the dirty little secret of the media. They know that ambassadors and other diplomats talk to senators all the time. They see it happening all the time, and ordinarily think nothing of it. It’s just people doing their jobs, no big deal.

    They’re counting on the ignorance of the American public to make it seem like a big deal. Luckily, the American public is starting to wise up to these tricks.

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  8. Martha Harmon says:

    Poor Pitiful Pearls & Sour Grapes. Why can’t Demos quit searching how to ruin President Trump, and think about some positives works you can do for AMERICA. Have you forgotten how???? People who just cause trouble will have PAYDAY SOMEDAY!!!!!!! It says so in the BIBLE.

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    • DS2221 says:

      The dimbocrats are trying to destroy the U.S. or at least remake it. That is why they are doing nothing positive for America.


  9. moron says:

    So how about a pic with Schumer? Impeach Feinstein!!

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  10. I would be interested to know who invited the Russian Ambassador. Certainly that is
    public information.

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  11. UKExpat says:

    I hope none of those DemoncRATS had a “conversation” with the Russkie who knows what that could be construed as. Oh wait the Lame stream EneMedia only ever attacks and MAKES UP stories about Republicans the LYING HYPOCRITES.

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  12. missmarple2 says:

    Somebody please explain to me exactly HOW the Russians affected the elections.

    1. They didn’t give any money (we would have heard about that by now).

    2. They didn’t tamper with the voting machines. (The audits and recounts demonstrated that.)

    3. They didn’t provide any strategy, and if they had, it would have been useless, anyway. Does anyone think the Russians made President Trump talk about trade deals and wasting money in foreign wars? He’s been saying THE SAME THING since the 1980’s.

    4. The Wikileaks Podesta emails, even if they were provided by the Russians to Wikileaks, would have been a very tenuous attempt to affect things. First of all, the information gleaned from them was inside DNC baseball about the way Bernie voters were cheated of their votes and influence, and they ALREADY felt that way due to the superdelegates and the way they had been treated at the convention, 2 months prior to the email release. Secondly, the stuff in the emails was derived through thousands of people sifting through them and released in bits. The news media barely covered them, so the general public was not aware of much wrong, until Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigned. Thirdly, the people who were most interested in those Podesta emails (even the Pizzagate researchers) were people who already hated Hillary anyway (GOP and Bernie voters). Average people like my sister thought it was just gossip and a big nothing.

    I cannot think of anything the Russians could have done to actually tip the election.

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  13. dbethd says:

    They were talking to the Russians! I won’t accept anything less than their resignation!


  14. entagor says:

    In the Twitter feed with the pic of the Russian Ambassador at the speech Deplorable Mike‏ comments: “Republicans won’t fight for us… They are still in the get along mode”

    This was being pushed by Mark Levin last night who otherwise had a very good take on the legality of Obama’s Russian scheme

    i listened to Levin last night. Levin overworked the meme that the GOPe RINOs who did not back Sessions were weaklings. Levin named the so called cowards in case you missed the list. I think GOPe Uniparty want Sessions taken down, and need the DEMs to take the blame. Good Cop/Bad Cop. IMHO the get-along meme is a cover

    Sessions brings elegant credentials to the Trump WH. They gotta hate him


  15. Jud says:

    The Democrats should change their name to hyprocrats. They have one set of rules for themselves and another for the Republicans. At this point they are overplaying their hand with the “Russian Angle”. Anyone with half a brain can see that it’s not about Flynn or Sessions, it’s about making Trump look bad or building a case for impeachment. Every single Republican Congressman and Senator should unite behind the President and put an end to the Democrats sore loser rhetoric and start working with President Trump to get things done. That would be the best way to stick it to the Obama’s, Valerie Jarrett, Soros and the entire Democratic Party.


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