White Hats Within Intel are Working Furiously, But Are You Paying Attention?…

There are obvious connections being missed, intentionally so by the leftist U.S. Media, and you must consistently remind yourself to elevate, look closely at the constructs and connect your own dots.

The leftist Trump-hating black-hat-aligned media will not outline the consequential. The media are filled with professional leftists/activists who hate everything America stands for.

trump eagle 8el-aissami-executive-vice-president-of-venezuela

DOT #1 – Venezuela’s Vice President, El Aissami, is called out by the Trump administration for narcotics trafficking:

Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated Venezuelan national Tareck Zaidan El Aissami Maddah (El Aissami) as a Specially Designated Narcotics Trafficker pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (Kingpin Act) for playing a significant role in international narcotics trafficking.

El Aissami is the Executive Vice President of Venezuela. (read more)

DOT #2 – However, narcotics isn’t El Assimi’s only endeavor.  El Aissami is a known operative and agent of Iran and the terrorist group Hezbollah:

[…]  For Iran and Hezbollah, Bolivarian continuity in Venezuela is crucial to their ongoing Latin American operations, of which Caracas is a springboard to the rest of the region. For Maduro, Tehran represents a key security guarantee for his regime’s survival.

That is where El Aissami comes in.

Despite the Baathist family background — his father headed the Venezuelan branch of the Iraqi Baath Party — and his Lebanese Druze origins, El Aissami seems to prefer the Islamist Shiite revolutionary Hezbollah and Iran over the Baath’s supposedly secular pan-Arabism.  (read more)


DOT #3 – El Aissami has been identified as the mastermind behind the program to give false passports to known terrorist organizations from the mid-east:

[…]  the U.S. Intel community has already had eyes on El-Aissami, who has apparent ties to drug traffickers, Iran, and Hezbollah. (The Venezuelan opposition refers to him as the “Narco of Aragua.”) When he was the head of Venezuela’s passport agency, he used that position to issue fake passports and identity documents to questionable Iranians.  (read more)

DOT #4 – How significant is this problem?  WATCH



syrian refugee passports 2

This is a MAJOR Security Threat.

DOT #5 – Did You ACTUALLY listen to the presidential press conference today when President Trump announced he has been given some recent and very specific information about terror threats inbound to the United States?  Trump’s answer was in response to a question about Trump’s intended action on the “TRAVEL BAN” injunction.

DOT #6 – The Venezuelan threat is coming from a relationship between the government of Iran and the activity from government officials within Venezuela.

And who is coming to the United States for a visit?


See the picture?

Now do you understand why the embedded black hats within deep state are trying to take down Michael Flynn?  There is an enemy remaining inside our own government…


The State Department hosted a delegation of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned leaders this week for a meeting about their ongoing efforts to oppose the current government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, who rose to power following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, an ally of the Brotherhood, in 2013. One member of the delegation, a Brotherhood-aligned judge in Egypt, posed for a picture while at Foggy Bottom in which he held up the Islamic group’s notorious four-finger Rabia symbol, according to his Facebook page.

The State Department hosted a delegation of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned leaders this week for a meeting about their ongoing efforts to oppose the current government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, who rose to power following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, an ally of the Brotherhood, in 2013.
One member of the delegation, a Brotherhood-aligned judge in Egypt, posed for a picture while at Foggy Bottom in which he held up the Islamic group’s notorious four-finger Rabia symbol, according to his Facebook page.

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684 Responses to White Hats Within Intel are Working Furiously, But Are You Paying Attention?…

  1. Bl says:

    I honestly hope that Trump won’t accept his resignation. MSM was on the death bed, now its trying to come back with a vengeance.

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  2. toriangirl says:

    Hearing word about Flynn untruthfulness. He was careless. And you can’t be careless when you are National Security Director.

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    • Fe says:

      I want to hear from the President about this

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      No one said Flynn lied to TRUMP, he just did not tell Pence,… Could be because he did Not and still does not trust Pence ….

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      • toriangirl says:

        We must be getting our news from different sources. 🙂


      • grannysue says:

        I don’t trust Pence. I just found out Flynn was fired. Bad, bad decision on the part of Trump. Trump has the enemy in his camp, I saw a picture of Pence with the Bush cabal, not good. I hope Trump watches Pence. He reminds me of how the globalists made Reagan have Bush for VP and then three months down the road when Reagan was president an attempt was made on his life. HInckly was close friends with the Bush family,Pence may be used by the family to remove Trump and put their own puppet in.

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    • vinchenzer says:

      Everybody over at Breitbart are going crazy over this, as if, Trump “caved”. Ridiculous, all this hysteria. I have never known Trump to give a fluck what his enemies (MSM/NTDolts/RINOs/DIMs/Globalists) think. KAC stated that Trump had full confidence of Flynn and I totally believe that. Flynn voluntarily resigned, he WAS NOT terminated or asked to leave. He apologized for what he did and stepped down. That is what an honorable man (soldier) does. Trump cannot make him stay.

      I just want to know who the interim replacement is : Lt. General Joseph Keith Kellogg, Jr.?

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      • jrobinson says:

        I don’t think trump caved, but I think Flynn did. And yeah, it is just as bad…the last thing we need right now is blood in the water – have you seen how the Left is behaving lately?

        Liked by 1 person

        • vinchenzer says:

          Yes, the Moon-bats are celebrating a premature “victory” of sorts, and if history is any indicator, that will more than likely blow-up in their face. The Left can’t see past their noses. The EO that was “struck down” turned out to be NOT a “victory” for them at all.

          I don’t know the whole story behind all this; lot of speculation but I know Trump is dedicated to MAGA and as long as his purpose is true we will win and they will lose. Let these dumbazzes have their fun, they are jumping around like a bunch of bamboons flinging around their own feces; they are idiots. They just hate Trump; what kinda vision is that?

          Trump has the long-game in mind and so should we, maybe it was for the best.

          Like I believe, Flynn voluntarily resigned.

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    • jrobinson says:

      It hardly matters. Nobody is more careless than Hillary and Podesta – and she wanted him as SecState! The reason Flynn was important, was because he was uniquely positioned to clean house – which it desperately needs – whereas most of the other candidates probably wouldn’t. But don’t worry…the Dems got what they wanted. He’s resigned. Corruption reigns. The old guard won. Now you’ll have to find someone else to “worry about every little thing” over.


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      President Trump will defend you to the hilt–unless you lie.

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  3. outerlimitsfan says:

    I like Flynn and don’t think his chats were that big a deal.

    What is a big deal though, is if he lied to Pence and Trump. Pence went to his defense and I could understand why he wouldn’t be happy with Flynn.

    My point is, gilts not about the conversation or some ridiculous blackmail, but the fact he wasn’t perhaps honest with his bosses. Also, he should have known that the conversation was being recorded, so it’s incredibly dumb for him to have talked about the sanctions.

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  4. BMG says:

    Puzzling that Flynns’ connection to Erdogan was insufficient for Trump to rescind his job offer until
    now. Makes no sense. What is really going on behind that curtain?


  5. I’m sorry to see this happen with Flynn. I don’t fully understand what the controversy was about but I think he resigned to protect Trump which I respect him for, even if he did “mislead” Pence.


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  6. AndrewJackson says:

    I hope this was over some blatant lying to the boss and not some sort of black hat trickery about so called blackmail.

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  7. tvollrath66 says:

    Fox is saying on web bob Hayward could be replacement


  8. Curry Worsham says:

    Gen. Keith Kellogg:

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  9. Eris says:

    Remember that this is a war with trillions of dollars at stake so we will have bad days as well as good days. There will be casualties.

    Given that they know what the MSM and Uniparty are up to, for General Flynn to submit an abrupt resignation indicate to me that the cost of keeping him in the White House exceed the cost of him leaving, which is very unfortunate.

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    • shadowcole says:

      Everything happens for a reason. God chose Trump for these times and it is all by design. So I agree with you that we have to keep things in perspective, even though it makes me very frustrated, I have to remember that God is in control. We didn’t get to this point in history overnight and we won’t get out of it overnight.I will just continue to pray for President Trump and those around him.


  10. justfactsplz says:

    According to Faux News Flynn just resigned.

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  11. tradmomof3 says:

    Now what? Trump is up to his ass in alligators and Reince & Ryan are throwing chum in water! Deep state has first scalp on belt.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      This will either stop this line of attack on Trump re: russia (doubtful) or it will embolden them and pave the way for claims that Trump is so incompetent he can’t pick a cabinet and that he is so disliked by his own party he is unable to sustain the attacks from the inside (most likely).

      God help Trump.

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  12. kinthenorthwest says:

    could be true or ???
    but there area probably too many spies still in the administration.

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  13. Andrew E. says:

    I wasn’t crazy about Flynn’s saber rattling with Iran a week ago. Not sure what that was about. Then there was the Turkey/Erdogan thing. And he may have honestly forgot to tell Pence everything that was discussed with Russia.

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    • Paula says:

      Yes. This wasn’t the first strike. It was easily his second or third.

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      • Athena the Warrior says:

        It really was. What is the real reasoning that because he would have had a difficult Senate confirmation for Director of DNI he was made adviser instead? There’s always been something going on with Flynn.


    • Ej says:

      Agree – and he is a democrat. There are so many strikes against him so this doesn’t bother me. Trump will have something planned for the coming days.

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    • Daniel says:

      Me too. This obsession with Iran rather than Sunni terror, backed by our so called friends in the Middke East, including Israel, has got to end. Or else Trump will be saddled with another unnecessary war


  14. mariposa232 says:

    Trump is playing 3 D chess . Don’t sweat this too much and grab some popcorn !

    Liked by 8 people

    • tradmomof3 says:

      Sorry but my popcorn is getting stale. I want to see decisive action against deep state. Low level arrests and shuffling the deck isn’t comforting tonight. Feel like we are in a race against time and time is NOT on our side. Evil must be thwarted.

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    • Doug says:

      yeah im of the belief that I dont know a smidgen of what trump knows, so my thoughts and conjecture are just that. i have faith that the man definitely knows what hes doing and is making the best decision to forward the goal . thats it … every decision is based on furthering the goals of his presidency.. no one is above that. Some casualties will happen and we may not understand or know why. Hard to say I agree or not since I am not privy to what all happened, just know Trump isnt stupid and understands the way people can look at this as blood in the water. The guy mastered real estate in Manhattan for decades… he has to balance risks/rewards.

      Liked by 6 people

      • mariposa232 says:

        I agree. I think at the worst Flynn was sloppy , but Trump would not have kept him close to him for so long if he was untrustworthy. Then again we don’t know what he knows, and there is war on many fronts . Sometimes you have to lose a few battles to win the war.

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  15. Apfelcobbler says:

    Flynn should NOT have left in the middle of the Nixon night!! WH should have had a press conference with explanation in order to contain the speculation about Why, Where, When etc – this will take a week now to settle down. Bannon probably wanted that (asked him to do that) and Flynn must have REFUSED, just wanted to leave asap.

    Acosta is smirking


  16. The Boss says:

    Leaving aside the Flynn resignation for a moment and back to Connect the Dots…
    We may very well be seeing the stage being set for declaring the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization in America.

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  17. feralcatsblog says:

    Palace intrigue seldom ends well for anybody.

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  18. tradmomof3 says:

    Okay declare it already. Swiftly justice must be carried out. Our enemy has had years to plan and deploy before us. Time is NOT on our side.


  19. tradmomof3 says:

    It is a great night for the Muslim Brotherhood. Flynn resigns, and the Awan brothers skate- George Webb

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  20. All Too Much says:

    I saw, and am a bit spooked, by the first five or six dots. The passport dots.
    I did not see the Dark Hat connection and Flynn conection at the end.
    Anyone want to help me out?


  21. Kaco says:

    Wasn’t it Friday that they took top security clearance away from Flynn? What were they basing that on? This supposed blackmail?


  22. Venus says:

    Flynn was a self-inflicted wound — he lied (or misled) Pence knowing Pence was going to go on TV & report that sanctions were NOT discussed. Of course Trump’s enemies in government were going to leak the transcript to prove it was a lie. So Flynn being out is the right call.
    But I’m not buying into the despair of every little loss Trump gets handed in the battles.

    I saw a commenter on another site compare this to a football game. In the beginning no team has won yet, so play is hyped up — every little tackle or completed catch is cheered and the players are giving high fives, but really in the end after 4 quarters one team end up the losers. That’s how the Dems are acting with the immigration case and now Flynn But Trump is playing the long game and that all this bull sh!t in the end won’t matter because Trump always ends up winning the war.

    Trump will win the war for those who voted for him and prove the Dems, GOPe, MSM wrong and losers.

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  23. jefcool64 says:

    Oh look, the deep state finally pulled out the chessboard.
    It’s white’s move.

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  24. bessie2003 says:

    Have saved this in order to refer to it, to bring Light to continuing prayers as our President and his administration works to clean up the mess from previous administrations, that those now in office are strengthened as they work to make America safe again.

    Liked by 7 people

    • mariposa232 says:

      Amen! We can not forget the spiritual war.

      Liked by 4 people

      • The spiritual war is the central front, it is what it is all about. Evil is being forced into the open, men are making choices that will decide their eternity.

        How was the birth of Jesus? Men going about their lives as usual. Shepherds in the fields, people traveling to register for taxes, rulers planning paranoid schemes to stay in power, religious men scheming to also say in power. Some, who read the signs of the times, went in search of the King. And there He was, in a manger, at the back of the inn, with the cattle.

        It is no different today, life goes on, the power hungry try to stay in power, people are still registered for taxes, shepherds are still in the fields, and some, … well they read the signs and go in search of the King.

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  25. alliwantissometruth says:

    Politics is the dirtiest game in town, & with the anti-American left / globalist influence well entrenched in government, it’s absolutely filthy

    We knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Trump is surrounded by traitors. The skunks in the GOP. Obama’s shadow “white house” blocks away where his operatives are coordinating with his black hats & the globalist overseers barking out orders

    I think their strategy right now is to disrupt his administration enough to inhibit his agenda directives until the time they can come up with a longer term solution

    I have my doubts about a few in his Cabinet, but what we don’t need at this moment is finger pointing & suspicion. Trump is going through a new learning process & it’s a doozy

    The country will suffer temporarily due to the treasonous whores attempts to disrupt as the President is forced to deal with their bull**** instead of his vision, but he’ll get it straightened out

    We all need to stay strong, clear eyed & behind the President. The filth will not win

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  26. LP says:

    I lost my wager, however I want to see what the WH says. I still believe it was an orchestrated attack by the press, but many unanswered questions about the leaking.

    I likened Gen Flynn’s resignation to Manafort’s. Making it hard for the message to cut through the chaff.

    If, as he said, he was less than forthcoming about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, he should resign. There is only one president, and one SoS. He does not get to make foreign policy.

    Often times, men of action get ahead of their bosses. Remember Gen MacArthur and Pres Truman? Perhaps Gen MacArthur was right through hindsight, but we elected the President, not Gen Flynn.

    Let’s see the statement from the WH.

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  27. John Doe says:

    Remember he fired Corey but kept him close at CNN. Maybe he’ll do something like that with Flynn. No matter what, none of this is good. Pence, Priebus, KA, Jared, Bannon…who’s on whose side?

    Liked by 2 people

  28. plasmacutter says:

    This is a question for Sundance:

    Trump is a savant-level master at media manipulation. He managed to force them to do THIS when he dropped his travel ban. https://twitter.com/prageru/status/828984521987010561

    He would never throw them a second wind this big without something else up his sleeve.

    It stinks of bait to lure the media into a bigger trap, or he wouldn’t have accepted the resignation.

    Even if he wanted Flynn to resign, he would try to avoid the optics of a Fake News victory by dropping him quietly over the side later.

    The question is.. what does he want in volunteering this extra meal to the media.

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  29. Apfelcobbler says:

    I am so hopping mad that Flynn didn’t clean up after himself and left a big gash for reporters to obsess about. He could have minimized this, and answered ALL of the Watergate sequence questions that are inevitable now, significantly, with Trump. This could have been wrapped up with Trump on top. He did the cut and run. Unforgivable.


  30. Rick says:

    Something really stinks about this Flynn mess???

    All of us know that the rats are out there. Clinton & Obama did far worse and are on the sidelines running a shadow Govt. now. I figure everyone going after the President now are the ones that are really hiding something.

    Truth be told, none of us really know how corrupt the whole damn thing really is.

    May God Bless the President and give him the wisdom to sort out all the shit he walked into.


    Liked by 3 people

    • Curry Worsham says:

      No, we don’t. But we know the Globalists are very corrupt and evil. We know “there are trillions of dollars at stake”.


  31. dalethorn says:

    Another amazing, amazing story. What a small world it is when these foreign subversives are infiltrating our allies like germs in a diseased body. We have CNN, the VP of Venezuela, the Baath party of Iraq, Iran’s Islamist party, terrorists, drug kingpins, ‘flexible’ Venezuelan passports etc. The only thing that’s missing are the Knights of Malta passports, but those may be in the works if they’re not already.


  32. CC says:

    Let’s see if I have this straight. Flynn was a lobbyist for Turkey and Erdogan. We know the state department has a “Muslim Brotherhood” problem to begin with. Then there’s this about Erdogan…

    “The Turkish political establishment has had ties with the Global Muslim Brotherhood since at least the 1970s when Prime Minister Erdogan was reported to have been associated with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), a fundamentalist Saudi religious organization that has been accused of promoting extremism and supporting terrorism all over the world. Erdogan has since maintained his ties to the Global Brotherhood as evidenced by his close relationships to Global Muslim Brotherhood leaders such as former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Akef, Malaysian opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim, and Yassin Abdullah Qadi, a Saudi businessman blacklisted by the United Nations for funding terrorism and who had links with the US Muslim Brotherhood. A Muslim Brotherhood spokesman has also said that the Brotherhood has maintained ties with the “Islamic movement” in Turkey since the days of Necmettin Erbakan’s early political parties, and the European Muslim Brotherhood has fused with Erbakan’s movement in Europe known as Millî Görüs. German Muslim Brotherhood leader Ibrahim El-Zayat is married to a member of the Erbakan family, and El-Zayat’s business partner is the Secretary-General of Millî Görüs in Germany. El-Zayat, formerly the head of WAMY in Western Europe, also runs Millis Gorus’ extensive portfolio of mosque properties throughout Europe as well as serving as a leader in the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), the umbrella group representing the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe.”

    Now tell me again why we should be upset that Flynn is gone? Hmmm…sounds to me like someone was possibly using Flynn to flush the foxes out of the hen house.

    Liked by 3 people

  33. grlangworth says:

    My read on this: There is no good will for Trump and his team among the Washington Bureaucrats. Gen. Flynn jumped into the fire by not telling VP Pence the whole truth up front. This ‘omission’ says that he acted prematurely with a significant foreign national absent any instructions, recorded on tape by the FBI and the NSA — this President would have defended him completely if he was actually Trump’s ‘messenger’.


  34. anthohmy says:

    Yah chain of events… first Flynn’s son gets in trouble for mentioning pizzagate and causing that guy who may be connected to camp Hillary to go into Comet Pizza. Then this from a soldier. Sometimes soldiers in the front…

    Total speculation.

    On the passport thing, what would John McAfee say?


  35. Laura Wesselmann says:

    White hats need to band together and turn in the black hats. Sessions could appoint a vetted investigator.


  36. Daniel says:

    If you think the Muslim Brotherhood has more power over foreign policy than the Zionists, you are seriously mistaken. And the Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do with Hezbollah or Iran. Saudi Arabian Wahhabis, not Iran, are the true threat. And the West uses Sunni terrorists when convenient for them. Even Israel gives medical aid to al Qaeda fighters in Syria .


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