BREAKING: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Denies President Trump Motion for Emergency Stay…

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just released a unanimous ruling denying President Trump’s motion for a stay of the lower court injunction against President Trump’s Executive Order temporarily suspending Visa’s from seven nations of concern:



update-1 UPDATE: FULL RULING pdf Below

President Trump has two options on this specific XO, request direct appeal on this decision to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who oversees the Ninth Circuit, or take the appeal to the full Supreme Court.

Additionally, President Trump may choose to rewrite the initial executive order and clarify the purpose and intent to avoid judicial challenge.


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1,101 Responses to BREAKING: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Denies President Trump Motion for Emergency Stay…

  1. wyntre says:

    77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries

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  2. Inside man says the best course is to rescind the EO and issue a new one that explicitly excludes LPRs. They already exclude LPRs by policy, but the EO is broader than that. The 9CoA decision basically hints at that fix.

    LPRs are a little tricky because they are entitled to due process.


    • SeekerOfTruth says:

      Yes totally agree with that. Rescind this one and move on to making something better and more restrictive and clearer now that the first series of downs have been played in this game. And we see what the opposition defense looks like.


      • missmarple2 says:

        My problem is that rescinding the order means that the President accepts the rights of the courts to overturn a lawful and constitutional order, which this is. It would accept the idea that non-citizens have rights even if they haven’t yet applied for entry to this country.

        I prefer the idea from Tatonka Woman up above: keep this Eo in operation and litigate it, while issuing a newone with tweaking for the areas they are concerned about. For example, priority vetting for employees or students VOUCHED FOR by employers or universities.

        The Ninth Circuit cannot be allowed to determine immigration policy. I don’t care how much the tech giants pay them (and this would not surprise me one bit).

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        • The merits of the EO haven’t been litigated yet. So far, they’ve been fighting over whether or not the ban should be in place while they argue the merits. By replacing the EO, you can possibly avoid ever having a decision against it. Also, the ban could be back in place in days rather than months.


    • Illegal says:

      The original XO was clear it said visas and PR never required a visa to reenter the US. I still think the screw up was administrative. Secretary Kelly needed to meet with his CBPO officals and write an administrative policy for the front line to use. Many of the bitching and moaning could have been avoided. I think some of the CBPO were over zealous. They may have a mental attitude problem because they have a uniform and a gun. The problems are increased because they are dealing with people often with limited English skills. A little bit better management oversight could have solved many of the issues.


      • It’s not explicit:

        “I hereby proclaim that the immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens from countries referred to in section 217(a)(12) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12), would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and I hereby suspend entry into the United States, as immigrants and nonimmigrants, of such persons for 90 days from the date of this order”


  3. lbmomblog says:

    Wow, i got a few “likes” when i posted I wouldn’t support that “place” since they don’t support Ivanka.

    And, I like the idea of calling and griping.

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  4. HarryJ says:

    Ok, this loss is bad for trump image and we will how it plays next.
    Now, i am big fan og washington state AG because he said in press conference that we are a nation of laws. I agree.
    So lets enforce the law. Trump should enforce immigration law already in place. Start deporting illegals immediately. Lets see how it plays out for 9th circuit states.


    • Aparition42 says:

      First public deportation took place this morning. Also seven protestors were arrested in the process.

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      • Larry Ivy says:

        Look for this to be challenged in EXACTLY the same way in CA and with the same effect.
        Once here, they can sue if you try to deport and get a judge to allow them to stay. This is a more dangerous precedent than the people here want to admit. Flood the courts with lawsuits and clog the deportation process. Then regardless of who wins, the Immigration lawyers get wealthy selling VISAs and Green Cards.


  5. Just Scott says:

    I just got a fund raising email from

    “In the next 24 hours, we need to show President Trump the American people support his commitment to keeping the American People SAFE.
    Sign your name on the official petition to show YOUR support for this critical national security policy. ”
    Of course it clicks off to “select your donation amount.”

    M%$$# F^&&*# greedy damn disgraceful pols! Yeah, how about you do some confirmations!$@#!
    (Sorry, anger not so cold at moment.)

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    • Aparition42 says:

      Send them a notice that you will be making your donations to PDJT’s reelection campaign directly. Maybe if they do their jobs, he’ll share some with them.


  6. Kyrissaean says:

    radical Muslims groups pretend peaceful but order their puppets in USA like democrats/mcmullin/mccain to war in libya/syria, but now want to bring their agitators retreat to usa

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      I want to identify those 3 judges up top – L to R
      Judges William C. Canby, Richard R. Clifton, and Michelle T. Friedland

      Let’s also not forget the original Seattle Judge James Robart, in this……


  7. nyetneetot says:

    Comment No. 940

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  8. Jaxon12 says:

    If Washington and Minnesota want these refugees from these 7 countries so bad, then I say, let’s give them whatthey wen to court for. The state dept can determine where the refugees are placed so Rex Tillerson should come out and state that all refugees from the seven countries will be placed exclusively in Washington and Minnesota.

    Let these politicians and judges explain that to their populations.

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    • whuptdue says:

      Related…WashingtonTimes: 77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries
      The State Department has more than doubled the rate of refugees from Iraq, Syria and other suspect countries in the week since a federal judge’s reprieve, in what analysts said appears to be a push to admit as many people as possible before another court puts the program back on ice.
      A staggering 77 percent of the 1,100 refugees let in since Judge James L. Robart’s Feb. 3 order have been from the seven suspect countries. Nearly a third are from Syria alone — a country that President Trump has ordered be banned altogether from the refugee program. Another 21 percent are from Iraq. By contrast, in the two weeks before Judge Robart’s order, just 9 percent of refugees were from Syria and 6 percent were from Iraq.

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      • Wendy says:

        The DOS is full of swamp creatures. Hope Tillerson slows the process since he is in charge now. If not, Trump can’t fully claim he is doing his best to protect Americans. If they can speed up the process, they can slow down the process too. Am I wrong?


      • hellinahandbasket says:

        @whuptdue – I guess this is the Leftist/Feminist-Cult’s way of “showing the rest of us”.

        I swear, this group of cult-members are the DUMBEST people I have ever, ever, ever been allowed to see …the rest of them are in insane-asylums!


      • moe ham head says:

        isnt it funny how they are called syrian refugees yet less than 10 % are from syria

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Now that’s something I can get behind. They deserve to have them in their backyard.

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    • RG says:

      I like your thinking but until we develop check points at all state boundary locations, they will just simply travel where they want and when they want.

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  9. Red says:

    Maybe the Good Lord will take care of this with some volcanoes becoming active or the San Juan De Fuka plate shake, rattle, and rolling those idiots out there!!!!!

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  10. Kristin says:

    What if the president issues a new EO banning ALL immigrants for 90 days??

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  11. pyromancer76 says:

    How many ways to skin a cat? Every immigrant can be extreme vetted can’t they? Our borders can be enforced, so immigrants must be “permitted” to cross or fly in. Laws can be enforced so that criminals are out, etc. Just keep chuggin’ away for American safety. Then declare terrorist groups — that should do it. Also I must be missing something. Did we ever end the “war on terror”? I thought O had lots of ability to treat drones like video games due to “war on terror” lawfulness.

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    • psadie says:

      Last night on Hannity Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ said that a friend of his at “Immigration” emailed him that the “UN VETTED” 100+ immigrants into the USA!!! What the hell does the UN have to do with our Republic?

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      • polk8dot says:

        “What the hell does the UN have to do with our Republic?”
        Unfortunately, much more than a lot of people realize. It has been decades now since the US has ceded its own control of the Refugee/Asylum admissions over to UN’s High Commissioner on Refugees. Our traitorous government basically gave the UN total and complete control over who is granted the refugee status and asylum in the US. As such, they i.e. the UN are also in charge of who receives the free-for-life monetary support in the form of our tax dollars paying for their “government provided” housing, cars, education, healthcare and of course “spending money”, since they are not required to get jobs and support themselves.

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    • navysquid says:

      Pyro…I spent ten years overseas dealing with Sources which is where the DoS (Dept of State) receives its background information as well as any anecdotal (Human Terrain Reporting) we have on a particular person, village, or mosque. I am telling you with 100% certainty that there is NO WAY we can FULLY, and I emphasize fully, vet these people as they come from a different era/world/century than we do nowadays. Yes, they have access to cell phones, internet, etc but the Middle East is not a Western Country i.e. that has a database of records that “one can go down to the courthouse and just search records”.

      There are a good number of Iraqis, Jordanians, Egyptians, etc over here in the USA because we have had decades of relationships with them and have plenty of human reporting on them to “vet them” properly. These refugees coming from hundreds of villages in Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, etc we have had very little to no footprint of human intelligence in some of these countries cases.

      Bottom Line: We are flying by the seat of our pants letting them in because we have NO pattern of life to go on with these individuals. This is not the way to run security for the USA which is the way Obama was these last 8 years.

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  12. freepetta says:

    Not surprising. This disgusting 9th circuit of appeals is made up of libs and there’s like 27 judges. This court should be dissolved and the libs thrown off the bench. If we have one terrorist incident they will all have blood on their hands. POS courts!!!

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  13. psadie says:

    I am listening to Tucker interview Charles Krauthammer and CK said he listened to the oral arguments for the Govt. side and they were “weak.” Those arguments were being presented by some “junior lawyer” at the DOJ because the “two top lawyers” recused themselves from the proceedings and that is why the 9th Circus Court upheld the ban due to their weak presentation. Now with only 8 judges on the Supreme Court if it is a tie then the ban will be upheld indefinitely…what a risk that will be!

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    • How soon can Gorsuch be brought in?


    • psadie says:

      The Court cancelled the ban not upheld it!


    • kathyca says:

      The argument was weak, but that is NOT why the DOJ “lost.” The DOJ losing was a foregone conclusion. The purpose of the oral argument was only to find the weakest points to focus on its “opinion.”

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    • ray76 says:

      Oral was weak. Written briefs were strong. So called judges are full of it. Garbage should be keel hauled.


    • RG says:

      The attack on Trump is from within….Give our President some time….he has faced backlash before in his private life and certainly in the public of the USA (from idiots), however, it takes time to wade through not only the swamp but the courts as well.

      The message has long been cast to be careful who you vote in as a judge…or appointed. I can remember not too long ago when our Senate creatures stayed home or did not vote against a very prejudice judge appointee from Maryland. She has opposed the police on every case (I think six) that, at that time, had ever been brought before her. She won the appointment and we can thank those 6-8 Republican Senators who were butt hurt over the primary elections for allowing her to win appointment. Do Your Job is never more important than it is today.


  14. Sandra says:

    I won’t watch CNN but a friend of mine does and saw a story about the appeals court decision, and because of the way that CNN reported it he thought the entire executive order had been struck down. So I’m sure the Dems are having their victory riots right now. hahaha

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  15. Binkser1 says:

    Well, I guess the Constitution and the Executive Branch have just been deemed irrelevant by these POS judges. This is why I keep saying we cannot compromise with these Leftist a-holes. Their movement must be destroyed!!!! In my opinion, President Trump should reissue the EO with any changes he and his staff deem necessary.

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  16. Greg says:

    A risible decision and ideological frolic from the judicial left. This is a test run for the lawfare over deportation of illegals. I am sick of unelected elites just making up law to align with their views. The swamp is deeper than we thought. WAR!!

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    • while Trump doesn’t have his full cabinet he cannot do too much…but watch them rise out of hte swamp and show their true colors…and then, once his team is in place, the ‘art of the deal’ author, who has far more life experience and far more ties to reality than any of these loons…can be lined up for target practice.

      They think that all Trump has is useless anger and they think that this is the extent of his arsenal.


      Draining the swamp, with the most respected military and the finest minds, is NOT going to be done by people who are demoralized by the known and repeated tactics of useless bullies.

      If we get Soros on the run TONS of the money dries up for these groups. AND we’ll have an extradition agreement begun with Hungary and Russia, one of whom wants Soros dead or alive.

      Without these globalist masterminds, people like Zuckerberg and Gates and the supposedly soon to be ‘powerful’ Hollywood anti-Trump PaC, just do not have the experience to take down Trump.

      And Hollywood doesn’t even get that all of their anti-America pictures have been failing miserably because they share the same ignorance of the masses as the media.

      Patience is required, just as Bannon just told Drudge. We need to keep hte establishment with a false sense of security until the team is in place.

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  17. kathyca says:

    Coming in to this thread late, but if anyone’s freaking out…don’t. There is literally no one in the entire world of law and/or politics that is surprised by this. Disappointed (disheartened and demoralized lol) yes. But surprised, nope. Not one bit. There was zero chance that they would issue a stay and only the slightest chance that there would be a 3-2 split. This is just another day at the office for the 9th Circuit. It’s a literal joke in the profession.

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    • kathyca says:

      I mean a 2-1 split

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      • Since this is all outside my education, I’m learning more as I read about it. Did you know it might have been a 2-1 split? The opinion was issued “Per Curiam”, which means the opinion “of the court”. It’s apparently NOT the same thing (legally speaking) as a “unanimous” decision. Issuing a ruling Per Curiam is a way of not having to reveal how individual judges voted, just the result of their combined votes. This is a procedural device intended to protect dissenting judges, if they fear public consequences from a controversial decision.

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  18. Bl says:

    The female judge is scary looking.

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    • Binkser1 says:

      Almost all rabid Leftist women are scary looking. Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Behar, Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, etc. Not that the men are any better.

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      • benifranlkin says:

        They are rabid because they are ugly and they are ugly because they are rabid…these are the stupid skanks whose most important issue is that be able to kill their unborn at will…the only saving grace is their babies are spared being abandoned or abused after their live births. These women are utterly rotten human beings.

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    • kathyca says:

      Listen to the argument if you want to see why female professionals can have a bad name. It was like the DOJ was having an argument with his drunk girlfriend lol

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  19. Ace says:

    I think this is wonderful. Trump will of course win in the end, in the meantime Democrats expose themselves as pro-terrorists. Win/Win!

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  20. bertdilbert says:

    Trump wants his win in the Supreme Court, not the lower courts. This is where losing is winning.

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  21. kimosaabe says:

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  22. Dr. Emmitt L. Brown says:

    Once the relevant judges read US Code 8 USC 1182(f) they should have dismissed any cases or requests against the EO. It should have ended right there.

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    • They were not examining the validity of the EO, Doc. Only deciding whether there was enough likelihood of grounds to reverse or continue the restraining order. They voted to continue restraining, while other courts debate and decide the merits of the travel “ban”.

      By the way, Ronald Reagan got elected President. (Love that movie.)


  23. psadie says:

    I just heard Hannity say that the Dems and David Brock are at a conference and this thing with the 9th Circuit Court is being done to “kick Trump’s ass.” These folks need to be stopped now for they are the danger to the country!

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    • Deb says:

      Brock is literally delusional. This has not “kicked Trump’s ass,” no matter how much the left gloats. That’s why they don’t win, they are too arrogant to fight effectively.

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  24. kimosaabe says:

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  25. Proud Texan says:

    There are already 47 lawsuits filed related to this EO. The Chief Justice can lump all these together and send to a single court. I’m not sure if it would be the Supremes. But, either way, it will wind up there. So, settle in for a fight.
    In the meantime, build the wall and deport the criminals.
    President Trump has already reduced total refugees coming in. I’m not sure how many visa “issuers” we have, but transfer all but one from each country. Play the slow down game the Dems are playing. Maybe mis-file or mis-place visa requests, or limit each “issuer” to one visa per day. Play dirty like the Dems!

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    • Summer says:

      I heard that the State Department issued even more Visas than was planned after the EO was suspended. They are not slowing down, quite the opposite.
      The State Deparment personnel is working against the President. As expected.


  26. LibertarianSDR says:

    It struck me that we may be seeing a briar patch moment. Or, if not that, at least a silver lining.

    It strikes me as that the loony left is trying to extend constitutional protections to foreigners, namely bad foreigners. If they win this…. what is to stop us from apply US constitutional protections to Germans, Frenchmen, Britons, and the rest of the peoples of the Earth?

    This may open the door to go after, Social Media censorship under first amendment violations. Including state guided censorship of foreign governments.


  27. Oldtradesman says:

    This country has suffered greatly from judicial activism over the course of my lifetime. The nation in which I was born is almost gone because of it. And because of the dithering weakness of its so-called patriots.

    When it comes to national defense, judicial power must be broken.

    Allowing 8 old men and 1 old woman to determine the “Constitutionality” of Trump’s right to defend this country against Radical Islamic Terrorism sets a bad precedent for his administration.

    Even if SCOTUS supports him this time around, “seeing them (the Ninth Circuit) in court” is bad precedent. Sorry.

    The Executive is not subservient to the Judiciary when it comes to national defense. Especially not a Gddm District Judge.

    Another thing: There is no such thing as “extreme vetting” of people from the nations listed in Trump’s EO . They have no verifiable, documented paper trail in their countries of origin that goes back more than a handful of years – if at all. All or most of it is “fixed” or purchased like an American ID card. The only “vetting” that can realistically be carried out is to say, “No.” End of story.

    No matter what Trump does the enemy will call him a dictator, racist, Nazi, fascist, homophobe, etc. So what? It sucks to be Right. Real Right, that is.

    As it stands now, sooner or later Trump will be impeached. For something. Anything. You can bet on it. Is he to walk on tip-toes between now and then? Is he to be afraid to make the lunatics mad?

    There is an answer to the sedition of politicians and judges. That answer is to follow President Lincoln’s precedent: suspend the writ of habeas corpus and lock up seditious pols and judges. If Lincoln had locked up Chief Justice Roger Taney it is quite possible he might not have been assassinated.

    Trump’s decision on what to do is largely, but not altogether, based on the collective quality and strength of character of his supporters. That man put himself out there at great risk for us. Are we willing to go to the mat for him? Hmmm?

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    • smiley says:

      you mention impeachment, and that’s exactly what I thought of this 9th Circus thing : setting DJT up for impeachment.

      call me cynical but that’s how it looks, to me.

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  28. Illegal says:

    So which airlines are allowing visa holders from the seven countries to board flights?
    The following notice is on Emirates Airline’s website. As you can see there are 7 visa classifications that are exempt from the travel restriction plus those with PR status.

    Emirates Airline
    Changes to entry requirements to the United States

    The U.S Customs and Border Protection has issued an Immigration Advisory Notice with regards to new U.S immigration entry requirements affecting the nationals of the following countries:

    Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen

    Nationals from these countries may travel to the U.S. only if they are in possession of a permanent resident card (Green card) or any of the below visas:

    A1 & A2 (Government Officials and immediate family)
    C2 (Travel to U.N.)
    G1 & G2 (Representative & employees of international organisations)
    G3 & G4 (Representatives to and employees of international organisations)

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  29. kimosaabe says:


  30. VoleTech says:



  31. Sign new EO and this time it’s 120 day suspension. Then another with 150 day suspension. And another with 6 month suspension.

    Lawyers in black robes are not representative of the electorate.

    One lawyer reversed Prop 187 in Cali and this was after a vast majority voted to deny illegals the “right” to benifits of the state. Cali is now almost destroyed. By one “judge.”

    President Trump has the power in the Constitution to name a new Supreme Court. Perhaps he should.

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  32. dreadnok89 says:

    So bizarre. How does something like this go to court? But not the iranian deal or obumble paying for hostages or fast and furious? My word. Im no lawyer but it clearly states that the president can do a travel ban on countries


  33. SamSteel says:

    So when a terrorist attack occurs due to this ruling, let these judges be held liable for the act as co-conspirators, aiding and abetting the enemy, providing comfort and aid to terrorists, accessories to murder, sedition against the United States, and treason against the United States.

    Since they see fit to aid the destruction of our nation, let them be held responsible.


  34. The Ghost formally known as Prince says:

    The reporting on this matter is horrendous, even for the MSM.

    Here’s what happened: you can’t appeal the temporary restraining order, even if your president of United States. The ninth circuit found that there was not sufficient reason to lift the TRO. Truthfully, they should’ve never even heard this case at all. You can’t appeal the TRO

    The trial court and the judge Robarte are proceeding normally. The place to make the argument against the TRO and forestall the issuance of a preliminary injunction is in Judge Roberts Court.

    I have the distinct impression that the Justice Department lawyer is an Obama hold over and he is deliberately throwing the case by not making the correct arguments. According to every legal analyst I have heard, and several of the counts the state has no standing. In other accounts, the court has no jurisdiction. This lawsuit should have been thrown out, it may yet be thrown out once it reaches a rational judge.

    I am concerned that Donald trumps people are rushing headlong into unnecessary battles where they are going to suffer needlessly losses. I need to get their stuff together and quick!


  35. Screwtape says:

    I’m not surprised at the 9th Circuit’s decision. But I do have a question about the ruling. It seems that a real sticking point is the inclusion of free card holders in the hold. Does anyone know know if the president can stop green card holders from entering the country? It’s obvious that he can stop immigrants in general. Also, could SCOTUS rule that the EO can stand Except for green card holders (should they rule that that part is overreach)?


  36. cycle1 says:

    Newt: Abolish the 9th Circuit:


  37. lettruthspeak says:

    The first drop of blood is on the heads of these seditious losers. What garbage we have running our courts. All part of the plan to overthrow our republic by the filthy, lying weasels from the left.


  38. remuda2016 says:

    Assad said the refugees are infiltrated with jihadi’s We are in grave danger…and they know it. Doesn’t matter to them, Time will come when we must defend ourselves on a very personal and up close basis…beyond “national security”…and “the enemy within”…

    And…Haven’t seen Gorsuch’s mouth move yet…Verba Volant, Scripta Manent…

    However, he once admonished judges…

    Gorsuch: Judges should strive…”to apply the law as it is, focusing backward, not forward, and looking to text, structure, and history to decide what a reasonable reader at the time of the events in question would have understood the law to be—not to decide cases based on their own moral convictions or the policy consequences THEY BELIEVE MIGHT SERVE SOCIETY BEST.” (speech–Case Western Reserve University, 2005)


  39. Ficklefinger says:

    This is actually a replay of the November 8th election. This is not a battle over the law. It is an all-out war over policy. These are political losers demanding another bite at the electoral apple.


    • Sherlock says:

      Completely and obviously true. Those who seek to defend the actions of the 9th circuit by approaching their ruling as an actual legal opinion totally miss the reality of the situation–lawfare is political warfare by lawsuit. The 9th is simply a willing player on the side of the left.


  40. Deborah says:

    Trump needs to get tougher on society. First beginning with the judges, Trump needs to Impeach judges for interfering with National Security and being insubordinate. Judges are interfering with the safety of this Country. This is beyond their pay grade and is not their calling on what is safe or not for this Country. Judges have got to go. Secondly, to call out National Guard when protest consist of over 500 people and especially when riots break out. Trump need to close Embassy of the Muslim Countries, temporary, due to National Security. Trump needs to use his power.


  41. After a San Francisco appeals court panel of three judges unanimously ruled to not reinstate Donald Trump’s travel ban, his defeated election rival, Hillary Clinton took a jab at the president.

    The former secretary of state tweeted ‘3-0′, noting the judges’ unanimous call.
    Soon, Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, hit back at Clinton with a stinging reminder of her defeat in the presidential election.

    ‘PA, WI, MI,’ Conway, an advisor to Trump in the White House, said in a message of her own. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan are the states that were supposed to secure Clinton’s presidency but went red

    Read more:


  42. anthohmy says:

    Dropped on .gov site –

    Dear President Trump,

    Since the 9th Circuit claims need for evidence, despite law, why not take the opportunity and quote from the admitted evidence in the US v Holy Land Foundation. 80 boxes of Brotherhood documents were found in hidden sub-basement. Of particular interest would be the document entitled “an explanatory memorandum” which I obtained on another site, but is available on the Texas court’s site.

    This document very clearly states the intent of the brotherhood to infiltrate the US and sabotage the country – and democracy from within, and also outlines the ways in which they will do it, which would be abhorrent to the general public if only they knew about it. What way to make sure they know about it then to add it to evidence the court seeks?

    Then, while you are at it why not add evidence of what Sharia law means to women. “My clit matters” I said to my gay friend on FB this morning. Last week I got in trouble at my (redacted) position for saying “I like the word pussy” as all the social justice warrior women jumped up to report me.

    You could cite evidence of the implementation of Sharia law inside US borders, genital mutilations, childhood sexual abuse justified by Sharia, forced marriages, honor killings of females etc. Help the marchers know what to march about the next time.

    Given the MSM is picking apart these filings, if you cited all the evidence of women losing their rights under Sharia, the whole country would have to talk about it. You could even compare it to the rights the women enjoy now in this country and show how the Trump administration is fighting for all women, including the ones who don’t know these men are plotting to subject them to sharia law and coming in through both the southern border (see John McAfee’s account of his escape from Belize and what he found on those computers ) and through Obama’s named security risk.

    Get the whole country talking about the clit now that the pussy has been covered.

    If a young woman is subject to Sharia law in this country and in a closed community, going to a Sharia school, constantly guarded by the males around her, she has no way to get help. Every woman who allows a single one of these males into this country is inviting harm to young girls and women.

    Go get em.


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