Secretary John Kelly Implements President Trump Immigration Policy, Issues Updated Guidance…

An important development today surrounding the removal of President Obama restrictions and policies protecting illegal aliens.

Today Homeland Security Secretary General John F. Kelly officially ordered federal agents to begin using current administration policy to streamline the immediate repatriation of illegal aliens caught in the U.S.


DHS issued two guidance memos [#1 HERE] and [#2 HERE] which expands the process of apprehension and deportation, again following through on one of President Trump’s chief campaign promises.  The memos cover a large set of immediate initiatives including:

  • Prioritizing criminal illegal immigrants and others for deportation, including those convicted or charged with “any criminal offense,” or who have “abused” any public welfare program
  • Expanding the 287(g) program, which allows participating local officers to act as immigration agents – and had been rolled back under the Obama administration
  • Starting the planning, design and construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall
  • Hiring 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and officers
  • Hiring 5,000 Border Patrol agents
  • Ending “catch-and-release” policies under which illegal immigrants subject to deportation potentially are allowed to “abscond” and fail to appear at removal hearings

The status of young adult illegal aliens “Dreamer or DACA recipients” remains unchanged; however, agents were told there are no longer any other special classes of people that should be considered off limits for deportation.

Those caught at the border are to be swiftly shipped back, Mr. Kelly said, and he freed agents to target a broader universe of illegal immigrants for deportation from within the interior of the U.S. The secretary said agents are still to give priority to those with criminal rap sheets, but are free to use discretion — taken away from them in the Obama years — to detain anyone they believe to be in the country illegally.  (link)


(Via Fox News) […] The DHS directives come as the Trump White House continues to work on rewriting its controversial executive order suspending the U.S. refugee program as well as travel from seven mostly Muslim countries. The order was put on hold by a federal court, and Trump’s team is said to be working on a new measure.

The directives also come as the Trump administration faces criticism from Democratic lawmakers and immigration advocacy groups for recent ICE raids of illegal immigrants.

DHS officials on Tuesday’s conference call stressed that they are operating under existing law and once again shot down an apparently erroneous news report from last week claiming National Guard troops could be utilized to round up illegal immigrants. That will not happen, an official said.  (read more)

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501 Responses to Secretary John Kelly Implements President Trump Immigration Policy, Issues Updated Guidance…

  1. MASHALL says:

    There will be plenty of opportunity to pick up quite a bit of Overtime pay (billed accordingly)
    Some will go hot!
    President Triumph should have the 9 Mexican Cartels declared Terrorist Organizations ASAP!

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  2. smartyjones1 says:

    Abusing any “public welfare program” means the net will be cast and the catch will be plentiful.
    Democrats will be going berserker.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      I understand the reasoning behind leaving the DACA program as is, but does that mean trainloads of little “dreamers” from central and south America, etc., can still cross our border or has that piece of the program been shut down? If not, it should be. Some of the children arriving here as unaccompanied minors were basically given away to people at the border. Some of them probably ended up as human trafficking victims and all the horrible consequences that entails.

      Secondly, it was reported that thousands of those ‘dreamers’ that flooded in a few years back were not children, a significant number were young men probably ranging in age from 18-30. It would have been very helpful if Cruz and Beck had made a list of the older ones as teddy bears were handed to them but they slipped through the cracks, no doubt. Maybe they’ll be caught up with if they are receiving welfare.

      This is a good start, no question. The situation of people here on visas for work or school that have disappeared and over stayed will need to be found and returned to their countries, too.

      Thank you for doing the hard work on this, President Trump, and making hard choices that aren’t popular with some even though they are the right choices. You are a man of your word and we love and respect you for it.

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    • LKA in LA says:

      Miami Dade alone will be a ghost town with the fraud there.

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      They are all on public welfare (illegally) in some form or another.

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    • louche9 says:

      “Democrats will be going berserker.” Absolutely. Their carefully crafted permanent majority voting bloc will be heading for the exits.

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  3. MASHALL says:

    And our Marine Generals will do what Marines do best!

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  4. mamadogsite says:

    Sean Spicer better wear his heaviest armour at tomorrow’s presser because once the media has 24 hours, (yep…it takes them that long), to digest the NEW/old policy, there is going to be h**l to pay. They are going to freak out.

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  5. fleporeblog says:


    We know that $4.3 billion is paid out to illegals that take advantage of the IRS. The IRS this year will not issue returns to anyone that is using the child tax credit until after February 15th. The reason is that they are well aware of the fraud committed. The number of illegals that abuse our tax system and public assistance program is astronomical.

    Today is the day that all illegals have been fearing for a very long time. It wouldn’t shock me if 80% of illegals fall into the category above. Self deportation will begin in ways we could never have imagined. Trump never needed those buses because he knew that through his EO in late January and having a General in Kelly running DHS, itwould take care of them without having to round anyone up.

    Once ICE has the additional manpower coupled with the directive referenced above, s…t is about to hit the fan literally and figuratively. Shockwaves have been sent out. Mexico’s $50 million for lawyers will amount to nothing. Our AG is beginning to do his part with additional attorneys ready to run the through the system and out the door. When branches of government are working together, it is amazing what can get done.

    I understand folks anger about the “Dreamers”. Trump and his team are playing it right. By waiting on them last, you neutralize the left and the Obama coalition. I am really beginning to believe we wil rid the majority of the 11 million or whatever the real number is.

    Once the Secretary of Labor is put in place, we will see the other side put into effect. Employers will face severe fines and public shaming. They will reluctantly do their role in this.

    The greatest gift of all is that there is absolutely no federal judge they can run too. It is ALL on the books. Sit back and enjoy because we are seeing a revolution in front of our eyes!

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  6. Bruce says:

    Uh oh. Isn’t entering the US illegally a criminal offense?

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  7. C-Low says:

    That “abused” public welfare should read “on”.

    If you are on gov assistance you are not addition to our nation you are a debt for our nation and so should be right behind the criminals on the deportation buses.

    Nations that refuse to take back their citizens should have all aid military, domestic, humanitarian frozen.

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  8. dustahl says:

    My guess, 80-90 percent of ilegals have abused the welfare system

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  9. bigsy says:

    Anyone who is sent back to their home country who has abused the welfare system should be required to reimburse the US the amount fraudulently received before being considered to be allowed back in.

    Also, dreamers should be on the dock for reimbursement claims against their parents, since the parents are the reason for dreamers being here in the first place.

    It pisses me off when I see the amount of student loan debt US kids have to accrue to get any kind of college education, while the dreamers just milk the US taxpayers for a free ride.

    I think you also have to consider that the jobs taken by illegals are jobs that HS/college kids used to do to work their way, either fully or partially, through school. Back in the day many teachers had side businesses and, since they knew better than most anyone which kids were reliable, would hire the those kids to work in their side business. A lot of kids were even sharp enough to take over for the teacher/boss for short spells. I had several jobs via teachers, myself.

    US kids get doubly screwed with the jacked up education costs and the reduced opportunity to earn money via side jobs.

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  10. andi lee says:

    Interesting, furiating, automated phone call today from Obama Administration to take advantage of 65% – 100% college loan forgiveness program. Chafes my derriere –


  11. Freddy says:

    Most mexicans have 4 names they go by and can simply turn them around to get benefits and work or whatever…They ALL collect for their kids whether they have any or not. They get nearly 2K per kid even if they live in Mexico…Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone pay for your kids to be born and taken care of till 18…..Rent food and cash……..This has to end. The bleeding hearts must be run out including misguided Christians who believe this is our duty and Jesus told us we must….W e can’t sink the ship by overcrowding and then help no one…Get some sense…….

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  12. Illegal says:

    Hopefully with more workers the DHS can fix their visa tracking system. At the same time agents are arresting Mexican illegal aliens they also need to be finding visa violators. This would help to show the enforcement is being applied to all types of illegal aliens.

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    • louche9 says:

      Student visa overstays might be more likely to self-deport than others, because they know that with the sea change in enforcement, if they wait to get caught, they’re not getting back in, and they really, really want back in.

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  13. Truthfilter says:

    Too many of them have fake or forged documents. It takes 4 weeks to 90 days for the Social Security Administration to catch a stolen or incorrect ss number. If he doesn’t know already, our POTUS will discover the absolute inefficiencies in our federal agencies when it comes to documentation. Maybe this is why he has said, “It’s such a mess!” We need e-verify ASAP. We also need a tax or a fee imposed on all money leaving the U.S. The latter will cause many to self-deport, IMO. However, I’m patient. I stopped doubting Trump on November 8, 2016. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight.

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  14. Phil aka Felipe says:

    More affirmation of POTUS Trump justifying my vote!

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  15. I drive around in a 15 year old truck, I see obvious illegals in new 70,000.00 trucks all over the place…. Maybe this is how they do it ? I know it would be a struggle for me to buy one of those….. I’m a working man.

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    • Texian says:

      It is so rampant it is a cottage industry. Government workers actually help them max out the fraud as much as possible. At the grocery store I saw an “ethnic” woman who used her welfare card with a full load of groceries then saw her strut outside and get into a brand new 40K SUV – with a “handicapped” placard as well – parked right in front..

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    • Fe says:

      And they all have fancy tires/hub caps, tricked up fancy. I’ve wondered the same.

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      • Here’s what really pisses me off, my father fought in Korea for our freedoms, freedoms paid for with blood and guts, also my great grandfather fought for our country, his great grandfather fought in the war between the states, and our oldest relative fought the British in 1775….. So explain why any of these people who won’t or can’t fix their own country should come here and take what my fore fathers earned for us ?????? GRRRRRRR.

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        • Texian says:

          Because your Constitution is the last thing standing in their way. The Globalist Wizards behind the curtain know very well that immigration has caused the downfall of every great civilized empire in history..

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    • Gail says:

      I know someone who owns a big Honda/Toyota dealership in Northern CA. He was telling me about a year ago that under ObaMao they were supposed to give Latinos auto loans without any income and interest free or some such asinine deal. Unf’ingbelievable.

      That POS was doing everything he could to destroy our country. And now he can do it without his hands tied by Congress, laws….

      My wish before I die is to see him tried for treason, fraud, whatever they can make stick.

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    • susiepuma says:

      Two things: why the hell are we still providing permanent status to refugees, etc.??? No, no no and 2nd. Why the hell are we providing secret service protection for foreign dignitaries????? and what are protectees????
      This is one way too massive organization that needs to be trimmed, slimmed, and downsized………….

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  16. Martin says:

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  17. Bubba says:

    Clearing the decks, as fast as possible, of potential agitators/protesters. Getting law enforcement staffed up and motivated again. Girding against the coming purple revolution?

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  18. SSI01 says:

    If some of you folks think this is going too slowly, just cool your jets. Those guidelines can and will be updated, changed, “tweaked” as time goes on and more and more illegals self-deport after observing ICE/USBP coming after the “dreamers” (it will happen) and others covered by these memos.

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  19. kinthenorthwest says:

    Undocumented citizen/resident/immigrant is a synonym for Illegal Alien.
    According to the Oxford online dictionary the following words mean
    Criminal – A person who has committed a crime.
    illegal Alien A foreign national who is living without official authorization in a country of which they are not a citizen.
    Illegal Immigration is a Crime ( 2013 )

    Thus All Illegals are Criminals …

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  20. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Hope this stands up in court


  21. kinthenorthwest says:

    Right now two school Prosser School employees are on leave due to being threaten for making legitimate commits on FB about the Illegals workday off. Guess Illegals in Washington don’t like hearing the true.

    Prosser school library assistant put on administrative leave following Facebook post

    Prosser school library assistant put on administrative leave following Facebook post


  22. Not being reported RE Kelly’s Directive:

    Establishment of Programs to Collect Authorized Civil Fines and Penalties. As soon as practicable, the director of ICE, the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) shall issue guidance and promulgate regulations, where required by law, to ensure the assessment and collection of all fines and penalties for which the Department is authorized under the law to assess and collect from removable aliens and from those who facilitate their unlawful presence in the United States.


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  23. MASHALL says:

    Sometimes a True Horror Story prevents conplacency…
    Ángel Maturino Reséndiz/Mexican Illegal Alien
    Deported at least 4 times, Murdered at least 15.

    More Stats


  24. US says:

    This is a great time to live in. President Trump is keeping his word. I listened to maybe 30 of his speeches but never thought we would see something as great as this. Illegal Aliens will almost immediately stop asking for Federal Tax refunds, which is a mayor source of their income. Having the IRS, the Social Security Administration, eVerify and ICE Working as a team will be all the enforcement we need . Just send them a letter questioning their claim and they will self-deport. Our Donald is a genius. Thank God for saving our Nation.

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  25. winky says:

    Today in Los Angeles County we had a police officer killed and another injured by a gang member who killed his cousin and stole his car and got into a car accident. It turned out he was not illegal but he was a violent offender who should not have been out of jail but our jails are so over crowded so the let these guys out to wreak havoc on the rest of us….This is sickening. If we did not have so many illegals in jail we could have guys like this stay in jail.

    I wonder if P TRUMP will send illegals back who are sentenced in our jails. Illegals and gangs and unlawful lawmakers have taken over our gorgeous state.

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  26. TwoLaine says:

    Praying today for Gen. Kelly and T-Rex, who are headed into enemy territory to have a “talk” with the Mexican dictator warlord usurper Nieto.

    Let’s hope they take their first load of criminals directly to his doorstep, at his walled castle, for future safekeeping. I’m sure he can always use a few more dishwashers, maids, landscapers and nannies. All they want is jobs, right?

    Rumor has it they are gonna’ need an even bigger plane for their trip home. They’ll be bringing back a lot of pallets of $$$ to pay for the TRUMP Wall. 😉

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  27. Okeydoker says:

    Deport ALL illegal aliens. Every single one of them.

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  28. charley246 says:

    I’m afraid this is another badly worded document that will blow up in The Presidents face. Much too broad, especially where it offers law enforcement the option to invoke moral turpitude as a reason for deportation. A much narrower document, that was “crime specific” and detailed each infraction would have been a much better approach. Just concentrate on the criminals that have committed serious crimes – and after six months expend the net, if it is needed. Really a poor effort on the part of the White House.


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