President Trump Signs HR Bills Promoting Women for STEM Positions (Video)…

(Via Facebook) Today I signed two bills that promote women entering and leading the STEM fields — science, technology, engineering, and math. Currently, only 1 in every 4 women who gets a STEM degree is working in a STEM job, which is not fair and it’s not even smart for the people that aren’t taking advantage of it….


… “Curse you villain” !!

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236 Responses to President Trump Signs HR Bills Promoting Women for STEM Positions (Video)…

  1. Why do us women need promoting at all? Sounds like Affirmative Action, capitulation, and hyperbole.

    What would people say if there were men crowded all around the desk of a woman president signing an order to promote men specifically for some jobs?

    Utter nonsense.

    I agree with Treeper wjb105 above: No need for bills like this. Social engineering.

    Here’s a pair of CRUTCHES eh!

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    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      This is Ivanka’s influence at work. She’s on FB bragging about this. I generally like her and her family pics and posts, but this leaves me cold. It’s pandering, and it’s nonsense. Larry Summers was right (before he went way, way wrong): 67% of women will never be math science- oriented. 67% of men will never go into fashion or nursing. Just don’t put impediments in the way of people wanting and capable of doing a given job. This pushing of “gender diversity” (Ivanka’s words) for its own sake is fatuous and stupid. It’s shilling for the lefty agenda. No one is keeping 3/4 of women with STEM degrees out of STEM jobs. They are doing it themselves because they have different priorities and don’t want the isolation and work pressures of those jobs if they plan to have families. And we need smart women HAVING families. Too many women who go into STEM never do.

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      • Kaco says:

        I chose a career that I could leave and come back, in case if I wanted to stay home with children when I got married and had a family. I did end up staying home after my second child, but it has been a financial sacrifice, considering how hard it is today to remain middle class, both parents need to be working in this day and age. I’ve had many other family issues preventing me from returning to work when my kids achieved more independence. But it’s gotten so I feel actually guilty for staying home, although I have had many obligations preventing me from returning. Someone upthread asked about options for me in the meantime. There is an immense amount of pressure to get back to work for women who do choose or need to stay home.

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        • wasntme says:

          Don’t feel bad about it. My wife and I felt it was way more important for our kids to have a Mom at home than to have a few more bucks. Now the kids are grown she’s retired. 🙂


      • Freezetag says:

        No, this is not true. We are being lied to. We are told that there are not enough Americans to do our STEM jobs so we must bring in H1-B’s or outsource to foreign countries. Truth is that America is awash in this type of talent but companies save money by using foreigners instead. Many very, very talented new STEM grads that can’t get jobs. I agree with what Trump is doing-should do it for the men too, though.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      I said I liked it upthread, but can also see that this favoritism gets out of hand and we’ve had plenty of it by other pols. Maybe it is seen by Trump as a bit of a political act, chipping away at the wails of the pussyhat crowd…and Trump (MAGA!) is actually doing something to strengthen women (vs. all people, yes I do see that point).

      What did Obama ever do but talk up a bunch of nonsense? Hillary ran on being a woman having done NOTHING to help women, and in fact harmed many.

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    • DGinGA says:

      I agree that, while this may be good politics, it is not good policy. If only 25% of women who get STEM degrees are working in STEM jobs, there is a reason and it is not because there are no jobs, nor is it because women cannot get those jobs. It is because they CHOOSE not to work in those fields. I know several women who have engineering degrees who worked for a couple of years and then left the field to do something else, or to have kids. But STEM fields are about the ONLY jobs out there, and women are in high demand.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Totally agree MoniQue!


  2. Watcher says:

    I guess ‘clock boy’ will change fields.


  3. limelite001 says:

    Don’t agree with this EO. Females (and I’m one of them) don’t need to be pulled to the front of the queue at the expense of more-qualified, more-interested males. This is the problem with today – people socially engineering an outcome that doesn’t happen naturally. Males are just more into STEM industries than females. Females are better at some and vice versa.

    I see the sticky fingers of Ivanka here whispering in Trump’s ear about how unfair life is for females – which is rubbish. His daughter needs to move back to NY and leave Trump to rule as he wants to. Ivanka is also for Dreamers and Global Warming….. watch Trump become moderate on these 2 issues as well.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      It is true that more men are more “into” these subjects than women. But the subject area is so important that to encourage girls (as well as boys), but to encourage girls to develop this side of their intelligence is a real plus for our nation.

      I hope it doesn’t turn into “affirmative action.” Sensitivity is ok. Merit should win the job. However, lots of times there are many similarly qualified, then maybe.

      Most important, it works on the “gender” issue from an intelligent position. It gives President Trump a real strong positive.

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      • This stuff is bad since it WILL lead to affirmative action. The left get what they want by first by corrupting the culture. BLM came about because the left told minorities they were being oppressed. I see plenty of women in STEM fields, even in the ones that are considered male dominated. We don’t need more spoiled brats with swelled heads that think they are too good for the world since they are in STEM.


      • Kaco says:

        My next door neighbor’s daughter’s favorite subject in school was math, she was an engineering major and is now working successfully in civil engineering for a state. This was natural for her, but I don’t know how they will twist the arms of other women.


    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      It is Ivanka. She’s talking about it on FB like it was her idea.


      • Jocaal3 says:

        I have a daughter and three granddaughters. My answer to all the negative comments and finger pointing at Ivanka is this:. Why in the world would any woman oppose President Trump’s action regarding women being represented and recognised in these particular fields of study and work? My daughter, an accountant and CFO of a school system, with degrees in accounting, finance, and an MBA, had to work her way through two men who had previously held that position. The reason, given to her by a female Superintendent of Schools, was:. “I think the School Board would rather have a man in the position of Chief Financial Officer.” That is simply wrong on many levels and should not be tolerated in any job or position. If you face the situation honestly, you know very well that too often, these situations exist. It’s not asking for special treatment or consideration for women in these fields of STEM, but rather equal opportunity and fairness regardless of gender.

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        • DGinGA says:

          It’s not only wrong, it is illegal for the Superintendent to say that. I remember early in my career a Senior Vice President of the company, my boss, told me during my performance review that I would be more “promotable” if I was married. I pointed out that he promoted single MEN with no problem , but he said that single women are not perceived as being stable. Then he told a married female colleague that she would be more promotable if she was single, because married women just get pregnant and leave. Basically he had a problem with women in management positions.

          Now, this was 40 years ago. If your daughter is so smart and accomplished, why did she stick around that school district and wait while two less qualified men did the job? She should have marketed her skills and experience someplace else for more money.


          • Jocaal3 says:

            Well, to answer your confusing and not so smart remarks, she applied AFTER those two previous male employees “moved on”. When the position was available, she and two males applied for it. Why should she “move on” and give up tenure and the opportunity to advance in a position for which she was very well qualified? And, by the way, the female superintendent’s contract was not renewed. Enough said, and you can fill in the blanks. Since you obviously don’t know my daughter and the situation, your comments were very unkind.

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  4. I’m really concerned about how our culture treats STEM jobs. If we have a generation of graduates with unrealistic expectations then this will harm innovation. We don’t want people joining a field than leaving shortly after getting bitter or because it wasn’t what they were expecting. President Obama even celebrated the fact that 25 percent fewer men than women graduate from college, calling it a “great accomplishment” for America.

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  5. Dan says:

    When tech titans complain about lack of US citizens for jobs, they always fail to complete the sentence with “… at the salaries we want to pay”.

    The H1-B visa issue is purely about getting science/tech workers AT THE PRICES THEY WANT TO PAY.

    An aggressive self-starter in STEM, after years of college, might start out at $70K. If you are going to knock yourself out, might as well go for higher paying jobs, law, medicine, entrepreneurship, etc. And an aggressive self-starter in real-estate can make $200K+ out of the gate without years of difficult education. May not be as satisfying, but $200K/yr can compensate for that.

    Science and engineering people are too independent to form unions . Plus they select the fields because they are interested in them. Therefore, they always end up being under management, whose metric for success is getting more for less. Hence, “hire cheap foreigners who you can control”.

    Today Amazon cloud service on the East coast failed. Almost certainly it was restored by someone making $80K, being “supervised” by management making $250K, but who themselves couldn’t fix the problem despite $10s of billions in commerce being dependent on it.

    Management gets $250K for interacting with the higher ups, and going to retreats to “strategize the vision of product empowerment”. Waste-basket stuff.

    But they determine the salary structure for the people who are actually crucial to company functioning. The nation’s infrastructure is dependent on the those deemed least worthy of compensation.

    If the salary structure were inverted, and the key people who can contribute were started out at $150K+, etc., commensurate with their significance, and those in management were paid less, the $60-80K, commensurate with their contribution, the problem of “insufficient US citizens for STEM jobs” would solve itself without socially engineering women.

    Without that, the problem will not be solved because it is intrinsic human nature .. aristocracy and elitism squeezing those who aren’t … because they can and they benefit from it.

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    • Dan says:

      (Unionized janitors where I work average $110K … emptying the waste baskets of the engineers just out of school with their BS/MS in engineering getting $70K …whose salaries are depressed because there are vast numbers of foreigners/post-docs willing to do the work for less (some at $40K) if they can get to the US. The H1-Bs will hop on one leg if ordered to do so at risk of losing their job and being sent home).


  6. Rob says:

    If women are graduating with technical degrees and not getting jobs, it means they’re not looking, or aren’t qualified.

    The vast majority of companies hiring for positions like that these days are falling all over themselves trying to hire more women.

    This “order” or whatever it is is neither necessary, nor a good idea.


    • WesternPA says:

      My daughter graduated from college with a Masters Degree in Applied Math in December. She was offered a job as a business analyst with a major insurance company in January. She was not given the position because she is a woman. She maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout college. She worked hard and earned it.


    • Freezetag says:

      Totally false. I work in STEM and we don’t want ANY Americans, male or female. H1-B’s come at a 30-40% discount.

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    • Claudia says:

      About me: Female and STEM since 1985

      In my field (IT) newly graduated women do well, often earning more than similar male counterparts at first. As they marry and begin to raise families, though, women generally fall behind. This is true even if they stay in the workforce apart from four weeks of maternity leave with on-call availability. My husband opted to stay home with our three boys (as my earning potential was greater), but to protect my career trajectory I did not speak of my family at work or proudly display their portrait on my desk.

      As women in STEM age, they fall further behind. I recall a stunning moment during the recession in 2009 at a resume and job-search workshop – the room I walked into was filled 9 of 10 seats with recently laid-off women over forty years of age. STEM fields are tough on both men and women over forty, but it’s worse for the women IMHO.

      However – I also agree that eliminating work visas such as the H1B and L1 would be far, far more effective than any special treatment doled out based on age or gender. My career began before these visa programs, and I have personally witnessed their corrosive effect upon the field as a whole and upon the American citizens within it. Abuse is rampant.


  7. Obama's boyfriend says:

    Every American needs to be treated the same by the government as far as sanity permits. Why do women merit greater push from the government than any other group.

    I hate identity politics. If I say I am a woman does that mean the government will push my resume faster than someone else’s application?



  8. MASHALL says:

    Equal protection of the laws definition. A phrase in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution requiring that states guarantee the same rights, privileges, and protections to all citizens.
    All Affirmative Action is Unconstitutional.
    No one can quantify the value of diversity.
    SCOTUS will continue to hear cases challenging it until it finally follows the 14th and eliminates it.

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  9. Marc says:

    Ridiculous to “promote” women into STEM with government dollars, of course. Pretty sure most women aren’t in STEM careers because it doesn’t interest them. People have freedom of choice and this is silly social engineering and virtue signalling on President Trump’s part. As others have said, it’s obvious this is Ivanka’s liberal feminist influence at work. Love her but she needs to have a lot less say on these policies. The paid family leave makes practical sense but this is just typical democrat moonbattery.


  10. Contrarymary says:

    This is just more of the same old tired identity politics that we are fed up with. President trump, I didn’t vote for you to jump on the same bandwagon. As soon as a politician starts playing the woman card, I turn away from them. Please don’t go down that road. We’re sick of hearing about it. In this day and age, the white male is about the most discriminated against of any and I have three sons I worry about more than my daughter. Shame on you.


  11. Gov Jay says:

    The bigger question here concerns Congress wasting their time on this legislation… which is nothing short of pandering to special interests… something they don’t need to be doing when there are other priorities (e.g. repealing Obamacare, reforming the tax code, etc.)… And I’m willing to bet that the ‘1 in every 4 women’ statistic applies to men as well, since large corporations have found the (intentional) “loopholes” in the H1B visa laws and are exploiting these fully since they can pay a foreigner 50-75% that of a US citizen…


  12. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Women are a majority in the country, not a minority. They are now majority in most colleges and universities, a majority in Medical Schools and, I think, in Law S.chools as well. I wonder how many male STEM graduates have a job in their chosen field. Indeed, after decades of pushing American students into STEM fields, we find that in general they cannot get jobs–largely due to H1b visa holders.

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  13. skeinster says:

    This is so disappointing. And not necessary. Fix the visa problem, and the jobs will take care of themselves.

    Here’s the deal- women who REALLY wanted to enter male-dominated fields went on and did so. It was difficult, but they did it. And no one whined about it til the 60’s and ’70’s. I’ve seen nearly fifty years of social engineering trying to push women into jobs they would not naturally do to prove feminist points. Smarter to work with human nature than against it, while not squashing the exceptions. Who are exceptions b/c they’re rare.

    Saying that women do not usually gravitate to math and science isn’t the same thing as saying “Women are dumb”, but the Left has convinced us that it is.

    Seriously, Ivanka needs to be kept away from policy.


  14. recoverydotgod says:

    I just saw the Pelosi “….curse you VILLAIN”. Levity in response to this POTUS move is lovely.


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