RICHARD WINDSOR – EPA Scandal Continues To Broaden As EPA Flouts Court Order, Fails To Turn Over Emails

media lying

(Hat Tip WZ VIA BREITBART )  President Barack Obama and for that matter, most of America, seem woefully ignorant about a scandal unfolding at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As hard as it is to believe, outgoing Administrator Lisa Jackson actually appears to have had agency personnel create a fictitious employee by the name of “Richard Windsor” so that Jackson could appropriate the Windsor email address for her own purposes.

Barack Obama, Lisa JacksonWe’re not talking about some alias to be used for personal correspondence but a totally false identity in whose name official business was allegedly conducted created specifically to avoid federal record-keeping and disclosure requirements. And none of this would ever have been uncovered were it not for the courage of a still anonymous whistleblower and the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Christopher Horner, an attorney with the legal smarts and experience needed to unravel it all.

Earlier this week, thanks to Horner’s good work, the EPA was supposed to produce the first installment of some 12,000 secret, previously undisclosed emails. Not because it wanted to but because a federal court order required it to.

Under the order, the EPA was to provide the first installment of 3,000 e-mails with three additional installments of 3,000 e-mails to follow. Rather than provide the required emails, however, EPA’s cover letter accompanying its production of emails said it “produced more than 2,100 emails received or sent” by Jackson on an official alias e-mail account.

All fine, well and good – except that not one of those emails was from “Richard Windsor’s” account. Not one. Yet it is certain the account exists because Horner found three Windsor emails using other means. Instead the EPA provided such absurdly silly and unresponsive e-mails as the daily news briefs published by the Washington Post, and EPA national news clippings, a pathetic attempt to avoid a contempt citation that came only after a week’s worth of unsuccessful attempts to push the official response date down the road.  (read more)

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12 Responses to RICHARD WINDSOR – EPA Scandal Continues To Broaden As EPA Flouts Court Order, Fails To Turn Over Emails

  1. John Galt says:

    Administration repeatedly ignores the rule of law. Hard to run out a 4 year clock. Civil War II in our times ?


    • libby says:

      Ah, come on John.
      This administration is actually rather consistent.
      They ignore the rule of law (both the letter of the law and the intent of the law are ignored), but wait, there is more. They also ignore the constitution. They also ignore their opposition and the people who voted for them.
      If I wasnt trying to be funny, it might be truely distressing


  2. bob e says:

    the stink continues billowing..i am so weary of this pimp and the black disease he has spread..


  3. ctdar says:

    Where are the charges? Obvious & blatant disclosure fraud at EPA by the HEAD administrator under Obama…6000 times. Espionage? what exactly were in these emails that Lisa Jackson wrote while under a false identity to avoid detection by Congress. Was any of the 6000 emails addressed or forms of correspondance to Obama or his cabinet, members of Congress, or to a leader of another country?


  4. jordan2222 says:

    I do not recall so many scandals during any other presidency. Yet, I doubt that the truth will even be revealed to the public. Who knows how many others remain unknown? None of them surprise me any longer.

    If Hilary took full responsibility for Benghazi, then why she not fired or at least asked to resign? Everyone of these issues has been treated as an “oops.”


    • libby says:

      Not sure about the comparison, but this guy has no shame whatsoever.
      This clown obozo seems to think his biggest fauilures are his successes


  5. mcfyre2012 says:

    The US Marshalls need to be sent post-haste to EPA HQ, shut it down, and seize all of the computers, etc.


  6. myopiafree says:

    Yes more law-braking encouraged by “Team Obama” – illegal driving.


  7. jericho777 says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    Of course they can break the laws guaranteed to throw away the key to our very own assigned cells, but oh no, not these says the elitist with ease!


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