CNN’s Chris Cuomo Demands 12-year-old Girls Be “Tolerant” of Male Genitalia…

This is almost too stunning for words. Seriously, not kidding.

In a twitter response to a person concerned about allowing adult males in the restroom facilities of women and girls, CNN host Chris Cuomo -a father of two girls himself- says the girls are the problem, and the parents are “overprotective” and “intolerant” for not wanting their 12-year-old daughter exposed to men in the restroom.


(Link To Tweet)

If this is the progressive position, the 2018 mid-term election will be a landslide to remove the remaining Democrats from all federal offices.  This is absurd Moonbattery.

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659 Responses to CNN’s Chris Cuomo Demands 12-year-old Girls Be “Tolerant” of Male Genitalia…

  1. Cuomo is grooming kids for PEDOPHILIA.

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    • rashamon says:

      You’re right, Moni. It’s all about “grooming” the next generation.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Absolutely. My gut instinct was that he subconsciously outed his own interests.

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    • filia.aurea says:

      Hideous thing, #VeryFakeNews now also perverted. Justice Ruth B. Ginsberg agrees. Page 521 – top of page. Government Publishing Office.
      One more reason she should retire.


    • farmhand1927 says:

      Milo was forced to resign from his lucrative media job for making a statement that he explained meant one thing but it was interpreted as another. Words matter and the genie doesn’t go back in the bottle. Careful, Chris, the world interprets your words literally, and literally they are disgusting, immoral and void of any protective sense toward innocent children. It is despicable that children are becoming so devalued in our society. Have we sunk so low that children in our society spared of abortion are forced into being social experiments?

      If enough people in our society are let off the hook and allowed to speak toward our children so abhorrently, we lose our soul as a nation and as individuals.

      CNN crosses the line over and over whether it’s helping the Dem’s cheat to get their preferred candidate the presidential nomination to creating and disseminating hurtful lies abt the Trump family and we, the citizens that support them.

      Every child deserves the right of privacy and to be protected from a visual assault while using a public restroom. There is a line that cannot be crossed when it comes to cherishing and protecting the innocence of our blessings, our children.

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    • BKW says:

      Outstanding comment. I think thats exactly what he’s doing. Accurate definition of grooming.


  2. wondering999 says:

    I’m one of the odd ones who isn’t shocked by nudity or male genitalia, and I don’t think I ever was; It’s just more “body stuff” to me, especially since I sometimes take the role of caretaker for men with various handicaps who need help with daily activities, bathing etc. Also, in that role as a caretaker, I appreciate “Family Restrooms” and “Family Changing Rooms” where it is easy to assist someone who needs extra space and privacy to take care of body functions.

    It’s hard for parents with opposite-gender children, too. I never want to send a little boy into the men’s room by himself; I have no idea who may be in the men’s room and I can’t protect the child.

    So I like “Family Restrooms”. But this business of grown men/strangers in the bathrooms used by little girls doesn’t make and kind of sense. It’s not about tolerance; it’s about unacceptable risks, and i feel that same risk, as a woman, sending a little boy into the men’s room unaccompanied.

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    • wondering999 says:

      sorry for all the typos! Guess it’s time to get some rest

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    • Aparition42 says:

      “Family restrooms” are a great idea for those that can afford to have them installed, but even if we did support the idea of forcing businesses to make extremely costly retrofits just for the peace of mind of a very few individuals for whom this is a serious issue, it wouldn’t make the Transgendered activists stop complaining because it misses the point.

      They don’t want to be left alone to use the restroom in peace. They want to force you to participate in their delusion. They are suffering from a serious mental illness and any reminder that they are not in fact what they pretend to be damages their fragile ego. Bathrooms labeled “inclusive” or “all genders” wouldn’t make them happy either because it would just draw attention to their difference. The transgendered man that wants to be a woman wants all of society to play along. They want the bathroom to be labeled “women’s” so that by entering it they affirm their own fantasy.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        That’s actually a really good explanation of why the trans crowd wants this. They are mentally ill useful idiots.

        I have long thought they are hell bent on forcing us to accept them as normal which is why they pushed for gay marriage.

        The other bigger aspect of it to me is the fact the trans “civil rights” movement is a globalist actions to destroy the family and our social institutions right on up to destroying capitalism.

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        • Candelee says:

          I agree completely. BTW everyone, he asked about his daughters LOCKER ROOM. That is very different. That is where girls change their clothes and shower. At least in a bathroom they go in a little stall so they won’t be in an open room naked. I am absolutely appalled that Coumo has the nerve to say something so gross publicly, let alone think it. Is this OK for his 2 little girls? This is one sick-o !!!


      • aprilyn43 says:

        @Aparition42 – You nailed it! These are sick, peverted ppl!

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    • squidward says:

      They ain’t going to be too happy when they catch a load of that cabbage kim chee and chili omelet I had this morning.

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  3. avannr says:

    Does he have daughters, nieces, granddaughters? Hope he expects the same for them. Wonder what their mothers think.

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  4. amanda4321 says:

    OMG–they have absolutely lost their freaking minds.

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  5. jackmcg says:

    I think transgenders should get to use any bathroom in the insane asylum that they want.

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  6. Sa_Bi says:

    It’s OK as long as Milo doesn’t say it.

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  7. nwtex says:


  8. nwtex says:


    Former Johns Hopkins Chief of Psychiatry: Transgender Movement ‘Collaborating With Madness’

    Former Chief of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Dr. Paul R. McHugh blasted the Left’s transgender movement, saying that those who enable the mental illness of transgenderism are “collaborating with madness.” McHugh warns against sex-reassignment surgery in particular.

    The esteemed PHD has studied transgenderism and sex-reassignment surgery for 40 years, notes CNS News

    We psychiatrists, I thought, would do better to concentrate on trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia,” said McHugh.

    The doctor explained that trans people, those who don’t identify as their biological sex, exude behaviors of “sexual misdirection,” called “autogynephilia.” Such behaviors do not cease post-op.

    McHugh added: “We saw the results as demonstrating that just as these men enjoyed cross-dressing as women before the operation so they enjoyed cross-living after it,” he said. “But they were no better in their psychological integration or any easier to live with.”

    The doctor concluded that providing a “surgical alteration to the body of these unfortunate people was to collaborate with a mental disorder rather than to treat it.”

    The doctor argues that these same activists have provided “little evidence” to refute scientific arguments that transgenderism is a psychological disorder.

    “One might expect that those who claim that sexual identity has no biological or physical basis would bring forth more evidence to persuade others,” concluded McHugh. “But as I’ve learned, there is a deep prejudice in favor of the idea that nature is totally malleable.”

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  9. LibertyVibe says:

    Cuomo is connected to Pedogate. We have to remember that these people live in an alternate universe where age of consent is very very young, and children are nothing but chattel to be used for adult pleasure.

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  10. Ghostrider says:

    Memo to Cuomo: Teach Tolerance? That’s the idea you support? How very command and control cool are you! Since when has tolerance been equated to a psychological and deviant sexual behavior disorder called transgender? You have no right to tell parents or anyone else what to teach their kids. You sick perverted excuse for a human being.


  11. MfM says:

    How about tolerance to parents not having to subject their children to different sexes sharing bathrooms designed for single sex use?

    I’m not talking about the mother who is out solo with young sons in an area where it isn’t safe to send them into the men’s room and there are no family bathrooms.


  12. hugofitch1 says:

    The left will get behind any cause, no matter its morality, as long as enough of the right people take to the streets with signs.


  13. dbethd says:



  14. SpanglishKC says:

    Not sure if this has been stated yet. But someone in Cuomo’s city of residence needs to call Child Protection Services IMMEDIATELY!!! This loser is not a man nor is he a father looking out for the best interests of his children. #TakeHisKids


  15. shadowcole says:

    We live in a small midwestern town. My husband went into the local Walmart, had to use the restroom, he’s at the urinal when some dude dressed like a woman pulls up next to him. He says nope not gonna happen, move it on out of here, then he goes out to lodge his complaint loud to everyone who can listen. So funny when he was telling me the story. Of course, everyone was just staring at him afraid to say anything, lol. He gets them going over there at Wally world.

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  16. settled pseudo says:

    It’s a higher duty for parents to protect their children against predators – coyotes, bears, snakes and humans. Successful societies in order to preserve themselves are meant to aid parents in this noble and civilization-saving task because it’s hard to work plus raise children who will be the ones to take over the responsibilities ahead.

    It’s not just nonsense for this harassing culture from a tiny indulged and arrogant few to bully the productive majority to gain even one iota of credence, but civilizational suicide.


  17. Mike diamond says:

    Chris is lost and out of his mind,liberals think like him.what a disgrace to the human race!


  18. Kaco says:

    So my 12 year old son is even traumatized by the thought of mixing of genders in bathrooms and locker rooms. He caught this business on TV last night with us, he was actually distressed holding his head, saying, “Are girls really going to be using my bathroom and locker room in gym?” I also explained to him we need to have compassion for these children that have this mental illness and not bully them, they need real treatment, but that President Trump left it up to the states and local school districts to decide.

    Gay marriage should have been the crowning achievement of this group. But now the further decay with this and starting a dialogue about “virteous” pedophiles on liberal media sites, claiming they were “born this way” and “can’t help it”. I also think this is a population control tactic the global elites are pushing in confusing the children with sexuality and gender so they don’t reproduce. Notice it’s the western cultures pushing this, along with Islamophobia. Funny thing, this transgender business would not pass in Islamic cultures.


    • Kaco says:



    • Kaco says:

      I just want to add, where does this leave women/girls and men/boys sports and other segregated competition? A boy won the state track championship for girls in Alaska. I think it is highly unfair and is pushing girls to the side since boys are physically stronger than girls, even before puberty. A fake win.


  19. Barry Odinga says:

    Hey CNN why don’t you fire this sick Ah right you can’t because you all are on the same bandwagon. I hope you go bankrupt you bunch of pedo enablers.


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