SHOCK POLL Collapses Media Narrative – Overwhelming EU Support for a Muslim Ban…

A stunning poll of ten European nations with over 10,000 respondents finds overwhelming support for a Muslim immigration ban within the EU.  In total 55% agree Muslim immigration should be stopped, only 20% disagree.

mass migration

The question asked was:

♦ Should All further migration from mainly Muslim countries be stopped?

UK Riots 12Poland:
♦ Agree 71%
♦ Disagree 9%

♦ Agree 64%
♦ Disagree 12%

UK Riots 8U.K:
♦ Agree 47%
♦ Disagree 23%

♦ Agree 65%
♦ Disagree 18%

UK Riots 16Italy
♦ Agree 51%
♦ Disagree 23%

♦ Agree 61%
♦ Disagree 16%

♦ Agree 41%
G20 Riots♦ Disagree 32%

♦ Agree 58%
♦ Disagree 20%

♦ Agree 53%
Greek-riots-2010♦ Disagree 19%

♦ Agree 64%
♦ Disagree 13%

♦ Agree 55%
♦ Disagree 20%


eu-muslim-ban(click image to enlarge – or – click HERE to go interactive)

This is a stunning rebuke to the political leadership within each of the nations who have intentionally stood aside and allowed unfettered mass migration and crisis.

Germany’s Angela Merkel was primary supporter and advocate of mass immigration and a borderless European Union.   53% of the German people supporting a Muslim ban, and only 19% disagree.

The Chatham House poll, conducted with Kantar Public, surveyed samples adult citizens within: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and the U.K.  The survey was carried out between Dec. 12, 2016, and Jan. 11, 2017, and involved 10,195 respondents.  (Full Survey Details)


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321 Responses to SHOCK POLL Collapses Media Narrative – Overwhelming EU Support for a Muslim Ban…

  1. BebeTarget says:

    President Trump continues to be correct . . . . another story the MSM won’t report. Not only doesn’t it make our president look bad, it would elevate him in the eyes of many. Because he is right and those who don’t have a horse in this race, know it. The “Democrat” part, the judiciary, the MSM and academia have become the enemy within.

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  2. Jason Ross says:

    Coming soon to a holiday celebration near you…

    Over 900 Migrants Carried Out Germany NYE Sex Attacks
    This is referring to 2016, not 2015.

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  3. jwingermany says:

    Wow! I just got full body warm fuzzy goose-bumps reading those poll results.

    Germany 53% to 19%!!! (very wide grin) There’s hope after all.

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  4. Rudy Bowen says:

    With all the grimness about moslem proliferation and so forth, it occurs to me that if they are allowed to destroy every culture worthy of the name on this planet, it won’t presage a ‘thousand years of darkness’. It will be an extinction level event for the human race.
    We, as a species, won’t survive their victory.

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  5. shallbe4 says:

    They are beginning to fall apart — Pelosi called our President George Bush and Waters thinks that Trump helped Putin attack Korea. Sounds like the actors have flop sweat.

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  6. Greg Dane says:

    Does anyone find it even remotely interesting that the ONLY country NOT on this list is Russia? That would be because when these animals tried to rape women in that country the men caught, and beat them all within an inch of their lives, dumped them into the street and told them to come back any time! Guess which country these animals did NOT go back to – and why. They only are capable of driving their brand of terrorism by fear – when they are confronted with those who do not fear them and are willing and able to fight them they run like they run like the cockroaches they are.

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  7. Ken Watson says:

    It is political malpractice to have NO candidates running on that policy. No, not even the so-called “Rightwing” parties do so. But they should. #Winning.


  8. Although this graphic is overwhelmingly against further migration from mainly Muslim countries and want it to be stopped.

    I don’t think it is correct. The truth is the numbers are EVEN HIGHER than what is being reported in this poll. For example, I know in Italy it is MUCH HIGHER than a mere 51%. Unlike Germany and the richer EU countries, Italy is much poorer and more land on our shores than anywhere else except perhaps Greece is a close tie; so the migrant crisis is felt FINANCIALLY in Italy. It’s true in Germany and France there are more terror attacks and that may be the reason Germans and French don’t want them coming in, but in Italy, although the Italians don’t like the terrorist activities they see and hear about in Europe, it is more of a dire financial burden.

    Case in point: The past 2 tragic earthquakes where hundreds of Italian earthquake victims and their families and lots of babies were forced to live in tents; when they see up the road the migrants being house in HOTELS. Italians cannot afford to all have cable and internet service, nor eat beef and other special foods every day; yet the migrants get this service for free. THIS is the big gripe and grudge against them in Italy and everyone comments on that. I have not met NOR SEEN one Italian in favor of Muslims. Even those that lean to the left do not like the migrants coming in. Even if some don’t mind the nationality they mind the absolute devastation on Italians financially from the burden they cause.

    Personally, I would say that the poll is more like in the 70% for Italy. And if it’s skewed for Italy I would think it’s skewed for the other countries as well.

    So be happy, but just know this poll is still undercutting the reality of the people, at least I can say in Italy it does. Of course the North it is 68-70% for sure, but even in the South they are sick of them too.


    • GCM says:

      “I don’t think it is correct. The truth is the numbers are EVEN HIGHER than what is being reported in this poll. For example, I know in Italy it is MUCH HIGHER than a mere 51%.”

      Female solipsism never ceases to amaze me. So, how do you know? Do you have specific data?


  9. nhgardengram says:

    On Immigration
    Many say, rightly, that our country was founded by immigrants. We have had immigrants come into America since its founding. Except for the original American Indians, the rest of us have an immigrant background. We all accept that as fact.
    What about these immigrants? They came here for freedom. That freedom was to rule your own destiny as YOU chose. No handouts were there….ONLY the opportunity to make your life as best YOU were able. So people waited in line to come in, then worked hard, and many lived and some died in poverty, but they were free. They did not give up; they learned English as fast as they could; their children went to schools and then worked to help out; and parents went without so they could save what they could to better the lives for their children. This continued generation after generation until we had a large middle class.

    This took time; this took sacrifice; this took hard work; this took ingenuity; this was an effort to become American and realize the American dream. But there was always every effort to assimilate into the culture and be proud to be an American!
    So today, if we let people pour over the borders and live off the taxes of others (the offspring of these original immigrants), not bother learn English, fly their own country’s flag, and adhere to a religion that is 180 degrees opposite our Constitution, how is this NOT insulting all of the previous, law-abiding, hardworking, immigrants who helped MAKE this country. They waited in line, they earned their way to freedom and prosperity ON THEIR OWN MERITS.
    The Liberal mantra of “we are a nation made of immigrants” as an excuse to let people break the law and live off the rest of us, is down right offensive to most of our ancestors who were the REAL immigrants. They must be turning in their graves.

    God Bless President Trump and the CTH group who understand this!

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  10. Smif says:

    Trump should stop ALL immigration from everywhere until the advanced vetting process is complete, what they gonna say then… I see the ninth circus act has still not done their job. If this was a slam dunk it would have already been out. So their either struggling with coming out with the correct order or their trying to figure a way around.


    • UKExpat says:

      The 9th Circuit is still desperately trying to find ways and the WEASEL WORDING to EVADE what is patently a slam dunk is the real problem.


  11. UKExpat says:

    Interesting to see that apart from Spain the LOWEST polling for a ban is in the UK which goes a long way to proving my contention that despite BREXIT the UK remains one of the most LEFTIST countries in Europe. Or maybe its a measure of how many IMMIGRANTS are already there and voting.


  12. E3 says:

    It’s not rocket science. People are sick of certain migrants from certain countries, of a certain faith, not because of that faith or those countries of origin per se, but because of their BEHAVIOR. Period. Dot. End of discussion. As Jefferson put it, “The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” The idea being respect the law in your public, social life, and believe whatever the hell you want in the privacy of your mind, heart, home, place of worship.


  13. Deborah says:

    Trump needs to get tougher on society. First beginning with the judges, Trump needs to Impeach judges for interfering with National Security and being insubordinate. Judges are interfering with the safety of this Country. This is beyond their pay grade and is not their calling on what is safe or not for this Country. Judges have got to go. Secondly, to call out National Guard when protest consist of over 500 people and especially when riots break out. Trump needs to close these Embassies due to security concern.


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