Scott Pruitt Confirmed As Secretary of EPA…

Millions of protesting sand smelts held up little sand smelt signs and chanted in little sand smelt voices: “hey, hey, ho, ho, he’s no Richard Windsor bro“, as they defiantly march toward safer hospice in Mexico…

Yes, today the Senate finally confirmed Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency; a rogue agency completely out of sync with any semblance of normal environmental protection.  Between bites of their sustainable algae cakes, drum circle activists throw themselves into apoplectic fits….


The vote was 52-46.   Senators Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), and Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted for Pruitt.  Republican Susan Collins of Maine voted against him.

The Senate now takes a week off allowing professional activists to regroup before returning on February 27th to vote on:  • Commerce nominee Wilbur Ross, • Interior nominee Ryan Zinke, • Housing and Urban Development nominee Dr. Ben Carson, and • Energy nominee Rick Perry.

President Trump will be going into March without a full cabinet.

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172 Responses to Scott Pruitt Confirmed As Secretary of EPA…

  1. ScoutBird says:

    Well, the Marxist Democrats continue to blow hot air, tilt at windmills, and make fools of themselves. Their preference to sink the ship of state rather than debate the failures of their policies will further marginalize their party, no matter how hard the blow-dried airhead zombiefied looney twits in the mainstream media try to ride to their aid. If it wasn’t so doggone serious, it would be comical watching these idiots thrash around like fish out of water.


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