Education Secretary Betsy Devos Assaulted By Black Lives Matter Protesters During DC School Visit…

Education Secretary Betsy Devos was going to visit a Washington DC Middle School earlier today when a group of left-wing and Black Lives Matter protesters mounted a blockade. Secretary Devos was physically blocked from visiting the school. The radical leftists cheer their victory.

Democrats have a long history of blocking school entrances going back to Democrat Governor George Wallace and his stand at the schoolhouse door to stop desegregation efforts.

However, perhaps the most disturbing part of the event was witnessing the Washington DC Police units stand down and support for the law breaking protest groups. As you can see in the captured videos below, the Washington DC police are willing to allow political violence.  Then again, the Tuscaloosa local police stood with George Wallace too…

As you watch the videos of the political protests, it would be worth remembering within Washington DC the ratio of Clinton voters to Trump voters was 22:1.


With a population ratio of 22:1 within Washington DC it does not then become surprising to see DC officials, and DC Police stepping aside and allowing the minority group to be assaulted.   Liberalism is essentially a mob-mindset political ideology that always seeks to attack their opponents because they lose on the arguments.


Democrats blocking schools. Some things just never change except for the level of the inherent irony therein:


Adding to the level of irony, Vivian Jones is former Attorney General Eric Holder’s sister-in-law.

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315 Responses to Education Secretary Betsy Devos Assaulted By Black Lives Matter Protesters During DC School Visit…

  1. Joshua2415 says:

    Please, PLEASE, let the democrats keep this up, and let every nightly newscast in America lead with the footage. Just imagine what Trump will get done with 60 republican senators after the 2018 mid-terms.

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    • dekare says:

      Damn good point. Every day the NORMAL people in this country are getting a true look at the insanity of the left. This will not only guarantee a majority in the senate, but could ensure Trump two terms.


  2. Kaco says:

    Somebody is coordinating this crap, and having their useful idiots show up at the proper place and time. Is George Soros ever going to run out of money? What is his money in, it’s being spread all over the world.

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  3. Madonna says:

    A great deal of his money is “in” the pockets of a great many politicians holding office in D. C. on both sides of the famous aisle.

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  4. txjohn says:

    This is how you get more Trump.

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  5. ryanomalley1 says:

    Schools are far, far worse for everybody now then they were in the days of segregation. The Federal government was out of control then and is 1000 times more so now. Wallace stood up for his State’s rights, something that is supposed to be a modern day Republican ideal.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “… results of a competency test given to applicants for teaching positions … cited in Time, June 16, 1980. To pass this grueling examination, an applicant had to be able to read at the tenth-grade level and do arithmetic at the eighth-grade level.

      “Though they all held B.A.’s, 25 percent of the whites and 79 percent of the blacks failed. Similar statistics exist for other places.”

      With stats like that, one must question the degree to which the US education establishment is a force for successfully educating US children vs. a jobs program for unqualified adults.

      Walter Williams, Catholics, the Projects, and Schooling for Blacks: Something is Wrong Somewhere

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    • CaptainNonno says:

      And how far have we come? I’ve read a few articles describing black & brown only housing and classes at universities. How’s that square with the 60’s anti-segregation movement? Ever since the Federal DoE came into existence, education has gone backwards.


  6. Unclezeb says:

    Been thru the door at Foster Auditorium at least 100 times. Saw Duane Allman play there right before his motorcycle accident.


  7. UKExpat says:

    Back in the ’60’s the prescient LEFT realizing they were never going to RULE THE WORLD with COMMUNISM changed tack and they decided to go for the YOUNG so they INFILTRATED ACADEMIA and have been churning out ‘young minds full of mush’ INDOCTRINATED and PROPAGANDIZED with LEFTARD values for DECADES now. These in individuals INFEST everywhere and are a major reason why the WEST is so USELESS and LEFTIST thinking.


  8. moe ham head says:

    well looks like that school will be getting no more funds
    keep em dumb dems


  9. I don’t understand why these people keep being called protesters. They perform criminal acts thus they are criminals. The term protesters would seem to infer that someone with a brain disagrees with the norm and is intellectually supporting another position. Once ANY harm is done or an individuals or groups freedoms are impeded they then become CRIMINALS.


  10. John Joseph says:

    George Soros should be arrested for whatever and all of his funds frozen. Then any of the groups that accepted money from him should be put under investigation


  11. dave says:

    1957, Orville Faubus, Mississippi. President Eisenhower sent in federal troops.


  12. Bob Evans says:

    What was the rational for her being blocked, other than she’s part of Trump’s administration? How can that be tolerated by the school administration? This country is going nuts. Remember what Lincoln said “A House Divided…..”.


  13. Poupon Marx says:

    The Justice Department needs to issue subpoenas to the Chief of Police of D.C., initiate indictments, and Trump needs to personally chastise the D.C. Council of Negroid NAPAs to shape up or direct action, physical and monetary will follow


  14. Greg West says:

    Problem solved.


  15. James O'Malley says:

    These people are stupid. She has a security detail. One of these days that detail will start getting aggressive.


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