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593 Responses to CPAC

  1. I’m not a CONservative so please keep Milo!


  2. floridahoosier93 says:

    So true, sundance!! At first I was shocked that Mr. Milo was invited to speak at CPAC. But the farce that is CPAC held true to their farceness (new word??). Thanks for helping lift the masks of these so-called conservatives.

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  3. Venus says:

    I listened to both of the Milo interviews that were edited together — I expect a “hit job” from the NeverTrumps — they only know how to lose, so when a weapon like Milo who comes along and fights back against the Left’s PC culture by being completely outrageous and actually reaches the young people the NeverTrumps could never hope to reach — of course the NeverTrumps will defame, deceptively edit and lie to destroy him the same way the Lefty Social Justice Warriors do.

    But I’m seeing a lot of Trump supporters getting hysterical calling Milo a “pedophile” based on the edited 1 minute mash up of 2 interviews where Milo is being “outrageous” and “shocking” (his winning tactics against the Left) — and that’s just plain old b.s. If you listen Milo is not “advocating” for pedophilia or sex between 13 year olds. He is talking about 1. His own experience when he became sexually active as a 13 year old with an older man; 2. A common practice in the gay community with “Twinks”

    Twinks (young but legal) with older men are staples in the gay community. It’s called “grooming.”
    Despite what Hollywood tells you –where EVERY show on the TV has at least ONE gay character, gays actually make up a very small percentage of society. So, the gay teen at the local high school doesn’t have a big pool to choice from for his sexual experimentation like his heterosexual peers do. This leads this young boys (perhaps not of the legal consent age, but POST-PUBERTY, so it’s not pedophilia) to seek that out elsewhere, and often that leads them to older men.
    That is what Milo is talking about when you listen to the full 3 hour, unedited tape. And having grown up in a city with a large gay population, it’s true.

    Milo then goes on to expound on is that the age of consent is arbitrary — he gives the example of a teen boy who has sex with a female teacher. He says that that boy wasn’t a “victim” — he wanted to do it. He then talks about why is it OK at 17 but not ok at 16? (In other places, 16 is OK, not 15).

    Anyway, I agree with him that the age of consent is arbitrary –I’ve seen plenty of “unequal” relationships between 2 teens the same age to know that just reaching the age of consent doesn’t make one magically able to consent to things they were unable to the day before. Nonetheless, IMO, the line does have to be drawn somewhere. (Something that Milo agrees with on the full tapes too).

    But the younger post-pubescent boys with older men is a real thing in the gay community that the left in their fury to normalize the gay lifestyle simply ignores. Milo made the mistake of talking about it openly. But he does not, in any kind of way, “advocate *for* pedophilia.” That’s a deliberately dishonest characterization of what he’s says.

    Let me be clear: Milo is being punished based on a DISTORTION of what he said.

    Also, the fact that he started his sexual experiences at 13 — and insists he wasn’t a “victim” — has obviously colored his thoughts on this. Many who start sexual conduct young rationalize that they were not “taken advantage of” etc. That isn’t a little thing that should be dismissed when weighing what he says about some people being able to “consent’ earlier than the statutory law allows.

    Whatever — like I said, his main sins here are 1. Not being #NeverTrump; 2. Being an effective weapon against the Left and “influencer” among the young and 3. exposing a common practice in the gay community of older men preying on young teens (not children — technical word is hebephilia and ephebophilia — so it is not pedophilia).

    I don’t agree with Milo on a lot of things. But I had pre-ordered his book because free speech is that important.

    This b.s. must stop. While the left’s attack is to be expected, it is absolutely DISGUSTING to see people on the right go after him based on one stupid little comment. Screw CPAC and screw the NeverTrumpers.

    I have nothing in common with these losers who will gladly sit back and watch the left continue to suppress university opinion on campuses and elsewhere just because the counter message isn’t coming from the right people. Oh, dear, someone on our side gave a controversial opinion. We can’t have that!

    This is the last straw. No more money going to conservative groups except those that have clearly and explicitly stood on the right side. No more time wasted talking to losers who did (and will) do nothing to advance causes I care about. No more.

    We need to fight to *win.* And that mean not throwing over an effective weapon because of a DISTORTION of what he said.

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  4. woohoowee says:

    The “Fireworks!” posts are always the best of the best 🙂

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  5. freddy says:

    I would much rather watch reruns of the VIEW and Whoopi’s greatest hits than CPAC…..I hope Trump rips them up somehow……..

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  6. Bravo… but are you sure that’s S.E. Cupp? I could have sworn it was Kurt Eichenwald in a toupĂ©e


  7. Well, I lost interest in CPAC a long time ago, for all the reasons listed here.
    Therefore, I shall not watch CPAC 2017, just as I did not watch CPAC 2016; it is a J.O.K.E.

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  8. scottiegram says:

    In my humble opinion many of you are reading far too much into this “slip of the tongue” (not to make a pun). We Deplorables don’t give a crap about CPAC. We who are in the trenches are very uncomfortable about the subject of homosexuality, especially when it comes to grooming children or helping them to find their sexuality. That absolutely was the third rail. No matter how the discussion was formed or edited it goes against all that we hold dear for now or for the future. Maybe Milo can make some kind of a comeback. For now, he needs to take a hike. Most of us are not in it for ourselves but for our children and for the future. There is more at stake than this man’s parsing of words.


    • TimeIsNow says:

      I’d rather you take a hike helper of Egg McMuffin’s hit on Milo, perhaps when he goes over to the Middle-East next time you can help him and the left supply weapons to ISIS. Evan McMullin is the major player in this hit piece on Milo, and he likely is a real Pedo, and people like you are cucking for him.

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      • scottiegram says:

        We who were behind Trump from the beginning do not need to justify our actual outrage at MiloJohnnycomelately for the baggage he has brought along on the Trumptrain. We don’t need your name-calling, either. The battle is bigger than Milo or his book.


    • missmarple2 says:

      While I understand what you are saying, it remains obvious to me that Milo was set up to MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF HIM. His big sin was that he was popular and pro-Trump and had captured a large sections of the young conservatives, whether you like it or not.

      Everyone knows what Milo is like. So, why was he invited? Can anyone assure me that they didn’t vet him at all? I don’t think so.

      They invited him after finding this tape, which is ambiguous but nerve-wracking to those who don’t quite understand what he is saying. They didn’t question him about it at all. Instead, they invited him and then they pretended to just discover the tape (edited and put out by that snake Evan McMullin).

      We are in a war. And it is with both the left and the NeverTrump Conservative, Inc. plus the middle-of-the-road Establishment GOP.

      When Michelle Fields pops her head up to go after Milo, you know this is a plot with people like Ben Shapiro to take him down.

      I often cringe at the stuff Milo says. However, he has a right to say it. If CPAC didn’t like the stuff he says, they shouldn’t have invited him.

      What’s next, trying to take Bannon down?

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      • bofh says:

        What’s next, trying to take Bannon down?

        Of course. And Tillerson. Sessions. Ultimately Trump. This was a beta test for a rather crude and obvious technique, and unless a severe cost is exacted from those that ran with the doctored recording, you can expect to see it used again and again.

        This is for all of the marbles. Milo’s flamboyant persona should not be allowed to distract from the real issue, which, as always, is about control and power. This is not the time for us to channel John Boehner’s attitude of “this is not never the hill to die on”.


        • scottiegram says:

          “Milo’s flamboyant persona” as you put it has been a distraction from the beginning. Well, not actually the beginning but from whenever he climbed aboard. He has been a headlne grabber and a sensationalist. That worked well for him for a time. It has not worked all that well in the long run. He may need to reconsider his approach.


    • entagor says:

      It is very important Milo not take a hike. The circular firing squad has to end. Milo was set up. I assume that Bannon, Kassam, Davi, Pence Trump were all invited to CPUC to be lined up like ducks art a shooting gallery

      they want to destroy Breitbart (who? research Shapiro and Breitbart)
      Breitbart is a major voice for the Trump agenda

      They want to destroy Trump supporters
      (Hannity Judge Pirro got invited too)

      they want to remove Trump loyalists from his inner circle, especially strategist Bannon

      The Trump crowd will be pushed in Q&A’s to denounce Milo.

      If they don’t denounce they will be attacked, But their answers won’t matter because they will be given guilt by association

      Milo was the key to deflating the image of the paid anti Trump protests.

      Milo worked overtime traveling the country taking death threats and he destroyed the image of the Soros rent-a-mob. That is the real reason why Milo was chosen as the goat.


      • scottiegram says:

        Your fears are ill-founded. CPAC might think they are powerful enough to destroy those whom you point out. They can not destroy the very powerful voters who put Trump into office. You badly overestimate the enemy. I can tell you, no one cares about CPAC. We Deplorables are behind Trump 100%. We will not be sidetracked by this political farce.


        • entagor says:

          scottiegram I suspect you are right and I am wrong, Reason, my circle of apolitical friends know zilch about Milo. They also have no interest in groups like CPAC

          They are all aggravated by news reporting of political issues and have tuned out. They still seek coverage of natural disasters, crime, etc

          The last college riot was the Bridge Too Far. My apolitical friends turned on the protesters and don’t want to hear what the protest was about. That is why Townhall protests are being ignored

          I was emotionally affected because Milo took a lot of bullets. His sacrifice depleted the enemy arsenal

          In retrospect they might have done better to take Milo down before CPAC but the political class craved internecine battle at the expense of winning the war


          • scottiegram says:

            Thank you for your reply. I can say from experience that the townhall meetings are so obviouslly staged that we Deplorables ignore them. My husband and I were among the “originals” of the townhall meetings way back, traveling to a few “townhalls” in rural counties in Pennsylvania when Carney was running we told him that he was gone if he voted for Obamacare. The meetings were held in county courthouses and were the common ordinary folk who lived in Carney’s district who attended. They were well-informed in their statements and questions. Carney lied through his teeth. My point is that these were deplorables before it was “fashonable”. They were not fools and did not appreciate being lied to. This was the Tea Party of rural America. They have long memories and are still as determined as ever. What is going on now is not coming from the heart of America. This is Trump country. CPAC might be wonderful but is just a show.


  9. SteveInCO says:

    We do love that fireworks scene, don’t we?

    Good movie.


  10. IfThenElse says:

    Sundance, God love you. Speaking for myself and my wife, you passed a big test with this post.
    I went on Amazon and pre-ordered Dangerous.
    I love you Treepers! Smartest people in America.
    I’ll try to live up to the high honor of being a soldier in the manner of Andrew Breitbart.
    Truth is what he (and Milo) was after.
    Cold Anger.

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  11. Rob says:

    CPAC is what Shakespeare had in mind when he wrote “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

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  12. Trump's Aussie Mates says:

    If you haven’t yet ordered a copy of Dangerous by Milo then please do so. It is one of the best ways to defy the establishment dinosaurs.


  13. Concerned Virginian says:

    My apologies if this was already discussed, still reading all the TCH comments from this article.
    Thank you, Sundance.
    Here is my question: Is there any way the ousting of Gen. Flynn, and now of Milo, plus the ongoing garbage talk from the Uniparty mouthpieces about “Russia interfering with the November election and Donald Trump knew about it”, combined with the Uniparty mutterings about “time to impeach Donald Trump” and rumblings about invoking the 25th Amendment—all are different “doors” leading to the same Uniparty desired result: of removing President Trump from office?
    Who is next in the Uniparty’s vector sights? I say it is Steve Bannon.
    I read through the text of the 25th Amendment. There is a very interesting clause, if I understand what I read correctly, that talks about the Vice-President being involved in the “declarations” that the President be removed from office due to being unable to discharge the duties of the Presidency: so that the Vice-President can take over.
    So the focus then shifts to Mike Pence. I can’t shake the feeling that Vice-President Pence has a foot in both camps—the Trump Camp and the Uniparty Camp.
    I’m getting a gut suspicion that there’s something MORE than “rotten in Denmark” here.

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    • I truly believe it that happens there will be an uprising like you have never seen.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Hold that thought. If Trump sneezes, they’ll declare him incapacitated and replace him.
      It’s that fast.

      They have every reason to move him out. And no reason to keep him in. They won’t have to work so hard slowing down his programs. And everyone in the swamp will be safe from prosecution. They’ll fire Sessions and that will be the end of it.

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      • boogywstew says:

        Look at almost all murder trials where mental health is an issue. The defense and the prosecutors can both line up board certified shrinks around the block to certify the defendant either way. This is a non issue. For every shrink that claims Trump is crazy (they’d all be Democrats, right?) they’ll be one that’ll swear he’s not. That issue will never gain traction. Trump has a successful marriage, good kids, he’s successful in the business world, so where’s the craziness? He doesn’t drink, do drugs and he’s not violent? He’s got a solid 70 years of certified saneness already … so where’s the craziness? Take the presidential campaign as an example… the Demonrats couldn’t find any evidence then when it meant so much, real or fake. Time is on Trump’s side. The longer he’s in office, the more people will see he fits the office. He won the legal popular vote so more than half the people see him as being Presidential already and that number will increase. I believe that it’s EXTREMELY important for Michael Pence to get on the voter fraud investigation like President Trump said he would. Think of it this way … never has a President started out with the bar so low. All the President has to do is not get caught robbing an orphanage or smearing his dirty diaper on a wall and he’s looking at 8 years. Trump only has to be Trump, he’s a winner. It’s going to be a great ride!

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    • ivanthenuc says:

      I am millions like me might just have something to say if they go down that path.

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      • Jerry Sanders says:

        One could say that President Trump’s Florida event was just a subtle reminder to swamp critters, a slight jug on a choke chain, that the real power is the massive numbers of supporters that overwhelmed voter fraud and put him in office. It was not a fluke and their support has not waned one whit. That power that overwhelmed both media, money and deceit could be redirected towards ending selected political careers which is the nightmare that haunts some of the more astute swamp critters. Just takes a little reminding from time to time. Note some recent headlines by some democrats to tone down talk of impeachment. Have faith, get the popcorn ready I don’t think we have seen anything yet. A complete cabinet and a full Supreme Court and the impossible is just the starting point.

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        • Dekester says:

          True, but the movement is too docile.

          Toughness and push back is all that the MSM and RINOS respect. It is a little surprising to me that someone hasn’t taken out RINO.
          I am serious. If push comes to shove you know in your hearts that there will never again be freedom in the U.S. If DJT gets the hook.

          Everything would have been for nothing. The Uniparty will never let a DJT happen again.

          That Kasich , Mcmuffin , McCain, Linda are still making news is pathetic, and a sad indictment on the Repugnants and the movement. Patience will only lead to more heartache.

          If they were Dems undermining their President they would have been gone along time ago. Not the all talk Repugnant party.

          Me thinks you fine folks are closer than you may want to believe to serious violence.

          Thank you


    • Lack is not all says:

      I share your concerns for a considerable time now. Pence, too submisive, too good to be true. The only thing that comforts me some is that Trump’s children were all for Pence. Could they be so wrong ?


    • Howie says:

      Impeachment is a ‘political’ process.Trillions of graft and bribes are at stake. What you are seeing is part of the process of the political assassination of our good president by the criminal, evil, Uniparty. The goal is the impeachment of the president by any and all means they can muster. Nothing else matters now. It is what it is.

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    • Renee H says:

      I am firmly convinced that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is Mike Pence to be trusted. He is to Trump what George HW Bush was to Reagan. Pence is a professional, career politician, can be easily manipulated, is a member of the Pence-Ryan-Preibus-Walker mafia/clique. Watch his non-endorsement “endorsement” of Ted Cruz (master of the fake conservatives and not a natural born citizen) during the primaries, and be sure to have a barf bag by your side. It looks so clearly that Pence is being groomed for the presidency. I do not trust him and make no apologies for my observation.

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    • marcyo13 says:

      Great Great piece Sundance. But just wanted to mention that I got the book of Gen. Flynn’s FIELD OF FIGHT and it was, well, I hate to say it, but it seemed really pathetic to me. Like the guy was a legend in his own mind. I think Trump is lucky to be rid of him. Probably not a bad guy, but sort of juvenile, as far as I could tell.

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      • TJ says:

        Oh, you mean the one he wrote with Neocon Michael Ledeen…watch as he explains how the USSR was using islamic terrorists against the US, which he suggested the US should use against the USSR, by promoting “religious freedom” to the muslim brotherhood, as communists were “atheists” after all…


  14. WSB says:

    “My God Man. They even leave the crust on when they make sandwiches…”

    Brilliant, Sundance, brilliant!

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  15. barton2016 says:

    Conservative, Liberal, Right Wing, Leftist. They’re just labels the elite use to get the middle class at each others throats when they should be outraged at what the elite has done to us.

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  16. law4lifeblog says:

    James Yerian, before you throw around terms that sound worse than they are, I think everyone should understand pederasty is defined as homosexual sex between an older man and a younger man. Technically, pederasty takes place every time two men who are of different ages have sex. In UK, all of Canada and in over 60% of US states, the age of consent is 16, and some of those states lower the age to 14 or 15 as long as the partner is not more than 4 yrs older. The only sex with a 13 yr old Milo referenced was when an older priest victimized MILO when Milo was 13. No evidence he ever engaged in sex with anyone under the age of consent, nor did he endorse it.


  17. Radiopatriot says:

    The slide showing the explosion when Steve Bannon addresses CPAC made me laugh out loud. That’s just about right.


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  18. SouthCentralPA says:

    How Grover Norquist ever got his objectively pro-Islamist tendrils into so much, I’ll never know …

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  19. jnearen2013 says:

    My cold anger gets colder by the day.

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  20. boogywstew says:

    If Milo wants to remain a player on the World Stage, his destiny IMHO, he’d be advised to get into a rehab of sorts to help him deal with being molested as a child. When he comes out after 30 – 60 days he’ll be better equipped to deal with the media. He has not molested anyone or advocated molesting anyone. Milo mentions being abused as a child and I don’t know if it’s clear if the abuse was sexual or not or with having sex with an older man or not. A rehab stay would be a reset of sorts. I desperately don’t want to lose him as the some of the best that the right can offer.


    • platypus says:

      You have no idea whether he has molested anyone or not. You also have no idea whether he advocates it or not. You wish that it is the way you want it to be and so you declare it to be so.

      He is one of the rainbow crowd and uses it as a resume enhancement. That is fairly delusional behavior and you trust him at your peril. A spokesman he is not, nor should he be.

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  21. C-Low says:

    Yep when you have been dug in living in foxholes for years under artillery barrage and constant wave attacks, you finally break the enemy assault, dawn breaks, and finally you start to plan/move forward for the counter attack to victory. You don’t turn and throw some of best fighters away because they had some confused victim feelings with some past remarks that maybe considered wrong or may just be out of context misunderstood wrongly worded etc….

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  22. Okeydoker says:

    Absolutely great pictures above! Cant reprint it often enough!

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  23. Swamp Witch says:

    The never Trump group took a scalp ! This made some of them very happy Evan McMullan, Rick Wilson, Charlie Sykes ,Glen Beck .You can look on twitter if you have the stomach for it .


  24. MIKE says:

    If CPAC were for real, they would invite the likes of people like Gene Huber. But they are neither real nor relevant anymore.

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  25. marcyo13 says:

    Fabulous!!! Loved it. Brilliant. THANK YOU!!!!

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  26. 4bleu says:

    LOL. So genteel!
    Deplorables have to work so conferences aren’t high on the *need* list.

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  27. Joe says:

    In the next act, Breitbart must decide whether to jettison it’s Milo investment or keep it. If they keep it while defending him the plotters may produce a more damaging follow up video of worse nature and Breitbart is very seriously damaged–along with any and all concerned with bringing Milo aboard (Bannon?). If they dump Milo they avoid that but incur the wrath of Milo supporters and validate the claims that the Right is nothing but a pack of homophobics who can’t be trusted.
    Milo may go on to work elsewhere after a suitable period of penance and therapeutic maintenance work–if he has the patience for the usual routine. Either way the Breitbart brand is damaged and Milo’s notoriety expands even as it becomes more complex. Ben Shapiro rubs his hands together in some satisfaction. Tune in tomorrow.

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  28. I hear he stole your dogs…….
    Is there no decency!!

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  29. penny munday says:

    Love your movie reference, SD. When I heard Trump would be at the conference that shall not be named, this came to mind:


  30. KeithInTampa says:

    I liked Lindsey “Chinless” Graham over on the far right better! (!)


  31. Padric says:

    Here’s the thing about Milo and it’s important to remember this: He is the epitome of the Vulgarian movement:

    – He supports Trump and has done so from the very beginning
    – He’s conservative
    – He’s a gay Brit. Exactly the kind of person you would least expect to support Trump
    – He’s as politically incorrect as it gets
    – He’s whip smart. The guy is a virtuoso at playing the media as a means of getting his message out. Sound familiar?
    – He has fun while getting his message out and will tell those who accuse him of being for or supporting hate in no uncertain terms what to go do with themselves. For proof, have a look at a video where he confronts a leftist student who accuses him of being a white supremacist.

    For those who may be unfamiliar with him I invite you to peruse his YouTube channel. The talks he gives at college campuses are awesome. He’s excellent at exposing the left for what they are, especially when dealing with those who protest him or get triggered by what he says.

    And for those who say he uses his homosexuality as a resume enhancer, I respectfully disagree. He uses his homosexuality to, in order of what is clearly most important to him a) expose the left as not supporting homosexuals in general, just the ones who share their ideology and b) have fun.

    Is he over the top? Definitely. Is it purposeful? Without a doubt.

    The best description I can give to Milo is this: Imagine what would happen if Ann Coulter and President Trump had a love child. He would have gotten his acerbic wit that cuts through the fog from his mother and the ability to troll people in order to bring them out into the open from his father.

    Hmmmm. Maybe’s that’s why he (jokingly) refers to Trump as “Daddy”! LOL


    • Smplyamsd says:

      I think Milo’ss shtick is effective at skewering the lefts fascist fetishes, particularly with the millennials, and that cannot be tolerated ! To prevent the deplorables from rising up against their coming fascist rule, potential leaders who might organize the deplorables must be destroyed in the crib !! (according to that flyer I got in the mail from CPAC anyway). The MSM are going after pewdiepie right now for many of the same reasons, and the eGOP and the prog’s are cooperating in the take-down AGAIN. These guys are awake to the hypocrisy and able to communicate it effectively to others. Well certainly Milo is, and that is why the smear attack to silence him must be ignored. President Trump’s campaign, and Milo’s college tour, have clearly demonstrated that ” The emperor has no clothes” – or real power !!. We have learned to ignore the public temper tantrums and now learned to ignore the MSM’s public-smear-by-mass-media with President Trumps election. So have they finally jumped the shark ? Are they powerless before us ? After all, they CAN’T use the power of the state to force us to feed them cake anymore (we took most of it away from them in the last election : ) So at the end of the day, does Milo need a position at Breitbart anymore ? Did he ever ? He can send the lefty-loons heads all splodey from virtually any platform, and isn’t that what we really enjoy about him anyway ?.


  32. 3x1 says:

    CPAC is the Antifa of the right.


  33. Kaco says:

    I saw the speakers on the CPAC website, I don’t recognize some of them but at least Bill Kristol, Evan McMullen, and McCain aren’t speaking for starters.


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