DNC Candidate Keith Ellison Wants Full Democrat Filibuster on Gorsuch Nomination…

During the last of the DNC regional forum’s today in Baltimore Maryland, leading candidate Keith Ellison outlines why every non-Democrat should hope he wins the chairmanship.

Ellison’s expressed approach is that Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch should be filibustered by all Senate Democrats.  This is Keith Ellison’s strategy:


BALTIMORE – […]  Ellison said Democrats should filibuster Gorsuch’s confirmation after Republicans refused to consider Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama‘s nominee for the seat.

“We have to oppose Gorsuch at every millimeter, and the reason why is Republicans stole a Democratic seat,” he said. “We cannot capitulate to that kind of bullying. They’re the ones who broke the rules.”  (more)

This short-sighted, inside the bubble and disconnected approach plays brilliantly into the hands of team Trump.  This approach is exactly what will trigger the nuclear option as we have described previously.

PREVIOUSLY […]  Judge Gorsuch will take the bench with the customary vocal goofball moonbattery of the far-left, perhaps with some Trump Derangement Syndrome sprinkled on top, but he will take the bench.

Senator Schumer’s only play is to delay the confirmation process because he doesn’t want Gorsuch on this year’s SCOTUS rulings, which by itself is doubtful if McConnell finds his balls, but Schumer will NOT block the overall nomination. Here’s why.


Not taking anything away from Dr. Gorsuch because his credentials are impeccable and he’s already sailed through confirmation previously. However there are other factors.

CONTEXT – First, four justices on SCOTUS have already openly expressed their frustration with a broken legislative branch of government.  In the past two years almost every case in front of the Supreme Count has traveled there as an outcome of congressional inability to construct clarity bi-partisan legislation.

President Obama and Harry Reid created the lack of bipartisanship in legislation. Only the Obama appointees and Ginsburg have bitten their proverbial lip on the issue.  Everyone knows this simple truism.

The court is currently 4-4 with one missing.

Justice Kennedy is 80 years old and has openly stated he wants to retire.  Kennedy views Gorsuch, his former clerk and protege’ as his replacement. Justice Kennedy sees Judge Gorsuch through a mirrored perspective.

With Gorsuch ideologically filling his legacy gap, it is reasonable to see Kennedy stepping down after the SCOTUS season this year.  Most likely using the period of July/August 2017 recess for the term of replacement.

Justice Kennedy’s exit then provides President Trump with nominee #2.

Senator Schumer is not stupid.  He knows this.

Chuck Schumer close upSCHUMER’S CARDS – If Schumer filibusters Judge Gorsuch now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will, most likely, use the nuclear option and point to Senator Schumer as the reason therein.

That means Judge Gorsuch on the bench having needed only 51 votes.  McConnell points to Schumers intransigence and also points to the former overwhelming bipartisan confirmation of Gorsuch, against the backdrop of the Judges impeccable character and credentials etc.

Deployment of the nuclear option means, more consequentially, when Justice Kennedy announces his retirement, ANY replacement – including a much, much more conservative replacement like Pryor – is a guaranteed seat only needing 51 votes.

Think about it.  The court would then lean even further to the right, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 2017, (now 84-years-old), clinging to a respirator in year one of President Trump’s tenure.

SEAT #3 – Can Ginsburg make it to 2020?  Doubtful.  To 2024? Almost impossible.

Senator Schumer’s best play is to push the envelope, but allow appointee #1 (Gorsuch) to gain his seat through the traditional Senate confirmation processes.  This means Schumer still has the ability to influence seat #2 toward moderation, and politically doesn’t have to worry about a 51 vote confirmation threshold in the fall for #2.

Chuck Schumer keeps his powder dry, and ability to influence, for nominee #2.  Mitch McConnell, having used and upheld the customs, tradition and legacy of the Senate in appointee #1 – would not be able to use the nuclear option on #2.

  • If Schumer pushes too far now, the 51 vote threshold applies to Gorsuch and any #2 nominee.
  • If Schumer allows confirmation of Gorsuch, both #1 and #2 (any any additional nominees) to go through the 60 vote need.

That’s why Schumer will not filibuster Gorsuch, and if Keith Ellison can’t possibly see the best play, well, that tells us everything we need to know about who is the best candidate for progressives to continue losing in 2018 and 2020.

Trump Winning 4

…“and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO, we will win, and we will keep on winning”…

~ Donald Trump

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277 Responses to DNC Candidate Keith Ellison Wants Full Democrat Filibuster on Gorsuch Nomination…

  1. Let’s “reach out” to our Democrat family, friends, and neighbors and encourage support for Kieth Ellison to “counterbalance” Trump.


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  2. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Go ahead! Embarrass yourself all over again!

    Liked by 4 people

  3. SWOhio says:

    Oh, never fear. They will embarrass themselves YUGELY!

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  4. datagooroo says:

    Fire works…lovely.

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  5. James F says:

    I hope Ellison decides to employ the Muslim option – suicide bomb that only destroys the idiot bomber himself and his fellow dem jihadis.

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  6. Frank says:

    It’s very interesting to be alive at a time like this, where we are watching the death throes of the Democrat party. With the rise of that idiot Keith Ellison and the continued pressure of the Republican boot on the Democrats’ heads, it won’t be long before the jackass party is popped like a ketchup packet on a beltway lane. All that will be left are the messy little splatters of racist terrorist groups, anarchist halfwits, and screechy Marxist snowflakes. They will amount to little more than an ugly chapter in American history – a chapter that ends with a tale of triumph of the American Spirit over this adversity. And we’re all watching this happen right now. What a time to be alive, eh?

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    • Geoffrey says:

      Ellison is Farrakhan 2.0

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    • Bunny Lebowski says:

      I agree- it is wicked cool (as we say in New England) to watch all of the rules and tactics at work in our govt. And it is also sheer ecstasy to watch the Dems reveal the monsters they really are and to fulfill our characterizations of them; Conservatives have said for YEARS they were intolerant, disrespectful, rabid, violent, American-hating greedy miserable loony liars and cheats- and they prove it everyday. Oh-and not to mention BAD LOSERS and BULLIES. I never thought I would live long enough to watch the Dems implode and destroy themselves publically everyday- by their own hand and with their own big foaming mouths!

      It is also cool to see all of the crazy rules at play in Congress etc. If they do this, they can’t do that unless it’s Tuesday and there’s a full moon- we used to make up our own rules like this in high school civics class because we’re we bored out of our minds!
      But the author of this article explained it better than I’ve read anywhere and I’ve only had 3 sips of coffee- so thank you for that!

      Liked by 5 people

      • spren says:

        Bunny, I also live in the People’s Republic of New England, CT chapter. It’s very easy to feel isolated and demoralized living here, but I am increasingly finding many kindred souls among us. I’m not sure what has led so many in this region to falling prey to the mental disorder of progressivism. My own theory is that we’ve had it so good for so long that the people become fat, dumb, and contented. Or maybe guilty that we’ve had it so good. They certainly lack the understanding of what made things so good or what is required to sustain our prosperity. Maybe things are starting to change. We’ll see.

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    • Barry Odinga says:

      Ketchup packet haha! Like it.

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    • deanbrh says:

      Frank, LOVE your writing. Thanks for the chuckles.


    • Liberals wright the history books. Hope you are right though. Hope they and never Trump go downs as Benedict Arnolds of our time. We have enough external problems as it is with radical Islam & China.



      Keith Ellison is a bomb throwing terrorist who should be arrested for terrorism. Make no mistake this enemy of the United States is doing exactly what his masters are telling him to do. Trump needs to lock him up.


    • mopar2016 says:

      The dem party want’s the US to turn into a third world islamic dump like Sweden.
      The TV show 60 Minutes went to Sweden to document the smooth transition to islam.



    • James O'Malley says:

      I just hope that whoever replaces them are a moderating party, but one that is fiercely loyal to American values and our way of life.


    • Dmi60ex says:

      Never count people out , they will regroup and come back . if we do not deliver and make the country safer and more prosperous, they will be back.


  7. amjean says:

    Proud of what?


  8. Charlotte says:

    I worry about Gorsuch–esp his latest remarks about the immigration ban. Seems I’m not alone

    Is Gorsuch secretly a liberal? Trump, GOP have cause for concern


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    • Mr. Morris says:

      I agree with Pamela Geller. I did not like the body language of Judge Gorsuch when President Trump introduced him. He was not a warm friendly man.
      I like the idea of a Westerner on the bench but I believe Gorsuch is moderate not a conservative. For better or worst he is the Supreme Court nominee. Despite my reservations I hope he is confirmed.


    • free2313 says:

      Neil Gorsuch is the exact opposite of Antonin Scalia.
      Gorsuch is not a great thinker like Scalia, he is the nit-pickier, tight-ass and nervous personality. Just watch him with his exchange with President Trump, how he sits prissy-ass with the Senators… He is not Scalia and will never be that type of Jurist.

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  9. ZurichMike says:

    The 60 vote threshold is a tradition, not a Constitutional requirement. “advice and consent” means 51 votes is all that’s required. Not sure Trump is going to play these Senate games now or in the future.

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    • KBR says:

      Nation of Islam.
      Islamic State, or reversed for clarity, State of Islam.

      In usual parlance, a nation is often called a state.

      Not much difference in these two.

      Then you have the words Moslem and Islam-ist.

      Not much difference in these two either.

      Then we have their M-brothers-hood. And their I-relations “counsel.”

      Perhaps the only wait for the MB to be called a terrorist organization and thus removed with extreme predjudice from our nation and more especially from our government lies with two factors:

      1) Reducing the # of muzz in the USA to reduce riot and risk
      2) Hitting the DNC a blow when their chair ellison is proven a member thereof, and removed from USA posthaste.

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      • Bunny Lebowski says:

        Why do they all wear the same costume- the bow ties with the same glasses? I know Mr.X sported that look, but was there a reason behind it? Just curious…

        Liked by 1 person

    • RG says:

      Does this look like a rational man? Nation of Islam? Yes, that ‘s just what this country needs…another black raving lunatic to bring forth a real civil war. Shut this piece of crap down now!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jedi9 says:

        Here is an interview that still seems fresh in my mind about Ellison being a rational man! He is a joke!@


        • Sentient says:

          Actually, Ellison made his points better than did Mr. Talking Point. The Republicans forced the sequester. The sequester was great. It was fantastic. They should have been proud of it. Instead, McCain and the other neocon lunatics like Hugh Hewitt lost their sh*t because the military budget was going to be constrained, so Paul Dlckless Ryan undid the sequester – which had been the only modicum of fiscal restraint in years.


          • Jedi9 says:

            Yes you are correct. My point was how Ellison never really answers questions directly, and to show how heresorted to childish tactics by being argumentative, losing his composure. Hardly the behavior we should expect from a statesmen. Then again, is this what we should come to expect from the Democratic Party representatives?


  10. satmfs says:

    Imam Ellison isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch. Bring on the nuclear option.

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  11. flawesttexas says:

    Keith Ellison as DNC Chair is the ultimate Suicide Bomber

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  12. Gallo says:

    Frank: I’ve been saying “what a great time to be alive” for last 3 weeks! It sure is great after 48 years and being bamboozled by both the dems(in my dumb college days) and then the GOPe (for last 2 decades)! Love seeing the dems lose their minds as well as their Uniparty republicans! Been waiting for this for soooooo long now!

    Liked by 4 people

  13. Poupon Marx says:

    A Nigaroll full of hate, Marxist, and Islamist. What could go wrong? Add in financed and paid from the Gulf States Jihad Conquer The West Fund.

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  14. Frankly Ben says:

    There’s so much fertile ground for Trump reform that it’s hard to know how to prioritorize.

    Tax reform, free-market health care, anti-terrorism, financial reform, military preparedness, and Supreme Court nominees: the latter cause will be the most long-lasting, having impacts long after a Trump presidency.

    Strategically, building public support with a booming economy coupled with an effective, highly marketed inner city revitalization program could gather the momentum needed to offset the Dims and globalists McConnel and Ryan rats as they attempt to thwart free-market, conservative judge nominations.

    Will be very interesting! The fact that we’re having this discussion is miraculous.

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  15. Attorney says:

    This guy Ellison hates like nothing I have seen even in reports on contemporary KKK activity….amazing times.


  16. Attorney says:

    We need GOP politicians who feel as passionately about liberty as the rest of us Deplorables, a GOP leader who will take whatever means are necessary (within the law of course) to get our nominees confirmed, somebody who fights tooth and nail, and knows that HIS own popularity should not trump having 3 possible GOP-nominated conservative Supreme Court Justices on the bench. Willing to go down with the ship. For the rest of us. (Though in fact, his popularity with the people would skyrocket if he just found the courage to pursue the right course and stay strong on this).

    McConnell is so NOT that person.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Frankly Ben says:

      That’s what’s so frustrating – that the Republican Party has betrayed its base and is still marching on like nothing’s wrong. The globalist creep for my district, Leonard Lance, keeps winning elections.

      Between the general degree of voter apathy and fake news from the globalist news organizations it’s a very hard slog to get rid of these weasels.


  17. Ken Watson says:

    And/or, the Dems have a bad Senate midterm, which mathematics favor regardless of electoral disabilities like, maybe, a full scrub of the voter rolls removing the fake, moribund, illegal, felonious, multiple voters. The Dems are dead ten ways to Sunday. The filibuster is their one and only lifeline. Cut it, I say, but at a time and on a matter of our choosing. If Gorsuch is withdrawn (quite unlikely) let him be replaced by the hellish Pryor or whomever is ‘worse’ by the standards of the Left. Then keep Gorsuch riding the pine as the next, nearly inevitable, nomination. And then do it all again so there are three Justices that are not just Trump picks but Trump preferences. I call that #Winning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Darth Vapor says:

      So you want to permanently get rid of the filibuster, even though it could backfire in the future whenever Democrats come back into power? And then they jam through a very liberal judge that only needs 51 votes.


  18. “Mitch McConnell, having used and upheld the customs, tradition and legacy of the Senate in appointee #1 – would not be able to use the nuclear option on #2.” Can someone please explain to me WHY he would not be able to use the nuclear option on #2? So what if he used and upheld the customs, etc., etc. the first time – still no reason he has to uphold them the second time, if necessary.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. RICHARD CANARY says:

    Please, somebody, explain one good reason for postponing the Nuclear Option for one more day.
    Let’s get this brawl under way, while we still have most of the first Trump term to capitalize on it. It’s a win-win-win deal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sandra says:

      Senators don’t like to use the nuclear option unless necessary. Reid was the exception. We don’t need to stoop to Reid’s level. But we’ve been without a justice for long enough, if the Dems insist on their futile delay tactics THEN we use it.


  20. Rox says:

    All these people, whether Dems or RINOs, remind me of bratty children and POTUS Donald J. Trump is just the man to take them to the woodshed.


    • Sandra says:

      They are like children with serious behavior issues and zero anger management skills. The kinds of children who should be taking mood altering drugs to help them to calm down. The Dems have worked themselves into a rage and don’t seem to be able to control themselves any more. It’s bizarre.


  21. Jamal says:

    Gorsuch seems like more of a Sandra Day O’Connor justice, than a Scalia. A man cannot attend a Liberal SJW Episcopal ‘church’, with a lesbian ‘pastor’, and not be an SJW. This was a bad pick. With Gorsuch, we get 5 liberals, 2 half and halfs (Kennedy and Roberts), ‘interpreting’ the US Constitution and 2 left to UPHOLD The US Constitution.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Gorsuch seems like a non-controversial pick. He finds his rulings are from the text and aren’t based on political interpretation. Might sounds crazy to liberals, but because you disagree with his interpretation doesn’t mean his isn’t qualified. If his methods of making decisions were that of say the 9th Circuit Court, then by all means filibuster.

    Liked by 1 person

    • gettherejustassoon says:

      Steven Hayward writes in “THE GORSUCH CONFIRMATION AND THE FINNIS CONNECTION” http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2017/02/the-gorsuch-confirmation-and-the-finnis-connection.php):

      The Democratic slogan will be that Gorsuch is “out of the mainstream,” which is shorthand for “not appointed by a Democrat.” But more than that—it means that anyone who is faithful to the philosophy of the American Founding is “out of the mainstream.”


      Judge Gorsuch stands foursquare in the way of the liberal willfulness to jettison the principles of the Constitution, which is why the left is in a fury to defeat him, as they have been with just about every other recent Republican Supreme Court appointment.

      To which I add that one of my qualifiers for supporting Donald Trump was how he might go about making his decision vs. that of Hillary Clinton. I’ve haven’t been disappointed. The same possibly could be said of Judge Gorsuch. His record ought to indicate as much, because the hearings have become a disgrace.


    • Darth Vapor says:

      Gorsuch seems reasonable, but a lot of Dems are very salty that McConnell never gave Merrick Garland a hearing, let alone a vote. That seat belongs to Garland and if they capitulate, it rewards bad behavior by McConnell.


  23. Gary says:

    ” This means Schumer still has the ability to influence seat #2 toward moderation.”

    No, he does not. Trump is not going to cave and appoint a ‘moderate’, he knows what happens to ‘moderates’.


  24. spren says:

    As others have pointed out, the 60 vote rule for cloture (or the filibuster) is not a Constitutional requirement. It is merely a rule of the Senate that has been a tradition for some time. We live in extraordinary times and our system of government as a free Republic is in great jeopardy. I’m sick of the rules of decorum dictating what we can and can’t get done. Saving the Republic is unquestionably the priority, and decorum be damned. McConnell needs to overturn these rules at once so we can ram our American agenda right down the throats of these quisling Democrats and RINOs. No one should think for one moment that if the Dems retake the Senate, and their agenda is being thwarted, that they won’t immediately do the same thing. Reid set the precedent by exercising the nuclear option for all lower courts and other appointments. Let’s finish the job for not only the Supreme Court, but for all legislation. Save the country and then worry about your stupid traditions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Darth Vapor says:

      If half the country is dead set against the other half, then is that really a country you want to live in? What do you want, a dictatorship to ram through your agenda? The other half might not be so happy about that. It seems to me that there needs to be divorce between cons and libtards. Clearly two sides here have completely different views on what kind of country they want, what values they want, and even disagree on the facts! A house divided on itself cannot stand.


  25. Sam says:

    I hope Democrats vote in or otherwise make this lunatic Keith Ellison chairman. I expect it would hurry along the demise of the Democrat party, which sorely needs to perish.


  26. Maquis says:

    PDJT, please advise Senate Majority Leader Turle to go NUCLEAR Immediately.

    Do not let Azz Clown Schumer make the First Strike, by slowing things down so important cases next on the docket are 4/4 decisions, essentially “upholding” the Ninth Circus and all other lower courts, as the cases may be. Then, after its too late to seat Gorsuch, Schumer will magnaminously give us Gorsuch, and no one else after that unless they are very much to the Marxists’ likingtDo not let the Turtle undermine your Administration by giving them a grip on the throats of all future appointments.

    McConnell not only knows who is an Anti-Trumper, but he is one! A dangerous dishonorable FOOL. Force him to go Nuclear ASAP! Don’t let him give away the most potent tool of the Senate. We are a majority there, but not a Super-Majority!

    The appointments and candidates put forward by this Administration will be abused and denied. We need the Power, and Tools, to MAGA!

    Saving this Nation requires extraordinary methods and tools. We are fighting the destruction of the last Fifty to One-Hundred years, against the very dangerous Marxists who created the mayhem.

    Who maintain a vast list of further harm and destruction tthat they are willing to fight for, againgst the Honorable Fools on our Team. Who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper-bag. Who always stand paralyzed before the Minority; granting concession after concession, compromise after compromise, endless benefits and peace offerings to the yapping ankle biters; never a fair move for us.



    • Sandra says:

      We have control. There’s no need to abuse our power. Let them provoke, THEN we use it.


    • Darth Vapor says:

      Sounds like a naked power grab by one party that barely has any majority at all. Over half of this nation didn’t vote for this agenda. Trump only got 46% of the vote. Dems had a net gain of seats in the House and Senate.


  27. azcatsclaw says:

    Unfortunately Bader Ginsberg is like beef jerky, she may last forever


  28. James O'Malley says:

    “This means Schumer still has the ability to influence seat #2 toward moderation, and politically doesn’t have to worry about a 51 vote confirmation threshold in the fall for #2.”

    Moderation is dangerous, because for these people moderation means wishy washy fools like Kennedy. This republic’s Constitution has suffered greatly over the past few decades, and we can’t afford anyone less than a hardcore Constitutionalist, especially for Seat #2.


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