Vice-President Mike Pence Munich Security Conference Speech…

Vice-President Mike Pence traveled to Munich on behalf of the President Trump administration to deliver a speech at the security conference.


There is a transparently troubling issue with VP Pence following his involvement in the loss of General Michael Flynn.

Former Governor Mike Pence was selected for VP because he represented a bridge between the grassroots Trump movement and the GOPe Republicans.

Those who are professionally republican, and those who are crony constitutionalists within the CPAC crowd leadership are both big government. This GOPe group, along with the NeverTrump movement is the foundation of the Pence coalition.  These are NOT President Donald Trump supporters.

In the past 10 days the tentacles of the GOPe have reached out to pull Pence back into the familiar fold. Unfortunately Vice-President Pence has willingly embraced the traditional GOPe elements the Trump movement has long rebuked. As such his loyalty to the administration’s objectives is now in question.

If an intervention does not take place within 10 days, before March 1st, the division will be too great to close.  If Pence does not reinvest himself in the Trump administration and rethink his loyalties, history teaches us what comes next – and it would be in the best interests of Ivanka, Don Jr. and/or Eric to intercede quickly.



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705 Responses to Vice-President Mike Pence Munich Security Conference Speech…

  1. Radiopatriot says:

    From George Webb’s Truthleaks Twitter page:

    Rumors Flynn Transcripts include selling of 20% of US Uranium to Russia through Frank Giustra and the Clinton Foundation.


  2. Radiopatriot says:

    TruthLeaks ‏@GeorgWebb Feb 17

    It’s your own people McCabe. You odered Flynn’s wiretap. Why come after me? Just reporting the facts.

    Sent to realDonaldTrump and wikileaks

    Andrew McCabe is a top dog at the FBI. He and Comey are as dirty and corrupt as the rest of the Hillary team. They ARE part of the Hillary team.


  3. European resistance says:

    The firering of Flynn is about something else. If Pence would be a loyal trumper and not a globalist, he would not mind what Flynn had done, because it would be his agenda too. If Flynn would have spoken to saudi arabia, turkey ore an other globalist darling country, nobody (inkl. Pence) would not have given a f’***.

    Lets have a look at the big picture. Flynn ist a pro russian figure. For the globalists its absolutly vital to keep russia as a boogyman. You only need NATO (the miltitary backbone of globalisation) if you have russia as an enemy. Nato was build to shield against russia and NATO was nearly dead in 1989. For the fight against Islamic terrorism you do not need NATO with all those tanks, nukes and foot soldiers. Today 1000 tanks are brought by train Poland, because the polak is afraid of putin. But thats all halucinations and paranoia. Maybe putin will take the whole ukriane as max. But have you been there? The european union doesn’t even want this country. They are a total mess and honestly bettter off under russian rule.

    Nobody needs NATO anymore. You need a good border protection, a good national intelligence agency and prevent ISIS et al from getting nukes – that can be done by sabotage. Do a defence deal with iIsrael, otherwise let the middle east rott in their own s****. Give the saved money to the american taxpayer.
    Pardon my english, I am and sit here in good old europe (west).

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